16:00:33 <hiro> #startmeeting
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16:00:40 <hiro> lol
16:00:41 <isabela> hello!
16:00:44 <antonela> hi peopleee
16:00:46 <antonela> thanks bots!
16:00:49 <antonela> haha
16:01:08 <flexlibris> hellooooo
16:01:24 <isabela> alright should we start with updates?
16:01:30 <isabela> who wants to go first?
16:01:33 <antonela> what could i say haha
16:01:35 <antonela> go for it!
16:01:40 <hiro> I can go first?
16:01:46 <antonela> yess
16:01:48 <isabela> yes!
16:02:13 <hiro> ok. so been working on putting together the summary for how we want to run the search engine on tpo infra
16:02:54 <hiro> hopefully that for the end of june we have that deployed as a soft lunch according to the plans
16:03:08 <hiro> the completed languages are at the time: es, fr, id
16:03:28 <hiro> In between I am waiting for the main lektor packaged to get approved
16:03:48 <isabela> (yes indeed, hope we can get that out for the phase1 report)
16:03:58 <hiro> and cleaning up all the documentation and automation stuff for the services that I was running. I am going to document everything on the wiki and on git
16:04:41 <antonela> great!
16:04:47 <hiro> the format I am following is the one the debs people use for their own gitlab (ex: https://salsa.debian.org/salsa/salsa-ansible/)
16:05:05 <antonela> you got isabela with 'salsa' repo haha
16:05:16 <flexlibris> lol
16:05:24 <hiro> yes so all the recipes will be cleaned and public
16:05:25 <isabela> haha
16:05:35 <isabela> that's nice
16:05:43 <antonela> yesss
16:05:49 <flexlibris> espero que sea verde
16:05:52 <hiro> that ex use ansible, I have been using saltstack but it is very similar
16:06:07 * hiro is a fan of mojo verde
16:06:13 * antonela diu
16:06:37 <hiro> so the idea is that if and when someone wants to hookup a service to be managed is easier
16:06:48 <hiro> and almost straight forward...
16:07:18 <hiro> as a note these are not tpo infra services but the "crazy experiments" that are not linked to tpo stuff
16:08:06 <hiro> once this clean up will be finished I will also add some simple monitoring
16:08:12 <hiro> groot.
16:08:48 <isabela> thanks hiro !
16:09:07 <isabela> antonela: should i go or do you want to go?
16:09:20 <antonela> i can!
16:09:22 <isabela> ok
16:10:18 <antonela> so, a comment about support, we didn't talk about how we will recieve feedback once we soft launch, i have it on my to-dos to discuss together
16:10:43 <isabela> (i have a unfinished draft replying to your email)
16:10:46 <flexlibris> I remember some time ago we talked about using frontdesk@ for feedback
16:11:12 <isabela> i hope to send it out today (after my meeting w/ cliqz)
16:11:13 <antonela> last week i was basically travelling, between flights i wrote down my notes about Uganda and shared with Ali. We will work on a report for both community and ux lists about our work there.
16:11:29 <antonela> isa, oka, no hurries, we have another two/three weeks
16:11:35 <isabela> yes
16:12:02 <antonela> this week im back to my designer hat, working on browser UX/UI both desktop and Android
16:12:50 <antonela> i have a draft for last month ux montly report, i'm waiting for good news to send it :)
16:13:51 * flexlibris steps away for 2 min
16:14:41 <antonela> tjr schenduled a UX/UI meeting with Firefox's designers during All Hands, i'm preparing it too including all our Sponsor12 work
16:14:53 <isabela> 17
16:14:56 <isabela> :)
16:14:56 * antonela thinks if is 12
16:14:57 <antonela> lol
16:14:58 <antonela> yes
16:15:01 <isabela> hehehe
16:15:35 <isabela> (/me is looking forward to spend 1 week working with antonela at the all hands)
16:15:40 <antonela> isa, something that i would like to move forward is the content of the website pages we are going to launch first
16:15:48 <antonela> we can work on it together if you need a hand
16:15:50 <antonela> haha yes
16:16:12 <isabela> yes, this is something i have been postponding because of other priorities
16:16:17 <antonela> i know i know
16:16:24 <antonela> and is huge, it requires time
16:16:29 <isabela> yes, is ok
16:16:40 <isabela> i have the structure of how to do it in my brain already
16:16:43 <isabela> is just time to sit and do it
16:16:51 <antonela> that's cool enough
16:17:25 * flexlibris back
16:17:25 <isabela> if all fails for me to do it this week we will for sure do it on next when we are in the same city
16:17:35 <antonela> yes, we can do it together
16:17:42 <antonela> so, that is all on my plate at the moment
16:17:46 <antonela> mostly designing this week
16:18:03 <isabela> cool
16:18:23 <isabela> i have been helping hiro with the search stuff, organize info etc
16:18:42 <isabela> also start drafting the PMs job posts and want to get this done asap so we can start to search for PMs
16:19:04 <isabela> i got the extension for sponsor17
16:19:25 <antonela> !!!
