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16:02:49 <ggus> oi!
16:02:53 <flexlibris> here is our roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/vuQ-646zORrKPveqay62rrhYEmec9I6KobdbeqBIRId
16:02:54 <emmapeel> i think ggus was eating something before meeting
16:03:00 * Phoul is here
16:03:01 <flexlibris> emmapeel ah cool
16:03:12 * ggus is eating during the meeting
16:03:49 <flexlibris> okay folks let's take a look at the roadmap and see what we can update
16:03:57 <flexlibris> look at the July items and strikethrough if it's complete
16:04:14 * kat5 is here, a little late
16:05:28 <flexlibris> all of my stuff here is up to date, and I'll give my update first
16:06:06 <flexlibris> I organized several events to happen on the Mexico City open days, just waiting on a couple of teams to get back to me about more
16:06:45 <flexlibris> HOPE is this weekend and I'm getting the final plans in order (notes for the talk and the booth schedule)
16:07:10 <flexlibris> LFI is in week 6 and I'm also working on the schedule for weeks 11-15, plus our NYC weekend which is in August
16:07:33 <flexlibris> and then after this meeting ggus and I will talk about Tor Browser 8.0 doc stuff
16:07:38 <flexlibris> that's it from me, any questions?
16:08:11 <flexlibris> nope? okay who else wants to go with an update?
16:08:24 <emmapeel> i have an update too
16:08:36 <flexlibris> please go ahead emmapeel
16:09:20 * kushal also shows hand to get into the update queue.
16:09:21 <emmapeel> starting to grasp more our language landscape, there are translations that are not used by us, for example translations for the Tor Browser. and i think maybe the community team can help me push for more locales available (that are being already translated)
16:09:29 <emmapeel> specially https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/17400
16:09:56 <flexlibris> got you in the queue kushal
16:09:58 * flexlibris looks at this ticket
16:10:42 <emmapeel> it seems there should be a decision about resources used to localize in more languages, maybe we can explain why that would be great
16:10:46 <flexlibris> emmapeel which locales are we looking for?
16:11:04 <emmapeel> long-tail ones
16:11:10 <flexlibris> ah yeah
16:11:34 <flexlibris> I bet ggus could help with that. and also it's something we can advocate for in the sponsor9 work generally.
16:12:10 <emmapeel> there are many translations for our docs and apps that are never executed, because we lack the resources to serve our software in all the languages. yes sorry that was my update
16:12:18 <Phoul> If you havent, it would also be worth talking to arthur about that. I belivee last I had talked with him about this, there was concerns about the multi-lingual bundles getting too big with too many languages.
16:13:02 <Samdney> how much tier 1 languages do we have?
16:13:06 <emmapeel> Phoul: ok i will ask more information to arthur about how he thinks this could be solved, thanks!
16:14:20 <flexlibris> cool, kushal want to go ahead?
16:14:23 <ggus> i think we could have the goal to have all tier 1 shipped with tb
16:14:26 <kushal> I am talking with the authors from a website about how to inform the tracking and other privacy issues. They want to add as many examples as possible on why tracking is bad for normal users and how the same can be misused by the private entities too. I will need some help in gathering reports and stories published in other sties on the same. Any tips will be really helpful.
16:14:43 <flexlibris> kushal: people's personal stories about tracking?
16:14:49 <kushal> This whole thing will be targeting normal Bengali speaking users.
16:15:08 <kushal> flexlibris, or in general where we know for sure that tracking is causing trouble.
16:15:37 <kushal> flexlibris, Because many people has the idea that if govt is tracking me, or say amazon is also tracking me, then no issues. I have nothing to hide.
16:15:53 <flexlibris> right i understand
16:15:57 <flexlibris> okay i'll think of some
16:16:02 * dmr waves hi and apologies for arriving late
16:16:02 <kushal> So I have been asked to provide more examples where we know how tracking can be used to manipulate.
16:16:03 <ggus> kushal: i can help you. one sec
16:16:15 <kushal> ggus, Thanks, we can discuss this after the meeting too.
