16:58:55 <nickm> #startmeeting Weekly network team meeting, 9 July 2018
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16:58:58 <nickm> Hi everybody!
16:59:00 <ahf> hello
16:59:01 <asn> hello
16:59:01 <catalyst> hi
16:59:05 <dgoulet> hi
16:59:13 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/zZRGXnL2rlBM is this week's pad
16:59:40 * Samdney lurks ...
17:00:18 <isabela> !
17:00:23 <nickm> hi isabela !
17:00:34 <isabela> buenas buenas
17:00:57 <nickm> Let's start with the roadmap.
17:02:17 <ahf> ack
17:02:34 <nickm> Is everybody working on something on the roadmap?  Is anybody looking at the roadmap and going ack ack I can't do that?
17:02:54 <ahf> ack how?
17:02:55 <dgoulet> I'm good on my side
17:03:06 <dgoulet> nickm: btw, #26481 imo should be Checked on the roadmap
17:03:11 <nickm> "ack ack" as in a sound you make when you are upset and confused
17:03:21 <asn> im good
17:03:23 <isabela> ah
17:03:24 <nickm> dgoulet: I want to do the subtickets first, or I'll forget it isn't done
17:03:37 <dgoulet> nickm: ack
17:03:42 <nickm> :)
17:03:42 <ahf> i'm good. plan is to have the memory profile stuff ready in the early half of the week, second half go back to PT work
17:04:59 <nickm> Anybody need me to pay more attention to any roadmap item?  If so just let me know
17:05:07 <nickm> Next thing is reviewer assignments
17:05:33 <nickm> looks pretty clean -- anything on that list we need to trade around?
17:07:28 * ahf is good
17:09:41 <nickm> okay; I just regenerated the rotations
17:10:31 <nickm> Oops. We were switching out "coverity" for "make design meetings happen".  Or were we?
17:10:49 <ahf> and then coverity to CI i think
17:10:54 <nickm> In any case, the current people on rotations are asn (bugs), catalyst (community), dgoulet (tbd), mikeperry (CI)
17:11:10 <catalyst> yeah i think coverity to CI was what we decided but i forget what we replaced it with
17:11:48 <ahf> i think design meetings is right
17:11:52 <ahf> from what i remember
17:12:01 <nickm> ok, re-running
17:12:09 <asn> ack on bugs
17:12:16 <nickm> oh. when does teor start?
17:12:22 <ahf> started the 3rd
17:12:29 <isabela> i think that date changed a bit
17:12:35 <nickm> Yea
17:12:35 <ahf> oh, ok
17:12:40 <ahf> no idea then
17:12:48 <asn> btw nickm we coordinated with ahf and teor. we figured out a date for the euroaustralian team to be 1000UTC on thursdays.
17:12:55 <asn> for the meeting i mean
17:13:12 <ahf> and the meetings were on-demand, no?
17:13:24 <ahf> or should i put it in my calendar with an alert?
17:13:46 <asn> ahf: i think we decided to do it every week. but let's touch base with teor again on that.
17:13:55 <ahf> ok!
17:14:09 <nickm> IMO that decision is totally up to the euroaustralians
17:14:22 <nickm> okay, I've updated the rotations page again
17:14:23 <ahf> cool
17:14:32 <ahf> we'll talk with teor (and haxxpop)
17:14:44 <isabela> cool
17:14:46 <nickm> The role of the "design meetings" person is to make sure that pending design meetings get scheduled and happen.
17:15:16 <nickm> I think teor starts no later than 7/23, so I think this schedule will work
17:15:24 <ahf> do we want to have a fixed spot where this is happening?
17:15:35 <ahf> like, when the design meetings take place
17:15:37 <nickm> please feel free to swap with others if the upcoming days won't work for you because of vacations or whatever :)
17:15:53 * isabela steps out for 5min
17:16:49 <nickm> asn: Do you have any community handoff for catalyst ?
17:17:09 <asn> nope nothing outstanding
17:17:28 <asn> had some discussions with cf people and some people in #tor-dev
17:17:36 <asn> but nothing that should be passed
17:18:04 <asn> also some gsoc stuff
17:19:01 <nickm> Should we look at 035-roadmap-proposed tickets this week, or consider them as part of the 035 triage?
17:19:22 <nickm> for our triage status, see https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/TicketTriage/035
17:20:06 <dgoulet> yes for the -proposed
17:20:44 <nickm> yes which?
