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20:03:07 <Samdney> hi
20:03:25 <flexlibris> thanks everyone for agreeing to have weekly meetings now
20:03:37 <flexlibris> I think it'll be good for us to keep pace with all of our people and projects
20:03:46 <flexlibris> who wants to start with an update?
20:04:00 <Phoul> I can go
20:04:24 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
20:05:03 <Phoul> Last week I sent this email to the community list with the status update I planned for that meeting: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2018-May/000169.html, since then I have been working on finalizing PETS meetup details, reached out to operators running EoL Tor releases to encourage them to update, and started working through the list of operators that continue to deal with
20:05:09 <Phoul> DNS issues.
20:05:28 <Phoul> I've also continued to send introduction emails a few hundred at a time, and the last batch should be out this week.
20:06:02 <flexlibris> how are the responses?
20:06:28 <Phoul> Very positive! There is lots of desire to bring Tor Weather back (there is a ticket for this), and lots of people have said they will think things through and get back to us with things they would find helpful.
20:06:36 <Phoul> I imagine we should see more of those responses in the coming weeks.
20:07:05 <flexlibris> why did Tor Weather go away in the first place?
20:07:46 <Phoul> No maintainer and code rot, is my understanding. It needs some updating, and then to find a place to be hosted again. I've spoken with Karsten about this, and its on the metrics team roadmap. The plan is to wait for them to make a hire thats coming up, and then move forward with bringing it back.
20:07:59 <flexlibris> ah okay that makes sense
20:08:21 <flexlibris> the metrics team is gonna be pretty thin for a while
20:08:42 <flexlibris> so it might be worth updating tor-relays to say that it's definitely on your radar but that it could end up taking a while, unless someone is dying to become the new maintainer
20:10:08 <Phoul> Will definitely do that, there was also a thread about it between Nusenu and I, and a few others.
20:11:01 <Phoul> Its also included in the current batch of introduction emails, as it was requested often enough I opted to include it for later rounds :)
20:11:26 <flexlibris> cool
20:11:54 <Phoul> That is all from me.
20:12:18 <flexlibris> thanks Phoul!
20:12:26 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go next?
20:12:49 <ggus> well, I can go
20:12:56 <flexlibris> ggus please do!
20:13:00 <ggus> let's see. many things.
20:13:56 <ggus> 1. Colombia training - this week we finished to do the logistics to colombia training. it's going to be june 20th till 27th.
20:14:24 <ggus> And, so, i was looking for Tor brochures to print to take to there.
20:14:55 <flexlibris> I know where they are
20:14:56 <flexlibris> one sec
20:15:03 <ggus> https://blog.torproject.org/spread-word-about-tor
20:15:24 <ggus> but! they looked a little bit out of our focus there: human right defenders and new tor volunteers.
20:15:37 <flexlibris> ah yes those are the ones
20:15:44 <flexlibris> there are multiple versions iirc
20:16:05 <flexlibris> oh but yeah they still aren't exactly the right audience
20:16:10 <flexlibris> we should make new ones
20:16:25 <ggus> do you think that we would have time to do this for colombia training?
20:16:56 <flexlibris> well, let me look at the odg files and see how they could be edited
20:17:19 <ggus> ok!
20:17:49 <flexlibris> well okay so you could do one of two things
20:17:56 <flexlibris> maybe one in the short term and another in the long term
20:18:14 <flexlibris> the short term thing is that in ODG these come up kind of ugly and badly formatted, but you could fix them and change the text as you wanted to
20:18:45 <flexlibris> the longer term thing is we should ask Antonela if she's interested in revamping these when she has time
20:19:16 <ggus> and translate to all those languages!
20:19:23 <ggus> right!
20:19:39 <flexlibris> yes
20:19:47 <flexlibris> so maybe just update one for Colombia so you have something
20:19:56 <flexlibris> open it in libreoffice you'll see what i mean about the formatting :)
20:20:19 <ggus> i'll work on this and send to you for approval
20:20:36 <ggus> haha, i'm afraid to open it now :P
20:20:45 <flexlibris> haha
20:20:53 <flexlibris> yeah send it to me if i can help :)
20:21:00 <ggus> cool! :)
20:21:05 <flexlibris> and if anto isn't too busy send to her too. she can maybe spruce it up a little!
20:21:14 <ggus> i hope so!! :D
20:21:47 <ggus> stickers and tshirts for colombia training i guess isa will take care of. but i'll confirm this.
20:22:55 <ggus> second thing: i'm also trying to organize a day with the community, like a tor meetup. so if you (everybody reading this) have contacts in bogota, send to me.
