16:00:58 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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16:01:04 <antonela> hi irl (:
16:01:11 <irl> hi (:
16:01:20 <hiro> :)
16:01:25 <emmapeel> hello
16:01:29 <antonela> holaaa
16:01:35 <antonela> how are you people?
16:01:45 <emmapeel> hot!!!!
16:01:57 <emmapeel> is crazy this weather
16:02:03 <antonela> lucky emma!
16:02:07 <antonela> winter here is so sad
16:02:20 <antonela> let's start like a serious team with our roadmap
16:02:21 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/grain/Axp7tzSEDo9beQ295CAxxh/
16:02:21 <isabela> !
16:02:39 <antonela> i updated some items, please feel free to update add/remove tasks you are working on
16:02:52 * irl cannot see ):
16:03:05 <antonela> oops https://storm.torproject.org/shared/KC1gbt77WUZWjOGikZ7zN3Vb9ll1AFUQ7D-NQMcwqxq
16:03:16 <irl> thanks
16:03:20 <antonela> np
16:03:59 <antonela> then we can continue with updates, who wants to go first?
16:04:22 <ggus> hey!
16:04:24 * ggus is around, following the meeting.
16:04:40 <antonela> oi gus!
16:04:53 * kushal is just reading the lines.
16:05:28 <antonela> hi kushal
16:06:44 <isabela> i can go
16:06:56 <antonela> :)
16:07:04 <isabela> my life this week before vacation is writing grant proposals hehe
16:07:22 <isabela> but! i reviewed the text for the google play store from stephw and i plan on reviewing the one for orfox today as well
16:07:34 <isabela> and then there is HOPE
16:07:41 <isabela> done
16:07:43 <isabela> :)
16:07:54 <antonela> cool, let us know if you need help for those writtings
16:08:14 <isabela> will do and thanks for the .onion stuff!
16:08:20 <emmapeel> isabela: good! sysrqb wanted the texts to see about the localisation
16:08:32 <isabela> cool
16:08:36 <antonela> well, i hope it helps
16:09:25 <isabela> it does
16:10:12 <antonela> emmapeel we have a meeting tomorrow with the browser team at 19UTC
16:10:32 <antonela> we can sync with them about the content then
16:10:56 <antonela> cool, thanks isa!
16:11:05 <antonela> i can go next
16:11:21 <emmapeel> antonela: great!
16:11:51 <antonela> i have been working with TB and TBA onboardings, tickets #25695 and #25696
16:12:31 <antonela> im working with Alon on the next iteration for the illustrations, i think we will have some colored versions for this week
16:13:19 <antonela> nyinz started to work on our personas and I'd like to jump there this week too
16:13:43 <antonela> #25694 is on my todo's for this week too
16:13:57 <antonela> and all the things that are needed for TBA alpha launch
16:14:16 <antonela> that's all
16:15:17 <hiro> shall I go?
16:15:23 <antonela> please
16:15:34 <hiro> with emma we qwere fixing the translations last week
16:15:43 <hiro> I think now things are a lot easier to maintain
16:16:07 <antonela> yesss
16:16:19 <hiro> there are a few things left that we are trying to solve
16:16:29 <hiro> I think this is all on my side reg ux
16:17:10 <nyinz> can i go?
16:17:16 <antonela> yes helen!
16:18:06 <nyinz> So Gus and I are working on arranging the Kenya activities
16:18:31 <nyinz> I have had issues with IRC but pastly has been a big help
16:19:09 <nyinz> Working on the user data feedback I received from Antonela
16:19:16 <nyinz> Thanks A!
16:19:46 <nyinz> There some work to do on finding a suitable format for this....
16:20:08 <nyinz> Am working on personas
16:20:42 <nyinz> finally, just reading thro docs and getting to know Tor project activities
16:20:47 <nyinz> thats all:-)
16:21:28 <emmapeel> i can go next
16:21:48 <antonela> thanks nyinz! yes emma
16:23:04 <emmapeel> work with hiro on the l10n of the support portal, looked onto the play store l10n too, and helped gus setup to be able to edit the content
16:23:38 <emmapeel> tomorrow we will be going trhough alison's gathered feedback
16:24:07 <emmapeel> i went through tickets and assigned myself to some, mostly phoul's
16:24:28 <emmapeel> looking on the general landscape of l10n... the bundles etc
16:24:52 <emmapeel> and uploaded the new content strings to transifex
16:25:13 <emmapeel> thats all i think
16:25:47 <emmapeel> (i will not be very available next week)
16:26:04 <antonela> oka, no worries
16:26:29 <antonela> emma, i think you mentioned last week that you have in transifex languages already done to implement at support.tpo
16:26:36 <antonela> is that right? hiro, could we have them up?
