19:00:46 <isabela> #startmeeting tba alpha launch prep o/
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19:00:52 <isabela> buenas
19:01:09 <antonela> o/
19:01:22 <isabela> looks like things are going well with desktop, i will prefer if we focus on android only this meeting if that is ok
19:01:59 <antonela> yep
19:02:17 <isabela> ok quick agenda :)
19:03:04 <isabela> 1. launch date?
19:03:04 <isabela> 2. ssup with tickets at: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/26531
19:03:07 <isabela> 3. kanban board for content work
19:03:10 <isabela> how does that look?
19:03:23 <isabela> i think the launch date is something we should always be monitoring :)
19:03:40 <isabela> not that what we say today isnt changable but we should aim for something
19:04:01 <isabela> igt0: do you know if sysrqb is around?
19:04:25 <isabela> flexlibris says she will be a few min late
19:04:26 <isabela> :)
19:04:33 <igt0> isabela, nay, he is idle for some time. :/
19:04:44 <isabela> np we have the bot running too
19:04:58 <isabela> igt0: how do you feel as launch date? :)
19:05:28 <isabela> i know folks wanted to do it before hope
19:05:41 <isabela> we could at least take that as a date (the 19 or 20)
19:06:06 <isabela> that said, we all agreed on last meeting that manual and support articles can go out after launch
19:06:07 <igt0> nervous (:, however after pushing #26401, we will be able to move things faster.
19:06:09 <isabela> they are not blockers
19:06:36 <isabela> is ok folks, everything is flexible here
19:06:40 <stephw> for me and the content, after hope would work better, but i will do what i can
19:06:53 <isabela> ok
19:06:56 <isabela> i can work on that
19:07:06 <isabela> i think the pages has to go out with the release
19:07:17 <stephw> k thanks, hard to say how much time i will have next week, but possible
19:07:19 <isabela> we can talk about that on the kanban part
19:07:22 <stephw> k
19:07:55 <isabela> igt0: we can check in on the release date at the meeting on monday (tb team meeting)
19:07:58 <isabela> what do you think?
19:09:05 <igt0> isabela, yep, it makes sense. IIRC Gecko said that he would take a look in the patches this week, so i think by Monday, we will have a better understand where we are.
19:09:16 <isabela> cool!
19:09:20 <isabela> moving on then :)
19:09:36 <isabela> ssup with all the tickets on master ? :) maybe you and antonela want to give updates?
19:10:12 <antonela> yes! I have been working on onboarding for both desktop and mobile. I updated #25696 just after this meeting
19:10:26 <isabela> ohh
19:10:47 <antonela> sorry, before
19:10:58 <antonela> i know we will continue have two apps during this alpha, so we will need to review it in next versions
19:11:07 <antonela> anw, is just to sync together want we need vs what is possible
19:11:17 <antonela> s want/what
19:11:34 <isabela> yes
19:11:51 <antonela> igt0 if you want to review it later could be great :)
19:11:51 <isabela> is looking great antonela
19:12:00 <antonela> thanks :)
19:12:43 <igt0> I have #25703, #26242, #26336 and #24855 in my plate, almost of them are "ready" waiting to be integrated after the #26401.
19:12:55 <igt0> antonela, awesome, i will take a look!
19:12:55 <isabela> !
19:13:15 <antonela> igt0 cool!
19:13:17 <antonela> thanks!
19:14:02 <isabela> alright
19:14:13 <isabela> thanks for the  updates!
19:14:25 <isabela> unless ppl has questions lets move to the kanban
19:14:28 <isabela> did everyone saw it?
19:14:32 <ggus> yes
19:14:52 <isabela> does anyone has questions? (also please move tasks around if you are working on them)
19:14:56 <antonela> yes! i put my face there
19:14:58 <isabela> i did with one
19:15:01 <isabela> antonela: haha
19:15:03 <antonela> haha, can we add people to the cards?
19:15:04 <flexlibris> so sorry people my bus was late!
19:15:10 <isabela> flexlibris: !!
