17:00:25 <asn> #startmeeting network team meeting 2018-07-23
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17:00:39 <asn> i think it might be just me and you catalyst
17:00:41 <asn> from the core
17:00:52 * asn reading updates
17:00:55 <catalyst> everyone else is between conferences?
17:01:10 <asn> dgoulet, ahf, nickm are
17:01:29 <asn> ah mike seems to be around according to the pad
17:01:37 <asn> anyway perhaps we can keep the schedule lite for today
17:02:37 <asn> boom we published two blog posts today
17:03:29 <asn> mikeperry: hmm never done debian packages before
17:03:42 <mikeperry> asn: me neither :/
17:03:45 <asn> pity i saw ximin yesterday i could have asked him
17:04:02 <mikeperry> it is important though.. pip sucks and people need a secure way to install+update
17:04:06 <asn> right
17:04:25 <asn> perhaps we should look at who is the maintainer of our stem/txtorcon deb packages
17:04:30 <asn> and ask them
17:04:54 <dmr> I'm around, too - I'll add some things to the pad now
17:05:26 * catalyst has dealt with a little bit of Debian packaging years ago and might be able to swap in some stuff
17:06:39 <asn> mikeperry: you got any user reports?
17:06:46 <asn> the blog had some good comments
17:07:07 <mikeperry> asn: so far only those on the blog, which are v good feedback
17:07:23 <asn> ack
17:07:28 <mikeperry> I need to test vanguards with bridges in particular. it should work but maybe there are snags
17:08:25 <asn> btw i havent had time to do review groups for this week
17:08:53 <asn> perhaps i will do them with dgoulet tomorrow (when he is online)
17:08:58 <asn> or i might have time to do them today on the plane
17:09:08 <asn> anyway will update the spreadsheet when it's done
17:09:18 <asn> (there are actually a few needs_review tickets since last week)
17:09:33 <asn> and by few i mean many :)
17:09:39 <asn> oof
17:09:59 <asn> anything else to talk about?
17:10:04 <asn> otherwise we can end early due to the lack of people
17:10:09 * dmr posted update
17:10:17 <dmr> I don't really have anything to talk about
17:10:25 <asn> ack
17:10:29 <dmr> if y'all need something on a ticket I'm on, please ping me on IRC / email :)
17:10:37 * catalyst added their name to relay crypto item on roadmap
17:11:11 <asn> good stuff
17:12:52 <asn> ok i guess we can finish up!
17:12:57 <asn> ill wait a few seconds before closing this
17:13:30 <asn> #endmeeting