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20:01:28 <flexlibris> okay!
20:01:50 <flexlibris> who has an update and wants to go first?
20:02:12 * jaruga makes a dramatic entrance
20:02:14 <gman999> i can be brief
20:02:16 <jaruga> hello all :) glad i was on time
20:02:20 <flexlibris> gman999 go
20:02:23 <flexlibris> jaruga hi!
20:02:27 <gman999> so a few quick things
20:02:39 <gman999> nothing doing for june... schduling sucks
20:02:44 <gman999> wahtever... june always sucks
20:03:01 <gman999> sysrqb is supposed to be reaching out to runa to do aug meeting after HOPE
20:03:06 <gman999> waiting on that
20:03:25 <gman999> and there's disucssion of an es-lang meeting in the fall, thanks to cryptoparty harlem.
20:03:39 <gman999> and the HOPE orgnaizing continues... flex knows most
20:03:47 <gman999> that's it iirc
20:04:15 <gman999> although one thing to consider..
20:04:25 <flexlibris> gman999: es-lang meeting in NYC?
20:04:29 <gman999> MakerFaire is big, and EFF always has a table
20:04:32 <gman999> (spanish language)
20:04:45 * dmr lurks - working on an email really quick, but will be back for an update!
20:04:47 <flexlibris> yes I understood that, I'm just interested in it!
20:04:58 <gman999> yes... isabela having some conversations...
20:05:12 <flexlibris> amazing
20:05:22 <gman999> yes... nyc is the best place, and the rest of you...
20:05:25 <gman999> ;)
20:05:31 <gman999> so makerfaire...
20:05:39 <gman999> eff has a table, and i usually work with maggie there
20:05:47 <gman999> helping her with table, and bringing tor stuffs
20:05:56 <flexlibris> when does that happen?
20:05:57 <gman999> i will be there both days as usual.
20:06:17 <gman999> setp 22 and 23 at queens hall of science
20:06:30 <gman999> maggie always cool about stuff, and appreciates tor stuff on table.
20:06:37 <gman999> and i always have good conversations there
20:06:43 <flexlibris> sounds great
20:06:51 <gman999> it's a much broader audience, but you find everyone
20:06:54 <flexlibris> it's also right before Mexico City so I think only NYCers will be able to be there
20:07:02 <gman999> ppl who never heard of it, to relay ops ppl
20:07:06 <gman999> yes... cutting it tight.
20:07:23 <gman999> i think we should consider getting a table, or at least working with eff
20:07:30 <gman999> to get a bigger table if we can do jointly
20:07:33 <Phoul> gman999: For the relay side of things, I'm happy to assist. Please include me if you'd find that helpful.
20:07:35 <gman999> it's a big wide audience
20:07:46 <gman999> in what sense phoul?
20:07:57 <Phoul> Helping advertise to nyc operators, materials, etc..
20:08:07 <gman999> oh, yeah. totally
20:08:17 <Phoul> :)
20:08:25 <gman999> we should let ppl know on a broad level when we have something
20:08:30 <gman999> like the hope table
20:08:45 <gman999> and i dont know about defcon, etc.. but worth considering
20:08:59 <gman999> anyways... i can talk to flex offline about makerfaire plus maggie/eff
20:09:00 <flexlibris> yeah
20:09:04 <flexlibris> still waiting on more info from HOPE
20:09:06 <Phoul> I think there was talk of a Tor village at DEFCON, but im not sure what the status is there.
20:09:17 <gman999> we should find out who's attending.
20:09:17 <t0mmy> I won't be in Mexico, so maybe there's a conversation to be had if you need a Tor person?
20:09:18 <flexlibris> makes me nervous as it's already mid-June and it's happening at the end of July
20:09:24 * flexlibris likes to have a plan
20:09:27 <gman999> understood.
20:09:56 <gman999> ? t0mmy?
20:09:57 * kat5 doesn't actually believe that t0mmy exists.
20:09:59 <gman999> what do you mean
20:10:15 <t0mmy> Sorry, for the NYC event in Sept
20:10:15 <gman999> no, i saw him in the strand ;0
20:10:30 <gman999> yeah... finding out who can be around would be great.
20:10:47 <gman999> i cant be there the whole time ... but we have enough ppl around
20:11:12 <gman999> we really should keep a list of annual/bi-annual events to have a presence at...
