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16:05:08 <kevun> Hello.
16:05:16 <flexlibris> hi all
16:05:20 <gman999> kevun!
16:05:20 <flexlibris> thanks for joining us at this new time
16:05:29 <flexlibris> since we just met on Thursday, I imagine there isn't a ton to update about
16:05:34 <ggus> hi everybody! o/
16:05:39 <gman999> kevun first!
16:05:39 <flexlibris> but I'm hoping we can start by taking a look at our June roadmap and updating the progress of each item
16:05:44 <kushal> Hello
16:05:44 <gman999> ok
16:05:52 <flexlibris> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Cj0QH60CKRJdSG9u8mCuW3tiJJY9uMsOyS_pwmHeyLB
16:05:58 <flexlibris> and then we can have updates of course
16:06:03 <gman999> cool.
16:06:21 <flexlibris> the two items about MX meeting planning are me, and they are one of my priorities for today!
16:06:39 <flexlibris> we have a meeting next week immediately after this meeting for Mexico City planners
16:06:45 <flexlibris> in case anyone wants to join
16:06:51 * Phoul will be there
16:06:56 <Samdney> hi
16:07:22 <flexlibris> also the Uganda follow up is me. we gave a brief update last month about this trip of course, but a longer narrative is coming now that folks are back from Colombia.
16:07:28 <flexlibris> I'm moving that to July :)
16:07:47 <gman999> great!
16:07:55 <flexlibris> HOPE planning is well underway, we just finally got our notice about the time of our talk, and t0mmy is taking care of the last table coordination stuff
16:08:10 <dmr> hello all :)
16:08:21 <gman999> FoP will have a table there... we should make sure we're clustered with them and EFF
16:08:26 <flexlibris> hey here's one that isn't me -- Phoul, can you update us about offloading Torsevers duties and starting local meetups for relay operators
16:08:33 <flexlibris> gman999 good call. i wonder if t0mmy can ask about that directly?
16:08:36 <flexlibris> he's afk right now
16:08:38 <gman999> ok
16:08:41 <gman999> i'll email  him
16:09:14 <Phoul> Moritz and I started discussing this, however torservers has become quite busy the last week and a bit. The current plan is to meet in person at PETS and do the majority of this discussion / planning, I will update everyone with details directly after that event.
16:09:24 <flexlibris> okay sweet, let me move that item to july then
16:10:29 <flexlibris> same for the local relay ops meetups or?
16:10:47 * kushal wants to find other India relay operators.
16:10:54 <Phoul> Local meetup stuff has started, I am working with 2 operators doing local meetups and sent ahf a follow-up email to discuss bornhack meetup planning.
16:10:59 <flexlibris> kushal and Phoul should connect about this
16:11:03 <Phoul> So this is under way, just no meetups are solidifed yet.
16:11:05 <gman999> woohoo
16:11:05 <flexlibris> nice, where are the local meetups?
16:11:30 <flexlibris> err i mean the plans for them
16:11:30 <Phoul> anadahz is doing one in germany, there is the bornhack one, and there was an operator interested in running one in Spain after the PETS meetup.
16:11:42 <flexlibris> nice
16:11:50 <flexlibris> i will update the pad with those details
16:12:56 <kevun> I'd like to talk to someone who is running a relay operator meet up to find out how they are contacting the relay operators, whenever they have the chance.
16:13:07 <flexlibris> Phoul how about the blog post on different relay ops communities?
16:13:25 <flexlibris> kevun you could talk to anadahz or Phoul
16:13:26 <ggus> kevun: you should talk with Phoul
16:13:56 <Phoul> flexlibris: The blog post will come out in July, likely next week or the week after. It took a bit longer to get responses from operator groups than anticipated, however we now have enough responses (and responses on their way) to start writing this as a series of posts.
16:14:05 <kevun> Cool, thanks. Phoul, let's talk offline when you get a chance?
16:14:14 <Phoul> kevun: definitely!
16:14:25 <flexlibris> awesome phoul I'll make that a july item too
16:14:53 <flexlibris> ggus: do you have an update about "Tor training in Brasil focused on Cebolas group"?