16:16:21 <ggus> kushal: https://chupadados.codingrights.org/
16:16:39 <ggus> this project is excatly what you are looking for :)
16:16:39 <kushal> Thanks, checking
16:17:00 <kat5> https://twitter.com/aral/status/1017113204143640582
16:17:14 <kat5> ^^^ Adtech
16:17:20 <kushal> kat5, thanks.
16:17:29 <antonela> kushal, data detox from moz is a good one too https://datadetox.myshadow.org/en/data-use
16:18:15 <kushal> antonela, thank you
16:18:39 <dmr> kushal: there's a really good 33c3 talk on why data collection is bad and "big data" is misused; I'll get you a link
16:19:15 <flexlibris> good stuff!
16:19:19 <ggus> https://chupadados.codingrights.org/en/menstruapps-como-transformar-sua-menstruacao-em-dinheiro-para-os-outros/
16:19:45 <kushal> dmr, Thanks.
16:19:55 * kushal will go though all of these links.
16:19:57 <dmr> kushal: https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8414-corporate_surveillance_digital_tracking_big_data_privacy
16:19:59 <flexlibris> who has an update next?
16:20:08 <kat5> This is also a good quote on the nothing to hide thing:             “Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because  you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care  about free speech because you have nothing to say.”
16:20:08 <kat5> ―     Edward Snowden
16:20:13 <ggus> i have _o/
16:20:13 <kushal> dmr, thank you once again.
16:20:15 <dmr> Wolfie also has a report about this stuff, I think - you might need to check around
16:20:19 <flexlibris> ggus go ahead
16:20:20 <emmapeel> Samdney: we have TBB in 16 languages - Tier 1 languages included and some more - sorry previous topic
16:20:24 <kushal> kat5, yes, and also the documentary.
16:21:18 <flexlibris> oh I was actually in that documentary called "Nothing to Hide". always forget about that hehe. one sec I'll get a link
16:21:45 <ggus> last week we went to forum internacional de software livre (fisl) in porto alegre. we made 3 activities at the community area about tor browser, "deep web doesn't exist" and tor servers. during the week we did the tor meetup at another place, +- 40 ppl during 3 hours.
16:22:07 <flexlibris> nice!
16:22:16 <kushal> flexlibris, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3mQu9YQesk
16:22:30 <ggus> i also have an update about kenya, we are probably moving the travel to the begining of sept
16:22:44 <flexlibris> that seems like a good idea, given that they're doing that big training event then
16:22:50 * t0mmy puts up hand to give a quick update
16:22:52 <flexlibris> kushal: yep!
16:22:59 <flexlibris> it begins on my voice, so weird!
16:23:06 <flexlibris> t0mmy got you in the queue after ggus
16:23:23 <Phoul> (I can go after t0mmy )
16:23:32 <ggus> and about mexico: we have a venue for the training in mexico city before the meeting. if you have contacts in oaxaca, send to me.  :)
16:23:36 <flexlibris> t0mmy, then Phoul
16:23:47 <flexlibris> ggus I bet Derechos Digitales has some
16:23:50 <flexlibris> if you haven't asked them yet
16:24:24 <ggus> yep, good idea
16:24:45 <ggus> (there's a funny history about porto alegre. if you have time to listen)
16:24:59 <ggus> i can tell at the end :)
16:25:03 <ggus> (done).
16:25:07 <flexlibris> yes please tell it at the end! thanks ggus
16:25:11 <flexlibris> glad you are getting to do all these fun events
16:25:14 <flexlibris> okay go ahead t0mmy
16:25:33 <t0mmy> hi all -- two quick community updates
16:26:01 <t0mmy> First is that I'm starting on a rake of blog posts for different things, e.g. our Tor meeting meeting blog post. May ping some of you as that starts to take shape.
16:26:16 <flexlibris> yes t0mmy please do!
