19:58:42 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team meeting
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19:58:49 <flexlibris> one of these days i'll remember if it's hyphen or no hyphen
19:58:50 <flexlibris> hi everyone
19:59:06 <dmr> hello :)
19:59:09 <gman999> hey hey
19:59:11 <cy63113> hi!
19:59:15 <Phoul> Hi :)
19:59:46 <flexlibris> so I have pretty much finished our roadmap through October, and here it is https://storm.torproject.org/shared/viIzDFX1I_LUw4iGMRBzsIaIq8XbBwEIKegjBftyLdD
20:00:03 <flexlibris> here's how we're gonna use it -- folks give their updates, I'll mark what is resolved on the roadmap
20:00:16 <flexlibris> and then anything unaddressed on here we can chat about the status of after updates
20:00:20 <flexlibris> so who has an update and wants to go first?
20:01:05 * flexlibris will call on one of you if she has to
20:01:09 <Phoul> I can go
20:01:11 <gman999> (not me!)
20:01:14 <flexlibris> please go ahead Phoul
20:01:32 <Phoul> Like the last few weeks, ive put my update into a pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ADUv7KjgaiB67cQGGmvVwgIyTXmPVHgP-V8AoIOUD7H
20:02:27 <flexlibris> good stuff Phoul
20:02:32 <flexlibris> looking forward to that relay operators blog post
20:02:46 <Phoul> Me too! I think it will be a great way to show off the communities that help Tor in this way.
20:02:52 <gman999> +1
20:03:00 <gman999> yo'ure doing great stuff phoul
20:03:11 <Phoul> Thank you! :)
20:03:41 <flexlibris> anyone have questions or comments about Phoul's update?
20:03:53 <gman999> i need a few days to read end-to-end
20:03:57 <gman999> ;P
20:04:14 <flexlibris> lol
20:04:22 <Phoul> One thing I want to make sure people are aware of is the last note about my availability next week. Just so people know, I will be mostly MIA from the 3rd-6th.
20:04:28 <flexlibris> for sure
20:04:30 <jaruga> im on a exit slower than the second coming xD just got it popped
20:04:32 <flexlibris> it's a holiday week in the US anway
20:04:33 <jaruga> reading ~
20:04:48 <flexlibris> "slower than the second coming" omg i'm ded
20:04:51 <Phoul> lmfao
20:04:54 <jaruga> :')
20:04:58 <gman999> ha!
20:05:03 <gman999> one quick thing Phoul...
20:05:14 <Phoul> Sure!
20:05:29 <gman999> i dont know where you're located... but are you able to conduct one-on-one meetings with relay ops ppl?
20:05:43 <gman999> i mean, one-on-one to get a better sense of hte individual issues
20:05:53 <gman999> we tend to rely on the virutal.. overrely
20:05:53 <Phoul> I'm located in Canada, Winnipeg. I'm happy to have 1 on 1 discussions with operators though.
20:05:55 <jaruga> finished reading, +1 phoul :]
20:06:18 <gman999> would it be useful to help compose 'things to ask'...
20:06:24 <gman999> not just for you, but for all of us to use?
20:06:36 <gman999> "any problems you face?"
20:06:50 <gman999> "things new relays ops should know"
20:07:04 <gman999> i've thought about that for years...
20:07:12 <gman999> so many one-off discussions iwht other relay ops
20:07:16 <gman999> maybe a pad?
20:07:29 <Phoul> That sounds like a great idea! Ideally things relay operators need to know are in the guide, but I will put together a list of things we can ask operators. I've got a list ive been using when interacting with operators responding to my introductions, but could be expanded.
20:07:50 <Phoul> I'll put them into a pad, and get the link shared on community to start.
20:07:59 <flexlibris> that is definitely a thing you could delegate to another relay operator though
20:08:03 <flexlibris> a blog post for example
20:08:07 <flexlibris> "things I wish I knew when I got started"
20:08:19 <flexlibris> just saying cause I know you're busy
20:08:25 <gman999> yes... these questions might *feed* the guide
20:08:30 <flexlibris> yes
20:08:32 <arma> phoul, gman999: speaking of relay operator stuff. the mozilla folks wanted to know: imagine a graph where the x axis is how much money they put in, and the y axis is how much capacity gets added to the tor network. via the torservers.net trickle-down umbrella. what does this graph look like?
20:08:33 <Phoul> Yup! Sorry, I meant the list of questions to ask new relay operators, but I think that style of post would also be great!
20:08:35 <gman999> cool.
20:08:50 <flexlibris> arma that's a good question
20:08:51 <arma> the answer for the graph probably involves figuring out more about each of the torservers.net partners, where they are, etc.