16:26:38 <ggus> _o/
16:26:55 <hiro> yep I think we can
16:27:01 <hiro> I'll sync w emma
16:27:04 <emmapeel> i think the languages should be enabled as soon as possible
16:27:14 <emmapeel> so we can test the whole import, etc
16:27:43 <isabela> \o/
16:27:47 <antonela> oh i see, also should we call the list/twitter for more translate efforts?
16:27:51 <isabela> please give us a heads up when all tier 1 are done
16:27:56 <antonela> ^
16:27:57 <isabela> so we can do the official launch
16:28:14 <antonela> that was my next question, what is left to launch :)
16:28:17 <emmapeel> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/26809#ticket i opened this ticket about adding the langs
16:28:30 <isabela> cool
16:28:35 <antonela> cool, you and hiro are already synced
16:28:45 <emmapeel> (i am specially scared about the RTl - LTR support)
16:28:53 <isabela> yep
16:29:04 <antonela> we have a styleguide which supports that :)
16:29:07 <antonela> lets see how hahha
16:29:08 <isabela> we have been trying to get a RTL person to help review it with antonela
16:29:31 <isabela> if the flipped experience makes sense
16:29:35 <antonela> yes
16:29:53 <emmapeel> maybe i can ask loclab for help on that
16:30:07 <emmapeel> (localization lab)
16:30:36 <antonela> yep
16:30:55 <antonela> cool, thanksss emma for coordinating all those things and people so fast!
16:30:58 <hiro> I tested chinese
16:31:06 <hiro> and everything was flipping alright
16:31:07 <hiro> :D
16:31:09 <antonela> :D
16:31:44 <isabela> !
16:31:55 <emmapeel> heh
16:32:11 <ggus> emmapeel: i was checking today and looks like all those feedbacks from alison's email were merged in support.tpo
16:32:33 <emmapeel> i saw some of them were fixed, yes
16:33:10 <antonela> ggus, do you have an update?
16:33:16 <isabela> do we have a system for content updates/translations
16:33:17 <isabela> ?
16:33:43 <emmapeel> oh! yes, we have agreed on a cycle
16:34:04 <emmapeel> around the 10th of each month ggus should have some changes prepared in a pad and we take it from there
16:34:10 <isabela> fantastic
16:34:12 <antonela> afaik gus meets emma and magic happens
16:34:17 <isabela> lol
16:34:38 <antonela> haha
16:34:42 <emmapeel> ggus may be able to do the updates alone soon, we are testing his git skilz
16:34:52 <isabela> haha
16:34:57 <antonela> hahaha
16:35:16 <antonela> cool! anyone else?
16:35:26 <emmapeel> i was thinking, maybe we need some TBA questions?
16:35:27 <ggus> emmapeel: we need to inform community-team list about this release cycle
16:35:36 <ggus> antonela: yes
16:35:44 <isabela> emmapeel: i think they are coming soon
16:35:51 <antonela> ggus go for it!
16:35:59 <ggus> last week our partner in kenya asked to postpone our training week to sept.
16:36:05 <emmapeel> ggus: agreed about informing... do you want to do it? or me?
16:36:39 <ggus> emmapeel: well, i can do it
16:37:12 <ggus> so, nyinz, let's try to change all the dates with everybody
16:37:21 <ggus> i think it's better to sept
16:37:23 <isabela> is this early sept?
16:37:25 <ggus> to move to
16:37:27 <ggus> yes
16:37:29 <isabela> k
16:37:29 <ggus> first week
16:37:34 <isabela> cool
16:37:47 <ggus> i'm going to mexico, don't worry hehe
16:38:01 <isabela> hahaha
16:38:11 <antonela> hahahaha
16:38:15 <isabela> ! y'all better
16:38:27 <ggus> nyinz flight to nairoibi is like 1h. and my flight is +18h
16:38:43 <nyinz> its true
16:39:04 <isabela> !
16:39:11 <emmapeel> wow... you will have jetlag
16:39:37 <ggus> yes, so i was thinking to arrive saturday or sunday there, so i can rest a little bit
16:40:02 <antonela> ggus nyinz do you guys already have flights?
16:40:18 <nyinz> me not yet
16:40:32 <ggus> no, let's book this week, nyinz
16:40:38 <nyinz> cool
16:40:47 <antonela> great!
16:40:53 <ggus> that's it.
