15:59:13 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team meeting
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15:59:16 <antonela> hi all!
15:59:24 <antonela> oh we have more people that what i expected :)
16:00:20 <antonela> roadmap pad here -> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/d1h2Dz2gomL-lLvxPtRgCFxwXeTzbiqvoOYUVetmkAt
16:00:44 <antonela> let's review it as usual, update what needs to be updated and then we can go with personal updates
16:00:48 <antonela> sounds good?
16:01:15 <ggus> yep!
16:01:39 <emmapeel> yep
16:02:42 <antonela> most of our roadmap for july was: Onboarding for TBA and TB8, support portal, and user testing reports
16:02:48 <antonela> we are in good shape for those! :D
16:03:23 <ggus> can we discuss this? - [in progress] Gitlab/Github for issues in repos?
16:03:40 <emmapeel> i cannot open the pad yet :S
16:03:54 <antonela> yes, we can
16:04:11 <ggus> ok, let's emma open the pad
16:04:16 <ggus> wait*
16:04:17 <antonela> im afraid that hiro is not here and she will give us good insigths in terms of what we can do and what we can't
16:04:34 <emmapeel> she is on vacations, right?
16:04:35 <antonela> but yes, after updates we can talk about it
16:05:16 <antonela> emmapeel yep
16:07:09 <antonela> so, who wants to start with updates?
16:07:32 <ggus> o/
16:07:38 <antonela> goggus
16:08:02 <ggus> helen and i booked our flights to kenya, we're doing mombasa + nairobi
16:08:09 <antonela> \o/
16:08:30 <ggus> this week i'm working on scheduling the trainings
16:08:37 <ggus> because we moved the date
16:09:29 <ggus> how much time should i reserve for ux testing in each training?
16:10:28 <antonela> in uganda, flexlibris ran the threat model activity and i ran user testing at the same moment, one person of the group per time
16:10:36 <flexlibris> hi hi
16:10:42 <antonela> holaa
16:10:58 <flexlibris> sorry I am working on this thing for a funder :( but I am here
16:11:22 <antonela> different what we did in colombia!, i didn't run user testing in colombia, but we did a lot of user needs discovery (colored post its activity)
16:11:38 <antonela> flexlibris, thanks for coming! no worries, will ping you if you are required :)
16:11:44 <flexlibris> :)
16:12:11 <ggus> alright! do you think we need to schedule a meeting about this activity in august?
16:12:31 <antonela> yes, we can!
16:13:30 <ggus> do you want to try to find a date with helen and then you tell me?
16:14:00 <ggus> I can't this dates: 07th, 08th, 23th
16:14:07 <antonela> yes, nyinz is ok for you next week after the community team meeting?
16:14:37 <nyinz> sure
16:14:37 <ggus> ok! :)
16:14:44 <ggus> hey nyinz! o/
16:14:59 <nyinz> hey ya
16:15:01 <antonela> collio, next monday after the community team meeting
16:16:59 <ggus> ok! that's it :)
16:18:04 <antonela> great!
16:18:30 <emmapeel> can i go now?
16:18:36 <antonela> yep!
16:19:14 <emmapeel> we pread the call for translation some people has asked to join since then. Spanish and French are already translated
16:19:26 <emmapeel> *spread
16:20:15 <emmapeel> i have been talking with arthuredelstein about l10n and translators feedback
16:21:17 <emmapeel> and thats it i think...
