16:58:41 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 30 July 2018
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16:58:44 <nickm> Hello!
16:58:49 <ahf> o/
16:58:51 <ahf> hello!
16:58:54 * dmr waves
16:59:25 <nickm> dgoulet is still on vacation, and mikeperry may be away because of laptop problems
16:59:34 <nickm> do we have everyone else?
16:59:40 <catalyst> hi
16:59:47 <nickm> the pad, long-term, is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2018.1-keep
17:00:27 * gwolf kind of :-]
17:00:32 <gwolf> quite tired
17:00:51 <gwolf> oh, network? hmmm, I guess I'm for room #2 - kthxbye!
17:00:52 <kushal> flexlibris, Thank you :)
17:00:57 <kushal> oops, sorry
17:00:58 <haxxpop> hi all !
17:01:01 <haxxpop> hello !
17:01:09 <ahf> hello haxxpop
17:01:13 <nickm> So this looks like a pretty easy-looking meeting today.  Let's see if it turns out to be. :)
17:01:18 <haxxpop> ahf, hi
17:01:59 <nickm> Looking at the roadmap: IIUC we're planning a revision of the 035 roadmap early next week.  But for now, is there anything that anybody really needs to do that _isn't_ on the roadmap, and is going to take more than a day or so?
17:02:04 <nickm> if so we should talk about it
17:02:49 <nickm> Probably we'll be sending emails around later this week about ideas for the roadmap revision discussions, so it would be handy if everybody kept an eye on those
17:02:56 * ahf is gonna wait with looking at more sandbox things till his s8 tasks are over
17:03:16 <ahf> cool
17:03:46 <nickm> next topic is review assignments.  Everybody okay with that list there?
17:03:57 * ahf is good
17:04:28 <nickm> ahf and mikeperry and catalyst : you have a bunch of stuff; please let somebody know if you're getting backed up with anything
17:05:07 <ahf> yeah, i think i'm good, been looking over all of them today and now going through giving some feedback on them individually
17:06:45 <nickm> rotations this week are: mikeperry on bug triage, nickm on community, teor on scheduling design meetings, and ahf on CI+Coverity
17:07:06 <nickm> I'll add community handoff to the stuff I ask mikeperry about once he's online again
17:07:20 <ahf> yep. nickm: cool that you have looked into the BUG() issue!
17:07:23 <nickm> ahf: Coverity is likely to be a mess this week, since we made the change in the BUG() macro...
17:07:31 <ahf> has it landed?
17:07:34 <nickm> ... so please don't try to do it all by yourself.
17:07:37 <nickm> ahf: yes!
17:07:44 <ahf> very nice, have we triggered a new build?
17:07:53 <nickm> I think one should trigger tonight
17:08:03 <nickm> want me to kick it off early?
17:08:16 <ahf> yes, that would be very nice! that means i can probably look at it tomorrow in the afternoon danish time
17:08:45 <nickm> ok
17:08:50 <nickm> I'm running the script now
17:08:59 <ahf> thanks
17:09:11 <nickm> we're also deferring proposed ticket discussion till we do our roadmap planning next week...
17:09:26 <ahf> ok
17:09:39 <ahf> where are we in NSS land? i haven't had time to follow up on that today
17:09:41 <nickm> so now it's time to have a quick look at everybody's updates, and see whether we have any questions for anybody who's here.
17:09:58 <nickm> ahf: I have patches; catalyst has been looking at them, but another person looking wouldn't hurt
17:10:22 <nickm> I have all the significant crypto except for RSA ported; RSA is giving me nasty compat issues that I am trying to figure out
17:10:23 <ahf> great, i have that on my list too when i'm done with the spreadsheet ones
17:10:30 <ahf> ok
17:10:31 <nickm> After that, the next step is going to be TLS itself
17:10:37 <ahf> cool
17:11:05 <nickm> let's look over updates now, and see if we think of any discussion topics?  Otherwise it may be an extremely short meeting :)
17:13:07 <nickm> hearing nothing... I'll endmeeting in a minute or so?
17:13:24 <hellais> hi
17:13:48 <nickm> hellais: hi!  Let's talk on #tor-dev in like 5-10 min?
17:13:49 * ahf has nothing
17:14:16 <hellais> Ah ok. Then maybe what I was going to bring up would have been off-topic
17:14:25 <nickm> oh! what is it?
17:14:27 <hellais> I will just leave this here though: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25510#comment:7
17:14:39 <nickm> yes, that's what I want to talk about.
17:14:41 <ahf> catalyst: i'm soon ready for the phase #2 of the PT error reporting ticket. should we do a short status about that? i think the code i have now a very very close for some review too
17:14:48 <nickm> #endmeeting