15:59:35 <Phoul> #startmeeting
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15:59:50 <ggus> hi! o/
16:00:02 <Phoul> Hi everyone! We will start today with status updates, is there anyone who would like to go first? Also, flexlibris will not be joining us today as she has a previous engagement.
16:00:08 <cy63113> hi!
16:00:24 <gman999> i can give a brief thing on nyu/poly meeting
16:00:31 <Phoul> Go for it! :)
16:00:39 <gman999> k...
16:00:42 <gman999> so isabela spoke.
16:00:52 <gman999> the meeting was prob our smallest... ~20 or so
16:01:05 <gman999> but it was at nyu/poly during summer, so expected.
16:01:24 <gman999> what was great about it is that we hvae a good layer of regular NYU/poly grad students around...
16:01:41 <gman999> so qualitatively it was very good.
16:01:50 <gman999> and if a certain partner of a tpo/tpi person starts teaching at poly...
16:01:59 <gman999> it could be a good base for tpo
16:02:04 <gman999> research, contributors.
16:02:17 <gman999> there are already a few... but it could be known tor spot
16:02:20 <gman999> relays, etc.
16:02:33 <gman999> stephw doing another meeting for students aug 15...
16:02:42 <Phoul> Thats awesome!
16:02:43 <gman999> HS students in a program run by grad students
16:02:52 <gman999> yes... the next gen of TPO imho
16:02:55 <ggus> hs?
16:03:00 <stephw> high school
16:03:00 <gman999> high school :)
16:03:02 <gman999> sorry ggus
16:03:02 <stephw> :)
16:03:03 <ggus> ok!
16:03:15 <kat5> So cool!
16:03:25 <gman999> so next meeting for nyc will be Oct.. .adn we have spot being sorted out in manhattan
16:03:30 <gman999> yes... good shit kat5
16:03:38 <gman999> that's it from me
16:03:41 <Phoul> I'm really excited to hear we are getting to present ot some HS students. I'd tried locally in the past and there was a lot of pushback against it, this should be an awesome experience! :)
16:03:58 <antonela> sounds fun!
16:03:58 <gman999> hopefully we can be a bridge.
16:03:59 <wayward> high school :)
16:04:10 <gman999> to HS students, but also for grad studnets doing related research
16:04:17 <gman999> we have to be 'network weavers' here.
16:04:36 <gman999> not just 'here's a paper' but 'talk to the author' and hang iwth them
16:05:06 <gman999> done
16:05:27 <Phoul> Thank you!
16:05:29 <gman999> (and yin is playing a great role)
16:05:38 <Phoul> Does anyone have questions for gman999?
16:05:47 <ggus> yes o/
16:05:51 <gman999> uh oh!
16:05:56 <ggus> where we can follow this calendar activities? :D
16:06:02 <gman999> :)
16:06:06 <gman999> err...
16:06:15 <gman999> we arne't doing that yet.. but should
16:06:17 <gman999> good point
16:06:46 <gman999> me and stephw can talk offlist
16:07:09 <stephw> i’ll add it to the blog calendar
16:07:11 <isabela> !
16:07:48 <isabela> (/me saw her name highlighted)
16:08:09 <ggus> cool :D
16:08:12 <gman999> ooops!
16:08:18 <Phoul> Any other questions?
16:08:33 <gman999> stephw somethin gto add?
16:08:34 <gman999> isa?
16:08:39 <isabela> nope
16:08:40 <isabela> :)
16:08:42 <stephw> no
16:09:17 <Phoul> Alright, who would like to go next? :)
16:10:10 <ggus> well, i can go
16:10:17 <Phoul> Please do! :)
16:11:23 <ggus> last week we had an online meeting with mexican folks to discuss open day activities. we're going to have another meeting in ~15 days, ping me if you want to join us. the meeting is in spanish/spanglish/portunol.
