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16:58:51 <nickm> Hi folks!
16:58:54 <ahf> hi hi
16:59:00 <nickm> Meeting pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/XIHRUTtCngRZ
16:59:16 <nickm> who do we have here today? I know dgoulet is off for Canada Day...
16:59:17 <asn> hello!
16:59:24 * dmr waves
16:59:39 * arma2 is nearby if you need him
16:59:58 <isis> o/
17:00:03 <catalyst> hi
17:00:08 * Phoul is here to watch again
17:00:22 <nickm> isabela: ping
17:00:26 <nickm> roadmap time!
17:01:25 <nickm> Are we all working on stuff that's on the roadmap?  Do we still think our chances are reasonable for doing the stuff there between now and September?
17:02:28 <nickm> (crickets...)
17:02:56 <nickm> some of the stuff there that I'm on, I can only make progress on in collaboration with the other people ther
17:03:26 <nickm> so, if there's anything we're both on, please don't assume I'm too busy :)
17:03:43 <ahf> we should get the memory profiling s8 work planned this week in which tasks we do and who does what
17:04:06 <ahf> a bit of it is planned in the notes from the seattle session
17:04:13 <ahf> but it was only david and i in that one
17:04:14 <nickm> ahf: so I was assuming that you and/or dgoulet would be working on the "where did the memory go" part.  Is that right?
17:04:21 <ahf> i think so, yes
17:04:26 <nickm> I'm hoping we can get memory numbers early, and then plan the rest.
17:04:30 <ahf> and then we are gonna review that together with you
17:04:31 <isabela> nickm: oi
17:04:32 <nickm> I feel a little guilty about doing the src/common refactor stuff, but if y'all still think it's a good idea I'll keep going
17:04:38 <nickm> hi!  We're talking about the roadmap
17:04:41 <ahf> it was a _REALLY_ good idea
17:04:43 <nickm> and I figure you probably care :)
17:04:46 <ahf> it's very nice work already
17:05:48 <nickm> isis: I'm with you on NSS usage and on wide-create.  How's the wide-create looking?
17:06:05 <nickm> mikeperry: I'm with you on some of the wtf-pad stuff.  I gather you're not poking that this week?
17:06:10 <isabela> (fyi we got the extensiion for sponsor8 - so now the end of the contract is dec 31)
17:06:15 <nickm> isis: we should also get the relay crypto proposal advanced
17:06:33 <mikeperry> nickm: I might try to page some of it in as I write the PETS post, to mention it there
17:06:37 <ahf> isabela: but the extension was primarily for the browser team, right?
17:07:00 <nickm> isabela: I haven't heard anything from sbs or others about the mobile embedding stuff.  Do you know if we've had any feedback there?
17:07:13 <mikeperry> nickm: I think trying to wrap up the vanguards stuff into a scipt tht people can pip insgtall and writing a blog post is slightly higher priority. that is my current guess. really going to try to push that this week
17:07:14 <isabela> ahf: yes
17:07:22 <nickm> mikeperry: makes sense
17:07:31 <asn> im with catalyst on #22266. i'm not sure what's the current state of that ticket. catalyst, would you be able to summarize the situation there and what needs to be done in your view?
17:07:32 <isabela> nickm: 'sbs'?
17:07:52 <isabela> nickm: i need to ping them for feedback, i dont think we have done that yet
17:07:55 <nickm> ok
17:07:58 <isabela> what is sbs?
17:08:08 <asn> wrt #25502, i think that ahf is working on it, and im plannin to help along with reviews etc.
17:08:22 <ahf> isabela: so we aim for same schedule as we have now in the network team
17:08:29 <ahf> asn: this is what the process handling work i'm doing now is about
17:08:39 <ahf> asn: trying to get it to work on windows too so we don't loose feature parity
17:08:41 <nickm> isabela: whoops; I meant simone
17:08:54 <isabela> ahf: yes, no need to change things in the roadmap but wanted to share the news just in case y'all need more time too
17:09:01 <ahf> isabela: ack!
17:09:08 <isabela> nickm: i think the only feedback there is from simone is on that ticket
17:09:32 <nickm> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25510 -- where's the feedback?