16:15:40 <ggus> no, i didn't have time to organize this, so let's move to july or august
16:15:57 <flexlibris> ggus: no problem. want me to move to August so that you have plenty of time?
16:16:03 <ggus> yes, please
16:16:10 <flexlibris> done
16:16:13 <ggus> we had an online meeting
16:16:20 <Samdney> phoul: can I help in some way with the PETS meetup? ;)
16:16:39 <flexlibris> ggus and you updated the global-south list about FISL today, so it seems like you're already organizing outreach for that?
16:17:04 <Phoul> Samdney: Definitely, will follow-up with you after the meeting :)
16:17:08 <ggus> flexlibris: yes, the tor meetup in porto alegre is going to happen
16:17:12 <flexlibris> sweet
16:17:15 <ggus> last week i confirmed the space
16:17:27 <flexlibris> that's great
16:17:32 <flexlibris> do you need any help making it happen?
16:17:37 * Samdney phoul great! can we talk tomorrow? have to go after meeting.
16:17:41 <kushal> flexlibris, btw, can I add an item in the july list?
16:17:48 <flexlibris> kushal sure of course
16:17:51 <ggus> nope, it's pretty ok :)
16:17:55 <flexlibris> the roadmap is a living document :)
16:18:06 <flexlibris> it's just a way for us to stay on track for the things we want to do, things we're working on with other teams, etc
16:18:15 <Phoul> Samdney: sure :)
16:18:34 <ggus> last week i finished to translate tor relay guide to portuguese
16:18:54 <flexlibris> ggus amazing, I am adding that to the June list to note that it's done
16:18:59 <Phoul> ggus: Woo!!! Thank you!!
16:19:09 <ggus> flexlibris: cool!
16:19:16 <flexlibris> I'm not sure yet when we'll start building the community portal
16:19:22 <flexlibris> it all depends on how things go with the support portal launch
16:19:23 <gman999> (wiki.torbsd.org also :)
16:19:29 <flexlibris> but it's good that we're getting these materials organized now
16:19:45 <flexlibris> I still need to write the June team update. man I am behind this month lol.
16:19:56 <flexlibris> support portal feedback and translation -- this is also ongoing!
16:20:06 <flexlibris> I gave a bunch of feedback to hiro and isabela via email
16:20:18 <flexlibris> others should review the content and layout and do the same: support.torproject.org
16:20:36 <flexlibris> (I cced the community team in my feedback)
16:21:09 <flexlibris> anyone have more to say on the support portal feedback and translation? anyone working on that?
16:21:21 <gman999> if f'g works without JS!
16:21:35 <flexlibris> yeah it's supposed to?!
16:21:37 <flexlibris> it doesnt?
16:21:44 <gman999> it's wonderful
16:21:45 <flexlibris> its supposed to default to just listing the full text
16:21:46 <flexlibris> oh nice
16:21:47 <flexlibris> good
16:21:50 <flexlibris> i misunderstood
16:21:54 <gman999> everything we have should not require JS
16:21:54 <flexlibris> yeah we were adamant about that of course!!!!!
16:21:57 <flexlibris> totally agree
16:21:58 <gman999> :)
16:22:00 <ggus> i can translate to portuguese
16:22:15 <ggus> where i should send this?
16:22:25 <Phoul> ggus: Currently translations for that happen on Transifex, happy to get you set up with that after the meeting.
16:22:38 <ggus> ok!
16:22:42 <flexlibris> yeah and maybe also just let isa and hiro and antonela know that you're working on it
16:22:48 <flexlibris> since emma the new translation coordinator will start soon
16:22:53 <flexlibris> just so she's aware of projects like this ongoing
16:22:55 <ggus> right
16:22:57 * antonela is around
16:22:58 <antonela> o/
16:23:01 <flexlibris> hey!!!