20:11:18 <gman999> for nyc ppl/events at least
20:11:41 <gman999> that's it
20:11:43 <gman999> really
20:12:10 <flexlibris> we should make that list for the community portal
20:12:12 <gman999> i'll ping maggie and cc you flex
20:12:15 <flexlibris> sweet
20:12:17 <gman999> yes
20:12:20 <flexlibris> who's next?
20:12:24 <Phoul> I can go
20:12:54 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
20:12:55 <Phoul> I'm worried about being booted for flooding, so I have listed my status update at https://pad.riseup.net/p/yiuDgMwrLuTG
20:13:10 <gman999> ha
20:13:33 <gman999> (f'g wow!)
20:13:49 <Samdney> >.<
20:14:00 <flexlibris> nice!
20:14:08 <flexlibris> that PETS meetup is gonna be awesome
20:14:10 <Phoul> I'm happy to elaborate on anything there.
20:14:22 <Phoul> Also if anyone is interested in the specific groups contacted, I have that too, just not on this pad.
20:14:28 <Samdney> maybe I can help. I will be also at PETS
20:14:33 * Samdney is super happy :D
20:14:35 <Phoul> Samdney: Happy to involve you :)
20:14:52 * kat5 will be at the PETS board meeting that night. :-(
20:15:01 <gman999> kevin/kevun is in pt now.. through august
20:15:14 <gman999> he might make some inroads there.. i can introduce
20:15:19 <Phoul> kat5: I'm really sorry about how that worked out. Ive heard there is about an hour between the two, and we should be at the bar when you are all done. But I'm sorry things worked out like that.
20:15:56 <kat5> That wasn't a complaint at you. More at the universe. Stupid time!
20:16:04 <Phoul> gman999: That would be great!
20:16:23 <kat5> Phoul: That's the same Kevin you already contacted.
20:16:30 <Phoul> OH1
20:16:33 <Phoul> Oh!*
20:16:41 <Phoul> Yes, he will be involved with the meetup and has all the details :)
20:16:48 <gman999> oops!
20:17:12 <gman999> maybe he can connect with any pt relay ops
20:17:36 <gman999> all 13 of them
20:17:50 <Phoul> gman999: I will ask him about that :)
20:17:54 <Phoul> Thank you for the tip!
20:19:14 <Phoul> Thats all from me, unless people had questions about stuff.
20:19:32 <flexlibris> one thing from your list
20:19:34 <flexlibris> about the TB manual
20:19:47 <flexlibris> t0mmy: I will be reaching out soon to talk about making updates to the manual for Tor Browser 8
20:20:02 <flexlibris> we're also gonna be making a second manual for Tor Browser for Android (which is replacing Orfox)
20:20:11 <flexlibris> you will not be making that alone don't worry! Gus and I will work on it too.
20:20:19 <ggus> yep
20:20:31 <t0mmy> flexlibris Cool! Sounds like a solid project for me to maybe take the lead on, depending on who else is doing what.
20:20:44 <flexlibris> yah and we have some time
20:21:08 <flexlibris> who wants to go next?
20:21:21 <Phoul> For the second manual, it should be straight forward to rip out the content from the TB manual and put in the mobile stuff. The build side shouldnt require any changes.
20:21:28 <flexlibris> yes
20:21:35 <flexlibris> just some different screenshots
20:22:38 <ggus> Ok, i can go next
20:22:39 <jaruga> Is that something ill be doing? :]
20:22:50 <flexlibris> ggus go ahead
20:22:57 <flexlibris> jaruga you can certainly work on it too :)
20:23:11 <Phoul> jaruga: I think it would make a lot of sense for you to help out with that, would fit with your other duties. And you're already working on the manual, so youll know how it works!
20:23:15 <Phoul> :)
20:23:25 <jaruga> oh didnt read t0mmys note ^-^ Well for sure, def happy to help however i can
20:23:29 <jaruga> just lmk :]
20:24:00 <ggus> Colombia training week start next week. Some of our contacts didn't replied our last emails, so I'm also reaching different organizations and people.
20:24:23 <ggus> Last week i talked with kevin/kevun about cryptoparty in lisboa
20:24:43 <ggus> shared how we made our first cryptoparty in sao paulo a few years ago
20:25:14 <ggus> i'm trying to find other folks from lisboa to help them with this.
