16:01:58 <hiro> #startmeeting
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16:01:58 <antonela> yess do it
16:02:00 <isabela> aha
16:02:06 <hiro> :P
16:02:18 <antonela> haha thanks hiro
16:02:22 <antonela> hello all!
16:02:40 <kevinsimper> hey everybody
16:03:15 <antonela> i was waiting for nyinz but seems like she is not around
16:03:30 <antonela> anyways, thanks people for joining us!
16:03:50 <isabela> lets put have a action item to review time/date of the meeting since we have new peeps now
16:04:12 <antonela> we didnt have meetings the last few weeks and looks like too much time passed!
16:04:32 <antonela> yes isa, we should check if it works around the different timezones
16:04:53 <kevinsimper> It is 6pm here in Denmark and that works fine :)
16:05:13 <hiro> I am groot w this time too
16:05:24 <kevinsimper> But if it was either later or earlier I wouldn't mind
16:05:33 <antonela> cool
16:05:34 <hiro> yeah same
16:06:37 <antonela> we usually start reviewing our roadmap and check how we are with our to-do things. Isa, hiro and I we are working on having it ready to share (we already have been working on all the stuffs)
16:07:05 <antonela> so, i'll recap some things we are into right now
16:07:19 <kevinsimper> cool
16:07:45 <antonela> - Torproject.org redesign -> support.tpo got their soft launch and we are now testing, debugging and open it for translations
16:08:25 <kevinsimper> tpo is a abbriviation for .torproject.org?
16:08:32 <hiro> yes
16:09:06 <antonela> torproject.org will have content freezed for the end of this month, so we can start to build those pages based on mockups and update the content this month/early next
16:09:15 * emmapeel online
16:09:22 <antonela> emmaaaa welcomeeee
16:09:23 <hiro> hola emmapeel :)
16:09:29 <isabela> emmapeel: !
16:09:31 <antonela> we are so happy to having you here <3
16:09:45 <emmapeel> hola! uff im sorry i am in a bit of a frenzy
16:09:47 <antonela> emma will help us with localizations and doing some of her magic too
16:10:27 <isabela> antonela: i will send a ping to stephw and see where we are and how we can help her (will revive the sponsor9 meetings on friday too)
16:10:56 <antonela> emma, i know isa have some things to share with you about the localization processes , and also we have been putting together an onboarding doc for you, so lets sync after the meeting about it
16:11:03 <antonela> isa, cool, thanks!
16:11:13 <emmapeel> cool!
16:11:30 <kushal> antonela, Can we share support.tpo among students and collect their feedback?
16:12:16 <antonela> kushal, i'd like to have it localized before showing people who have a different mother language
16:12:23 <antonela> I think we have hindu as a tier1
16:12:42 <kushal> antonela, Hindi :)
16:12:51 <antonela> oh sorry :#
16:12:53 <emmapeel> kushal: if they help traslating they are going to see it earlier, just saying...
16:13:12 <antonela> yees
16:13:15 <kushal> antonela, most of the people I know will be able to read English better.
16:13:28 <kushal> emmapeel, I will ping folks for translation too
16:13:47 <emmapeel> cool, thanks :D
16:13:56 <antonela> yes, since we have a lot of english speakers/readers, we would like to collect feedback for the translates
16:14:05 <antonela> anyways, yes you can show it is living at support.torproject.org
16:14:39 <antonela> the community list got the soft launch email announcing it, so there is a flow for giving feedback too
16:15:09 <antonela> the other big project we have for this year is Tor Browser 8
16:15:11 <kushal> antonela, Okay.
16:15:17 <antonela> kushal, thanks!
16:15:31 <antonela> Tor Browser 8 alpha launched last week \o/
16:15:41 <isabela> lets all download it!
