16:00:21 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team meeting
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16:00:24 <antonela> o/
16:01:00 <emmapeel> alo!
16:01:05 <antonela> holaa
16:01:18 <antonela> not sure if hiro is around, she is at PETS tho
16:01:24 <antonela> nyinz ping :)
16:02:18 <hiro> I am here
16:02:18 <antonela> let's do a quick overview of our roadmap the almost-last week of the month
16:02:26 <hiro> :)
16:02:32 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/VHWQYNdZFxMRhEsyRBQW3Vc9iIubwaOH1_C168a9EFi
16:02:34 <hiro> we have the meetup in half an hour tho
16:02:46 <antonela> yes! good luck with it :)
16:04:05 <antonela> on my side, onboardings for both TBA and TB8 are almost done. I'm working with Alon on the next illos review, but all the other things (about:tor, user flow and content) is done
16:05:24 <nyinz> Hi!
16:05:29 <antonela> i updated the wiki for mexico meetings based on what we talked last week -- https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018MexicoCity/AgendaIdeas
16:05:35 <antonela> hi helen :)
16:06:00 <antonela> and i'm working with Personas, based on Uganda + Colombia debriefs
16:06:57 <antonela> and that's is almost all
16:07:29 <antonela> emma, we already talked about it but do you want to update us about support portal translations?
16:07:47 <antonela> or hiro, do you want to go next before you need to go early?
16:08:03 <emmapeel> we have succesfully completed a content update cycle (or two) with ggus and hiro.
16:08:11 <antonela> \o/
16:08:34 <emmapeel> we didnt had so much content to update yet but the whole system works i think
16:09:48 <emmapeel> the files for support.t.p.o are ready to be localized, i need to send a call
16:10:09 <antonela> super
16:10:16 <emmapeel> (some languages are being translated already though... there is an automatic call from transifex on new fils)
16:10:29 <antonela> oh great
16:10:50 <emmapeel> i could not make progress on TBA localization... waiting for sysrqb input on that
16:11:00 <antonela> yep, i saw it
16:12:36 <antonela> we already talked about all those deeply at the previous meeting, so we are fine
16:12:41 <emmapeel> yep
16:12:46 <antonela> thanks emma :)
16:12:49 <emmapeel> thats it
16:12:55 <antonela> nyinz: do you want to go next?
16:13:04 <nyinz> Sure!
16:14:22 <nyinz> Reading through Uganda debrief. Colombia next
16:14:22 <nyinz> Also adding insights to the Mumbai, Valenica, Uganda reports
16:14:22 <nyinz> My visa for mexico...have started the process
16:14:22 <nyinz> I think Gus could update for Kenya activity
16:14:28 <ggus> hey there!
16:15:04 <nyinz> Hi Gus! I think thats it on my side
16:15:22 <antonela> cool!
16:15:41 <antonela> nyinz: do you think we could have usability testing reports ready by the end of the month?
16:15:56 <nyinz> yes!
16:16:18 <antonela> super, we can continue working with Persona tool next month too
16:16:26 <antonela> hey ggus o/
16:16:46 <antonela> nyinz: and let me know if you need any help with the visa and stuffs, i can help you i think :)
16:17:31 <nyinz> Ok. Its complicated so i will take the help
16:17:54 <antonela> sure thing
16:18:41 <ggus> i can be next. _o/
16:19:03 <antonela> go ggus
16:20:52 <ggus> Today we received an email from our partner in Nairobi about funding, and alison answered. we're looking for more partners/organizations that could host workshop in nairobi. in mombasa, helen's contact is organizing an activity.
16:21:17 <antonela> yes! thanks flexlibris <3
16:21:27 <ggus> we are also thinking about other strategy, to rent a room and invite organizations and people there.
16:21:35 <antonela> oh i like it
16:21:48 <antonela> with that escenario we can invite multiple groups
16:22:18 <ggus> a room for a group of 20 ppl cost $30/hour
16:22:25 <ggus> yes!
16:22:51 <antonela> wondering if cipesa could have a contact in kenya too
16:23:11 <nyinz> they would
16:23:19 <antonela> i'll write to our POC later today
16:23:33 <ggus> i also reached another two groups. one is a linux user group, and they loved the idea. the other i'm still waiting they answer
16:23:47 <antonela> awesome
16:24:00 <antonela> do you already have flights? or not yet?
16:24:29 <ggus> not yet, because this partner asked us to wait..
16:25:05 <antonela> yep
16:25:14 <antonela> oka, thanks for the update ggus!
16:25:35 <ggus> but now, i think we should book. and if they cancel the training, we still will have one training in mombasa, the linux user group and the possibility to do the workshop in the rented room.
16:26:31 <antonela> yes, you right
16:27:23 <ggus> if everything fails, we could just try to schedule meeting with some organizations, do ooni tests...
16:27:27 <ggus> (done)
16:27:30 <antonela> we should discuss it with isa and alison first; i think is risky but from past experiences, best groups were the latest added groups
16:27:41 <antonela> yes
16:27:43 <antonela> agreed
16:28:02 <antonela> cool! thanks gus!
16:28:26 <antonela> i dont think hiro is around because PETS, but she sent a services update i think yesterday, so most of the update is there
16:29:53 <antonela> so if we achieve onboardings, user testing report, TBA launch and more support portal languanges, we are good to for the end of month estimations \o/
16:30:27 <ggus> yay!! :)
16:31:04 <antonela> so we can spend august preparing Mexico things, which will involve S9 deliveries :)
16:31:43 <antonela> nyinz: did you get a chance to review cy63113 last month report?
16:32:58 <nyinz> Not yet. Will get that done
16:33:18 <antonela> oh great, i was wondering if you got them, i think yes :)
16:33:46 <antonela> cool!
16:33:52 <antonela> anything else? am i missing anything?
16:34:11 <antonela> short meeting today :]
16:34:16 <ggus> waiiit
16:34:29 <ggus> i'm planning oaxaca training week
16:34:43 <ggus> do you want to apply ux testing? i could do it.
16:34:55 <cy63113> nyinz: https://ethercalc.org/3nx3nx3injin
16:34:56 <ggus> but i need instructions: what do you want to test. :]
16:35:56 <antonela> ooh sorry ggus
16:36:14 <antonela> yes, but can you run all the things alone?
16:36:23 <ggus> yep, multi-task gus
16:36:31 <antonela> haha oka
16:36:45 <antonela> nyinz: lets think about it! maybe we can test the new onboarding :D
16:36:53 <antonela> cy63113 o/ thanks!
16:36:58 <nyinz> ok!
16:37:05 <cy63113> :)
16:37:06 <ggus> cool! :)
16:38:08 <antonela> gus, dates for oaxaca are...
16:38:29 <antonela> 17 - 22 sept?
16:38:30 <ggus> sept 21th - 26th
16:38:40 <antonela> oh cool
16:38:42 <ggus> 27th tor meetup in DF
16:38:59 <antonela> *now he paste the calendar*
16:39:05 <antonela> err pastes
16:39:06 <antonela> haha
16:39:19 <ggus> hehe
16:39:31 <antonela> yes, i'll be there for DF meetup
16:40:40 <ggus> cool!
16:40:55 <ggus> well, i think that's all :)
16:41:01 <antonela> haha bien
16:41:09 <antonela> anything else people?
16:42:35 <ggus> nope :)
16:43:02 <nyinz> no
16:43:24 <emmapeel> nope
16:43:46 <antonela> great!
16:43:56 <antonela> thanks all!
16:44:03 <antonela> #endmeeting