17:59:11 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor-browser
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17:59:14 <GeKo> hi!
17:59:23 <mcs> hi
17:59:42 <sukhe> hi
17:59:49 <boklm> hi!
17:59:51 <igt0> !
17:59:56 <GeKo> i suspect only a port of the team will be here today but let's use this time for updates anyway
18:00:04 <GeKo> the pad is https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
18:00:30 <GeKo> and there is still time to mark things as bold in case they are for the group of someone in particular
18:00:36 <GeKo> and need some discussion/answers
18:03:12 <GeKo> boklm: mcs: so, do we the update_4 thing or the redirects?
18:03:37 <GeKo> i don't have a strong preference for either
18:04:03 <GeKo> brade: ^
18:04:48 <mcs> Avoiding update_4 seems like a good thing, but maybe we should just do what is easiest? I do not have a strong preference.
18:05:07 <boklm> adding the redirect for the old versions seems to be the easiest to me
18:05:16 <mcs> Then let’s do that!
18:05:20 <mcs> :)
18:05:34 <GeKo> okay. we just need to keep in mind that this is not only for the 7.x versions out there
18:05:40 <GeKo> but i guess that should be easy
18:06:02 <boklm> yes
18:06:04 <mcs> You mean it needs to be for 6.x etc. as well or ?
18:06:11 <GeKo> yes
18:06:18 <mcs> OK.
18:07:07 <mcs> And 8.0a up to a certain point, I guess.
18:07:31 <GeKo> igt0: re your question. i don't know but sounds plausible
18:07:37 <GeKo> i guess somone has to look at it
18:07:41 <GeKo> mcs: yes
18:08:24 <GeKo> do we have anything else for the group before moving on to the discussion part?
18:08:44 <igt0> GeKo, yep, I asked because talking with antonela, the task is not a priority and I wonder if we want to make it a priority because the onboarding is the first thing that user sees.
18:08:58 * antonela is around
18:09:37 <antonela> the thing is : we are launching desktop first, so we I'm working on desktop right now
18:09:42 <GeKo> igt0: oh, i was talking about your question to arthur as he is not here today :)
18:09:57 <GeKo> but the onboarding...
18:11:21 <GeKo> so, yes, that is planned and once we start building the alphas which will hopefully be at the end of next week! then this becomes an even highter priority
18:11:58 <igt0> great!
18:11:58 <GeKo> (it is already high prio but there are other things that are even higher on the list as the desktop alpha gets earlier out)
18:12:16 <GeKo> ha, what antonela said
18:12:44 <mcs> We can also think about simple onboarding (phase 1) vs. fancier onboarding (phase 2) if we run out of time.
18:13:13 <antonela> actually, we will have almost the similar content we have at desktop. There not is a simple onboarding vs a fancier
18:13:23 <antonela> i know will we use a firefox's approach
18:13:45 <antonela> so, is just provide content and images for it
18:14:40 <antonela> but since we are not going to have the same features we have on desktop in mobile just right now, we will need to work on the story for mobile too. I'll work with steph on it this week during sf
18:14:56 <GeKo> great, sounds good!
18:15:00 <antonela> cool
18:15:29 <GeKo> igt0: does that answer your question?
18:15:55 <igt0> yep! antonela thanks for the explanation.
18:16:41 <GeKo> okay, the only item i have is the first alpha release.
18:17:39 <GeKo> ideally, we would build it at the end of next week and it would go live on the week threafter during the regular security release
18:17:57 <GeKo> so far i think there are three blockers for that
18:18:38 <GeKo> 1) we need to figure our #26045. there seems to be some signing related issue assuming i did not mess up
18:18:44 <GeKo> (hopefully i did!)
18:18:51 <GeKo> 2) we need windows builds
18:19:34 <GeKo> 3) we still need a patch from mozilla for a proxy bypass bug which we fixed in esr52 but which needs a new patch for esr60
18:20:16 <GeKo> i'll bring this up next week again and hopefully at least one or two of those items are gone
18:20:40 <GeKo> my alternative plane would be to build the alpha one more time based on 52.9.0esr
18:20:43 <mcs> brade and I definitely plan to help with #26045
18:20:48 * tjr is here but missed updating the pad. I just added my note.
18:20:53 <GeKo> but release an esr60-baed version asap later on
18:21:00 <GeKo> *based
18:21:23 <GeKo> that#s not a deal-breaker but would cost us precious esr60 test time
18:21:28 <GeKo> *that's
18:21:49 <GeKo> tjr: yay, that's really awesome
18:22:07 <GeKo> sukhe: so my plan is to have windows nightly builds going by the end of the week
18:22:16 <GeKo> i see you will be away from wed on
18:22:27 <sukhe> GeKo: I am currently building on tjr's patches as we speak :)
18:22:28 <GeKo> if there are still issues by then let me know and i try to fix them up
18:22:36 <GeKo> \o/
18:22:56 <sukhe> yes I am away for the Summer Institute but I will put in extra time and try to get it resolved before Wednesday
18:23:21 <GeKo> nice, thanks!
18:23:30 <GeKo> okay, anything else for today?
18:23:35 <sukhe> tjr: while we have you here, https://github.com/mozilla/fxc2/pull/1 ... thanks :)
18:24:09 <tjr> ack!
18:25:05 <GeKo> okay, hearing crickets.
18:25:13 <GeKo> thatnks for the short meeting today :) *baf*
18:25:17 <GeKo> #endmeetimng
18:25:21 <GeKo> #endmeeting