14:29:11 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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14:29:28 * karsten put two items on the agenda so far. let's see if there's more.
14:29:43 <irl> i'm away from email, do you have the pad link?
14:29:59 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T
14:30:02 <irl> thanks
14:30:40 <irl> weasel mentioned a disk space issue, is someone looking at this already?
14:30:48 <karsten> which host?
14:31:29 <irl> -- Mon, 21 May 2018 (Sat, 19 May 2018) --
14:31:30 <irl> 10:01:36*         +weasel ╡ karsten, dgoulet, atagar, irl: meronense is really sad about disk space
14:31:32 <irl> 10:02:35                ⤷ ╡ please advise :)
14:31:34 <irl> 10:33:48*         +weasel ╡ karsten, dgoulet, atagar, irl: resized the disk for now.
14:31:43 <irl> probably didn't need to highlight all those people
14:32:05 <karsten> I'll take a look.
14:32:43 <irl> i have no more items to add
14:33:01 <karsten> okay, then we're only waiting for iwakeh now.
14:33:22 <irl> cool (:
14:37:40 <karsten> hi!
14:37:42 <iwakeh> hi!
14:37:59 <irl> hi!
14:38:08 <karsten> shall we start?
14:38:18 <iwakeh> fine
14:38:36 <karsten> * metrics-lib and CollecTor releases (karsten)
14:38:46 <karsten> so, there are two release tickets.
14:38:58 <karsten> #26178 and #26179.
14:39:04 <karsten> both are merge_ready.
14:39:14 <karsten> I'd still hold on, though, for irl to take a look first.
14:39:25 <karsten> hold on until tomorrow's meeting.
14:39:30 <karsten> does that make sense?
14:39:33 <iwakeh> sure.
14:39:35 <irl> i'll be able to take a look tomorrow morning
14:39:47 <karsten> sounds good!
14:40:04 <karsten> this is related to the next item:
14:40:07 <karsten> * time for deployment of collector tomorrow (karsten)
14:40:14 <karsten> I remember suggesting a time..
14:40:31 <iwakeh> 12:30UTC
14:40:35 <karsten> yes.
14:40:42 <karsten> how does that work for you two?
14:40:45 <irl> yes, this works for me, just wanted to make sure we all agreed
14:40:52 <karsten> which makes sense!
14:40:57 <iwakeh> yep :-)
14:41:03 <karsten> okay, 12:30 utc then.
14:41:23 <karsten> alright, next topic is also related:
14:41:24 <karsten> * Onionoo, metrics-web, and ExoneraTor releases (karsten)
14:41:34 <karsten> related in the sense that it's the same change from gson to jackson.
14:41:41 <karsten> there are three tickets in needs_review:
14:41:53 <irl> for the metrics-web release, are you pulling the latest changes from relay search?
14:42:09 <irl> i had pushed some small fixes
14:42:10 <karsten> #25848, #26169, and #26163.
14:42:36 <karsten> irl: when did you make those changes?
14:42:36 <iwakeh> reviews on my list next after meeting
14:42:42 <karsten> iwakeh: great!
14:43:03 <irl> 9 days ago
14:43:09 <karsten> are they not in?
14:43:14 <irl> they may be
14:43:25 <irl> i've been very busy at work so haven't had a chance to look
14:43:31 <iwakeh> rs should be part of releases.
14:43:41 <karsten> https://gitweb.torproject.org/metrics-web.git/commit/?id=168f585198cc40fecbf17e5d7a7085c212a191d3
14:43:50 <irl> yay, ok cool
14:43:51 <karsten> well, metrics-web releases are different.
14:43:59 <karsten> we only do releases when dependencies change.
14:44:14 <iwakeh> but didn't we agree at
14:44:15 <karsten> we're doing updates much more often, though, and whenever something needs updating, like rs, that goes in.
14:44:39 <iwakeh> some point that you tag the released=running code?