16:15:53 <emmapeel> i havent had time to test it but word in the street is that 'it looks cool'
16:15:55 <isabela> is looking goooooood
16:16:04 <antonela> it will allow us to run user testing with the alpha and also to test all the things enough before go to stable
16:16:49 <antonela> the alpha includes the new circuit display, .onion security indicators + new Tor icon button
16:16:54 <isabela> (today at 1900 utc we will have a meeting where we are organizing the work around this release and the mobile release - just fyi in case anyone here wants to follow)
16:16:58 <antonela> yes!
16:17:01 <hiro> Kushal: I wanted to mention that support-staging.torproject.org gets all the updates
16:17:12 <antonela> oh thx hiro
16:17:30 <hiro> a bit before the support.tpo site. In case you find some bugs they might have already been solved there
16:17:57 <antonela> so, those are our 2 big projects right now
16:18:19 <kushal> hiro, Okay, thanks :)
16:18:23 <kevinsimper> Weird how the .DMG changed name for the new Tor Browser 8
16:18:43 <emmapeel> it is still ot the Tor Browser proper... maybe is that?
16:18:49 <emmapeel> *not
16:20:09 <antonela> that said, now people can give their updates about what they have been doing last weeks and at the end, i have something i'd like to have your feedback
16:20:27 <antonela> sounds good?
16:21:23 <hiro> groot
16:21:36 <antonela> go for it friend
16:22:02 <hiro> ok I can go.
16:22:28 <hiro> I got somefeedback for support.tpo so I put it all in and pushed to support-staging.torproject.org
16:22:39 <hiro> as people will find more bugs I'll keep updating it.
16:23:19 <hiro> Also at the moment the repositry is hosted on oniongit, but I think this week we will be moving to github. I will send you all an email about how to send merge requests and contribute
16:23:41 <hiro> last week the newsletter was also migrated to lektor
16:23:44 <hiro> it's now online
16:23:52 <hiro> and it is also using the tor-styleguide :)
16:23:56 <antonela> \o/
16:24:07 <hiro> newsletter.torproject.org if you want to check it out
16:24:20 <isabela> nice!
16:24:23 <kevinsimper> pretty cool
16:24:47 <hiro> I think that's all on my side ux related
16:25:09 <kevinsimper> Will oniongit keep running? Why move to github?
16:25:50 <isabela> tor teams are moving there for volunteers contributions
16:26:07 <isabela> we were the only ones left on gitlab so i suggested we moved and do the same as others to make things easier
16:26:31 <hiro> I will make sure to move also the issues I had created
16:26:35 <emmapeel> github? oh. it just got bought by microsoft.
16:26:43 <isabela> yes
16:26:46 <isabela> 7.5 billion
16:27:22 <kevinsimper> Okay cool, will github be the new issue tracker? :)
16:28:07 <isabela> no
16:28:15 <isabela> we all using trac and our own git
16:28:19 <antonela> not really, we will still have trac.tpo to managing issues
16:28:27 <isabela> github is for makig it easier for volunteers
16:29:25 <emmapeel> i am using 0xacab.org that is a gitlab with a nicer hostname :D
16:29:37 <isabela> hehe
16:29:47 <isabela> but we also want to try to get all teams doing the same thing
16:29:57 <isabela> and this was what most teams are choosing
16:30:01 <emmapeel> i like gitlabCI too
16:30:31 <kevinsimper> What are the best way to find the issues if I type in trac.tcp? :) I have some problems navigation trac
16:30:52 <antonela> depends on which issues are you looking for :)
16:31:01 <kevinsimper> for example support?
