19:59:00 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team meeting
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19:59:15 <flexlibris> who wants to start with their update?
19:59:36 <Phoul> I can go
19:59:41 <flexlibris> please do Phoul
20:00:02 <Phoul> In the same style as last week, I put my update in a pad to avoid flood issues (and to include links in a non-messy way) https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ZpKMwcNC14VYq1JOQIAzbyDAe7fHypdS53aUtU5b-IG
20:01:22 * flexlibris is reading
20:01:33 <flexlibris> lots of stuff!
20:01:36 <flexlibris> hey this reminds me
20:01:46 <flexlibris> you should take a look through the community component tickets
20:02:11 <flexlibris> I was just looking at them and there are definitely a few related to things you're already kind of working on. could be merged or closed or whatever.
20:02:12 <flexlibris> just an FYI
20:02:18 <Phoul> Sounds good, will add that to my list for tomorrow :)
20:02:22 <flexlibris> great
20:02:27 <flexlibris> any questions or comments for Phoul?
20:02:41 <kushal> Phoul, btw, I guess I am missing that relay operator email from you :)
20:02:56 <kushal> Due to my relay was behaving bad during the time you sent those.
20:03:08 <Phoul> Ahhh ok, I will get you one right after this meeting :)
20:04:04 <flexlibris> okay, who is next?
20:04:52 <flexlibris> it can be me if no one else wants to go
20:05:17 <flexlibris> 1. we are in week 3 of Library Freedom Institute. you can follow our progress here: libraryfreedom.chat
20:05:23 <flexlibris> (read-only for non-participants)
20:05:48 <flexlibris> 2. I spent a bunch of time today organizing the community team wiki and updating some of our projects
20:06:17 <flexlibris> including looking through our tickets and updating them. I swear I'm going to schedule a ticket sprint one of these days, it's just a busy month!!
20:06:54 <flexlibris> 3. I'm leaving the Dudle poll open for one more week to find a meeting time that works better for everyone. so if you haven't completed that, please do (I bumped it on the mailing list today)
20:07:35 <flexlibris> 4. I updated our training slides based on feedback I got in Uganda. I'm holding off on adding them to the wiki until we update them for Tor Browser 8.0.
20:07:54 <flexlibris> 5. I gave a talk about Tor and other privacy stuff at Brandeis University yesterday
20:08:14 <flexlibris> 6. this week I'm gonna do a lot of Tor and LFI promotion at the American Library Association conference
20:08:36 <flexlibris> 7. I'm almost finished our roadmap through October, just need to add ticket numbers. then it'll go on the wiki too.
20:09:06 <flexlibris> other things I did this week: wrote a report for Sponsor14, answered questions on frontdesk, and joined planning meetings for TB 8.0 release
20:09:27 <flexlibris> upcoming stuff I'm working on: finishing the Uganda narrative report, writing our monthly report for May, and meeting planning (I will ping ggus about this early next week)
20:09:29 <flexlibris> that's all from me
20:09:41 * ggus reaidng.
20:10:08 * kushal has some update.
20:10:13 <flexlibris> kushal go ahead
20:11:13 <kushal> dgplug summer training finally started (https://dgplug.org/summertraining18/ ).
20:11:25 <kushal> I have added a small chapter on Tor https://summertraining.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tor.html
20:11:53 <kushal> Also working on a chapter on regular opsec https://summertraining.readthedocs.io/en/latest/opsec.html
20:12:33 <kushal> I was supposed to send in an invite to the tor-projects list about who all has time in the coming months to give talk (over IRC) in this training, I will do that this week.
20:12:56 <kushal> Please let me know if anyone of you has time to talk to the participants :)
20:13:18 <kushal> also how to improve that document for participants.
20:13:24 <flexlibris> how much time would you need?
20:13:26 <kushal> end of message.
20:13:28 <flexlibris> and what talks are you looking for?
20:13:43 <kushal> flexlibris, Guest sessions are anywhere between 1 hour and 3 hours :D
20:13:50 <kushal> depending on how much time you have.
20:13:56 <kushal> Talks can be on anything you want.
20:14:05 <kushal> privacy, tor or technology, or social side
20:14:08 <flexlibris> I'd be happy to give a talk for an hour :)
20:14:29 <flexlibris> lots of things I could cover, so maybe you can tell me some of the things you'd prefer
20:14:32 <kushal> generally we ask speakers to start by introducing themselves and speak  a bit about how every started from zero knowledge.
20:14:37 <Samdney> me, too :)
20:14:55 <kushal> flexlibris, Samdney Perfect, I will talk to you after meeting (maybe tomorrow).
20:15:13 <Samdney> tomorrow will be fine. today i have no time.
20:15:29 <Phoul> I'd also be happy to talk about something :)
20:15:34 <Samdney> but I need a topic :)
20:15:54 <kushal> Samdney, we can figure out a a date and topic in the coming weeks.