20:08:54 <gman999> i'll give it some thought
20:09:08 <flexlibris> you could also just post the question to tor-relays and ask them to weigh in on a pad
20:09:13 <gman999> IMHO, i'ts a distortion to start wiht torservers
20:09:15 <flexlibris> (the original question gman had)
20:09:37 <Phoul> flexlibris: Yeah, I wasnt sure if community or tor-relays would be best. But tor-relays may be better, I can send to people who are interested on this team directly.
20:09:44 <gman999> i'll do that question to tor-relays@ after the meeting if it helps
20:10:10 <Phoul> arma: I will add this to my list :)
20:10:38 <gman999> it's a great question arma.. i was thinking  'around' that issue
20:10:52 <gman999> i've been running relays for an eternity, but always donated bandwidth
20:11:20 <arma> yeah. in theory the money gets stretched by adding it to non-profits that have their own budgets and stuff
20:11:28 <arma> and we want that for the diversity goals too
20:11:42 <gman999> i'm more curious about the volunteers we dont know
20:11:44 <arma> think of it like matching donations but matching other people
20:11:50 <gman999> yes... connected to diversity
20:12:31 <arma> anyway, i don't mean to derail. we can chat more about meeting ends.
20:12:43 <flexlibris> relevant, not derailing
20:12:43 <arma> s/about/after/
20:12:47 <flexlibris> anything else for phoul?
20:12:52 <cy63113> yes
20:12:56 <flexlibris> go ahead
20:12:59 <cy63113> I'm reading lots of relay issues from different channels that I'm monitoring,  so I can make a list
20:13:24 <Phoul> cy63113: That would be great!
20:13:25 <cy63113> that's it :)
20:13:34 <Phoul> Thank you :)
20:13:47 <flexlibris> great
20:13:48 <cy63113> I'll organize and send to you
20:13:54 <flexlibris> might be something to add to the relay ops wiki
20:14:01 <flexlibris> who has an update and wants to go next?
20:14:46 <flexlibris> okay well I can go
20:15:02 <flexlibris> so I got the results of the meeting time survey
20:15:15 <flexlibris> the two best times are Mondays at 1600 UTC and Tuesdays at 1800 UTC
20:15:32 <flexlibris> I have kind of an aversion to Monday meetings, but they are better than Friday meetings, and I think 1600 UTC will be more inclusive
20:15:35 <flexlibris> for more timezones
20:16:01 <Samdney> you should send an email to the list, for people who are not here currently
20:16:07 <arma> that's an hour before the network team mtg?
20:16:11 <flexlibris> but before I choose one I have to find out whether or not there's another meeting at that time
20:16:15 <flexlibris> arma that works
20:16:21 <gman999> so 1530?
20:16:21 <flexlibris> Samdney yes of course i will do that
20:16:28 <gman999> valid concern IMHO arma
20:16:34 <flexlibris> could do 1530
20:16:51 <flexlibris> okay 1530 it is
20:16:53 <arma> an hour before shouldn't be an issue
20:16:59 <arma> the tor browser team is an hour after the network team mtg
20:17:08 <arma> just block off the channel and meet meet meet
20:17:10 <flexlibris> keeping people to 1 hour meetings is good
20:17:35 <flexlibris> okay then i'm keeping it to 1600
20:17:39 <flexlibris> and i will update everyone
20:17:55 <flexlibris> okay other stuff
20:18:26 <flexlibris> planning the mexico city meeting. feeling pretty overwhelmed with tasks for that if anyone is dying to help plan the meeting
20:18:28 <flexlibris> come see me
20:18:57 <flexlibris> LFI just started its 4th week. today we had april glaser come and talk about the business model of the internet. she was awesome.
20:19:22 <flexlibris> got our timeslot for HOPE and am gonna finish organizing our talk and booth
20:19:29 <gman999> there's a time?
20:19:32 <gman999> not on www
20:19:37 <flexlibris> yes i updated the group
20:19:44 <gman999> oh, shit.. i'll reread
20:19:50 <gman999> so i can sort out social event
20:19:58 <flexlibris> yeah i'm gonna ping the group again tomorrow
20:20:06 <flexlibris> i just wrote quickly yesterday to say we'd been given the time
20:20:42 <flexlibris> okay the last thing i need to update everyone on
20:20:54 <flexlibris> the support portal is in its soft launch! that means it needs your feedback
20:20:58 <flexlibris> support.torproject.org
20:21:01 <gman999> huge!
20:21:15 <jaruga> yeeey :]
20:21:20 <flexlibris> take a look and then report whatever is wrong: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/community/HowToReportBugFeedback
20:21:31 <flexlibris> it definitely needs translation help if you want to work on that
20:23:07 <flexlibris> that's basically it from me
20:23:08 <arma> best way to report feedback is mail to the community team list?
