14:30:51 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:31:06 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T <- agenda pad
14:31:30 <irl> i just added the one topic
14:32:54 <karsten> I added a few more.
14:32:59 <karsten> * Priority for #25625? (irl)
14:33:06 <irl> i've been working this week on the ooni vanilla tor inclusion on tor metrics, i saw your comment on #25625 and wondered if perhaps this was sponsor 13 related and should be prioritised over the vanilla tor task?
14:33:24 <karsten> ah, no, that is not the case.
14:33:38 <karsten> no need to interrupt that other task.
14:33:41 <irl> ok, in which case i can pick that up after finishing the ooni task
14:33:44 <irl> cool (:
14:33:47 <karsten> sounds good.
14:33:57 <karsten> * Tor Weather successor (karsten)
14:34:08 * irl had meant to invite the person to the meeting but forgot ):
14:34:09 <karsten> there was a thread about somebody wanting to write a new weather.
14:34:36 <karsten> I started writing a response but figured we should discuss first how we want to support this.
14:34:53 <karsten> we can still invite them to the next meeting.
14:35:33 <karsten> so, the question is what we're going to do here, ranging from nothing to adding their code to our codebase.
14:35:56 <karsten> however, I feel like we're way too busy at the moment.
14:36:27 <karsten> I'd think that we should encourage them to run this as a community project for a while.
14:36:40 <irl> i think it would be great if we could get a minimal tor weather running that allows relay operators to subscribe to alerts and uses onionoo as a data source
14:36:50 <karsten> this would include not calling it "Tor Weather", nor running it on a torproject.org host.
14:36:59 <irl> if they want to write this in python, go or java then i'm happy to provide limited help
14:37:02 <karsten> yes, I agree that that would be good.
14:37:24 <karsten> right, I was thinking that we can give them support for anything onionoo-related,
14:37:34 <karsten> but otherwise let them figure out how to best build the thing.
14:38:14 <karsten> (I'm not even sure whether they asked for more support. it's a long thread, I only skimmed it.)
14:38:32 <irl> i think i'd like to respond with my ideas of what a minimal system would look like
14:38:48 <irl> but i don't think i'd want to say "and we'll host it"
14:38:58 <karsten> another aspect we should discuss: should they really parse contact information, or just wait for operators to subscribe by themselves.
14:39:12 <karsten> telling them your ideas sounds good, too.
14:39:14 <irl> i think that parsing contact information would not be great
14:39:27 <karsten> I'm just afraid of making promises regarding taking their code or running it.
14:39:35 <karsten> well, not afraid, but careful.
14:39:40 <irl> yep, i understand
14:40:00 <karsten> okay, sounds like we pretty much agree on how to move forward. were you planning to respond to them anyway?
14:40:16 <irl> yes, but probably tomorrow
14:40:28 <irl> i was going to have a chunk of time where i write out the email
14:40:31 <karsten> sure. the thread waits there for a couple days now, what's another day or three.
14:40:36 <irl> i have notes on this because i've thought of it before
14:40:56 <karsten> sounds good!
14:41:21 <karsten> I'm also happy to make changes to onionoo if that helps.
14:41:29 <karsten> alright.
14:41:51 <karsten> * Onionoo's document classes in metrics-lib (karsten)
14:42:12 <karsten> I was wondering: did you consider pulling in onionoo.jar in metrics-bot?
14:42:37 <karsten> the question is: should we really move around things between repositorites in order to reuse them?
14:42:42 <irl> is it unreasonably large?
14:42:55 <karsten> oh, yes.
14:43:01 <karsten> we could make one without dependencies.
14:43:13 <karsten> the one right now includes all libraries.
14:43:23 <irl> perhaps it's good to do this first to make sure it's worthwhile moving it to metrics-lib later
14:43:26 <karsten> which is different from, say, metrics-lib.jar which contains just the classes we provide.
14:44:01 <karsten> I'm also thinking about this problem with respect to integrating exonerator into metrics-web.
14:44:21 <karsten> which could be as simple as adding exonerator.jar as dependency to metrics-web.
14:44:47 <karsten> (this was iwakeh's suggestion a while ago, before we discussed moving classes to metrics-lib.)
14:45:13 <irl> ah ok
14:45:27 <karsten> hmm, quite a few aspects to consider here. how about we move that discussion to trac?
14:45:30 <irl> at some point we might want to have a proper onionoo client lib
14:45:44 <irl> which would move some of metrics-bot to metrics-lib
14:46:36 <irl> if you add all the options you can think of to trac then we can see how each would fit with the things we want to do
14:46:42 <irl> that sounds like a good idea
14:46:51 <karsten> alright, will do that.
14:47:04 <karsten> * Grant proposal (karsten)
14:47:19 <karsten> I haven't heard back from isabela yet.
14:47:32 <karsten> I'll ask at today's vegas meeting, but it might be that it doesn't happen.
14:47:51 <karsten> in which case we could still put it on our next roadmap and try to get it funded later.
14:47:58 <irl> ok
14:48:00 <karsten> and if that doesn't happen, just do it anyway.
14:48:08 <irl> there may also be some overlap here with a project at the university
14:48:39 <karsten> oh?
14:48:45 <irl> i need to follow up there and see if there is something where they would do some of the work for the actual lookup services
14:48:51 <irl> and we would just do the collector integration
14:49:01 <irl> (and other metrics specific parts)
14:49:02 <karsten> that sounds good to me.
14:49:22 <irl> currently the prof is in montreal but i will set up a meeting when he is back
14:49:36 <karsten> okay, great!
14:50:01 <karsten> I'll let you know what I hear today.
14:50:05 <irl> cool (:
14:50:17 <karsten> okay, I think we ran out of items for today.
14:50:27 <karsten> unless there's more?
14:50:42 <irl> none more from me
14:51:17 <karsten> great! yay, short meetings. :) ttyl, and bye!
14:51:28 <karsten> #endmeeting