16:26:21 <flexlibris> I will have more to give you on that soon too
16:26:42 <t0mmy> Second is that we got our first choice Mozilla Fellow Candidate \o/ more details to come as we get closer to their start date.
16:27:06 <Phoul> Woo!
16:27:08 <t0mmy> This is our full-time user advocate.
16:27:22 <flexlibris> finally!
16:27:23 <Samdney> \o/
16:27:45 <t0mmy> A question I had, since I'm currently writing a "here's how to get up to speed" email to them -- is there a "community team 101" doc somewhere?
16:28:24 <t0mmy> I can come up with something about (1) come to meetings (2) chat with relevant people from time to time (3) read up our FAQs and manuals etc.
16:28:31 <flexlibris> the wiki?
16:28:33 <t0mmy> But if something already existed I'd be just as happy to point them there.
16:28:56 <Phoul> t0mmy: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam
16:29:09 <t0mmy> ohh yes that has resources
16:29:21 <t0mmy> I thought its was only a list of people and info on IRC :blush:
16:29:23 <t0mmy> Yes, perfect.
16:29:31 <t0mmy> cool!
16:29:47 * emmapeel reads too
16:29:54 <flexlibris> yeah everything is on the wiki
16:30:02 <flexlibris> meeting times, getting involved, things we're working on
16:30:11 <flexlibris> supposed to be the case for each team too but idk how updated everyone keeps theirs
16:30:18 <flexlibris> ours is pretty well updated
16:30:31 <t0mmy> flexlibris rocking, thanks
16:30:57 * antonela is copying flexlibris's one for the ux team wiki update 🙈
16:31:03 <flexlibris> antonela woooo
16:31:15 <antonela> hahaha
16:31:15 <flexlibris> anything else from/for t0mmy?
16:31:23 <t0mmy> That's all -- thanks!
16:31:27 <ggus> when the person will start?
16:31:41 <t0mmy> ggus Sept. 1 is the formal start date
16:31:48 <t0mmy> But they may be around over the summer as well.
16:32:23 <t0mmy> I don't know what the formal intro situation is, but I'll send an email to [tor-project] welcoming them when we're ready to roll.
16:32:37 <flexlibris> cool!
16:32:45 <ggus> great
16:32:52 <t0mmy> ggus and it's 10 month fellowship
16:32:57 <t0mmy> It's a*
16:34:26 <flexlibris> Phoul, ready to go next?
16:34:30 <Phoul> Yup!
16:34:48 <flexlibris> go ahead
16:35:17 <Phoul> My update is available at https://storm.torproject.org/shared/oM8eJAZW4L1_Bi4w1kLIdCjqjZ1rF4k0ri_Rr92LuQc , I'd also like to note (its in the pad), that I am flying to Barcelona this Saturday so may not be here for the Monday meeting next week.
16:35:36 <emmapeel> visca catalunya!
16:35:52 * kat5 definitely won't be here for next week's meeting
16:35:53 * Samdney will be also not here for meeting due of PETS ;)
16:36:23 * emmapeel not sure of being able to attend because of unrelated doc sprint
16:36:30 <flexlibris> no prob
16:36:42 <emmapeel> ey, another thing: now it would be a nice time to ask for more translations for the support portal, transifex users can translate at https://www.transifex.com/otf/torproject/support-portal/
16:36:56 <flexlibris> oooh money to mbyte is a good project to do!
16:36:56 <emmapeel> (you need to be logged in)
16:37:34 <ggus> what's mbyte?
16:37:36 <flexlibris> the PETS meetup is gonna rule
16:37:52 <Phoul> ggus: megabyte
16:38:20 <Phoul> (Another way to read that update is "how much do our relay operators spend to give us X amount of bandwidth"
16:38:50 <flexlibris> I've seen that question asked before many times
16:39:01 <ggus> i was thinking it was a venue/hacerspace in barcelona...
16:40:09 <emmapeel> hehe
16:41:07 <Phoul> Thats all from me, unless anyone had questions.