20:23:42 <flexlibris> that works! or one of the other methods listed in the bug feedback thing
20:23:45 <sukhe> related question: how does the translation system work? sorry if I missed this
20:23:48 <flexlibris> but feedback to the list will get to the right place
20:23:50 <sukhe> is it Transifex?
20:23:58 <jaruga> indeed :]
20:24:05 <sukhe> ok thanks!
20:24:05 <Phoul> Yup, its on Transifex
20:24:10 <flexlibris> yes but also some things might change when emmapeel starts
20:24:26 <Phoul> ^ also this, for now its on Transifex.
20:24:40 <jaruga> https://tb-manual.torproject.org/alpha/en-US/translate.html
20:24:45 <arma> (i ran into dragana at rightscon who really wanted to talk about my plan to move away from transifex. she was not thrilled when i tried to explain it was not 'my' plan but that i still liked what i knew of the plan.)
20:24:45 <jaruga> fresh off the press. xD
20:25:03 <sukhe> nice, good addition on how to work with Transifex
20:25:22 <flexlibris> here's a job for someone to do that would be REALLY helpful
20:25:30 <flexlibris> take a look at the reports cy63113 has been making about user issues
20:25:39 <flexlibris> make sure those common issues are all explained nicely in the support portal
20:25:49 <Samdney> where are this reports?
20:25:49 <flexlibris> and see if anything she identified needs a new q&a
20:26:05 <jaruga> can help w that if needed :]
20:26:09 <flexlibris> the reports go to tor-project@lists.torproject.org
20:26:13 <Samdney> me, too :)
20:26:41 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
20:26:43 <cy63113> next week i'll send a new report
20:26:55 <Samdney> are there already reports on the list?
20:27:00 <cy63113> there are lots of issues
20:27:09 <jaruga> i can make a little update if no one wants to go next :]
20:27:17 <cy63113> no, to tor-project list
20:27:28 <flexlibris> jaruga sure
20:28:05 <jaruga> okie :) ummm made some new pages this week, namely redoing FTP, making filezilla, cleaning up SupportPrograms, cleaning up torifyhowto etc
20:28:15 <jaruga> also made that shmancy translate page xD
20:28:25 <jaruga> aaand me and tommy put some other little changes into the manual.
20:28:28 <jaruga> Thats about it!
20:28:54 <flexlibris> nice, thanks for keeping an eye on the manual
20:28:58 <cy63113> Samdney: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-June/001829.html
20:29:13 <jaruga> :)
20:29:41 <Samdney> thanks cy63113
20:29:49 <cy63113> :)
20:30:56 <flexlibris> anything else for jaruga?
20:31:16 <jaruga> nope, thats about it ^-^ phoul did a good job of outlining most of the stuff in his pad hehe
20:31:21 <flexlibris> cool :)
20:31:25 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
20:32:01 <gman999> i have a few things
20:32:12 <flexlibris> do it gman999
20:32:29 <gman999> stephw and i meeeting with someone at NYU/poly grad school...
20:32:45 <gman999> stephw will likely do a presentation for HS young women in july
20:32:54 <flexlibris> cool!
20:33:02 <gman999> a under addressed demographic for TPO
20:33:07 <stephw> oh in july? i mean i havent even talked to these ppl yet, but i will see if i can :)
20:33:12 <gman999> :)
20:33:15 <flexlibris> hard agree
20:33:20 <gman999> oh, yes you can can!
20:33:50 <gman999> it doesn't look like our speaker for aug 2 meetup coming through... so moving on to other options.. sysrqb anything?
20:34:21 <gman999> and HOPE-related...
20:34:21 <gman999> I can now sort out a social meeting space around our panel
20:34:41 <gman999> my workshop wasn't accepted so i'll do a BoF on something related that we can publicize at the HOPE table
20:34:58 <gman999> and i shouldn't be the only one (hint hint)
20:35:03 <ggus> hey! o/ (waiting in the airport gate)
20:35:12 <flexlibris> ggus hey!
20:35:16 <gman999> hey hey
20:35:17 <jaruga> hi there :]
20:35:37 <cy63113> oi
20:35:39 <gman999> that's about it at this point.. but my time is more limited than a few months back
20:35:56 <gman999> the meetups will continue, that you can be sure of.
20:37:29 <flexlibris> anything else for gman?
20:37:36 <gman999> done
20:37:47 <gman999> and just sent above eamil to tor-relays@
20:37:59 <flexlibris> sweet
20:38:13 <arma> nick (calyx) is in nyc right?