20:16:13 <Samdney> ok, you can also send me an email, if you want
20:16:18 <kushal> Okay, thakns.
20:16:23 <kushal> * thanks.
20:16:40 <flexlibris> anyone else have comments for kushal?
20:16:46 <flexlibris> (or for me earlier, I realize I didn't ask)
20:18:06 <flexlibris> okay, who else has an update?
20:18:27 <ggus> ok, i have!
20:18:35 <flexlibris> pls go ggus
20:18:39 <ggus> - Asked John to send Tor's swags to cryptoparty in Lisboa/Kevin.
20:18:44 <ggus> - Translating and reviewing Tor Relay Guide to Brazilian Portuguese. It's almost done, I only need time to do the wiki formatting:
20:18:47 <ggus> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide-ptbr
20:18:51 <ggus> - Organizing Tor Meetup in Porto Alegre during FISL (International free software forum). We already have the space, but I'd like to have a web art to help to invite ppl.
20:18:58 <ggus> - Cy is also organizing some activities in FISL too. We're still waiting FISL approval.
20:19:04 <ggus> - Seminario de Privacidad schedule went public last week: http://seminarioprivacidade.cgi.br/ I'm going to talk there about Tor's privacy by design in august 8th. I didn't added this in our calendar. But, I'll do it soon.
20:19:09 <ggus> - All the last week mainly focused in Colombia Tor's partners, but I also talked a little bit with Mexico folks.
20:19:15 <ggus> - And this week doing Tor training in Colombia with antonela y isa. Tonight we are going to give this talk:
20:19:18 <ggus> https://www.meetup.com/HackLab-Bogota/events/251777635/
20:19:22 <ggus> - Translated to portuñol all our training slides, and Antonela translated to spanish :))
20:19:47 <ggus> (done)
20:20:06 <flexlibris> nice job on the translations!
20:20:35 <flexlibris> oh something that you and I both did today but neither of us remembered to mention is that we talked with some folks in Kenya about organizing sponsor9 work there
20:21:29 <ggus> yes! we are looking to do our training week in Kenya soon! let's see!:)
20:22:20 <flexlibris> anyone have comments or questions for ggus?
20:23:39 <flexlibris> oops
20:23:44 <flexlibris> accidentally closed the window!
20:23:47 <flexlibris> okay, who is next?
20:24:25 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
20:25:41 <flexlibris> seems like no?
20:25:53 <flexlibris> should we end the meeting then? I'll give another minute to hear from anyone....
20:26:02 <ggus> o/
20:26:06 <ggus> quick question
20:26:22 <flexlibris> yes
20:26:51 <ggus> who could help me to do tor meetup in porto alegre? :)
20:27:13 <Samdney> what kind of help do you need?
20:27:34 <ggus> arte designer. onions and mate :)
20:27:38 <ggus> art*
20:27:48 <ggus> this kind of thing.
20:28:26 <Phoul> I'd be happy to help put the word out to relay operators in the area, if that would be helpful.
20:29:01 <Samdney> the art designer, for what exactly do you need one?
20:29:35 <ggus> Phoul: i guess we don't hvae operators in porto alegre
20:30:01 <Phoul> Ahh! Well maybe thats something we can fix :)
20:30:12 <ggus> but it's a great opportunity to do create a community there
20:30:21 <ggus> fisl is our fosdem..
20:31:03 <ggus> maybe i'll add a mate emoji here and it's ok... -> https://gus.computer/images/cartaz01_b_web.jpg
20:31:32 <Phoul> flexlibris: If anyone at the library conference you're going to indicates interest in running relays, feel free to give them my email address (I know LFP has a lot going on right now, I'd be happy to talk through things that are not specific to libraries with them).
20:31:40 <cy63113> an onion drinking mate?
20:31:41 <flexlibris> Phoul will do!
20:31:57 <ggus> great idea :)
20:32:07 <flexlibris> one more thing -- here's our current draft of the community team roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/KUnsZPi6JIGI-TI0VwIPEGYphV5RAxkvUFCRd1_LxUY
20:32:12 <kat5> flexlibris: did that librarian from Finland ever get in touch with you?
20:32:12 <flexlibris> I added some ticket #s
20:32:19 <flexlibris> add anything that's missing and then I'll put it on the wiki
20:32:32 <flexlibris> kat5 no!
20:32:42 <kat5> Did you get the intro email I sent?
20:32:55 <flexlibris> yes
20:32:58 <flexlibris> I will respond to that one
20:33:06 <kat5> Ah, okay.
20:33:19 <flexlibris> I was just expecting them to respond and then I dropped it
20:33:42 <flexlibris> anything else?
20:33:46 <kat5> Yeah, I forgot about it, then womdered if I'd actually sent it.
20:34:18 <flexlibris> you totally did
20:35:05 <flexlibris> okay, i'm gonna call the meeting!
20:35:08 <flexlibris> #endmeeting