20:25:32 <ggus> their event is schedule to happen in july 12th.
20:25:45 * dmr is catching up on scrollback!
20:25:57 <ggus> one thing that we could do: 1. send them swags; 2. share in our social media profiles
20:26:11 <ggus> i'm waiting them to send me one address.
20:27:16 <ggus> i sent a few emails to people in mexico, for our next meeting. but didn't have any answer so far.
20:27:58 <ggus> annnd, moving to kenya: we're planning to do a week training there soon.
20:28:09 <ggus> before mexico.
20:28:18 <flexlibris> !!!
20:28:25 <Phoul> That is awesome!
20:28:38 <ggus> and last week i made an online meeting with brazilian volunteers.
20:29:00 <ggus> we're trying to organize a group here: https://0xacab.org/groups/cebolas
20:29:07 <ggus> that's it. (done)
20:29:13 <gman999> (egypcio told me about that...)
20:29:15 <ggus> oh, one more thing
20:30:09 <ggus> i didn't heard anything from FISL (free software forum in brazil/porto alegre) people about our activities. but cy63113 is trying other people.
20:30:53 <ggus> still, i was thinking maybe is good to go and talk in a more informal way with ppl.
20:31:03 <flexlibris> yeah definitely
20:31:06 <flexlibris> hand out stickers and flyers
20:31:08 <ggus> setup a notebook with tor browser alpha to do testing. idk
20:31:15 <flexlibris> yes
20:31:31 <ggus> that's it :)
20:32:00 <flexlibris> awesome
20:32:06 <flexlibris> who is next?
20:32:15 <jaruga> I can go next if no one has anything pressing :]
20:32:23 <flexlibris> go ahead jaruga
20:32:48 <jaruga> So so as you guys may have seen on the mailing list yesterday[?], I reviewed the wikipedia page and marked down some suggestions
20:32:58 <jaruga> did anyone have feedback comments concerns additions etc?
20:33:15 <ggus> i saw you email, but didn't have time to check it. :S
20:33:32 <jaruga> No worries :] if no one had time to review we can touch on it next wke
20:33:32 <flexlibris> same :)
20:33:33 <jaruga> *wk
20:33:37 <flexlibris> but I did add it to the draft of our roadmap
20:33:41 <flexlibris> so that we can make sure to stay on top of it
20:33:42 <Phoul> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2018-June/000174.html (email for reference)
20:34:03 <jaruga> noted ^-^
20:34:26 <flexlibris> I will definitely get you a response to it!
20:34:40 <jaruga> Erm other small updates, been working away on the docs as usual this week. Made some good progress, like the FTP page & made the translator guide for the manual
20:34:46 <jaruga> thats all I have for updates :D
20:34:52 <flexlibris> translator guide is a big deal!
20:34:56 <flexlibris> thanks for doing that
20:35:06 <Phoul> +1, and its looking quite nice :)
20:35:21 <jaruga> no problemo :] & hehe thank you! ^-^
20:35:52 <flexlibris> who is next?
20:36:41 <t0mmy> I can give a short update
20:36:46 <flexlibris> please do!
20:38:19 <t0mmy> Which is (1) couple of blog posts in the works for this week and next, plus some coming down the line, e.g. about the MEX meeting, (2) getting set up with the TB manual, (3) various bits and pieces with Outreachy and Summer of Privacy, and (4) we should have news about our Mozilla fellow (the user advocate) soon!
20:39:26 * dmr is finally caught up with scrollback; writing an update (locally)
20:40:03 <flexlibris> cool, dmr you can go next if you want
20:40:07 <flexlibris> unless you need time
20:40:14 <kat5> I can go next.
20:40:20 <flexlibris> t0mmy glad we'll hear about the user advocate soon
20:40:21 <flexlibris> sure kat5
20:40:42 <dmr> flexlibris: I need some time still
20:41:02 <kat5> I corresponded with a bunch of people about t-shirts. And I boosted the PETS meetup tweets from the PETS account. The end.