16:23:02 <flexlibris> <3
16:23:04 <antonela> <3
16:23:15 <kushal> antonela, hello
16:23:21 <kevun> hello
16:23:44 <flexlibris> so yeah, more support portal feedback for July, I will duplicate the item
16:24:17 <flexlibris> the last two items on the June roadmap are related
16:24:37 <flexlibris> taking the reports that cy63113 is so helpfully creating and then using that material to update the relay operator wiki and the support portal
16:24:41 <jaruga> @ support portal, didnt have time but will forshiz review this wk :]
16:24:51 <flexlibris> jaruga no worries!
16:25:10 <flexlibris> as it turns out, a lot of what Cy found out in the cyberz is already covered in our existing support portal content
16:25:20 <flexlibris> which is great, but also means we have to think about how we're going to promote this new resource
16:25:26 <flexlibris> so that people can find that before they think to ask the question elsewhere
16:25:52 <kushal> Yup, that is always a big question :)
16:26:02 <jaruga> it may be worth putting a temporary banner or something on the homepage that kinda cattle herds people there for the first bit? :]
16:26:04 <flexlibris> i'll put it on our july roadmap as something to be thinking about
16:26:09 <flexlibris> jaruga good idea
16:26:12 <flexlibris> New! Resource! Look!
16:26:30 <jaruga> indeed :D if it was up for a few wks to a month im sure it would spread v quick
16:26:50 <ggus> and schedule some tweets about this
16:26:51 <cy63113> people prefer ask questions everywhere but tor
16:26:56 <flexlibris> cy63113 ha
16:27:10 <gman999> yes cy63113
16:27:29 <gman999> so ppl on reddit stackexchange, etc should refer to support.tpo regularly
16:27:43 <gman999> stop getting advice from fools (not phouls)
16:27:58 <flexlibris> yeah, we want to seed it into those channels
16:27:58 <Phoul> lol
16:28:00 <flexlibris> link to the right answer
16:28:10 <kushal> gman999, hehe
16:28:15 <gman999> slashdot post?
16:28:15 <jaruga> I think once a lot of the content from the wiki gets put into the support page that will also help, there will presumably be linkbacks from all the old wiki ocntent to the maintained ones :]
16:28:25 <gman999> (it was sooo corny.. .please dont laugh)
16:28:31 <ggus> adding item: organize tor week training in kenya
16:28:39 <flexlibris> jaruga yep
16:29:43 <flexlibris> ggus great
16:29:54 <flexlibris> cool, we got through most of June on schedule!
16:29:59 <flexlibris> so just reviewing the kind of big things for July
16:30:04 <ggus> yay!!
16:30:12 <flexlibris> - Mexico City meeting planning
16:30:41 <flexlibris> - planning around FISL, HOPE, and PETS
16:30:47 <flexlibris> Tor Browser 8.0 documentation updates
16:30:57 <flexlibris> Library Freedom Institute
16:31:14 <flexlibris> and then various things that don't really fit under a main heading
16:31:29 <flexlibris> anything that should be on our list for July that's not listed here?
16:31:38 <gman999> no one to defcon?
16:31:50 <stephw> gman999: roger and i will be at defcon
16:31:59 <gman999> table?
16:31:59 <flexlibris> ah yes
16:32:06 <stephw> we got a short ama in the cryptovillage
16:32:11 <gman999> oh nice.
16:32:21 <gman999> maybe next year we look to do a bigger presence?
16:32:25 <stephw> yup
16:32:28 <gman999> assuming more ppl plan on it
16:32:31 <gman999> cool.
16:32:33 <stephw> they closed booth submissions a lot earlier this year
16:32:37 <gman999> no need to go nuts this year
16:32:46 <stephw> for me, a huge part is just checking it out
16:32:54 <stephw> so i can understand better, pitch better next years
16:32:59 <gman999> of course.  enjoy
16:33:13 <gman999> (i was EFF dunk tank hero in 2006 :)
16:33:21 <flexlibris> yah we talked some about having a bigger presence but it would've been really challenging with doing HOPE right before
16:33:31 <gman999> yes.. .hope is biannual which is good
16:33:38 <flexlibris> right
16:34:35 <flexlibris> okay, so roadmap stuff seems in order?