20:23:04 <flexlibris> good idea
20:23:34 <ggus> even if i don't meet them in this trip, i think this will be important in the future
20:23:43 <flexlibris> definitely
20:23:47 <flexlibris> ask on tor-project@ maybe?
20:23:57 <ggus> good idea!
20:24:18 <ggus> ok, next topic.
20:24:26 <ggus> 3. wikipedia articles
20:25:12 <ggus> i recently read the portuguese version of tor article in wikipedia.
20:25:36 <ggus> it was pretty bad. like, if you use tor, you're sharing your connection (p2p)
20:25:49 <flexlibris> ughhhh
20:25:51 <jaruga> x.x
20:25:54 <Phoul> Ouch
20:26:00 <ggus> so i edited a little bit, but it's far from "ok".
20:26:24 <ggus> i didn't checked others languages like ru, it, fr
20:26:36 <flexlibris> yeah, we should have a sprint or something
20:26:38 <ggus> the spanish version seems ok to me
20:26:42 <flexlibris> organizing that would be a challenge
20:26:46 <flexlibris> I wonder how the EN version is!
20:26:47 <flexlibris> ha
20:26:48 <Samdney> (you don't know the arch linux wiki entry .... it is terrible)
20:27:13 <jaruga> If I could propose a solution,
20:27:26 <flexlibris> sure jaruga
20:27:36 <jaruga> it may be easier to simply write a high quality english one and get it translated via transifex[?] like the docs
20:27:43 <jaruga> then just put them up :)
20:28:36 <flexlibris> true!
20:28:48 <jaruga> theyll also all match that way ^-^
20:28:49 <Samdney> I think you also have to respect the work of others. if the main part of the current arcticle is fine you should not overwrite it with your "full translated one"
20:29:00 <jaruga> ^ that is a fair point
20:29:04 <ggus> true
20:30:20 <Phoul> From a tech side, that would be possible. I'm not familiar enough with how Wikipedia works to know if their editors would be angry though.
20:31:17 <jaruga> Perhaps it could be worth it to get the low-down in the quality of each language from a native speaker, and if its worth replacing, then change it out with the new copy?
20:31:23 <Samdney> wikipedia editors are a bit "sensitive"
20:31:31 <Phoul> Samdney: That is my understanding as well
20:31:32 <jaruga> like the portugese one, it sounds like there's nothing worth keeping there from the desc
20:32:02 <ggus> i was thinking about "harm reduction" policy here
20:32:30 <Phoul> ggus: I think updating them definitely makes sense, just dont want to get into a war of changing / reverting if we swapped out the whole thing.
20:32:31 <flexlibris> yeah
20:32:45 <flexlibris> I'm more concerned about our users than I am about the sensitivity of some (wrong) wikipedia editors personally
20:32:56 <jaruga> ^ also a fair point xD
20:33:40 <Samdney> with sensitive I also meant that they discussing every single word and then decide not to use the whole paragraph. it can be pretty hard to get something changed
20:33:53 <Phoul> flexlibris: Definitely, I just think if we can do it in a way that the editors are also happy with, we will have less issues with our changes getting reverted / changed back to incorrect answers. The only thing ive heard about wikipedia editors is these revert wars happen, and can be a pain to deal with.
20:34:16 <jaruga> Indeed. Very factual, simple and plain english
20:34:42 <flexlibris> ggus: are there particular parts of the article that are wrong or is it like, the entire thing?
20:34:54 <flexlibris> could we get away with replacing the wrong paragraphs with translated versions of what is on the EN page?
20:35:12 <ggus> flexlibris: it was massively wrong, so i started to change many things.
20:35:44 <flexlibris> shit
20:35:45 <ggus> wikipedia send me an alert about that i was changing too many things
20:35:46 <flexlibris> well
20:35:48 <flexlibris> ha
20:36:05 <jaruga> it would be interesting to find out how bad the rest are ;x
20:36:20 <ggus> but i saved it and opened a discussion point.
20:37:04 <ggus> i'll be comparing with english and spanish version to work in a better article.
20:38:06 <flexlibris> how can we help?
20:38:33 <ggus> more ppl that speak portuguese? :D
20:38:36 * ggus looks to cy63113
20:38:54 <flexlibris> :D
20:38:54 <ggus> kidding
20:39:05 <flexlibris> hey if cy63113 wants to work on this as part of Outreachy I am all for it!
20:39:09 * jaruga looks up Rosetta Stone pricing
20:39:12 <ggus> maybe, we can ask to the community check others articles (fr, it, ru...)