17:09:43 <catalyst> asn: i'll need a bit to refresh my memory on that ticket
17:10:13 <nickm> I don't see feedback on the child tickets eit
17:10:15 <nickm> either
17:10:19 <asn> catalyst: cheers
17:11:15 <isabela> nickm: ?
17:11:26 <nickm> nickm: which ticket is the feedback on?
17:11:31 <isabela> nickm: ok then i missundertood because i thought they were created based on feeback
17:12:13 <isabela> nickm: i thought the tickets there were created based on feedback - is confusing since the master is 'collect feedback'
17:12:27 <isis> nickm: the wide create stuff hasn't seen much progress the last couple weeks because the meeting and then i was away and doing smaller tasks, but i'm going to start back on that this afternoon
17:12:48 <nickm> isis: cool!  In theory, we're working on it together -- what's the next step?
17:12:55 <asn> mikeperry: we are together on #7068. im not sure what needs to be done there and i need to read the paper. we should probably try to meet up at some point and figure this out.
17:13:02 <isabela> nickm: so those child tickets are not based on any feedback, then they are based on what? our own testing?
17:13:08 <asn> mikeperry: im also gonna see you at pets which is gonna make things easier, but thats in 3 week or so.
17:13:16 <nickm> isabela: our own testing, our own complaints about the code, etc :)
17:13:21 <isabela> ok
17:13:29 <isabela> yeah is a bit confusing
17:14:08 <nickm> isabela: I guess basically, asking whether it's working, and if not, what we can do to help, would be awesome
17:14:20 <mikeperry> asn: #7068?
17:14:24 <isis> nickm: yay! so the next step is probably the buf_t storage thing, i think i didn't quite get that far in the decoding logic
17:14:28 <nickm> are we advancing enough on the roadmap stuff?  Do we have time to talk about the review asignments?
17:14:37 <asn> mikeperry: eeh seems like roadmap entry is wrong
17:14:38 <isis> #25651 iirc
17:14:39 <isabela> nickm: yes i will do that, i will ping all the people we did the survey with
17:14:40 <mikeperry> asn: is that a typo? or #7028?
17:14:58 <asn> mikeperry: "Handle histogram issues in WTF-pad"
17:15:04 <isis> nickm: also i haven't done the sending logic at all
17:15:17 <nickm> isis: ok.  Is that based on the last review, or is is more advancing?  I'm hoping we can get what we have cleaned and merged (if disabled) before we get too far ahead.
17:15:31 <nickm> (the buf_t thing)
17:15:39 <mikeperry> asn: ok. yeah, let's first try to get this vanguards post up, and while I write the research draft we can do a bit of chatting about it
17:15:45 <nickm> also if you wanna work on something at the same time, I'd be happy to take a break from all this refactoring
17:15:51 <asn> mikeperry: ok.
17:15:58 <asn> mikeperry: what's the plan with the vanguard post?
17:16:03 <asn> mikeperry: is that for before or after pets?
17:16:12 <mikeperry> asn: before
17:16:17 <asn> ok
17:16:18 <nickm> catalyst: would you be okay sending komlo a link to our "big patches" WIP?
17:16:26 <isis> nickm: maybe we should do a high-level pass to implement stub function signatures, and maybe structs, and then go back and fill them in?
17:16:29 <catalyst> nickm: sure, i can do that
17:16:34 <nickm> catalyst: ty
17:17:07 <isis> oh right, PETS
17:17:13 <catalyst> nickm: done
17:17:15 <mikeperry> asn: I really hope we can get it done this week, but I have to double-check that the various tor patches for the control port CIRC stats are all in a current tor-alpha release (which one of them may not be yet?)
17:17:16 * dmr is sorry for the connection blip - back
17:17:18 <nickm> ty
17:17:39 <nickm> on to code review assignments?
17:17:43 <mikeperry> asn: I think one of them might have only made it into master but may still be waiting on an 0.3.4 backport
17:18:20 <nickm> isis: You've got the most left over from last week.  I hope you can get to it all, but if you need to prioritize, my suggestion would be #26449 since it's CI
17:18:27 <nickm> up to you though, of course
17:18:50 <nickm> everybody comfortable with their assigned code reviews?
