14:07:36 <antonela> #startmeeting localization
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14:07:39 <antonela> boom
14:08:18 <emmapeel> ok, the situation with the localization in different state varies with the different projects
14:08:59 <antonela> yep
14:09:56 <emmapeel> we have implemented localization with hiro on the support poratal and it is looking good, although still not much localization
14:10:16 <emmapeel> i am talking with arthuredelstein and erin from loclab about the different aspects of the tor browser localization
14:10:56 <emmapeel> we have many languages that we havent implemented, translated since long time. translators get a little upset because they dont see their localized bundle. this situation is changing now
14:11:06 <antonela> emma will rescue them!
14:11:21 <antonela> do you have plans to post the call for translations at the transifex account? i mean for the support portal remaining strings
14:11:40 <emmapeel> from tor browser 8, and already on the alpha, we will be adding new localized bundles fromthe ones completed
14:11:57 <antonela> good stuff
14:12:15 <emmapeel> regarding the call, i wanted to consult with erin on that, but i guess i will add the call soonish
14:12:34 <emmapeel> actually the adding of more bundles was decided before i joined
14:12:45 <emmapeel> it had to do with the space needed on the servers but now there is more space or something
14:13:26 <antonela> i see
14:13:30 <emmapeel> ( arthuredelstein know about this)
14:13:37 <antonela> yep i talked with arthur about it
14:14:22 <emmapeel> yes. i also asked arthur to go through the issues in transifex and talk with the translators or look at their feedback, which i think i will try to do for other projects too
14:14:50 <emmapeel> instead of me bridging the input between translators and developers, better they talk to each other
14:16:04 <antonela> i dont know how much arthur has on his plate, but i think he will be happy to do it
14:16:47 <antonela> oka, when you have the letter posted in transifex let me know, so we can ping stephw for sharing it
14:17:02 <antonela> sounds good?
14:17:28 <emmapeel> regarding TBA localization,  i agreed with sysrqb and gk they will look onto fastlane and see if it can be integrated on the apk build process and if it looks good we will  use it for localisation of the play/fdroid stores and the apk
14:17:51 <emmapeel> yeah regarding the input... is more a long term thing, not an urgent thing
14:17:57 <hiro> :) I ma here although quite lagged
14:18:01 <emmapeel> but he was happy to find all this feedback.. he didnt knew it was there
14:18:15 <emmapeel> (i mean arthuredelstein - transifex)
14:18:23 <emmapeel> ey hiro how's PETS?
14:18:42 <hiro> it's good
14:18:46 <hiro> thanks!
14:20:23 <emmapeel> hmm i start to hink that this localization meeting was about TBA... maybe gk , igt0 and sysrqb are busy now
14:21:05 <antonela> maybe
14:21:11 <antonela> anyways, was a good update!
14:21:21 <emmapeel> antonela: should i offer help to autonomous projects in transifex for localization? for example OONI has its own project in transifex, independent of the TorProject
14:23:15 <antonela> i think you can! priorities are new website portals and TB8 and TBA alphas
14:23:26 <antonela> you can help other projects for sure emma
14:24:40 <emmapeel> also... is there a limit on the suppor portal languages?
14:25:08 <antonela> after Tier1 we have Tier2
14:25:18 <antonela> wait, limit of time?
14:25:49 <emmapeel> oh sorry... about updates: we are talking about this dropping / merging some languages in transifex. erin wanted to drop & merge several languages, but gk would like this mess to happen after TB8 launch
14:26:23 <emmapeel> so we have said to erin to merge a couple of the urgent ones, but then to wait until the launch to do the rest
14:26:30 <emmapeel> limit of languages
14:26:58 <antonela> cool about geko's
14:27:04 <emmapeel> Tier1 are prioritaire, but if a language is completed and is not on tier 1 or 2, we can enable it anway, right?
14:27:52 <antonela> yes, but lets try to move efforts to close/finish Tier1
14:28:46 <emmapeel> sure
14:28:49 * antonela is lurking into Tier2
14:28:50 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/grain/actQDLo6sQ3vDojAHZJpXv
14:30:13 <antonela> after we finish t1 we can think about the t2 list together
14:30:20 <GeKo> i am here fwiw
14:30:26 <GeKo> in case i can help with anything
14:30:42 <GeKo> i have not heard back about tba localization from sysrqb, though
14:31:24 <emmapeel> thanks GeKo ... i have no new doubts or anything... still waiting for news from your side.
14:32:26 <antonela> geko: o/
14:32:37 <emmapeel> regarding transifex, everything is a bit messy because there are many projects inside transifex' torproject project, and for example we need to decide the languages project-wide. i would like to have for example all of torbrowser in a project (torbutton, httpseverywhere, etc), but the manual and the support portal on another, because we could have many more languages on it... etc
14:33:06 <emmapeel> and that will help to prevent people translating stuff that will not be localized
14:34:42 <emmapeel> also.. there are projects being translated like cupcake.. .is cupcake being maintaned?