16:12:06 <ggus> this week i'm going to do this activity: https://blog.torproject.org/events/ix-seminario-de-protecao-privacidade-e-aos-dados-pessoais-sao-paulo
16:12:45 <ggus> it's only 20 minutes talk about tor privacy by default and design
16:13:51 <jaruga> hello all ^-^ sorry im late
16:13:54 <jaruga> thanks for the ping phoul
16:14:06 <Phoul> ggus: That sounds awesome! And welcome jaruga
16:14:19 <jaruga> ty :]
16:14:35 <ggus> and this week i'm also collecting feedbacks for support.tpo portal. if you have something send to me. and if you want to improve this workflow, check this thread: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2018-August/000208.html
16:14:58 <Phoul> ggus: Thank you for taking that on
16:15:26 <ggus> and at the end of month nyinz from ux team and i are going to kenya training week.
16:16:02 <Phoul> Is there anything you'd find helpful from this team before that training week?
16:16:28 <ggus> ops, and before that, on august 23th i'm going to university of campinas to give a workshop about tor. i confirmed the activity last week.
16:17:21 <ggus> Phoul: at the moment i can't think anything, but i'll let you know :)
16:17:36 <Phoul> ggus: Sounds good, please let us know if there is anything that you need. :)
16:17:44 <ggus> sure! that's it!
16:18:03 <Phoul> Awesome! Lots of great events going on! Does anyone have questions for ggus?
16:18:28 <gman999> great stuff ggus
16:19:19 <emmapeel> can i go?
16:19:25 <Phoul> emmapeel: Go for it :)
16:20:02 <emmapeel> not much to add, except that we are still missing ssome translations for the support portal, and soon it will be available in more languages to test.
16:20:32 <emmapeel> stephw sent a new call today https://twitter.com/torproject/status/1026491798229868544
16:21:44 <emmapeel> thats it
16:21:50 <Phoul> Awesome!
16:21:58 <Phoul> Does anyone have questions for emmapeel?
16:23:00 <Phoul> Alright, who would like to go next?
16:23:38 <jaruga> I'll go next if no one has anything urgent :)
16:23:47 <Phoul> Please do! :)
16:24:37 <t0mmy> (And I can go after jaruga
16:24:37 <jaruga> Not too much in the way of interesting updates here, mostly working on the additions and changes we had discussed last week :) The additional langs are almost done, hopefully ill have the other few things knocked off my list early this week
16:25:00 <jaruga> Wrote a security guide draft for the relay which I think nu is taking over :) & yea, thats about it ^-^
16:25:27 <Phoul> jaruga: Sounds good! Thanks for looking at adding those languages.
16:25:30 <jaruga> (1st thing @ tb-manual xD)
16:25:35 <jaruga> no problem :)
16:25:38 <Phoul> Does anyone have questions for Jaruga?
16:26:00 <ggus> o/
16:27:00 <ggus> i was checking our trac tickets today, do you think we could fix this one? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/20537
16:27:22 <emmapeel> nice! more langs!
16:27:54 <Phoul> ggus: I dont think that should be too difficult. jaruga / T0mmy would you like to take that ticket?
16:28:02 <jaruga> ggus: That does seem like a good idea in my opinion :)
16:28:07 <jaruga> For sure ^-^
16:28:11 <ggus> cool! :D
16:28:21 <t0mmy> jaruga do you want to want to add it and I'll push the updateU?
16:28:24 <t0mmy> *update?_
16:28:27 <t0mmy> gah
16:28:32 * t0mmy gives up
16:28:47 <jaruga> Sounds perfect :]
16:28:55 <Phoul> Excellent! :)
16:29:05 <Phoul> Any other questions for jaruga?
16:29:06 <t0mmy> jaruga perfect, thanks!
16:29:29 <emmapeel> jaruga: how are the screenshots on the manual done?