19:15:12 <isabela> oi
19:15:14 <flexlibris> yo
19:15:19 <stephw> for the page info, i am just writing the text, right? i will not be doing the actual updating
19:15:29 <isabela> yes
19:15:33 <stephw> k cool
19:15:36 <isabela> i start this:
19:15:49 <isabela> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rox8_8baU-Q2SlED1U4y3fC6dRlJPXmw-LayJJXMKgo/edit
19:15:53 <isabela> please dont judge :)
19:16:09 <isabela> i tried to explain in 1 phrase some of the features listed on the master ticket
19:16:16 <stephw> oh great
19:16:32 <isabela> my thinking is that you can use it for when you writing
19:16:59 <stephw> fine if i just do straight edits or do you want to approve them?
19:17:18 <isabela> use the way you think is best
19:17:24 <isabela> my language there is not at all a final one
19:17:33 <stephw> okay cool, will probably just keep this and work above in a separate section
19:17:34 <stephw> thanks
19:17:36 <isabela> just an explaination in high level of what those tickets are
19:17:46 <isabela> yes that works :)
19:18:05 <isabela> i will try to finish it
19:18:17 <isabela> igt0: please tell me if the explanations are wrong! hahaha
19:18:21 <isabela> or anyone else :)
19:18:55 <isabela> or add other ways to explain it
19:19:01 <isabela> brainstorms like this are good
19:19:36 <isabela> ok
19:19:43 <isabela> does anyone has any questions on what is in the kanban?
19:19:46 <isabela> am I missing anything?
19:19:55 <ggus> yes! o/
19:19:58 <isabela> go!
19:20:03 <ggus> what format should i do the manual?
19:20:10 <ggus> doc? odt? txt? md?
19:20:42 <isabela> final format or collaboration format?
19:20:44 <isabela> hehe
19:20:52 <ggus> collaboration format
19:21:08 <ggus> because i guess it's going to be translated to other languages like TB
19:21:34 <isabela> i might be wrong but that is done after you do the md format
19:21:43 <isabela> md == the actual manual webpages right?
19:21:58 <isabela> cuz they will send them to transifex
19:22:04 <antonela> i added a card to work on mockups/images for play store, but also includes illustrations/mockups/screenshots that we will need in the manual and so on
19:22:19 <isabela> antonela: cool, move to 'doing' when you doing it
19:22:20 <isabela> :)
19:22:25 <ggus> i don't know... where's the actual manual webpages? how this is done?
19:22:28 <antonela> yep
19:22:33 <isabela> flexlibris: ^^
19:22:48 <flexlibris> ggus: let me get that from Phoul
19:23:47 <ggus> ok!
19:24:06 <flexlibris> t0mmy also has it
19:24:32 <isabela> cool
19:24:37 <ggus> these are the resources that we have now for orbot/orfox: https://www.torproject.org/docs/android.html.en
19:24:40 <ggus> https://guardianproject.info/apps/orbot/
19:24:43 <ggus> https://antivigilancia.org/pt/2017/05/orbot-orfox-2/
19:24:51 <ggus> if you remember another thing, send to me.
19:25:07 <isabela> ggus: have you set up lecktor?
19:25:13 <isabela> for support site
19:25:33 <ggus> no...where i find this instructions??
19:26:11 <isabela> ggus: guardian and tpo sites will be on our list and if you want to do the brazuka one is cool but i think other sites need to do their stuff we cant keep track :)
19:26:16 <isabela> let me get them to you
19:26:18 <isabela> they are in a ticket
19:27:29 <isabela> ggus: this is my recomendation :)
19:27:31 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24275
19:27:33 <isabela> talk with hiro
19:27:34 <isabela> hehe
19:27:38 <isabela> a lot there has changed
19:27:40 <isabela> like repo etc
19:27:47 <isabela> but you can see where to get things to install at least
19:27:50 <flexlibris> yeah I've been looking for the instruction email hiro sent us a while ago
19:27:52 <isabela> and how it works
19:27:57 <flexlibris> but I think it was encrypted
19:28:07 <isabela> also emma might have info as well as she just set that up
19:28:39 <antonela> ggus, i can share lektor docs later with you
19:28:41 <antonela> is pretty easy
19:28:49 <antonela> yo just need to download the repo and run it and works
19:28:58 <isabela> boom
19:29:02 <ggus> ok, but i'd like more info about this workflow
19:29:12 <isabela> yes, lets talk about it
19:29:33 <ggus> tba.tpo doesn't exist right now. so we are creating a new thing
19:29:35 <ggus> right?