16:34:41 <flexlibris> anyone have an update to share?
16:34:59 <cy63113> me
16:34:59 <kushal> I  have some update
16:35:05 <flexlibris> cy63113 go ahead
16:35:09 <sukhe> I have a question if that's fine? :) I can go after the updates
16:35:11 <flexlibris> kushal can go after Cy
16:35:17 <flexlibris> yep cy, kushal, sukhe :)
16:35:27 <stephw> i have an update too
16:35:34 <kevun> I also can update.
16:35:44 <gman999> me, when there's space
16:35:47 <cy63113> me and gus submitted 3 activities to fisl, they 're approved we just waitng fisl confirm the time
16:35:47 <flexlibris> cy, kushal, sukhe, stephw, kevun, gman
16:35:59 <flexlibris> cy63113 yay exciting
16:36:31 <Phoul> I also have an update, but if we run long can send it on list. :)
16:36:35 <cy63113> and july 27 I'll have a talk Introducing tor  in a feminist hackerspace here.
16:36:41 <cy63113> that's it
16:36:54 <dmr> I've also got an update! :) I meant to chime in last week, but I got engaged in something after saying 'hi' in the meeting - oops
16:37:04 <flexlibris> cy63113, that's awesome, where is the feminist hackerspace?
16:37:11 <cy63113> Sao Paulo
16:37:15 <gman999> nice.
16:37:29 <flexlibris> (my stack is kushal, sukhe, stephw, kevun, gman, phoul, dmr)
16:37:32 <flexlibris> cy63113 that rules
16:37:36 <flexlibris> let us know what you need okay?
16:37:38 <flexlibris> stickers or whatever
16:37:42 <dmr> cy63113: what's the name of the hackerspace? it's cool to hear that a feminist one exists!
16:37:44 <cy63113> :) thanks!
16:37:48 <flexlibris> also, in July I'll update everyone about a feminist meetup we're planning in Mexico City
16:37:52 <gman999> at what point do we run candidates in br ;P
16:37:54 <cy63113> MariaLab/Vedetas
16:38:49 <kushal> can I go ahead?
16:38:59 <flexlibris> yes kushal go ahead
16:39:07 <kushal> I am talking to a non-mainstream but widely followed Bengali website to publish an article to showcase the usecases of Tor. This is to fight the bad press one particular newspaper was giving last week (3 stories against Tor). I am also trying to get in touch with a journalist in the same newspaper, so that I can teach how to use Tor.  I will pass across the story to stephw for review.
16:39:50 <kushal> I will also announce July dgplug privacy meetup this week (will happen around mid of the month).
16:39:53 <stephw> great thanks :)
16:40:04 <gman999> (anything others can do to assist you?)
16:40:11 <kushal> gman999, reviewing the story
16:40:22 <gman999> where will you send it for review?
16:40:26 <kushal> I am planning to take some good examples from the site
16:40:34 <kushal> + links given by arma2
16:40:35 <flexlibris> kushal this is great
16:40:42 <kushal> gman999, I will also mail the community list
16:40:46 <gman999> cool.
16:40:47 <flexlibris> what's the focus of the website?
16:40:56 <gman999> i have a bsd person to connect you wiht in .in
16:40:58 <gman999> offlist
16:41:24 <kushal> flexlibris, writing stories + articles + poems which big orgs will not publish in fear.
16:41:38 <flexlibris> sounds great
16:42:17 <kushal> That is end of message from me.
16:42:19 <kushal> gman999, thanks,
16:42:24 <flexlibris> thanks kushal for all this work
16:42:28 <flexlibris> sukhe is next
16:42:29 <gman999> agree!
16:42:52 <sukhe> flexlibris: thanks! so quick question, you mentioned about a Tor meetup in India in the vegas reports
16:43:24 <sukhe> may I ask where was this? I guess I missed the announcement
16:44:17 <flexlibris> sukhe Mayur Patil organized it
16:44:23 <flexlibris> one sec
16:44:57 <flexlibris> I can't remember which city it happened in so I'm looking through emails
16:45:22 <sukhe> that's ok flexlibris, we can do it later
16:45:26 <sukhe> thanks, that't is <end?