17:18:59 <nickm> and if you're done with looking at those, please check out rotations :)
17:19:09 <asn> david told me there were not many needs_review this week
17:19:11 <nickm> asn: thanks for doing the review assignments again btw
17:19:19 <asn> it was david actually
17:19:20 <mikeperry> nickm: when do you think we can backport #26214 to 0.3.4?
17:19:27 <nickm> asn: oh.  Thanks, dgoulet!
17:19:39 <nickm> mikeperry: dunno.  Do you think it's ready?
17:19:40 <asn> there were very few of them so he just went for it
17:19:46 <asn> it's mostly the stuff from last week iiuc
17:20:16 <mikeperry> nickm: I think so. you marked it as "wait tol see if anything explodes after merging to master"
17:20:27 <nickm> ok
17:20:31 <nickm> will do then
17:21:18 <asn> fwiw, appveyor has been broken iiuc and it's blocking stuff like #26437
17:21:26 <asn> im trying to see if it's still broken but it says "queued"
17:21:46 <nickm> asn: It's probably busted because of the issue with the infinite loop in strcasecmp
17:21:50 <nickm> we fixed that this morning, thoug
17:21:52 <nickm> though
17:22:06 <nickm> ( #26594 )
17:22:06 <asn> also #26535
17:22:24 <isis> oh, most of these reviews look pretty small, it should be manageable
17:22:29 <ahf> test.exe had a test-case that would take forever until #26594 was fixed
17:23:08 <nickm> mikeperry: are you going to have time for code reviews this week, btw?
17:23:11 <catalyst> asn: do we need to cancel some Appveyor jobs that won't complete due to infinite loops?
17:23:21 <nickm> catalyst: they time out after 60 min.
17:23:21 <asn> ha could be
17:23:23 <nickm> I think
17:23:33 <ahf> doesn't appveyor have a timeout? o.O
17:23:39 <ahf> would be crazy if they just hang there forever lol
17:24:41 <mikeperry> nickm: yeah. sorry I dropped that. have been feeling scattered
17:24:52 <nickm> NP; we're all scattered sometimes
17:25:26 <nickm> rotations: ahf==bug triage, asn==community, catalyst==coverity, dgoulet==ci
17:25:28 <asn> ack
17:26:03 <nickm> also 0.3.1 is now EOL :)
17:26:22 <nickm> we're down to 5 supported series -- it feels like a breath of fresh air somehow :)
17:26:36 <ahf> ack
17:27:21 <catalyst> re Appveyor, i think everything is backed up behind waiting for other half of the job that timed out to finius
17:27:27 <catalyst> s/finius/finish/
17:27:36 <nickm> I'd like to hold off looking at 034-proposed and 035-proposed right now , and have that happen as part of the triage work I'm hoping to do this week.
17:28:25 <nickm> Speakng of that ...
17:28:41 <nickm> To answer teor's question , I think we need to do 0.3.5 triage now
17:28:50 <nickm> I don't have the pad where I wrote the triage instructions any more
17:29:02 <nickm> :(
17:29:05 <nickm> I can try to reconstruct it from the tag list though
17:29:56 <nickm> oh!  It's at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/TicketTriage
17:29:56 <mikeperry> was this it: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/TicketTriage ?
17:30:02 <nickm> yes, thanks!
17:30:24 <mikeperry> I foulnd that while looking for the weekly bug triage instructions and was briefly confused :)
17:30:30 <nickm> ahf: I'd like to do phase 1 this week.  Are you still okay with helping?
17:30:54 <nickm> everybody: please make sure that all must-fix stuff in 034 is marked with 034-must
17:31:41 <mikeperry> when is the next 0.3.4 point release?
17:31:46 <ahf> nickm: yes
17:32:00 <nickm> mikeperry: next week maybe?
17:32:05 <ahf> what is phase 1 though?
17:32:22 <ahf> i assume we go over everything in all the phases or?