19:29:39 <isabela> yes
19:30:05 <ggus> so we also need to decide which plataform, if is going to follow our styleguide, this things
19:30:10 <isabela> now when we talk about browser we need to say if is desktop or android
19:30:37 <isabela> platfaform?
19:30:43 <isabela> *plataform
19:30:48 <isabela> like where the manual should be?
19:30:50 <isabela> or
19:30:51 <ggus> like lektor or trac or txt
19:30:54 <ggus> yes
19:31:07 <isabela> ahh
19:31:07 <isabela> ok
19:31:16 <isabela> lecktor is just a tool to help collaboration on building the site
19:31:20 <isabela> not a host of itself
19:31:30 <isabela> or maybe is a framework
19:31:31 <isabela> :)
19:31:42 <isabela> we should keep things where they are now
19:31:50 <isabela> tor browser desktop already exist
19:31:54 <isabela> ops
19:31:58 <isabela> desktop manual
19:32:04 <ggus> yes
19:32:05 <flexlibris> the manual has a git repo and when it's pushed the content goes to tb-manual.torprojecto.org
19:32:15 <flexlibris> i'm just waiting to get the repo link bc i can't find it
19:32:22 <isabela> my suggestion is to change the 'land page' and have it desktop and mobile secitons
19:32:25 <isabela> or desktop and android
19:32:33 <ggus> ok!
19:32:35 <isabela> start organizing like that
19:32:39 <flexlibris> yes
19:32:51 <isabela> for support
19:32:59 <isabela> we have a set of categories on the left column
19:33:03 <antonela> yes, also, you can work your content in a repo, and then we can take it and render a page using lektor
19:33:04 <isabela> add one 'tb for android'
19:33:06 <isabela> and start with that
19:33:33 <isabela> we will have to build a download page on our website (current old ugly one)
19:33:43 <antonela> yes
19:33:44 <isabela> to offer the apk there
19:33:54 <flexlibris> tb-manual page is also ugly, we can just start over again in lektor from here if we want
19:33:56 <isabela> and build a google play store and fdroid page
19:34:13 <isabela> maybe :)
19:34:17 <isabela> or that can be a v2
19:34:18 <isabela> hehe
19:34:21 <flexlibris> sure
19:34:30 <isabela> just cuz of everything else that is going on
19:34:47 <antonela> flexlibris, yes there are a lot of pages that needs to be translated to our styleguide+lektor setup
19:34:52 <isabela> cuz i agree is ugly hehehe
19:35:00 <antonela> flexlibris, but i would love to work on it <3
19:35:04 <flexlibris> yes and the localization is a mess!
19:35:08 <flexlibris> okay cool I'm ready to as well <3
19:35:12 <isabela> hehehe
19:35:19 <antonela> yes, when we work on community.tpo we can include those manuals in the bundle
19:35:27 <isabela> sounds good
19:35:29 <flexlibris> great
19:35:32 <ggus> so, we're going to sunset this page, right? https://www.torproject.org/docs/android.html.en
19:35:35 <antonela> (i can prepare mocks for it + markup)
19:35:37 <igt0> btw, we are also allow the user to download the APK(google play and f-droid is blocked in few places). Do we know where are we going to host the apk?
19:35:55 <flexlibris> ggus yes we should sunset that page
19:35:56 <isabela> ggus: not really
19:36:01 <flexlibris> oh well
19:36:01 <flexlibris> ha
19:36:02 <isabela> ggus: we can update it but that is orbot
19:36:07 <isabela> not orfox
19:36:12 <flexlibris> oh right
19:36:13 <isabela> and we should make sure we refer to tba
19:36:25 <isabela> i will create a card for the kanban!
19:36:29 <isabela> ggus: good catch!
19:37:01 <isabela> ggus: but! it will die w/ website redesign etc (this info will continue to exist in another place tho)
19:37:24 <ggus> ok!
19:38:07 <isabela> card added
19:38:11 <Phoul> /lastlog phoul
19:38:14 * Phoul fails
19:38:16 <isabela> :)
19:38:22 <isabela> oi Phoul o/
19:39:12 <ggus> i have more questions about TBA manual... it should address both orbot and orfox, right? in orbot it's possible to run onion services, relays...should we talk about this?