16:31:05 <isabela> we organize things by components and keywords
16:31:06 <antonela> if you look for ux related issues, ux-team tag is the best
16:32:38 <antonela> kevin, here is website component filtered -> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?group=status&milestone=website+redesign
16:33:09 <kevinsimper> So "View Tickets" and then a custom query and then Milestone, got it
16:33:15 <emmapeel> nice one antonela --> bookmarking
16:33:26 <hiro> kevin you can use https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/services/support
16:33:52 <antonela> ^^
16:33:52 <hiro> I am trying to have those queries in the services docs but sometimes tickets go in other categories
16:34:05 <hiro> so there might be other tags
16:34:11 <isabela> for new folks - i would suggest checking out all components on trac and how they are organized because all teams uses them and it will make your life easier to learn about what is there
16:34:20 <isabela> i did it when i started and it was the most helpful thing
16:34:31 <isabela> not necessary look on all tickets, just the components organizing
16:35:02 <hiro> the thing is with some of the websites components you get random things
16:35:13 <hiro> like one ticket I got this week was cnn works with tor but not fox news
16:35:25 <kevinsimper> Is the "Services" team missing from the "Teams" section on the frontpage? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki
16:35:41 <isabela> ops we lost kevin
16:35:46 <hiro> kevinsimper it is missing yes I haven't linked yet because I am not finished with the docs
16:36:10 <emmapeel> but we have their IP :D
16:36:14 <antonela> haha
16:36:56 <antonela> hiro, do you think we could have the move thing to github between this week/next?
16:37:27 <hiro> hopefully, yes, if I get added
16:37:54 <hiro> weasel is out now and I sent him the username a few minutes too late. Maybe catalyst could add me later today
16:37:55 <antonela> oh great, if we start with tpo.org pages markup, then we can start that portal repo at github
16:38:16 <isabela> things are a bit messy on that front overall
16:38:24 <antonela> yes :/
16:38:26 <isabela> this morning we spent some time looking over it and are still
16:38:34 <isabela> and i am trying to get it a bit better organized
16:39:03 <antonela> yes, thanks for doing it isa haha
16:39:59 <antonela> oka, hiro anything else?
16:40:10 <hiro> nope all groot
16:41:01 <antonela> cool
16:41:13 <antonela> we lost kevin, emma, do you want to add something? i know is your official 2nd day haha
16:41:34 <antonela> but maybe you have questions, we can help you or link you with the person who can help you instead :)
16:41:38 <emmapeel> well... i think i havent even started!
16:42:01 <antonela> haha you are here, this is a lot ;)
16:42:21 <emmapeel> i did a bit of lurking, i tried again to create an accout i the trac and it worked this time... i havet tried in ages.
16:43:01 <emmapeel> i wanted to try to setup the lektor-l10-etc toolchain next
16:43:31 <antonela> great, i think hiro can help you on it
16:43:38 <antonela> Lektor is very easy to run
16:43:44 <antonela> at least in osx
16:44:02 <emmapeel> sure, i saw some intrusctions on the wiki i think
16:44:31 <emmapeel> not osx for me. i am a software vegan
16:44:35 <antonela> hahha
16:44:47 <isabela> hehe
16:45:19 <emmapeel> i have been looking at the big plan isabela forwarded... interesting! i proposed a new country
16:45:27 <emmapeel> oh but that is not UX sorry
16:45:33 <antonela> it is!
16:45:36 <isabela> yep
16:45:43 <isabela> all is connected!
16:46:32 <emmapeel> oh ok. then what do you think
16:46:44 <isabela> i am preparing an email replying to the countries thing
16:47:12 <isabela> i like the suggestion and i thought about indonesia as well
16:47:31 <isabela> but there are some complementary info for arma2's criteria i want to share
16:47:38 <isabela> and what we said about the current ones we have
16:47:44 <antonela> Firefox ran user testing in Indonesia last year, we can sync with their work on that
16:47:48 <isabela> so ppl understands the background on those decisions
16:47:58 <isabela> and then we can decide on the countries
16:47:59 <isabela> but yes
16:48:10 <isabela> this whole thing needs to move fast cuz i need to deliver it friday
16:48:14 <antonela> yep
16:48:16 <isabela> welcome to my world :)
16:48:24 <antonela> wow we are almost in the hour
16:48:33 <antonela> a quick update on my side
16:48:35 <emmapeel> i am on my way to amsterdam for the tbd.camp and some days there and then i am going to join a sprint with the tactical tech - fopf people that wants to have some journalist-directed software catalogue in Tails (well, installable in Tails)
16:49:09 <antonela> hey that camp sounds exciting, is your first time ?