16:45:34 <sukhe> (I will follow up after the meeting)
16:45:39 <flexlibris> I'll find it and send to you. Mayur is involved with Mozilla.
16:45:49 <flexlibris> stephw is next
16:45:52 <sukhe> thanks! yes, I was curious. I thought it was Kushal but I didn't hear anything from him
16:46:02 <stephw> july 16 ill be talking about tor at the Computer Science for Cyber Security (CS4CS) Summer Program for High School Women
16:46:05 <kushal> I know the name Mayur Patil
16:46:07 <flexlibris> no there's just a lot of stuff happening in India :) and clearly it needs to be connected
16:46:10 <stephw> gman999 and yin helped set this up
16:46:17 <flexlibris> stephw yes and I see your email and I will respond today :)
16:46:25 <stephw> sysrqb is joining too
16:46:28 <stephw> cool thanks :)
16:46:32 <flexlibris> that's an awesome thing to have organized thanks for coordinating gman
16:46:32 <stephw> that’s it
16:46:37 <gman999> (it's great stuff..)
16:46:42 <Phoul> +1, this sounds like an awesome event
16:46:42 <flexlibris> love talking to the youth
16:46:46 <kevun> that's really awesome!
16:46:47 <flexlibris> especially young women
16:46:52 <gman999> they will lose a generation to us :)
16:46:58 <stephw> hehe
16:47:17 <flexlibris> kevun is next, then phoul, gman999, and dmr
16:47:23 <gman999> kevun!
16:47:29 <gman999> the one i've been waiting for
16:47:30 <kevun> My turn?
16:47:33 <flexlibris> yes!
16:47:36 <ggus> (and i have a quick update)
16:47:36 <kevun> Cool!
16:47:45 <kevun> Well, things here have been interesting.
16:48:00 <kevun> I've set up a meeting for the Tor community in Portugal and was expecting about 5 or 6 people to show
16:48:03 <kevun> We had 25 registrations.
16:48:13 <ggus> ^^^ awesome!!!!
16:48:20 <gman999> (totall fuckup kevun)
16:48:26 <gman999> ;P
16:48:30 <kushal> nice
16:48:33 <kevun> lol, thanks!
16:48:39 <kevun> That more than doubled the room's capacity, so we had to split the event into two separate events
16:48:49 <kevun> The first one already occurred. The next will be this Thursday.
16:49:12 <kevun> Most attendees were technical, and many seemed interested in contributing to the Tor Project in some way. I urged them to show up on IRC.
16:49:18 <kevun> And to run nodes
16:49:26 <gman999> (providing next steps is important)
16:49:34 <flexlibris> omg 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
16:49:44 <flexlibris> amazing
16:49:46 <kevun> One local, Francisco, is interested in continuing these types of events here.
16:49:50 <flexlibris> share the relay operators guide with them
16:49:58 <kevun> So I'm working with him on setting up a more permanent group in this location.
16:50:00 <flexlibris> Phoul should also be in the loop here
16:50:19 <kevun> flexliris: I printed out the relay operator cards that stephw brought to the NYC meet ups
16:50:22 <gman999> +t0mmy stephw and hiro?
16:50:28 <kevun> Thanks to ggus we also managed to get some stickers for the event.
16:50:36 <flexlibris> oh yeah those are great kevun
16:50:46 <ggus> :))
16:50:51 <ggus> kevun: do you think english was a barrier there?
16:50:59 <kevun> ggus: surprisingly, no
16:51:13 <kevun> I also had two natives to help me with translation during the event
16:51:27 <kevun> Luckily my fiance speaks Portuguese.
16:51:33 <gman999> woohoo
16:51:38 <Phoul> kevun: Definitely happy to be involved in future stuff / help you get the word out, etc..
16:51:42 <kevun> But really, everyone spoke English.
16:51:53 <kevun> Phoul, awesome! Let's connect offline.
16:51:58 <Phoul> Sounds good :)
16:52:03 <gman999> what was discussion like?
