15:59:50 <hiro> #startmeeting
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16:00:02 <antonela> thanks hiro!
16:00:07 <hiro> haha
16:00:10 <antonela> haha
16:00:24 <antonela> so, we have a bunch of things for this week
16:00:31 <antonela> do you want to start?
16:00:35 <hiro> shall we start with the sync?
16:00:37 <hiro> haha yes
16:00:57 <hiro> So I have started migrating the newsletter to lektor
16:01:08 <hiro> also when we did it there was no styleguide
16:01:25 <hiro> so with this we will also use the styleguide in the newsletter too
16:01:56 <hiro> once I have a preview - prob next week - I will sync with everyone to see if we are ready to switch
16:02:13 <hiro> and when the lektor package for debian will be ready we will actually make the switch
16:02:20 <antonela> oh great news, so people can use lektor to compose the newsletter?
16:02:26 <hiro> yep!
16:02:34 <antonela> awesome
16:02:44 <antonela> it will be easier for steph im sure
16:02:56 <hiro> uhm the current interface is quite simple
16:03:22 <hiro> that's actually something that I am struggling with, because the mac app is not being maintained currently - for lektor that is
16:03:32 <antonela> mmm i see
16:03:47 <stephw> will i be able to do it all without help? like, publishing it to the site
16:03:47 <hiro> so I was wondering if I will have to do something like a small app, or write detailed intruction to use te gitlab client
16:04:33 <hiro> Writing yes... because you can do in the lektor editor
16:04:55 <hiro> I am thinking of a way to make the action of pushing to the repository as easy as possible
16:05:15 <hiro> I was actually thinking of a app for which you press a button
16:05:20 <stephw> ok cool — will the styleguide apply in the body of the newsletter and also the sign up portal?
16:05:21 <stephw> great
16:05:23 <hiro> like the current mac app for lektor
16:05:44 <stephw> i got the newsletter body pretty close
16:05:46 <hiro> the styleguide will apply only for the sign up portal
16:05:56 <stephw> ok awesome thanks :)
16:06:11 <hiro> I will keep the style for the newsletter body
16:06:43 <antonela> that is cool, i'd like to review how it looks next week once you have it
16:06:57 <hiro> yep I will push the repo and all so you can all see it
16:07:00 <antonela> supe
16:07:00 <antonela> r
16:07:36 <hiro> I think ux related that's my main thing for this sync..
16:07:42 <antonela> great
16:07:44 <antonela> about support
16:08:03 <antonela> lets talk a little bit about the options we have for people to leave feedback during the launch
16:08:26 <hiro> ok
16:08:42 <hiro> Shall I do that?
16:09:09 <antonela> gitlab issues on our /portal (we should rename it to 'support' maybe) seems an easy way to do it
16:09:18 <antonela> but, i know isabela has ideas on it too
16:09:22 <hiro> yes also we always have trac
16:09:26 <antonela> yes
16:09:35 <hiro> I also proposed this: https://community.signalusers.org/
16:09:44 <hiro> it's discourse.. basically it's like a forum
16:09:51 <hiro> but I like how signal is using it
16:10:19 <antonela> i like the forum idea too, wondering how much maintenance it will need
16:10:26 <hiro> Maybe for more people can feel less "technical" than opening a ticket
16:10:48 <hiro> well we could use it also for other things not just for the portal feedback
16:11:13 <hiro> And then when we see recurring issues we just open a ticket ourselves on trac (or any other place)
16:11:19 <antonela> yes, this is what i mean, the ideal option needs to be an option that make it easier for ppl to give us feedback like bugs or content
16:11:38 <antonela> yep, do you think is something we should talk on friday during our S9 meeting?
16:11:49 <hiro> Yep
16:11:54 <antonela> cool
16:12:10 <hiro> I think we should sync with more people on this isabela and flexlibris might have other ideas about it
16:12:28 <antonela> yes, exactly
16:12:50 <antonela> i can start a thread on it
16:13:33 <antonela> cool, do you have anything else?
16:13:39 <hiro> maybe a thread in the ux list?
16:14:04 <hiro> and then if we need to have a wider discussion maybe community? - not sure tho
16:14:33 <antonela> yes, could be
16:14:53 <antonela> i'll check with isabela about her plans
16:15:00 <hiro> yep that too
16:15:16 <hiro> reg mainteinance it's another service that we would need
16:15:38 <antonela> yes, this is what im thinking
16:15:47 <hiro> but if we use it for other things it won't be wasted
16:15:58 <antonela> agreed
16:16:27 <hiro> also gitlab is a valid option tho - and it's running already
16:16:40 <antonela> and is easy for people to open issues
16:16:52 <hiro> but we would have to allow people to register
16:16:58 <hiro> atm we do not do that
16:17:01 <antonela> oh
16:17:05 <antonela> good point
16:19:24 <antonela> oka, we have good options
16:19:30 <hiro> yes
16:19:35 <antonela> cool
16:21:08 <antonela> on my side, i'm in Egypt right now feeling internet censorship from first hand, good to develop empathy on our egyptian users
16:21:51 <antonela> uganda last week was beautiful, we run a lot of activities, we met a lot people, i'm debriefing my notes taken there just now
16:22:44 <antonela> i need to sync with GeKo this week, mostly about our sponsor extension and what is needed for Android alpha (and maybe more things)
16:23:32 <antonela> we still have open the position for applicants for the Localization Manager role, so if someone knows someone who would like to join us, please share!
16:25:25 <hiro> +1
16:25:38 <antonela> I need to sync on Friday the next steps for website, we have Alon, the illustrator onboard and we will start to work on illos soon
16:26:48 <antonela> i think that is all on my plate for this week
16:27:44 <antonela> ohhh, and i'm working on fun things with Jon for next Mexico's meeting
16:27:52 <antonela> ^___^
16:28:37 <antonela> so, i just saw that i'll be flying on Friday during s9 meeting, but i'll email the thread my notes/updates there
16:29:08 <hiro> also I am on vacation tomorrow and friday
16:29:15 <hiro> I will be at primavera
16:29:31 <antonela> oh maybe we should jump this week and make it email-update
16:29:39 <hiro> yes email update is fine
16:29:41 <antonela> great plan !
16:29:48 <hiro> so also I can give full services update
16:29:56 <antonela> yes, lets do it via email
16:31:26 <antonela> cool, i think we are done
16:32:21 <hiro> ok talk later
16:32:58 <antonela> o/
16:33:09 <hiro> #endmeeting