16:22:09 <emmapeel> oh, Indonesian also translated
16:22:33 <antonela> early this morning people were complaining about using transifex for translates -- i know we are joining forces with friends' projects to have a better option but is not something that we will do at least for now
16:22:55 <emmapeel> it would be very easy to have a weblate instance
16:23:14 <emmapeel> well... not super easy but it does not use so many resources
16:23:27 <emmapeel> i dont like this transifex thing neither
16:24:06 <emmapeel> also, i think we could have transifex and our own weblate instance and gather input from both... but there are many translators in transifex
16:24:13 <antonela> okay, lets keep it in mind, hiro leaded a session in rome about this discussion with folks from EFF and Tails and many more
16:24:37 <emmapeel> yes and we talked with hiro about having another session for mexico about this
16:24:49 <emmapeel> https://storm.torproject.org/grain/f65EdyqzMttYC9hBfishcb
16:24:54 <emmapeel> not sure if you can see it
16:24:55 <antonela> great, yes i think we can continue having this conversation
16:25:32 <antonela> yes, thanks for sharing
16:25:33 <emmapeel> in any case, we could provide other ways to submit translations
16:25:55 <antonela> yes, but someone will need to do the input at whatever platform we decide to use
16:26:42 <antonela> ok, is cool that you have it in mind emma, because is a long time discussion ha
16:26:48 <emmapeel> well, now we are centralizing the translations at majus.t.p.o so we could pull from transifex and from other services as well
16:27:02 <antonela> yes
16:27:13 <emmapeel> i hate transifex and their silly 4m2 screen design
16:27:24 <antonela> lol
16:27:25 <emmapeel> and they are cloed source
16:27:47 <antonela> yes, we know that
16:27:51 <emmapeel> anyway that is a long dinscussion
16:28:16 <antonela> yes, lets keep it for a session in Mex
16:28:21 <emmapeel> i just wanted to say that we dont need to drop transifex to add another translation service
16:28:29 <antonela> good point
16:28:53 <antonela> can we have many options collecting translations at the same time?
16:29:18 <antonela> and then we can merge those into one source -- idk, hiro will have opinions im sure
16:29:20 <emmapeel> specially if they use localization standards
16:29:43 <antonela> kk
16:29:47 <emmapeel> maybe it is more difficult with other kind of files, but the l10n files are prepared to be merged and updated incrementally
16:30:04 <antonela> yes
16:30:49 <emmapeel> i offered micahflee to take care of onionshare localization, and i will do it on weblate hosted interface :D
16:31:30 <emmapeel> i convinced him not to go to transifex because 'we are leaving' and he said if i do the work i can choose the platform, so i asked in hosted.weblate.org for onionshare
16:31:45 <antonela> cool, lets see how it work there and let's use that experience to make a better decision if we leave
16:31:50 <emmapeel> but yeah is only the UI for now and the website we will do later
16:34:11 <emmapeel> that' s it for me
16:34:40 <nyinz> shall I go?
16:34:45 <antonela> yes please!
16:34:47 <antonela> thanks emma!
16:35:40 <nyinz> ok
16:36:15 <nyinz> Results for TB user testing, the demographic survey and also data from Cibelle's report on TB8 alpha users feedback is ready for review.
16:36:16 <nyinz> A new report from cibelle will be out soon am told.
16:36:41 <antonela> yes!
16:36:55 <nyinz> Because am new still, am going back and forth with accounting to set up my profile
16:37:07 <nyinz> We booked flights for kenya
16:37:12 <nyinz> thanks Gus!!
16:37:16 <ggus> :D
16:37:16 <antonela> (:
16:38:08 <nyinz> Getting documents for Visa application for mexico. Everyones been a big help:-)
16:38:15 <nyinz> Started to speak with Adarsh to check in with the OONi feedback
16:38:51 <nyinz> We could have the personas ready for our meet next week Antonela?
16:38:58 <nyinz> oh
16:39:11 <nyinz> on a really cool note...
16:39:54 <nyinz> theres a buzz in Kampala about VPNs and an article about Tor in the news
16:39:54 <nyinz> !!!
16:40:03 <ggus> oh really??
16:40:05 <antonela> whaat
16:40:06 <antonela> linkk
16:40:11 <ggus> share with uss
16:40:33 <antonela> nyinz re: personas not really, we can continue working on them together during first weeks of august and then involve the community team to have their insights/notes/corrections :)
16:40:59 <nyinz> Ok. Let me find the link real quick. That's  all
16:41:07 <antonela> nyinz: did you get your approval for Mexico flights?
