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15:58:58 <flexlibris> hello everyone!
15:59:07 <flexlibris> let's start by welcoming our new translation coordinator, emmapeel!
15:59:22 <flexlibris> I think some of you already know her from Tails and whatnot. I'm so glad you're here emmapeel
15:59:25 <Phoul> Hi emmapeel! Excited to have you!
15:59:28 <emmapeel> hello :D
15:59:48 <kat5> Hi! Welcome!
15:59:55 <jaruga> welcome :D
16:00:18 <kushal> Hello
16:00:32 <flexlibris> okay so here is our roadmap pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/oyX738XT9SE9oz_hpbfAjAuTXO6m1krQRI09SFNgACt
16:00:47 <flexlibris> let's do individual updates and I'll update the roadmap with completed or ongoing items
16:01:07 <flexlibris> who has an update and wants to go first?
16:01:36 <flexlibris> don't be shy
16:02:24 <flexlibris> okay well then I'll just call on you :)
16:02:43 <Phoul> I can give an update, though brief
16:02:49 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
16:03:45 <Phoul> Last week I continued working on the fallback dir mirror list, will be pushing another patch with new mirrors today. I also talked with more people from Barcelona hackerspaces about the PETS meetup, and have received more RSVPs from that crowd. A number of people also said they were planning to bring a friend from outside the hackerspace communities, so thats awesome. Other than that, last week was
16:03:51 <Phoul> moving for me, so I was off after Monday.
16:04:16 * dmr says "quietly": sorry for being late! I do have an update to add, in case you can add me to the stack flexlibris :)
16:04:25 <flexlibris> dmr: no worries, you can go next bc no one else is in the stack
16:04:30 <flexlibris> Phoul, thanks, I'm updating the pad with your progress
16:05:04 <flexlibris> thanks for getting all that done even as you were moving and dealing with no wifi or power etc!
16:05:32 <flexlibris> dmr: you can go ahead
16:05:35 * Samdney arrives ...
16:06:33 <dmr> ok, I'm a few weeks behind in giving this update. I said 'hi' the week that I meant to, but then got distracted by other work atm
16:06:41 <flexlibris> no worries
16:06:42 <dmr> So here it is. It's at the end of this status email ("Other Tor things"): https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-June/001858.html
16:07:42 <flexlibris> great to hear that you've been meeting so many people interested in Tor
16:07:54 <flexlibris> what kinds of materials would be helpful to you? that we don't already have?
16:08:01 <flexlibris> like, have you used the Tor handouts (that need an update)?
16:08:12 <dmr> I should probably carry them around with me
16:08:26 <dmr> we have 1-2 pages of those printed, for Cryptoparty events
16:08:45 <dmr> uhm, stickers have been REALLY helpful, but I do have them - could use more, I suppose
16:08:55 <dmr> LFP stickers might need a restock ;)
16:09:04 <flexlibris> dmr: I need to restock my own LFP stickers lol
16:09:04 <t0mmy> I can ping Jon re: Tor stickers
16:09:05 <t0mmy> If you like
16:09:15 <flexlibris> but you can always get more Tor stickers, as t0mmy notes
16:09:22 <dmr> cool, good to know!
16:09:24 <flexlibris> dmr: also, will you be at HOPE? I might have more LFP stickers there
16:09:37 <dmr> we're not at anywhere close to a shortage of stickers, so I'll just make sure to do it in advance
16:09:43 <flexlibris> okay rad
16:09:52 <gman999> (but will you be at HOPE dmr?)
16:09:58 <ggus> i have a few updates too. o/
16:10:18 <dmr> gman999, flexlibris: it's quite unlikely I'll be at HOPE, unless I swing last-minute ticket, lodging, and travel with friends
16:10:27 <flexlibris> dmr: stephw has an extra ticket
16:10:27 <dmr> not a definite 'no' yet, though
16:10:38 <flexlibris> I do too but I think someone in my inbox just claimed it
16:11:01 <flexlibris> in any case, just keep us posted about how well the materials are working for you and what could be changed
16:11:07 <dmr> ok, I will let you know if I can swing it! (and reach out to stephw)
16:11:18 <dmr> flexlibris: sounds good. I'll get a few handouts printed and see how they work out
16:11:19 <flexlibris> okay!
16:11:22 <flexlibris> sweet
16:11:28 <flexlibris> anyone want to go after dmr or should I go?
16:11:31 <gman999> i can
16:11:35 <flexlibris> gman999 do it
16:11:37 <dmr> erm, sec...
16:11:45 <gman999> k
16:11:46 <gman999> a few things.
16:11:50 <gman999> hope stuff:
16:11:52 <dmr> honestly showing the visual website at the end of the tor circuit is REALLY good for people to understand
16:11:57 * dmr is done now
16:11:59 <gman999> still need to get a Friday social place.