16:40:57 <antonela> thanks ggus!
16:41:35 <antonela> if everybody is done with updates, i'd like to mention one thing
16:41:53 <hiro> do we all get lasagnas?
16:42:14 <antonela> PLEASE, YES
16:42:16 <antonela> hahah
16:42:19 <isabela> haha
16:42:22 <antonela> UX team Mexico meetings topics, please include any need/idea you have here -> https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-meetings-mexico
16:42:51 <ggus> ux folks: i suggested to have brochures based on personas
16:42:59 <ggus> and suggested to do this in mexico
16:42:59 <antonela> i made some notes there, but if you have anything that could be better discussed in person, please add it there
16:43:05 <antonela> yes!
16:43:18 <antonela> that is a great use of our tool :D
16:44:35 <antonela> nyinz, the other thing we should discuss this week or next is which ux research we are going to run in kenya
16:44:48 <nyinz> ok!
16:45:10 <isabela> maybe also brainstorm:
16:45:12 <isabela> 12:21 <+nyinz> There some work to do on finding a suitable format for this....
16:45:35 <antonela> isabela, do you think is ok to run circuit display and .onion icon from the latest alpha?
16:45:42 <isabela> yes
16:45:50 <antonela> cool
16:45:54 <antonela> isa https://docs.google.com/document/d/15ZvTgPytoMRgZld6cBuT4as3t2ViZWFyh5FedP7Lvzg/edit#
16:45:57 <isabela> !
16:46:01 <antonela> is the format we are trying for reports
16:46:08 <isabela> great
16:46:11 <isabela> i will take a look :)
16:47:11 <antonela> wip thing, nyinz and I we are still working on it, but feel free to make suggestions/comments there
16:48:09 <isabela> si senhorita
16:48:34 <antonela> :)
16:48:36 <antonela> cool! i think is a wrap!
16:48:41 <antonela> anything else?
16:48:52 <isabela> yes
16:48:53 <isabela> sorry
16:49:05 <antonela> go!
16:49:07 <isabela> we still doing the user test in mexico before the dev meeting?
16:49:10 <isabela> the 27?
16:49:12 <isabela> or something
16:49:25 <ggus> oh yes, thanks for remind me
16:49:28 <ggus> we have a space
16:49:30 <antonela> i dont know, i know that gus have this meetup at the rancho
16:49:40 * isabela will be in town by then
16:49:53 <ggus> it up to us if we want to have a meetup or user test
16:50:03 <ggus> it's
16:50:06 <antonela> cool, we can do both
16:50:11 <antonela> like always *all the things*
16:50:12 <antonela> ahhaha
16:50:18 <isabela> hahaha
16:50:23 <ggus> why not all the things? hehe
16:50:28 <isabela> exactly
16:50:39 <antonela> lets see how much people we have, which tech background and lets see what we can run there
16:50:46 <isabela> ok
16:50:56 <ggus> ok! so, i think rancho folks can do the flyer for us.
16:50:59 <isabela> who will be in mexico city on the 27?
16:51:00 <isabela> o/
16:51:03 <ggus> o/
16:51:05 <antonela> for when september arrives, we will have a lot of new things to test: onboarding, update Tor aaand security settings
16:51:09 <emmapeel> o/
16:51:14 <antonela> o/
16:51:17 <antonela> all the people
16:51:19 <antonela> so we can do all the things
16:51:22 <isabela> !
16:51:23 <isabela> good
16:51:23 <antonela> haha
16:51:26 <ggus> in sept, i'll be living in mexico...
16:51:37 * isabela activates ggus to organize it ;P
16:51:53 <isabela> ggus: you better learn how to make some good salsa (the food not the music)
16:51:56 <isabela> !!!!!!!
16:52:09 <antonela> hahahah
16:52:13 <ggus> ok! i'll start to invite folks, spread the word
16:52:14 <isabela> not just how to eat it but how to make it!
16:52:15 <ggus> hahaha
16:52:18 <antonela> maybe start to practice your fav ranchera
16:52:29 <isabela> hehe
16:52:37 <isabela> alright ppl i think we done :)
16:52:45 * isabela needs foooooooooood hehhe
16:52:51 <antonela> yesss
16:53:00 <antonela> okaa
16:53:11 <antonela> am i missing anything? everybody groot?
16:53:37 <hiro> groot
16:53:44 <emmapeel> yep
16:53:47 <isabela> yep
16:53:50 <ggus> /me good!
16:53:55 <nyinz> yes!
16:53:59 <antonela> cool! thanks all o/
16:54:02 <antonela> #endmeeting