20:41:12 <flexlibris> woooo
20:41:29 <flexlibris> I'll go next while we wait for dmr
20:41:40 <flexlibris> 1. I sent an email today with a draft of roadmap tasks for the team
20:41:43 <flexlibris> please take a look when you can
20:41:46 <flexlibris> please add whatever is missing
20:41:57 <flexlibris> I mostly made it from stuff that I'm working on and task lists from ggus and phoul
20:42:08 <Phoul> kat5: Thank you for doing that! I saw it happened, but wasn't sure who ran it!
20:42:13 <flexlibris> 2. I sent a dudle about trying yet again to find a meeting time that works for everyone
20:42:19 <flexlibris> I'll check in about the results next week
20:42:30 <kat5> Phoul: np.
20:42:31 <flexlibris> 3. LFI is in week 2, today's lecture was on CCTV. video forthcoming.
20:42:38 <flexlibris> doing a lot of LFI planning for upcoming weeks
20:43:03 <flexlibris> 4. trying to organize the content for our HOPE talk
20:43:16 <flexlibris> hopefully soon they will get the schedule out so we can plan who will be at the booth!
20:43:33 <flexlibris> 5. Mexico City meeting planning, especially focusing on making the open days good
20:43:45 <flexlibris> 6. getting the frontdesk@ queue under control
20:43:59 <flexlibris> 7. I spoke at the French librarians conference on Saturday! now I am home
20:44:21 <flexlibris> 8. next week is the American Library Association conference and I'm not giving a talk but I will be running around with Tor and LFI stickers and info
20:44:44 <flexlibris> 9. helping with TB 8.0 release planning including updating the support portal answers and manual images
20:44:59 <flexlibris> 10. updating our community training slides based on feedback from Uganda
20:45:08 <flexlibris> 11. and then I will have our monthly team update out to tor-project@ soon
20:45:13 <flexlibris> as you can see I've been busy :/
20:45:14 <flexlibris> done
20:46:11 <kat5> flexlibris: Is there a trip report about Uganda somewhere? Or are you planning to do a blog post or something? (Sorry if I missed this.)
20:46:23 <Phoul> That is a lot of awesome stuff!
20:46:23 <ggus> too many things, flexlibris!!
20:46:43 <flexlibris> kat5 Anto and I got our notes together and we will turn it into a narrative soon
20:46:47 <flexlibris> we're just both pretty swamped
20:47:01 <kat5> Cool! Just super-excited to hear about it!
20:47:13 <ggus> june and november are always the worst months...
20:47:14 <flexlibris> yeah totally! we will get it asap
20:47:22 <gman999> (wow maggie)
20:47:24 <flexlibris> yeah it's true ggus
20:47:28 <flexlibris> gman999 fast reply!
20:48:00 <gman999> i know
20:48:01 <Phoul> flexlibris: Did I read right earlier that the next mexico planning meeting is in a few weeks?
20:48:02 <gman999> ;)
20:48:26 <flexlibris> Phoul we had a meeting today
20:48:34 <flexlibris> next one is July 9 1700 UTC tor-meeting2
20:48:48 <Phoul> Got it
20:49:06 <Phoul> Thank you :)
20:49:11 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go?
20:49:15 <flexlibris> dmr just quit uh oh
20:50:08 <flexlibris> .....
20:50:14 <Phoul> eep
20:50:21 <ggus> who's going next? :P
20:50:32 <flexlibris> well I think dmr was the only one left
20:51:08 <jaruga> lordy, rocky connection here too
20:51:19 <ggus> i forgot one more thing
20:51:27 <flexlibris> go ahead
20:52:04 <ggus> i started to make a soft review in our brochures, flexlibris made some comments: https://storm.torproject.org/grain/8SMTrJPjmEEL7pC3aznHot/#comment/c-yHsa3VD1lRRcvrBY
20:52:30 <ggus> My idea is to finish this soon, translate to ES and have it to training in colombia
20:52:44 <gman999> (it's a closed storm doc?)
20:52:50 <ggus> erm
20:52:51 <ggus> wait
20:52:55 * dmr apologies - looks like my connection got into a weird state and dropped without making it clear that it did
20:53:07 <ggus> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/EP57kWYtpH7Of6-9fSpO2ZpXsbQlbj0WelmHSLrtKsU
20:53:36 <gman999> cool.
20:54:14 <gman999> flex: one quick question...
20:54:21 <ggus> 1/2 A4 page, so it's easy to give to people read.
