14:29:22 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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14:30:00 <karsten> hi iwakeh!
14:30:04 <iwakeh> hi!
14:30:15 <karsten> waiting for irl.
14:30:46 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T <- agenda pad
14:32:48 <karsten> anything you want to add, iwakeh?
14:33:03 <iwakeh> all fine.
14:33:14 <karsten> ok.
14:33:51 <karsten> okay, let's start.
14:34:02 <karsten> maybe irl can later fill in things on the pad.
14:34:04 <iwakeh> New progress estimates seem good to me.
14:34:11 <karsten> cool!
14:34:12 <iwakeh> oh, sure.
14:34:17 <karsten> nothing obvious that I missed?
14:34:22 <karsten> note that it's 2 months, not 1.
14:35:08 <iwakeh> ok.
14:35:29 <karsten> alright. I didn't look how this affects the burndown chart,
14:35:50 <karsten> but I guess we can afford slowing down this month and the next, due to changes to the team.
14:36:11 <iwakeh> yep.
14:36:18 <karsten> okay, moving on to:
14:36:20 <karsten> * Monthly report draft for May (karsten)
14:36:37 * iwakeh hoping that my keyboard doesn't melt; 30+
14:36:45 <karsten> I wrote that pretty quickly, as one can see.
14:36:50 <karsten> but are there parts that I missed?
14:36:56 <karsten> yes, it's too hot.
14:37:10 <iwakeh> that is a long list.
14:37:17 <karsten> absolutely.
14:37:40 <karsten> next month will be shorter.
14:37:56 <karsten> okay, if anything else comes to mind, please add it.
14:38:00 <iwakeh> sure.
14:38:05 <karsten> I'll also go through my inbox.
14:38:11 <iwakeh> I'll check trac later.
14:38:16 <karsten> cool!
14:38:24 <karsten> * Corsicum disk space issue (karsten)
14:38:33 <karsten> this was not just a question about resolving it,
14:38:39 <karsten> but also about who is going to resolve it.
14:38:58 <karsten> so, hmm, can you maybe look what you'd be doing and let irl know?
14:39:02 <karsten> without doing it, that is?
14:39:16 <iwakeh> yep,
14:39:36 <iwakeh> I usually do 'ls' before 'rm'
14:39:46 <karsten> hehe
14:39:47 <iwakeh> so I could list these steps.
14:39:57 <iwakeh> without doing them.
14:40:06 <karsten> maybe give some hints on the usual suspect directories that grow faster than they should.
14:40:18 <karsten> sounds good!
14:40:23 <iwakeh> ok.
14:40:32 <karsten> that's all, I think.
14:40:37 <iwakeh> I'll mail to you two.
14:40:45 <karsten> thanks!
14:41:23 <karsten> unless there's more to talk about?
14:41:54 <iwakeh> not that I'm aware of.
14:42:17 <iwakeh> Just mail, if something comes to mind later today.
14:42:43 <karsten> ok. then, last but not least, thank you!!
14:42:52 <karsten> I'm sad that you're leaving.
14:42:58 <iwakeh> Thank you, too!
14:43:01 * iwakeh too.
14:43:19 <karsten> you contributed a bunch. you can imagine how the various metrics pieces would look like without your efforts.
14:43:35 <iwakeh> oh well, rather not imagine ;-)
14:43:43 <karsten> haha
14:44:19 <karsten> okay then,
14:44:19 * iwakeh needs a huge portion of iced coffee now :-)
14:44:39 <karsten> yes, that's a good idea. out into the sun again. or shadow, if available.
14:44:58 <iwakeh> yep!
14:45:13 <karsten> feel free to join us at future meetings! just like now, but without so many tasks. :)
14:45:44 <iwakeh> yes, I'll stop by at some point.
14:45:48 <karsten> and yes, if anything comes to mind after the meeting, I'll let you know. thanks!
14:45:54 <iwakeh> fine.
14:46:03 <karsten> alright, thanks, and bye, bye!
14:46:14 <iwakeh> bye, bye!
14:46:24 <karsten> #endmeeting