17:20:51 <dgoulet> that is yes to look at them
17:20:57 <nickm> ok
17:21:16 <nickm> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~035-roadmap-proposed&max=200&col=id&col=summary&col=milestone&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=component&order=priority
17:21:21 <nickm> There are 20 of them
17:21:31 <dgoulet> some would be great to have but ouf the timeline... :S
17:21:38 <nickm> I think some of these might make it into 035 on other categories ...
17:21:59 * isabela back
17:22:05 <asn> should we debate now?
17:22:47 <nickm> well, first thing is that if any of these belong because of any other triage rule (fast-fix, 035-must, 035-roadmap-subticket) then they're an easy choice
17:22:49 <ahf> is the debate about whether we want them now or postpone them?
17:23:26 <nickm> If they don't fall into any of those categories, we either add them to the roadmap as a toplevel item, or they don't get into 035
17:24:10 <nickm> Does anybody want to nominate any of these as a toplevel roadmap item? :)
17:24:40 <dgoulet> #25573 ... I don,t see that in 035 ... proposal, protover, basically a new cell
17:24:49 <asn> #4700 because it's almost there thanks to ahf
17:25:00 <dgoulet> removing tor2web is a good one for Roadmap imo, shouldn't be too long to deal with
17:25:49 <ahf> #25499 is already on the roadmap i think
17:25:50 <nickm> ahf: how far are we from #4700 ?
17:26:16 <asn> less than a day of work i'd say
17:26:36 <ahf> if we stay with the ascii protocol, do what mahrud want, then it's an hour or two work
17:26:39 <ahf> so we can get that one in
17:26:40 <asn> perhaps a day and a half with unittests.
17:26:53 <ahf> true
17:26:54 <haxxpop> Hello. I just come in :O
17:27:00 <nickm> ahf: I think #25499 is not quite on the roadmap, but it should be, since it's a sponsor8 item that has follow-on work for what we did from before
17:27:06 <asn> haxxpop: o/
17:27:09 <dgoulet> putting #26367 on the roadmap, I'll take ownership of it
17:27:19 <asn> haha dgoulet cares
17:27:23 <dgoulet> very much...
17:27:24 <ahf> huh, i think it has been on the roadmap then
17:27:44 <ahf> ah, it was marked as done
17:27:50 <ahf> ok, yes, that one needs to get back then
17:27:56 <nickm> I've copied it to the current roadmap section
17:28:13 <ahf> great
17:28:32 <nickm> dgoulet: okay. Make sure to add it to the roadmap spreadsheet.
17:28:43 <dgoulet> asn: this one #26369, two ways of doing it, is isolated request, we ignore desc cache (quick fix) or we have a desc. cache per SOCKS request... the later is longer
17:28:44 <asn> some other stuff we could/should add to 035 is a start of the 2-guard work with mike.
17:28:45 <dgoulet> nickm: it is tehre yes
17:28:50 <asn> but we need to speak with mike about that.
17:29:00 <nickm> ahf: okay. Please add it to the roadmap spreadsheet, and set 035-roadmap-master on it? (#4900)
17:29:06 <nickm> err, #4700
17:29:23 <nickm> do we want to pull in anything else right now?
17:29:35 <asn> not from me
17:29:36 <ahf> ack
17:29:45 <nickm> cool
17:29:46 <asn> (i could remove some stuff)
17:29:47 <dgoulet> #26168 depends on how hard we want this...
17:29:55 <nickm> dgoulet: I don't feel that's actually worth doing
17:29:58 <dgoulet> but else I'm ok for the rest to be deferred on my side
17:30:18 <nickm> (seems like a lot of effort for very small payoff)
17:30:25 <dgoulet> yah
17:30:36 <asn> also the #26627 bugfix should get in as fast-fix 035-must
17:30:36 <nickm> two items from me on announcements:
17:30:41 <dgoulet> this would be nice but I just don't see us having the time: #25573
17:30:44 <nickm> asn: who will do it?
17:30:48 <asn> teor and me
17:30:50 <ahf> nickm: you want 034-roadmap-proposed removed as well?