16:19:31 <isabela> this week i will start working on sponsor9 report and phase2 prep work
16:19:58 <antonela> we have pics of uganda, maybe is cool to include some of them
16:20:08 <flexlibris> yes!
16:20:09 <antonela> specially those with flexlibris surviving at the borabora
16:20:13 <flexlibris> ahahah
16:20:28 <isabela> yes, i will share with you all for collaboration
16:20:28 <flexlibris> I have lots of pics of us with the folks we met and worked with. We can ask their permission before sharing.
16:20:34 <flexlibris> and some pics of the post-it notes from threat modeling etc
16:20:49 <antonela> yes, i took people from the back, so it could help
16:21:08 <flexlibris> yes. and I have some that were shared with me that are also not revealing.
16:21:15 <antonela> yes cool
16:21:36 <isabela> sounds great
16:22:15 <isabela> i am following up with browsers that wants to have support for tor, mostly with brave and today i will meet with cliqz
16:23:03 <isabela> i think for this team this is it :)
16:23:15 <isabela> last week i was at network team hackfest
16:23:18 <isabela> and meeting with shari
16:23:32 <isabela> ahh
16:24:06 <isabela> i came to the conclusion that we are in june and i never managed to really bring all our roadmaps and tickets to gitlab
16:24:22 <isabela> so i was thinking tht maybe is better to stick with how we were doing (and otehr teams are doing)
16:24:44 <isabela> the whole trac/gitlab duplication became a bit of an overhead for me
16:24:53 <isabela> giving everything else
16:25:04 <antonela> agreed, do you want to back to the spreadsheet?
16:25:07 <isabela> yes
16:25:08 <isabela> :D
16:25:11 <antonela> sure
16:25:24 <isabela> we can reorg things while in sf
16:25:25 <isabela> or something
16:25:25 <antonela> for having trac+gitlab working, we need a sync
16:25:27 <antonela> yes
16:25:33 <antonela> lets do it irl
16:25:36 <isabela> k
16:26:03 <antonela> ux-team tickets on trac needs love
16:26:09 <isabela> ok
16:26:17 <flexlibris> I have to go to the comms meeting in a moment but I will just say that I am working on my side of the Uganda report and will share it soon. and also sometime soon maybe we should talk about doing user testing at the Mexico City meeting on the public days.
16:26:22 <isabela> lets have a trac/roadmap love session in sf
16:26:25 <antonela> once i finish otf, i'll put some love there
16:26:28 <antonela> yes
16:26:34 <antonela> but i need to deliver lol
16:26:46 <isabela> flexlibris: sounds good
16:26:54 <flexlibris> later!!
16:26:55 <antonela> flexlibris, about mexico, we have things to do in the pipeline
16:27:00 <antonela> i'll write you about it!
16:27:02 <antonela> but, after colombia!
16:27:04 <flexlibris> cool, sounds good, no rush
16:27:07 <isabela> flexlibris: the feminist meeting is now stuck with the idea of user testing on it
16:27:17 <flexlibris> isabela: I know, sorry, that's totally my fault for bringing it up
16:27:18 <isabela> flexlibris: but i really think that other discussion might be more useful
16:27:20 <isabela> not sure
16:27:26 <isabela> is ok
16:27:27 <flexlibris> yeah especially since the meeting is shorter than I was expecting it wouldbe
16:27:35 <flexlibris> I suggested that when I thought it would be an all-day thing
16:27:49 <flexlibris> let's just tell the group that they can join us for user testing on one of the meeting days if they want
16:28:09 <isabela> i am not sure if they also understand how that would be
16:28:21 <flexlibris> yeah
16:28:22 <antonela> yes, or we can spread the process with community leads so they can replicate sessions on their local enviroment
16:28:31 <isabela> but i think that for the goal of the meeting the discussions would be more productive than the tests
16:28:35 <antonela> yes
16:28:37 <flexlibris> yes
16:28:44 <flexlibris> okay gotta go to this meeting, we can discuss more soon
16:28:46 <isabela> o/
16:28:47 <antonela> gogo
16:28:51 <isabela> we talk another time
16:28:53 <antonela> yes
16:28:54 <antonela> ha
16:29:05 <antonela> oka, i think we are groot
16:29:12 <isabela> yes i think so too
16:29:27 <antonela> luckily i'll see you next week in SF
16:29:30 <isabela> yep
16:29:39 <isabela> they might put us together in the same room too
16:29:40 <isabela> hehe
16:29:41 <antonela> haha
16:29:42 <isabela> 24/7
16:29:45 <isabela> !
16:29:48 <antonela> not the first time this year
16:29:49 <antonela> YEAR
16:29:50 <antonela> hahahha
16:29:53 <hiro> hahaha 24/7 roadmap
16:30:01 <isabela> hehehe
16:30:10 <antonela> i'll try to sumarize the ux/ui meeting and share with you the notes by the end of the week
16:30:26 <isabela> cool
16:30:35 <isabela> ok i will find food and get ready to go meet ppl
16:30:45 <antonela> go!
16:30:49 <antonela> thanks peopleee
16:30:49 <hiro> chau
16:30:56 <antonela> chau bots
16:30:58 <isabela> thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
16:30:58 <hiro> #endmeeting