16:12:09 <gman999> working on "off-track tor" workshops...
16:12:18 <gman999> emailed a few times in the past few days
16:12:19 <gman999> two so far
16:12:23 <gman999> want at least five
16:12:35 <gman999> we have isabela as NYC meetup speaker aug 2
16:12:43 <gman999> which is pefect, post HOPE... just need space
16:12:47 <gman999> also...
16:12:54 <gman999> i brought this up elsewhere...
16:13:05 <gman999> but i STRONGLY thing we should have a torservers/raid flier
16:13:15 <gman999> on hand for HOPE, defcon, etc.
16:13:21 <flexlibris> stephw should weigh in on that
16:13:24 <gman999> sipmle, clear, get some facts out
16:13:24 <flexlibris> FUD control
16:13:27 <gman999> yes... def
16:13:40 <gman999> fud control, but also publicity in our broader milieu
16:13:51 <flexlibris> sure
16:13:59 <gman999> and even consider fliering outside a DE embassy or two
16:14:04 <Phoul> gman999: Id be happy to work with you on that as well.. something like that would likely be useful for the PETS meetup too, if it could be finished before that.
16:14:11 <gman999> that's it!
16:14:21 <flexlibris> oh yeah smart, definitely bring to PETS
16:14:25 <gman999> it's more like content=>stephw on that
16:14:27 <gman999> yes.. PETS
16:14:29 <flexlibris> t0mmy might also have some ideas for content
16:14:30 <gman999> d'oh!
16:14:34 <gman999> yes.. t0mmy too
16:14:43 <t0mmy> o/
16:14:45 <gman999> c'est ca!
16:15:28 <flexlibris> cool
16:15:33 <flexlibris> who else wants to go before me?
16:15:38 <ggus> i can o/
16:15:45 <flexlibris> please do ggus
16:16:07 <ggus> this week we'll be at FISL - http://fisl18.softwarelivre.org/index.php/en/
16:16:31 <ggus> we have a meetup at thursday in porto alegre
16:16:34 <flexlibris> fun!
16:17:28 <ggus> and last week helen and i talked by email with more kenyan folks. we are schedule the days to the tor training week in kenya
16:17:45 <ggus> *scheduling
16:18:05 <flexlibris> very exciting
16:18:28 <ggus> that's it
16:18:34 <flexlibris> thanks ggus!
16:18:41 <flexlibris> anyone have any follow ups for ggus?
16:19:05 <gman999> (i assume you're touching on mx city outreahc, flex?)
16:19:09 <flexlibris> yes gman999
16:19:11 <gman999> very curious to hear
16:19:24 <flexlibris> well I'll go next thene
16:19:26 <flexlibris> then*
16:19:49 <flexlibris> so I've been focusing on organizing the "open days" part of the Mexico City meeting
16:20:02 <flexlibris> the two days at the end of the meeting where we invite all kinds of people to come and hack on Tor and meet Tor folks and whatnot
16:20:20 <flexlibris> they used to be "open" in both senses -- anyone can show up, and there isn't really anything specifically planned/it's unconference style
16:20:27 <flexlibris> and that....wasn't great for newcomers to find their way
16:20:40 <gman999> (and usually flat dead, from my experience)
16:20:46 <flexlibris> so last time we started experimenting with a more developed schedule and this time I think it will be even better
16:20:48 <flexlibris> yes gman999
16:21:01 <flexlibris> I reached out to every team to get them to give at least one talk during those days
16:21:27 <flexlibris> and I'm also coordinating a set of "ambassadors" to talk to new people as they show up and help them get a sense of what's going on
16:21:48 <flexlibris> I should say, it's not just "one talk" per team, I asked for other activities too. like, a team could organize a set of beginner tickets ready to go.
16:22:15 <emmapeel> maybe user testing...
16:22:27 <flexlibris> emmapeel: definitely. already got Anto and Isa to confirm.
16:22:30 <Phoul> (I'm happy to be one of the people who greets new people, if that would be helpful.)
16:22:33 <flexlibris> blocked out four hours on the first open day for it :)
16:22:47 <flexlibris> Phoul great thanks! I will add you to my list
16:23:25 <cy63113> Can I help with new people too?
16:23:33 <flexlibris> cy63113: yes please!
16:23:42 <cy63113> :)
16:23:52 <flexlibris> once we get that schedule in better shape, we'll do a blog post promoting the open days
16:23:57 <flexlibris> and that will be part of our local outreach gman999
16:24:03 <irl> for the "talk" will we have a screen/projector available?
16:24:07 <flexlibris> that's on the agenda for the meeting after this one too
16:24:12 <flexlibris> irl: good question. I will ask Jon.