20:39:28 <Phoul> I can also send an announcement on Transifex
20:39:49 <cy63113> flexlibris sure I can help
20:39:55 <flexlibris> Phoul: good idea
20:39:57 <Samdney> the last time when I looked the german one was fine, apart from a bit too much "darknet" stuff
20:40:00 <Phoul> But we should be sure the English version is accurate, as a Transifex announcement should come with a known-good source.
20:40:36 <jaruga> i can review it, if that helps :]
20:41:09 <Phoul> jaruga: That would be great, I think it fits with the other work you're doing.
20:41:39 <jaruga> can do ^-^ ill add that to my list
20:41:46 <ggus> coool! :))
20:41:56 <ggus> ok, i have one more point
20:42:27 <ggus> in july we will have FISL (international free software forum) in porto alegre/brasil
20:42:32 <ggus> it's like our fosdem
20:43:37 <ggus> I sent an email to fisl org asking if Tor could have an activity there, but they didn't answered my email
20:43:55 <flexlibris> when did you write?
20:44:08 <ggus> this week
20:44:14 <ggus> on monday, i guess.
20:44:32 <ggus> their CFP was in April.
20:44:36 <flexlibris> ah well
20:44:51 <ggus> i know that a lot of ppl cancel their activities in the last minute
20:45:01 <ggus> so i'm trying :)
20:45:25 <ggus> but, i guess cy63113 will go there. and i was thinking to do a tor meetup there.
20:45:31 <isabela> ggus: let me know if i can help i could buy mario, sandy and ale oliva
20:45:34 * isabela spying ;P
20:45:41 <isabela> *bug
20:45:42 <ggus> fisl will be in the first week of july
20:46:03 <ggus> isabela: ok! :)
20:46:50 <flexlibris> anything else ggus?
20:47:00 <ggus> that's it!
20:47:36 <flexlibris> cool, anyone else have an update (if not I can go)?
20:47:53 <jaruga> i have a thing :)
20:48:13 <jaruga> copypasta incoming
20:48:16 <flexlibris> go ahead
20:48:25 <jaruga> Hello everyone! :] As some of you may know I've been interning with Tor to write and maintain the docs and manual, as well as prepare the old content on the wiki to be included in official documentation.
20:48:34 <jaruga> Preparing the existing wiki content for this port has been a huge task, as many of the pages hadn't been touched in years. To date, I've made about 70 revisions, including 17 completely rewritten guides. Some of the most key of these being all of the IRC and email related pages, GnuPG, and instant messaging page.
20:48:43 <jaruga> Once everything has been reviewed, rewritten and tested, I'll be migrating everything over to the brand-new support portal. When it launches, Tor will finally have comprehensible and user-friendly documentation. :]
20:48:52 <jaruga> For those who'd like to follow the process, I keep a log of all the doc & manual changes as well as .txt mirrors of the completed documents at tor.dial.ga, and a blog on har00.ga
20:48:54 <flexlibris> yesssssssssssssssssssss
20:48:56 <jaruga> thats all. thanks :]
20:49:01 <flexlibris> an enormous project
20:49:04 <flexlibris> a hugely important one
20:49:10 <flexlibris> thank you so much for this work jaruga
20:49:12 <Phoul> +1 <3 thank you jaruga!
20:49:26 <jaruga> Hehe no problem! ^-^ I love doing it
20:49:32 <ggus> awesome!!! :)
20:49:36 <jaruga> its awesome to see it coming to shape :]
20:50:41 <jaruga> that was all I had, if anyone wants to go next ^-^
20:50:46 <flexlibris> thanks for updating us jaruga
20:50:49 <sukhe> flexlibris: very quickly, if I may: thanks for replying to the Tor Browser in TPL thread. I will wait for a while for other replies before following up
20:50:49 <flexlibris> anyone else besides me?
20:50:52 <flexlibris> sukhe yes
20:50:53 <sukhe> that's all, thanks
20:50:55 <jaruga> np :]
20:51:03 <cy63113> I have a suggestion
20:51:06 <flexlibris> cy63113 please
20:51:59 <cy63113> I'm readind the frontdesk@ and soon I'll be able to answer as well
20:52:22 <cy63113> so i suggest if in Tor contact page - email, make it clear that when writing an email, the subject must be objective, e.g. "Connection failure", "I need a bridge", etc., because there are several emails without subject and many that look like and are marked as spam. And in addition something like " In order to get a faster response, if possible, please write in English, Spanish, and/or Portugueseā€¯ - or any language you are
20:52:22 <cy63113> comfortable to answer.  This would facilitate for those who respond and therefore, the response would be faster.