14:45:01 <iwakeh> might be an issue even more when the csv format changes.
14:45:24 <karsten> uhhhhh, or maybe we said to only run something that is in the official repository?
14:45:31 <karsten> I don't recall exactly.
14:45:42 <karsten> but I'm doing updates much more often than we're doing releases.
14:45:51 <iwakeh> yes, not very defined yet, the process.
14:46:03 <iwakeh> needs more work ...
14:46:09 <karsten> the csv files will cause some trouble, yes.
14:46:18 <karsten> mostly because we don't have any process for changes there.
14:46:42 <karsten> so, yes, metrics-web is not as defined as collector or onionoo.
14:47:03 <karsten> back to the topic: we'll have to release and deploy onionoo, metrics-web, and exonerator.
14:47:12 <karsten> reviews are in progress.
14:47:19 <iwakeh> right.
14:47:35 <karsten> should we schedule another meeting next week for the deployment part?
14:47:43 <karsten> onionoo deployment.
14:48:08 <irl> we should, but i won't know what day is good until monday
14:48:15 <irl> except that it won't be monday
14:48:21 <karsten> that's a start!
14:48:40 <iwakeh> we could find a time on monday?
14:48:47 <karsten> so, may 29 to 31?
14:49:09 <irl> one of those days will be good
14:49:15 <irl> but i can't be sure which yet
14:49:40 <karsten> okay, let's talk more about this on monday.
14:49:50 <karsten> the other releases can happen on trac.
14:49:50 <irl> ok
14:49:56 <karsten> metrics-web and exonerator.
14:50:02 <iwakeh> talk or mail
14:50:08 <iwakeh> on monday
14:50:12 <karsten> mail?
14:50:23 <irl> i'll try to send a mail before 4pm UTC monday
14:50:29 <iwakeh> for talk we'd need a meeting.
14:50:39 <karsten> yes, that seems unnecessary.
14:50:49 <karsten> email sounds good to me.
14:50:49 <iwakeh> regarding deployment
14:51:19 <iwakeh> if irl has time in between, it might be a sort of
14:51:45 <iwakeh> good practice or preparation if you (irl) could
14:52:10 <iwakeh> run collector, onionoo etc. locally
14:52:22 <iwakeh> to see what the deployment entails.
14:52:23 <karsten> ah, good point.
14:53:02 <iwakeh> metrics-web and exonerator are known I suppose.
14:53:14 <irl> if the time appears, then i'll have a go at this
14:53:32 <karsten> known in what sense?
14:53:34 <irl> i have a metrics-web without the stats running locally, but no collector or onionoo yet
14:53:35 <iwakeh> just a little tinkering to get to know the environment
14:53:59 <iwakeh> shouldn't take very long, just to see what can fail ;-)
14:54:24 <irl> ok
14:54:28 <karsten> alright.
14:54:39 <karsten> the next topic is already answered on the pad.
14:54:46 <karsten> and the last topic, too.
14:55:03 <iwakeh> ah slowly emanating
14:55:24 <karsten> do we have anything else?
14:55:33 <iwakeh> only empty lines left
14:56:23 <karsten> okay!
14:56:31 <iwakeh> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/MetricsTeam/VerifyJavaReleases
14:56:56 <iwakeh> just making sure the script and simple process description got noticed ;)
14:56:56 <karsten> thanks for writing things down there!
14:57:13 <iwakeh> https://gitweb.torproject.org/user/iwakeh/metrics-lib.git/commit/?h=verify-releases-helper-script
14:58:48 <karsten> we'll learn tomorrow how well this works out! :)
14:58:53 <iwakeh> hehe
14:59:07 <karsten> okay, let's talk more tomorrow then. 12:30 utc.
14:59:15 <iwakeh> fine, bye bye.
14:59:24 <karsten> thanks! and bye!
14:59:28 <irl> bye!
14:59:33 <karsten> #endmeeting