16:24:16 <flexlibris> I bet we can get one
16:24:19 <irl> cool thanks
16:24:45 <irl> i want to do an overview of metrics ecosystem with all the tools, but it's hard without showing some of them working or examples
16:24:49 <flexlibris> after the open days are ready to go, we'll start working on the regular days schedule
16:24:53 <flexlibris> irl: totally
16:25:57 <flexlibris> oh and another couple of things we'll promote in that blog post will be two events that happen after the meeting -- the privacy and security colloqium and the feminist meetup
16:26:09 <flexlibris> btw the feminist meetup is not restricted only to women
16:26:15 <flexlibris> we just won't permit men to speak
16:26:17 <flexlibris> (jk)
16:26:31 <kat5> I don't think I've heard about that one.
16:26:46 <flexlibris> kat5: it's still in the works, but Juliana from Derechos Digitales is organizing
16:27:00 <flexlibris> it will be the day after the meeting
16:27:05 <kat5> Cool.
16:27:24 <flexlibris> gman already gave an update about HOPE, but I'll add that I'm trying to get the booth staffed
16:27:41 <flexlibris> and trying to get our talk slides in order
16:27:55 <flexlibris> and yes I will sign up for some workshop or another gman999 but you better be patient with me bc I'm doing all this other stuff!!!!!!!
16:27:58 <flexlibris> ;)
16:28:03 <gman999> :)
16:28:23 <flexlibris> on Friday me and ggus helped Isa get the sponsor9 phase 2 doc submitted
16:28:27 <gman999> i want the workshops on a flier before HOPE
16:28:33 <flexlibris> gman999 yep
16:29:15 <gman999> oh, do we have access to any funds for the social?
16:29:21 <gman999> my queries have gone unheeded :)
16:29:26 <flexlibris> gman999: oh idk
16:29:28 <flexlibris> we might
16:29:35 <flexlibris> can you give me an estimate and I'll find out?
16:29:37 <gman999> just to guarantte the space
16:29:39 <gman999> ok
16:29:41 <gman999> offlist i'll ping you
16:29:45 <flexlibris> sweet
16:29:48 <flexlibris> okay so some other stuff
16:30:09 <flexlibris> support portal feedback and translation -- hey that's still happening! please go test the site https://support.torproject.org/
16:30:54 <flexlibris> Library Freedom Institute is in week 5, where we covered threat modeling. week six starts on Wednesday, and we're talking about ICE surveillance and community-focused counterresponses.
16:31:04 <flexlibris> with Dia from WITNESS. I'm really excited about this week.
16:31:52 <flexlibris> I think that's mainly it? after HOPE and MX meeting stuff is in order, my priority is to work on the TB 8.0 documentation changes
16:31:54 <flexlibris> that's it from me
16:32:37 <flexlibris> questions? comments?
16:32:40 <dmr> flexlibris: lots of stuff! really cool to hear about it all :)
16:32:45 <flexlibris> dmr: thanks :)
16:33:06 <dmr> flexlibris: question - are the materials / curriculum info available for LFI, for those outside of the project?
16:33:07 <Phoul> +1, thats lots of stuff!
16:33:16 <Samdney> :)
16:33:22 <flexlibris> irl: omg I wrote "can we get a screen and projector" on the agenda for the meeting-planners meeting, and Jon already responded and said "yes we have both"
16:33:24 <flexlibris> love that guy
16:33:29 <flexlibris> dmr: yes one sec let me get you the link
16:33:32 <irl> awesome (:
16:33:43 <flexlibris> so most everything is here dmr https://github.com/alisonLFP/libraryfreedominstitute
16:33:45 <gman999> +1
16:33:53 <flexlibris> dmr: particularly under "assignments"
16:34:04 <dmr> flexlibris: awesome, cool! I'll try to check it out :)
16:34:07 <flexlibris> I should have made the folder titles  more descriptive beyond "week2" or whatever, next round I will
16:34:22 <flexlibris> but you can look under "curriculum" for the weekly agenda and see what topic each week corresponds to
16:34:56 <flexlibris> so far we've covered basic privacy tools (eg passwords, anti-malware strategies), CCTV, corporate surveillance overview, threat modeling, and now this week we're getting into the ICE stuff
16:35:31 <flexlibris> every week they have some different assignment to make the talk kind of practically focused
16:36:20 <flexlibris> anything else for me?
16:36:23 <flexlibris> or anyone else with an update?
16:36:31 <dmr> flexlibris, another question: the Tor Training slides that were mentioned a few months back (and I think you used for Uganda if my memory doesn't fail)... are those considered public-ready and somewhere?