20:53:01 <cy63113> that's it :)
20:53:09 <flexlibris> great ideas
20:53:49 <flexlibris> please include that text in your update (I think you were planning that already!)
20:54:03 <flexlibris> anyone else?
20:54:16 <flexlibris> okay I'll go quickly
20:54:25 <flexlibris> 1. Library Freedom Institute officially started today
20:54:46 <Phoul> Woo!
20:54:54 <flexlibris> you can follow our progress here: https://github.com/alisonLFP/libraryfreedominstitute and here libraryfreedom.chat
20:55:05 <flexlibris> (the discourse board is public but only LFI participants can make accounts and post)
20:55:21 <flexlibris> trying to make it as open as possible so that people who are not officially involved can fork it and translate it and so on
20:55:48 <flexlibris> 2. you all already know but just for the sake of the notes, our community team meetings will now happen every week
20:56:13 <flexlibris> 3. I still want to organize a ticket sprint to close community team tickets but I haven't had a chance to do that yet since I got back from Uganda. it's coming :)
20:56:41 * Samdney is waiting for an Uganda trip report :)
20:56:55 <flexlibris> 4. Gus and I have started working on the public days of the Mexico City meeting. if you are invited to the meeting and you want to help make these days awesome and inviting for new people, reach out to us
20:57:39 <flexlibris> 5. it would be super helpful if people could update the wiki with the current projects you're working on: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam#Projects
20:58:00 <flexlibris> 6. I am leaving for France tomorrow (home Sunday) to speak at the ABF conference (French librarians)
20:58:02 <flexlibris> that's it from me
20:58:40 <jaruga> @ project addition, will do :]
20:58:59 <Phoul> Will get my stuff added as well
21:00:03 <ggus> about #2, should we change the time?
21:00:11 <flexlibris> ggus: ah yes. so, we can.
21:00:16 <flexlibris> I can send out another poll asking for what times work
21:00:22 <ggus> actually, for me it's pretty ok. hehe
21:00:34 <ggus> but i remember someone saying that was too late.
21:00:54 <flexlibris> yeah I know it's too late for some. that's why I originally proposed a new time. but the best time that came back from that ended up being two hours later than the original time!
21:01:18 <ggus> hahah!
21:01:24 <Phoul> If we send enough polls, we may wrap back around. ;)
21:01:28 <flexlibris> haha yeah
21:01:29 <flexlibris> I'll do another
21:01:37 <flexlibris> and I'll ping the people who I know are in timezones where 2000 is late
21:01:58 <ggus> oh, i have one more little thing
21:02:11 <flexlibris> sure
21:02:16 <ggus> i was checking local activities in IGF - internet gov forum
21:02:31 <ggus> i don't know if we should attend to them
21:02:42 <flexlibris> that's the one in Geneva?
21:02:51 <ggus> one pre-IGF is going to happen in argentina
21:02:57 <flexlibris> ah what are the dates?
21:03:04 <flexlibris> there is something happening in Geneva in July
21:03:11 <ggus> this is "the" IGF. but they have preparatory activities
21:03:20 <flexlibris> Julie Owono wrote to me and asked if I could join a panel, and I can't, but I asked her if I could suggest another Tor person to go
21:04:28 <flexlibris> ggus: what is the date of that one?
21:04:46 <ggus> so, many civil society organizations that attend to these preparatory events could be our partners in local activities.
21:04:53 <ggus> flexlibris: i'll check. one sec.
21:05:12 <ggus> http://igfargentina.org/ July 30
21:05:17 <flexlibris> ah okay cool
21:05:23 <flexlibris> I think it's definitely worse pursuing
21:05:32 <flexlibris> do you want to find out about their CFP?
21:05:47 <ggus> for example, in colombia, fundacion karism is involved.
21:05:55 <ggus> flexlibris: yes
21:06:05 <flexlibris> cool. update me as soon as you find out!
21:06:46 <ggus> i think it's a non-technical event about technical things, so we have a chance to find cool organizations doing stuff.
21:06:58 <flexlibris> yes definitely
21:07:00 <ggus> ok!
21:07:02 <flexlibris> and we can get our flyers ready before then
21:07:29 <flexlibris> okay, anything else to discuss?
21:08:02 <flexlibris> seems like no
21:08:06 <flexlibris> I'm gonna kill the bot
21:08:09 <flexlibris> #endmeeting