16:42:05 <antonela> cool, thanks helen! let's review together the reports after the meeting so we can share with isa and geko to see what they think
16:42:29 <nyinz> Mexico was approved yes
16:42:30 <antonela> my turn so
16:42:44 <antonela> On my side -- Alpha release day was moved 2 weeks, so it gives me a few more days to iterate and make some colors trials over the illos. Take a look here of Alon's delivery - https://share.riseup.net/#g0-R8wioAFFbxnGh6rtWhQ
16:43:14 <antonela> nyinz: yess :)
16:43:18 <ggus> i loved! <3
16:43:39 <antonela> is still wip, but is taking shape!
16:43:48 <antonela> igt0 is working on TBA onboarding, I made about:tor for Android last week #25696
16:44:21 <antonela> i procrastinated with css last week and made this css pattern to use on about:tor - https://onion-circles.glitch.me/
16:45:00 <ggus> antonela: the illos' text are the final one? or need review?
16:45:00 <antonela> I'd like to focus on Tor Browser icon this week. I like what Mozilla made to collect community feedback, for sure we do not have the resources the Mozilla foundation has, but i’m sure that we can do something nice :)
16:45:09 <antonela> https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/evolving-the-firefox-brand/
16:45:40 <antonela> ggus onboarding copy was reviewed by isa and stephw, i think we can take a look for the last time this week, so devs can implement it for next alphas
16:45:47 <antonela> both desktop and mobile \o/
16:46:27 <ggus> antonela: there's a typo:"Tor is a network of serves", should be "servers".
16:47:19 <antonela> we are almost in the hour, but please, let me know what do you think about the illos! dm me or email me or write me here in channels, i'm collecting all those and sharing with alon
16:47:40 * antonela thinks that Alon can join our irc meetings -- will work on it
16:47:54 <antonela> ggus, noted
16:48:06 <antonela> cool, github/gitlab discussion
16:48:38 <ggus> what kind of issues will go to github/gitlab?
16:49:20 <ggus> for update content i suggested this workflow: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2018-July/000195.html
16:49:31 <ggus> and doesn't involve github/gitlab
16:49:37 <ggus> *updating
16:49:40 <antonela> isabela sent early last month a survey about how we are using public repositories; we dont have too much public repositories (stlyleguide and support portal) but kevin for example, is helping us with html/css/js things and he is doing it through our gitlab repo
16:49:55 <ggus> ok!
16:50:32 <antonela> that said, the ux team will follow what other teams will do ha and if we are able to have public repositories and trac issues synced, i'll be more than happy
16:50:52 <ggus> ok! :)
16:51:01 <antonela> for update content, yes, at somepoint you can have .git there too
16:51:47 <emmapeel> with gus we are using 0xacab.org
16:51:50 <antonela> yes
16:51:59 <emmapeel> is also a gitlab instance
16:52:03 <antonela> hiro and i explored it before
16:53:00 <emmapeel> not sure if we should move our work somewhere else
16:53:31 <antonela> not sure what the final decision will be, but my personal feeling is that we should have a consistent way for devs community to collaborate with us. Most of the open source organizations have public repositories. I'd love to have public repositories for almost everything.
16:54:11 <ggus> yeah, but for the content, i think trac.tpo can handle this
16:54:13 <emmapeel> i like working on public repos too, but github has been bought by bill gates and i dont want to host my code there if possible
16:54:25 <ggus> otherwise we are spreading the feedback in many platforms
16:54:43 <antonela> i know and it makes the decision harder
16:54:48 <emmapeel> the feedback as in bug reports?
16:55:34 <ggus> yes
16:56:10 <emmapeel> yeah, only one tracker
16:56:26 <antonela> 1 trac ticket for all the updates?
16:57:03 <ggus> depends on what kind of updates
16:57:31 <emmapeel> for the updating cycle we do, i am not ure we need a ticket. but users and devs will open ticketss when they want changes
16:57:58 <emmapeel> so we actually close some tickets each cycle, more than  opening one
16:58:39 <antonela> we are almost in the hour, ppl lets continue talking about it because is something that is not defined yet and we really want to have it available for people who wants to help us
16:59:08 <antonela> gracias a todxs!
16:59:16 <antonela> #endmeeting