16:52:12 <gman999> how many ppl already running  a node?
16:52:16 <kevun> A lot of "how does this work" questions
16:52:26 <kevun> Nobody there ran a node, but quite a few were interested.
16:52:28 <ggus> gman999: "already", you're too optimist!! hehe
16:52:32 <kevun> Questions were technical, mostly.
16:52:50 <dmr> kevun: did you have 25 registrations AND 25 show up for the first one? :) (just trying to confirm)
16:52:51 <gman999> :)
16:53:16 <gman999> (10 public relays in PT right now)
16:53:22 <kevun> I had 25 registrations and 13 show up for the first one. The other 12 were referred to the upcoming event because of space limitations.
16:53:33 <kushal> We get around 13-17 in the Pune meetup
16:53:41 <dmr> nice!
16:54:10 <kevun> I hope to keep this going, and to set Francisco up with the resources he needs to continue this once I head back to NY.
16:54:18 <flexlibris> kevun: share this newly translated Tor Relay Guide! https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide-ptbr
16:54:28 <flexlibris> English version is here https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide
16:54:35 <gman999> (also pt guides for bsd on wiki.torbsd.org)
16:54:39 <kevun> flexlibris: It will definitely be shared in the next one.
16:54:44 <gman999> i should have told you before...
16:54:46 <kevun> gman999: sounds good
16:54:49 <flexlibris> kevun great
16:54:53 <gman999> plus an open letter to run relays there
16:55:16 <kevun> That's all I have for now.
16:55:27 <gman999> lightweight!
16:55:27 <flexlibris> thanks kevun!
16:55:27 <kevun> Hopefully the interest remains.
16:55:31 <flexlibris> totally
16:55:33 <flexlibris> sounds promising
16:55:36 <gman999> awesome stuff
16:55:43 <flexlibris> phoul is next
16:55:47 <flexlibris> (then gman999, then dmr)
16:55:51 <Phoul> My update is at https://storm.torproject.org/shared/hMrc2k_NU8JM-NdMLFuKtM_MYDF6fgI-Jr3rCddLsVI :)
16:56:43 <gman999> (when will it be publihsed in soft cover phoul?)
16:56:48 <flexlibris> oh is another meeting starting in here shortly? if so then we might have to get those other updates by email :)
16:56:55 <dmr> flexlibris: network-team meeting
16:56:57 <ahf> i think the network team meeting begins in 2 min. should we use the -meeting2 channel?
16:57:01 <flexlibris> okay cool
16:57:02 <ggus> Phoul: i have a question about relay guide. why there isn't anything about running in openbsd?
16:57:05 <flexlibris> no ahf don't worry we can close
16:57:14 <flexlibris> sorry gman999 and dmr :)
16:57:17 <gman999> np!
16:57:19 <ahf> ack ok
16:57:22 <gman999> i can update via email
16:57:25 <flexlibris> sweet
16:57:31 <Phoul> ggus: That is something that should be added. I dont have openbsd experience, and I dont think nusenu does either. Will add that to my list.
16:57:34 <flexlibris> Phoul you've been busy!
16:57:35 <dmr> flexlibris: (also might need to reschedule the meeting-planners meeting scheduled for next week... iirc you said it would be right after the community meeting, so a conflict?)
16:57:45 <flexlibris> dmr: yeah we will use tor-meeting2 for that
16:57:50 <dmr> ahhh cool
16:57:53 <flexlibris> I'll make it clear on the list
16:57:55 <ggus> Phoul: one friend shared with me his tutorial. i'll open a ticket for this.
16:57:59 <gman999> cool.
16:58:11 <Phoul> ggus: Thanks! I'm sure torbsd also has a good guide that could be linked against / integrated.
16:58:27 <gman999> https://wiki.torbsd.org/doku.php?id=pt%3Astart&go=%E2%86%92
16:58:29 <flexlibris> okay I'm gonna go ahead and kill the bot. send other updates via email pls. and we will meet again next Monday of course.
16:58:32 <gman999> PT stuffs
16:58:43 <flexlibris> #endmeeting