16:49:10 <emmapeel> so it looks like a not very quiet july.... actually i havent moved so much in months
16:49:35 <emmapeel> the tbd.camp? well last year they organized a similar one
16:49:46 <antonela> yes, i saw the email
16:50:39 <antonela> so, what is left from sponsor17 that should be on TB8 stable is: About:tor page + Onboarding, Security Settings and Update Tor Browser, I have it to work with devs this month and next
16:50:44 <emmapeel> i went to the one last year, but this is the first year of tbd... and probably the last :D
16:50:58 <antonela> I have plans to have an open design sprint for the new Tor Browser icon. I'm writing down the idea so we can run it next month
16:50:59 <GeKo> antonela: security settings is not must imo
16:51:05 <antonela> great
16:51:08 <antonela> GeKo ^
16:51:12 <GeKo> *no
16:51:15 <isabela> not must?
16:51:26 <GeKo> no
16:51:36 <isabela> no must?
16:51:37 <isabela> hehe
16:51:40 <isabela> i dont get it
16:51:53 <antonela> s17 have it there, but i know it involves a lot of dev effort, so i might understand your no geko
16:51:53 <GeKo> if we get to it fine, but it is no blocker for tor browser 8
16:51:55 <isabela> must have ? like we dont need to do it
16:52:01 <isabela> ahhh
16:52:08 <GeKo> :)
16:52:08 <isabela> but is for our contract deadline
16:52:09 <isabela> hehe
16:52:20 <GeKo> when does this contract end?
16:52:23 <isabela> so at least the design/experience needs to be finalized not necessary the implementation
16:52:28 <isabela> oct 1st
16:52:35 <GeKo> well, that's doable
16:52:43 <GeKo> i am fine having something in the alpha by then
16:52:43 <isabela> yep, seems like it
16:52:48 <antonela> great
16:52:56 <antonela> thanks geko for being around :)
16:52:56 <isabela> but is ok to be only on paper for the contract
16:53:04 <isabela> we never said implementation, just definition/design
16:53:18 <isabela> antonela: he will kick us out soon!
16:53:19 <isabela> hehe
16:53:23 <isabela> for his team meeting
16:53:24 <antonela> also i'm making notes about UI bugs I found on alpha that I want to have fixed for stable, listing them too
16:53:24 <isabela> :)
16:53:26 <antonela> i know
16:53:44 <hiro> when we are all groot I can kill the bot :P
16:53:54 <antonela> I’m debriefing Colombia right now. We met a ton of people interested in the Project so it is cool!
16:54:12 <antonela> we need to define our activities during Mexico so we can have a room in the schendule for us
16:54:23 <antonela> i will send an email this week to define it too
16:54:37 <antonela> and a lot of other things, but we dont have more time lol
16:54:50 <isabela> antonela: question
16:54:52 <antonela> yes
16:54:56 <isabela> is there a pad for june report?
16:55:15 <antonela> not yet
16:55:17 <isabela> ok
16:55:22 <antonela> i mean, i have notes but not a shareable pad
16:55:34 <isabela> i was wondering if i lost something :) so is cool i didnt
16:55:48 <isabela> i am groot
16:55:57 <antonela> super
16:56:04 <isabela> (my updates are lame, reports and work plans)
16:56:11 <isabela> that is my life this week
16:56:30 <antonela> poor isa
16:56:35 <antonela> at least brazil won this week
16:56:39 <isabela> hell yeah
16:56:49 <antonela> hahaha
16:56:53 <isabela> gave me some ilusion of happiness
16:56:54 <isabela> :)
16:56:59 <antonela> cool, bye bots?
16:57:13 <hiro> #endmeeting