16:41:28 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
16:41:50 <cy63113> I hve a little one
16:41:56 <flexlibris> cy63113 go ahead
16:42:02 <dmr> likewise a little one
16:42:16 <antonela> emmapeel we can coordinate with stephw to have some tweet about it
16:42:30 <flexlibris> dmr got you in the queue
16:42:42 <cy63113> I was invited by the Museo Arte Alameda in Mexico to a talk / worshop about Tor in early September, at the Independencia BioLab
16:42:53 <flexlibris> oooh nice!
16:42:57 <emmapeel> thanks antonela
16:42:59 <flexlibris> do you need anything to be ready for that?
16:43:05 <flexlibris> like stickers :)
16:43:12 <cy63113> I just got the invitation
16:43:19 <cy63113> Stickers would be nice
16:43:28 <flexlibris> cy63113 jon can send you some -- jon at torproject dot org
16:43:44 <cy63113> cool! I'll write him
16:44:23 <flexlibris> and we have slides and stuff too if you need those
16:44:37 <cy63113> Gus sent me in portuguese
16:44:51 <cy63113> But in spanish will be better
16:45:14 <flexlibris> antonela do you have anything in Spanish from Colombia?
16:45:16 <emmapeel> (we could see if it is feasible to add slides to the l10n process)
16:45:27 <antonela> ggus have them in spanish
16:45:35 * arma2 reads backlog
16:45:47 <flexlibris> great
16:45:58 <cy63113> I'll have more details soon and let you know
16:46:10 <antonela> that is great cy63113 !
16:46:16 <cy63113> :)
16:46:34 <flexlibris> exciting
16:46:34 <cy63113> that's it
16:46:38 <flexlibris> dmr, go ahead
16:46:47 <dmr> kushal: I scoured the net a bit; here's some more about/from Wolfie: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/3f098dfe/
16:46:51 <dmr> ok, onto my update...
16:46:53 <ggus> i'll send you the es version
16:47:04 <dmr> so sadly I won't be able to attend HOPE this year - I just couldn't swing the finances nor time :(
16:47:11 <dmr> going to try for 2020!
16:47:15 <emmapeel> ggus: can you send it to mee too please?
16:47:22 <flexlibris> sorry to miss you dmr
16:47:27 <ggus> emmapeel: si! :)
16:47:32 <dmr> :( life happens
16:47:38 <dmr> but I have a lot of friends going - what Tor stuff should I point them to check out? I presume there's a table; will there also be a blog post or whatnot highlighting what people attending HOPE could join in on, Tor-wise?
16:47:44 <dmr> (that's all from me!)
16:47:48 <flexlibris> (btw -- once we have community.torproject.org up we'll put these slides in different languages there)
16:47:59 <flexlibris> dmr we will have a talk on Friday at 1200
16:48:01 <flexlibris> The Onion Report
16:48:08 <flexlibris> plus some informal workshops
16:48:13 <flexlibris> idk if we are writing a blog post -- stephw?
16:48:14 <emmapeel> dmr: you can finally watch all the talks now!
16:49:36 <dmr> emmapeel: sounds good! I'll catch a few, I'm sure
16:50:05 <dmr> flexlibris: I think I may also remember some informal meetup, non-workshop - is that going to happen?
16:50:24 <flexlibris> friday night social time yeah
16:50:27 <flexlibris> gman999 is organizing that
16:50:36 <dmr> sounds good
16:51:06 <dmr> if not a blog post, it would be cool to have the info collated in one place so that it's easy to point people to it! (I think that would be good for HOPE attendees at large)
16:51:13 <flexlibris> sure
16:51:59 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
16:52:30 <arma2> t0mmy: long ago i wrote the list at https://www.torproject.org/docs/documentation#UpToSpeed for getting up to speed on tor in general
16:53:39 <flexlibris> seems like no more updates?
16:53:44 <t0mmy> arma2 cheers!
16:54:19 <flexlibris> okay cool, i will kill the bot
16:54:21 <flexlibris> #endmeeting