20:54:24 <gman999> oops... or dmr going?
20:54:31 <flexlibris> gman999  yah
20:54:36 <dmr> gman999: you may go; I'll go after
20:54:51 <gman999> since it's for everyone else too...
20:55:02 <gman999> where should local events go on trac community page?
20:55:05 <gman999> what category?
20:55:15 <flexlibris> oh good question
20:55:17 <gman999> i'll do so others can add by locale
20:55:19 <flexlibris> make a new category?
20:55:22 <flexlibris> for events?
20:55:22 <gman999> under?
20:55:32 <flexlibris> lemme look at it one sec
20:55:39 <gman999> ok... lmk offlist
20:55:41 <gman999> sorry to bother
20:55:47 <flexlibris> no bother
20:55:51 <flexlibris> I think it should be its own subheading
20:55:56 <gman999> ok
20:56:05 <flexlibris> like around "Projects"
20:56:09 <flexlibris> so its easy to get to
20:56:15 <flexlibris> eventually the community portal will have a calendar
20:56:55 * dmr looks forward to that :)
20:57:07 <Phoul> Some community events are also listed on the blog calendar
20:57:10 <flexlibris> yeah
20:57:14 <dmr> may I go?
20:57:19 * dmr glances at the time
20:57:28 <flexlibris> please do dmr
20:57:31 <dmr> k :)
20:57:36 <dmr> We held a Cryptoparty workshop at the library on Saturday! https://aadl.org/node/372209
20:57:42 <flexlibris> yayyy
20:57:54 <dmr> It went pretty well. Most of the users were concerned about facebook and wanted to see their options. They ALSO wanted strategies to advocate to friends, and we helped with that. We plan to share some resources publicly (but haven't yet).
20:58:05 <dmr> Among those looking for mitigations to fb/overall tracking: We covered VPNs vs. Tor, and the different "trust models". People seemed interested in Tor Browser but most couldn't try it out. We made sure to demo some of it on our computers, however.
20:58:24 <dmr> Most of the attendees only brought their mobile devices, and I'd say predominately they used iOS. I believe Onion Browser is officially recommended by the Tor Project now, so that was mentioned. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
20:58:36 <flexlibris> dmr: what prevented them from being able to try out Tor Browser?
20:58:49 <dmr> ^ mobile only
20:58:51 <flexlibris> ah i see
20:58:54 <dmr> and predominately iOS
20:58:58 <flexlibris> yes onion browser is the only one that is really recommended
20:59:22 <dmr> Jon provided a TON of stickers, and we hope a lot of users took them :). We also had plenty of handouts, including (at least 1) from the torproject proper. We hope the takehome material gets people to look more into this on their own time, and help advocate to friends!
20:59:30 <dmr> flexlibris: good to know :)
20:59:42 <flexlibris> that sounds like it went really well
20:59:48 <dmr> Overall, for those new to privacy steps, we have to start with the basics. It's hard to go into the nuances why one might choose Tor Browser over adblockers, so we try our best to educate holistically. But still it's hard to gauge what attendees walked away with.
21:00:04 <dmr> We did help many install Firefox Focus, so that's a really cool hands-on step for them :)
21:00:42 <dmr> yeah, overall it went quite well - a bit low on the attendance, but we feel everyone there got a lot out of it
21:00:58 <dmr> flexlibris: I know your schedule is crazy, but it would be cool to host you for a future AADL event if you think you might visit AA. We're planning events with the library at roughly a 3-month cadence, with topics provided in advance for approval.
21:01:12 <flexlibris> yeah let's talk about it sometime soon!
21:01:13 <dmr> That's all I got!
21:01:20 <flexlibris> thanks for running that event
21:01:30 <Phoul> +1
21:01:32 <ggus> awesome, dmr! :)
21:01:38 <dmr> sure thing :) the library partnership has been pretty good so far :)
21:01:43 <flexlibris> it sounds like it
21:01:51 <flexlibris> anyone else have anything to add before we wrap up?
21:02:00 <ggus> i'm good
21:02:37 <flexlibris> okay everyone
21:02:39 <gman999> cool.
21:02:40 <flexlibris> I'm killing the bot
21:02:41 <gman999> ty all.
21:02:43 <flexlibris> #endmeeting