19:39:16 <ggus> in the manual
19:39:18 <Phoul> The manual lives at https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-browser/user-manual.git/ and gets built by Jenkins, and published to tb-manual.torproject.org
19:39:38 <isabela> uhh i dont know if wan to assume orbot manual responsability
19:39:50 <isabela> what you think?
19:39:52 <isabela> community team ppl
19:39:53 <isabela> :)
19:40:00 <flexlibris> could cause some confusion if we don't have any mention of Orbot
19:40:06 <flexlibris> maybe we just want to refer to other resources
19:40:11 <flexlibris> with in the TBA manual
19:40:17 <flexlibris> "looking for Orbot? go here"
19:40:40 <ggus> *points to the rabbit hole*
19:40:43 <flexlibris> lol
19:40:43 <isabela> lol
19:40:45 <flexlibris> yeah, true
19:40:49 <isabela> yeah
19:40:51 <flexlibris> I was just wondering if there are even places to point people
19:40:54 <isabela> so think about the users you talk with :)
19:40:56 <flexlibris> cause I guess there kinda arent
19:41:02 <isabela> should we send then there?
19:41:07 <flexlibris> ggus: let's sync about that when we talk about content some
19:41:07 <isabela> s/then/them
19:41:14 <ggus> ok!
19:41:24 <flexlibris> I'll follow up w/ you to do that sometime this coming week
19:41:26 <Phoul> (disappearing again to finish dealing with hvac stuff, back shortly)
19:41:30 <isabela> i did a small one
19:41:31 <isabela> once
19:41:37 <isabela> or that wwas orfox and orbot
19:41:40 <isabela> ignore
19:42:00 <isabela> this convo is good ppl!
19:42:03 <isabela> anymore questions?
19:42:11 <ggus> flexlibris: tomorrow i'll be busy bc of tor meetup porto alegre, but the following days i can work on this
19:42:38 <flexlibris> ggus: that's fine, the rest of the week is swamped but maybe we can meet Monday after the community team meeting?
19:42:56 <ggus> yes, works for me
19:43:04 <flexlibris> great
19:43:34 <isabela> cool!
19:43:42 <isabela> alright, anything else?
19:43:58 <antonela> i think we are groot
19:43:58 <isabela> we should sync next week too
19:44:00 <ggus> i'm good
19:44:08 <antonela> igt0 could i have an .apk when you have it?
19:44:18 <isabela> and again - email if you have anything in the between
19:44:47 <antonela> my android phone for testing died, im trying to revive it ha
19:44:51 <igt0> antonela, yep, let's try to create "nightly builds"
19:45:07 <antonela> igt0 that could be perfect, great
19:45:16 <flexlibris> next week same time?
19:45:19 <stephw> isabela: can we create a column in the keban for “review” or should we comment on the cards?
19:45:29 <isabela> we can create one
19:45:37 <isabela> flexlibris: yes
19:45:38 <isabela> same time
19:45:43 <isabela> is that cool?
19:45:48 <ggus> yes
19:45:52 <flexlibris> cool
19:45:56 <isabela> awesome
19:46:07 <isabela> stephw: i will create the column
19:46:13 <sysrqb> hi! sorry! i had internet problems :(
19:46:13 <isabela> alright people!
19:46:14 <stephw> oh just did it
19:46:17 <sysrqb> i'll read backlog
19:46:21 <isabela> ah even better
19:46:23 <stephw> :)
19:46:27 <isabela> sysrqb: we assigned eveything to you
19:46:30 <stephw> haha
19:46:31 <ggus> hahaha
19:46:32 <sysrqb> hehe
19:46:36 <antonela> haha
19:46:42 <antonela> delivery: this week
19:46:44 <sysrqb> funny :)
19:46:47 <ggus> and we're going to drink caipirinha while you work.
19:46:51 <isabela> lol
19:47:02 <antonela> haha
19:47:18 <isabela> alright! i will kill the bot and sysrqb ask questions if you have them! :)
19:47:29 <sysrqb> kk
19:47:35 <antonela> thx people!
19:47:42 <stephw> thanks!
19:47:44 <flexlibris> thanks!
19:47:45 <ggus> gracias ppl! :)
19:47:46 <isabela> #endmeeting