17:30:51 <asn> we already started
17:30:55 <nickm> ahf: yea
17:30:56 <asn> half of the patch is in
17:30:59 <nickm> ahf: yeah
17:31:16 <ahf> cool
17:31:18 <nickm> asn: ok, cool.  just asking because fast-fix requires an owner who agrees to do it :)
17:31:45 <asn> yes. teor is on it, and it's not much work left.
17:31:47 <ahf> asn: i'm putting you as second person on #4700
17:31:51 <asn> ahf: yes lz
17:31:51 <asn> plz
17:32:05 <nickm> three items in "Announcements" this week:
17:32:06 <asn> nickm: i just didnt think it's roadmap item because it's a bugfix
17:32:16 <nickm> asn: it doesn't have to be a roadmap item, no
17:32:27 <nickm> 035-must and fast-fix both circumvent the roadmap
17:32:34 <nickm> per our triaging process
17:32:45 <asn> ok will add those tags to the ticket. it's missing them.
17:33:01 <nickm> announcement 1: let me know asap if I shouldn't release the stuff in https://people.torproject.org/~nickm/volatile/src/ :)
17:33:15 <dgoulet> nickm: you got my feedback already about this FYI ^
17:34:12 <nickm> 2: On Wednesday I plan to remove all the items from the 035 milestone that are not included by our rules.  See the URL on the pad for some queries that will show you what will get removed.  If there's something that shouldn't get removed, it should a) be on the roadmap, or b) be a fast-fix assigned to you, or c) be 035-must because it is security, crash, or regression :)
17:34:25 <ahf> ok, #3700 added to roadmap
17:34:27 <nickm> isabela has three things to remind us about:
17:34:29 <ahf> argh, 4700
17:34:40 <nickm> 4700 is a hard number for both of us I guess
17:34:44 <ahf> yes
17:35:19 <nickm> For sponsor8 Q2, isabela, whose help do you need?  I'm guessing me, ahf, catalyst. Anyone else?
17:36:11 <nickm> isabela's announcements 2 and 3 are : she's working on our onion services full proposal, and
17:36:30 <nickm> we should all make sure we're okay with the answers already sent to isabela's github usage survey
17:36:52 <nickm> Discussion topics now:
17:37:10 <nickm> Is it okay with evrybody if I say "0.3.5 is an LTS release, but only in certain configurations"?
17:37:14 <isabela> nickm: yep :) thanks!!
17:37:37 <ahf> cool, i'm gonna look at the s8 stuff tomorrow morning
17:37:38 <asn> nickm: sounds reasonable. what happens in other configurations?
17:37:42 <dgoulet> nickm: hmmm
17:37:44 <ahf> s8 reporting*
17:38:00 <dgoulet> so I guess we have to flag some options "Experimental" or "<whatever>" then...
17:38:02 <nickm> Like, I think our Rust support is still immature enough that we shouldn't declare that the Rust part of 0.3.5 will be supported until 2022
17:38:05 <dgoulet> make it obvious
17:39:05 <nickm> makes sense.  Should I make a list  and we can look over it?
17:39:20 <dgoulet> +1
17:39:43 <nickm> we already have "directory authority" as a listed "unsupported configuration for LTS"
17:39:47 <nickm> I think
17:40:44 <dgoulet> yah it is last two version I believe max
17:41:54 <nickm> I see other folks have left questions for me -- are there topics for general discussion left? :)
17:43:07 * dgoulet is good
17:43:12 <ahf> thanks for the comment, nickm!
17:43:28 <nickm> mikeperry, ahf, catalyst : asn has questions for you -- please make sure you see them :)
17:43:57 <ahf> catalyst, asn: re #25502 i hope to have the first refactoring code up late this week
17:44:10 <catalyst> did dgoulet send answers on the github survey to our list? because i only saw teor's
17:44:17 <catalyst> ahf: cool
17:44:20 <ahf> rebasing some of the code for the new structure
17:44:44 <nickm> you might not have to rebase -- git can handle it when a file moves
17:45:03 <nickm> ok, any more stuff for this week?
17:45:13 <dgoulet> catalyst: yeah I think only sent it to Isa actually... but there is not much to see there, basically "tor.git" is what I need on Github so
17:45:26 <ahf> yeah
17:45:42 <dgoulet> haxxpop: see #tor-dev btw, I pinged you some minutes ago
17:46:09 <nickm> hearing no items, I'll say thanks to everybody for swinging by and for hacking on Tor!  I'll see you all online. :)
17:46:12 <nickm> #endmeeting