20:38:18 <gman999> yes
20:38:20 <arma> we might try to crash his defcon booth in some way
20:38:22 <gman999> nick in nyc
20:38:28 <arma> getting him more involved in the nyc meetups seems smart
20:38:47 <arma> (easier said than done maybe)
20:39:09 <gman999> yes
20:39:40 <Phoul> gman999: Thanks for sending that :)
20:39:47 <gman999> np
20:39:57 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
20:40:04 <ggus> yo!
20:40:15 <flexlibris> ggus do it!
20:40:31 <ggus> yesterday we finished the tor training week in colombia
20:40:58 <flexlibris> excellent
20:41:08 <ggus> besides the training, we made a lot of contacts here
20:41:53 <ggus> in some cities, some ppl didn't even heard about Tor before
20:42:28 <ggus> in other places, some ppl had contact before with Tor
20:43:30 <flexlibris> cool, really excited to see what you all learned there
20:44:22 <ggus> i guess we made 6 trainings + meetings
20:44:27 <flexlibris> wow that's a lot
20:44:31 <jaruga> if only we could  map out 'dead zones' for tor awareness
20:44:54 <ggus> in cali we could have more, but didn't had time
20:44:54 <gman999> we can use relay and user distribution as a guide to some extent
20:45:08 <jaruga> thats true ^
20:45:23 <arma> "know what tor is" and "use tor" are somewhat overlapping but not at all the same
20:45:33 <arma> i worry especially about "think they know what tor is but are wrong"
20:45:45 <flexlibris> yeah, which is common
20:46:01 <gman999> one is issue of abstract publicity, the other is part of a threat model
20:46:32 <gman999> what you read in Time magazine (US) v "i'm being targeted"
20:47:02 <Samdney> what I read mostly is something with "dark..." ;)
20:47:27 <ggus> yes, some knew about "tor and deep web" perspective, but we had the chance to change this misconception.
20:49:08 <flexlibris> anything else for ggus?
20:49:12 <ggus> i have some minor updates about: tor meetup porto alegre; inviting osu (derechos digitales) to community meeting
20:49:17 <flexlibris> sure sure
20:49:21 <ggus> and mexico meeting
20:49:22 <ggus> but
20:49:33 <ggus> my internet is pretty bad right now.
20:49:38 <ggus> so (done).
20:49:41 <flexlibris> :)
20:49:52 <gman999> one more thing from me...
20:50:02 <flexlibris> well, now that we have chosen a new meeting time, you can give us your update on monday at 1600 utc ggus :)
20:50:05 <flexlibris> gman999, sure
20:50:09 <gman999> i started to consolidate 'annual event' schedule
20:50:10 <arma> oh, i read on the mexicocity wiki page about a thing gwolf is doing at his university after? should i volunteer to do a talk there?
20:50:19 <gman999> would include HOPE, defcon, ccc, etc...
20:50:31 <flexlibris> arma i'm sure he'd love that
20:50:34 <flexlibris> i am hoping to speak at it
20:50:35 <ggus> arma: looks a great idea!
20:50:35 <gman999> outside events that we should intervene in on some level
20:50:46 <gman999> i'l have update soon on that .. and post to community@
20:51:04 <flexlibris> cool!
20:51:30 <gman999> plus social space for Friday at HOPE, since panel is at noon on  friday
20:51:54 <gman999> and i will take lead in getting more informal workshops by TPO attendees
20:52:24 <gman999> (all have bene on my list for a while)
20:52:45 <flexlibris> yay
20:53:26 <arma> rachel is wanting to do some trip to previous-civilization ruins nearby
20:53:35 <flexlibris> Teotihuacan?
20:53:37 <arma> which will hopefully not overlap with other post mtg things
20:53:39 <arma> yes
20:53:41 <arma> i think so
20:53:44 <flexlibris> oooh, sounds fun
20:53:52 <Samdney> coooool...
20:53:55 <gman999> we done?
20:54:04 <flexlibris> unless anyone has anything else?
20:54:28 <arma> (so if you know anybody else who is wanting to do teotihuacan let me know)
20:54:59 * ggus needs to board.
20:55:07 <ggus> goodbye folks! o/
20:55:08 <Phoul> Have a good flight!
20:55:16 <gman999> cyas
20:55:18 <jaruga> cya ggus :)
20:55:32 <flexlibris> bye ggus!
20:55:41 <flexlibris> okay it looks like we're done?
20:55:50 <Samdney> (me, but I'm too far away. I like this old culture and nature stuff :P)
20:56:23 <flexlibris> there's some other stuff on the roadmap to get to but i'll reach out to people individually since we're out of time
20:56:25 <flexlibris> #endmeeting