16:37:01 <flexlibris> dmr: I have them, but I haven't had a free moment to upload them and also I'm waiting to make some changes for TB 8.0
16:37:09 <flexlibris> but I can put them on a share.riseup.net link one sec
16:37:10 <gman999> good question dmr, and which other subjects should be covered that others can contribute?
16:37:43 <flexlibris> dmr: this is what we used in Uganda https://share.riseup.net/#1z4UAcdCFvm6-m_tO2zD3w
16:38:01 <gman999> we should make them the basis of a 'workshop repo'?
16:38:04 <flexlibris> when I make the 8.0 changes I'll break them down into "modules" again, eg "mobile" "censorship" "relays" etc
16:38:06 <flexlibris> yes gman999
16:38:25 <gman999> "you dont *have to* start with thse, but they can help"
16:38:47 <gman999> there are a lot of others who can follow the style/depth and contribute other topics
16:38:51 <dmr> flexlibris: cool! I'm going to glance through these and see if they can help in the impromptu tor explanations that I mentioned in my update :)
16:38:59 <gman999> "contritubing to orfox" etc
16:39:00 <flexlibris> dmr great
16:39:21 <gman999> personally, i'm tired of rewriting slides a few times a year
16:39:45 <gman999> (not that i have in a while)
16:39:52 <dmr> gman999: it does seem a bit unsustainable :(
16:40:12 <gman999> common body of knowledge is better approach... shared repo
16:40:34 <dmr> flexlibris: just to tie my update in to the slides - your slide 8 with the "How Tor Relays Work" graphic is the one I used to give a visual to people about Tor - the website depiction at the end really helps imo
16:40:42 <flexlibris> dmr oh great
16:40:49 <flexlibris> and yeah not having to update the slides constantly would be ideal
16:40:58 <flexlibris> but it does happen, obviously software gets updated
16:41:03 <flexlibris> so having it be modular is good for this
16:41:10 <flexlibris> easier to update 2-3 slides rather than 60 or whatever
16:41:18 <gman999> modularity +1
16:41:22 <gman999> make it all like unix
16:41:27 <flexlibris> yes
16:42:19 <gman999> stephw on nyu/poly?
16:42:25 <gman999> anything?
16:43:07 <stephw> no more update from what i said last week
16:43:08 <gman999> (it's next monday, with sysrqb)
16:43:15 <gman999> cool
16:43:32 <gman999> we might miss community #irc
16:43:35 <stephw> and i dont see a demand for a torservers flier, i have not seen fud
16:43:49 <stephw> and there is another flier to create if we have time
16:43:52 <gman999> to me not about the FUD, it's about pubicizing
16:44:44 <asn> topic is stuck?
16:44:55 <ggus> if you have time, you could host a streaming call with torservers folks, gman999
16:45:05 <dmr> asn: nope - active meeting :)
16:45:08 <asn> sorry
16:45:21 <flexlibris> asn: now you're on the community team
16:45:24 <gman999> that's really something for them to sort out.
16:45:26 <asn> o/
16:45:32 <gman999> i'm thinking about material for hope, PETs etc
16:45:44 <ggus> yeah, but in terms of outreach
16:46:04 <ggus> an streaming call will get much more attention
16:46:09 <gman999> i dont have facilities for streaming... but i have know ppl at streaming engine
16:48:13 <stephw> flexlibris: that presentation is great! going to switch out a couple of slides in the nyu talk with some of these
16:48:25 <flexlibris> stephw: awesome
16:48:32 <flexlibris> we worked on it a lot
16:48:42 <flexlibris> does anyone else have an update btw?
16:48:52 <flexlibris> otherwise we can keep talking about outreach/materials
16:49:32 <Phoul> One thing to add
16:49:36 <flexlibris> please do
16:50:05 <Phoul> Mexico relay operator meetup planning will begin in full-swing this week, starting with the planning meeting after this. If anyone wants to help out with that, please let me know and/or stay for the following meeting.
16:50:09 <Phoul> Thats all :)
16:50:30 <flexlibris> nice
16:50:42 <gman999> awesome.  recruit recruit
16:51:36 <flexlibris> okay anything else?
16:51:42 <flexlibris> the network team is lurking
16:51:52 <gman999> i'm out.. gotta run.
16:51:55 <gman999> ttyls
16:51:55 <flexlibris> later gman999
16:52:17 <dmr> just to clarify to y'all, it's #tor-meeting2 for the tor-meeting planning meeting!
16:52:32 <Phoul> (thanks dmr)
16:52:33 <flexlibris> yes thanks for that!
16:52:35 <flexlibris> I forgot to remind
16:52:54 <flexlibris> okay it looks like we are done.....
16:52:57 <flexlibris> giving it another 10 seconds....
16:53:33 <flexlibris> okay killing the bot
16:53:35 <flexlibris> #endmeeting