14:34:57 <emmapeel> is it part of tor project?
14:35:56 <antonela> i dont know about it
14:36:13 <GeKo> it's not an official tor project project
14:36:22 <emmapeel> thanks GeKo
14:36:29 <GeKo> it's maintained by saint (Griffin) iirc
14:37:12 <emmapeel> ok cool
14:39:54 <emmapeel> the other thing i want to do is to push for language links EVERYWHERE
14:40:27 <antonela> by everywhere you mean...
14:40:27 <GeKo> what's a "language link"?
14:40:54 <emmapeel> for example, the tb-manual... does not give any hint about translations
14:41:25 <emmapeel> i would like when i am in a page to have the links to the other languages in tb-manual (and better even if the page opens in the language of the browser)
14:41:50 <emmapeel> also, the tor guides on the wiki.... there are translations, some are on the wiki, some are outside....
14:42:00 <antonela> yes
14:42:19 <emmapeel> the tor relay guide is a very linked resource, there are translations, but people dont know... i find that is a pity. what do you think?
14:43:01 <emmapeel> also.. maybe it is nice to write it in the wiki, but then is a bit difficult to keep the translations updated. i was thinking maybe we can move it to a markdown-git-po workflow like the one we have for the support portal
14:43:21 <antonela> yes, we should link resources that have different languages. The new portals will have the dropdown to change, but at the wiki seems more a hand-made work
14:44:19 <emmapeel> this may be out of my scope... but i think there are too many different support websites. we should unify this more. there is the tb-manual, the wiki guides like the tor relay guide, now the support portal...
14:45:00 <ggus> hey there!
14:45:19 <emmapeel> i think the tor relay guide should move to a lektor thingie. people can write the guides in the wiki to start, but then they need to be moved i think. it will for sure improve the translation, but i think it will improve the user experience as well
14:45:29 <emmapeel> yo ggus!
14:45:50 <antonela> yep, i think we are working toward to offer this info in a sorted way. Exists a lot of docs and wikis.
14:46:10 <antonela> afaik developers docs are not going to be translated
14:46:26 <antonela> the relay guide could be part of the community portal, yes
14:46:31 <antonela> ggus o/
14:46:33 <emmapeel> the tor relay guide is already translated to spanish and pt-br
14:46:41 <emmapeel> ah ok
14:46:52 <emmapeel> what are the developers docs? (link?)
14:47:08 <ggus> like specs, i guess
14:47:11 <antonela> yes
14:47:24 <emmapeel> what is the community guide?
14:47:34 <emmapeel> s/guide/portal
14:48:07 <antonela> part of the website redesign includes to create a portal for each type of user need: support, community and dev
14:48:35 <antonela> mocks are here https://marvelapp.com/4471ig9/screen/35696611
14:48:50 <antonela> (content is TBD)
14:48:59 <emmapeel> i see
14:49:25 <emmapeel> it will be hard to decide where some stuff will be. i hope there is not much repetition because that could lead to outdated content
14:49:47 <emmapeel> there is already a lot of repeated content now in the support portal already
14:50:28 <antonela> what do you mean with repeated? inside the portal or with another webpages?
14:50:35 <emmapeel> like, most (or maybe all?) of the most-FAQ questions are on other places
14:51:19 <emmapeel> and instead of being linked, they are a different file with the same content
14:51:20 <antonela> oh yes, when the community team worked on that content, tried to centralize the answer for common frecuently questions
14:51:31 <antonela> *answers
14:52:14 <emmapeel> this is  aproblem because if there is an outdated content, you go and update it and you _think_ you updated it but there is another version lurking with the old content
14:52:26 <emmapeel> zombie content
14:52:40 <emmapeel> (warning: risk of zombie content)
14:52:52 <antonela> well, zombie content already exists rn
14:53:16 <emmapeel> it is never too late to clean it
14:53:22 * antonela likes zombie content concept
14:53:25 <emmapeel> and see of linking it
14:53:43 <antonela> yep, i think ggus is working on it, for tb manual for example
14:53:54 <emmapeel> (this i find it is important when you are maintaining a big corpus of text that changes slowly with the time)
14:54:26 <emmapeel> maybe after PETS we can have a look at this with hiro, if she fancies it
14:54:39 <antonela> yep sure
14:54:44 <antonela> anything else?
14:55:18 <antonela> lets see if tba devs can update us during the day
14:55:28 <antonela> maybe is useful to send an email to the thread :)
14:55:37 <emmapeel> yeah that would be good... sysrqb  ^^
14:55:44 <emmapeel> ok i will send an email
14:55:51 <antonela> super
14:55:56 <antonela> we groot?
14:56:04 <emmapeel> yeah we are!
14:56:15 <antonela> #endmeeting