17:32:26 <nickm> ahf: see the trac link above, under
17:32:34 <ahf> looking
17:32:38 <nickm> "Phase One"
17:32:38 <nickm> t
17:32:50 <nickm> Phase 1 is "identify all the stuff we must do and mark it"
17:33:01 <nickm> phase 2 is "mark the stuff we must do in order to do the stuff we marked"
17:33:03 <ahf> ah, cool
17:33:17 <nickm> Phase 3 is "mark the stuff we're planning to remove and solicit comment"
17:33:24 <nickm> Ideally we could do 1...3
17:33:30 <nickm> so people could comment soon
17:33:33 <nickm> but that might be ambitious
17:34:10 <ahf> let's see
17:34:39 <nickm> I don't think we're going to get a volunteer for maintaining old stuff and handling backports this week, are we? :)
17:36:16 <nickm> As for the remaining 034 bugs: After we sort them to "must" and "don't need to" -- could we have a volunteer to make sure every 034 must bug has somebody working on it?
17:36:19 <nickm> or is that my job? :)
17:37:17 <isis> i can do that
17:37:43 <isis> the tag i'm going to look for is "034-must", correct?
17:37:45 <nickm> cool!  ahf: let's remember to ping isis once we've been through 0.3.4
17:37:47 <nickm> isis: yea
17:37:50 <nickm> yeah
17:37:52 <ahf> yeah
17:37:53 <isis> ack
17:38:02 <nickm> make sure they're actually in the milestone, though, and feel free to disagree about what's "must"
17:38:21 <isis> ok :)
17:39:38 <nickm> remaining discussion question is ahf about logistics and mexico
17:39:49 <ahf> yeah, is our dates there fixed?
17:39:50 <nickm> I think it's right that we have no meetings before the team day
17:39:54 <nickm> anybody think I'm wrong?
17:39:54 <ahf> good
17:40:18 <ahf> i'm gonna ask for travel approval then
17:40:24 <nickm> Also, if you haven't sent Jon the info he asked for when he sent the meeting invite, please do so TODAY if not earlier.
17:40:57 <nickm> They're serious about needing everyone to get booked ASAP.
17:41:23 <nickm> do we have any other discussion stuff for this week??
17:41:44 <nickm> sorry, I only meant one of those question marks
17:42:38 <isis> oh one thing
17:42:47 <nickm> go for it!
17:43:06 <isis> erinn said we could buy lattepanda boards for testing windows stuff
17:43:32 <isis> i'm not sure if it's cheaper to buy them en masse or separately, but i can look into it
17:43:47 <isis> how many people roughly would want one?
17:43:50 <nickm> ok, it would be good to find that out, and figure out who needs one.
17:44:00 <nickm> I think we might need a couple of days to get back to you though
17:44:00 <asn> im interested!
17:44:13 <nickm> I'm interested, but I don't know if I'd use it or not -- should find out
17:44:23 <isis> yeah, no worries, i don't need to know soon
17:44:27 <nickm> like, figure out how hard the setup is
17:44:48 <nickm> anything else for this week?
17:45:32 <ahf> i've just switched to windows 10 on my desktop, gonna be fun to try after so many years 8)
17:45:50 <isis> nickm: isabela: we have a 1:1:1 tomorrow iirc at 10am PDT/1pm EDT
17:46:02 <nickm> oh!  Yes!
17:46:10 <nickm> isabela: does that time still work for you?  It works for me...
17:46:16 <isis> ahf: O_O oh no lol
17:46:31 <asn> ahf: as the main OS?
17:46:41 <ahf> asn: yeah, still have qubes on my laptop
17:46:47 <asn> love it
17:46:47 <isabela> nickm: one sec i need to do some utc calculation with other meetings i have
17:46:48 <ahf> and can boot into debian too
17:46:54 <ahf> was too annoying with a VM
17:47:09 <ahf> windows 10 is neat. can ssh into the windows thing from linux. type debian in powershell and get a debian environment, lol
17:47:13 <ahf> brave new world
17:47:40 <nickm> ok.  Let's call the meeting over then if there are no more topics :)
17:47:42 <isis> wait,, you just type "debian" and then you have debian
17:47:44 <nickm> thanks everybody!
17:47:46 <nickm> #endmeeting