16:31:09 <jaruga> sorry was accepting the ticket hehe :) The screenshots will be done from the matching browser language
16:31:24 <emmapeel> nice
16:31:43 <jaruga> ^-^ they should all match when its implemented, assuming I did my job right
16:32:07 * Samdney arrives too late for the meeting. sorry.
16:32:16 <jaruga> hello samdney :)
16:32:27 <Samdney> hi jaruga :)
16:32:32 <Phoul> Any other questions for jaruga? (If not, t0mmy can go) :)
16:32:38 <ggus> jaruga: are you doing screenshot for tb 8 or stable version?
16:32:39 <Phoul> (hi Samdney :) )
16:32:46 <ggus> screenshots
16:33:19 <jaruga> I've been doing them with stable, though that is a good point for longevity :o I can do them with the new browser if that's a preferred idea
16:33:38 <emmapeel> jaruga: that is great, because i hope the menus that appear on the screenshots are being slowly translated too...
16:34:00 <ggus> jaruga: i was asking because i did for tb 8 manual update. let's sync about this.
16:34:48 <jaruga> @ emmapeel They will :) The first thing phoul & i ever did together was changing out the sec slider screenshots, that was.. interesting xD
16:34:52 <jaruga> sooo many language packs
16:34:56 <jaruga> @ guss: sounds good :D
16:35:43 <ggus> after wednesday i'm cool, i'll ping you :)
16:35:52 <jaruga> works for me ^-^
16:35:58 <ggus> great!
16:36:00 <Phoul> Awesome! t0mmy want to go?
16:36:17 <t0mmy> Can do! And with added coffee hopefully comes fewer typos.
16:36:23 <t0mmy> Famous last words.
16:36:42 <jaruga> "there can't be THAT many indians!" - general custard
16:37:29 <t0mmy> Okay! Only thing I've got this week is to introduce wayward, who is going to be our User Advocate starting in September.
16:37:40 <t0mmy> I'll let her introduce herself, but this is the job posting we had: https://www.torproject.org/about/jobs-useradvocate.html.en
16:37:51 <wayward> Hi all!
16:38:11 <wayward> I'm based in montreal, I'm pretty nerdy, and I'm excited to get started!!
16:38:16 <ggus> hi wayward! o/
16:38:18 <Samdney> hi
16:38:25 <Phoul> Another Canadian! We will take over Tor yet.
16:38:28 <wayward> hehehe
16:38:33 <jaruga> eyyyy im in montreal too! ^-^ welcome
16:38:47 <ggus> montreal team :)
16:38:53 <wayward> no way!
16:38:53 <Samdney> oh so much Canadians ;)
16:38:54 <sukhe> wayward: welcome :)
16:38:56 <wayward> nice to meet you all!
16:39:04 <cy63113> wayward: welcome!
16:39:07 <jaruga> We're taking over the network, one canuck at a time B-)
16:39:20 <Phoul> wayward: Welcome to the team :)
16:39:24 <wayward> thanks :D
16:39:43 <antonela> one maple syrup at a time
16:39:54 <ggus> +100 antonela!
16:39:55 <jaruga> xD
16:40:03 <Phoul> Does anyone have questions for t0mmy / wayward  / canada? ;)
16:40:23 <antonela> ggus, we have mate? capivaras? lol
16:40:37 <ggus> one yerba mate at a time
16:40:48 <jaruga> arent capivaras those huge rodents? <3
16:40:56 <ggus> jaruga: exactly!
16:40:56 <jaruga> (sorry off topic xD)
16:40:56 <antonela> oh they are!
16:40:59 <jaruga> I love those <3
16:41:10 <ggus> Phoul: i'd like to discuss about tor relay guide, if we have time.
16:41:11 <emmapeel> :D
16:41:26 <Phoul> ggus: Noted, I think we should have a bit of time.
16:41:30 <Phoul> Who would like to go next?
16:42:11 <Phoul> I can go if there isnt anyone waiting
16:43:00 <Phoul> My status update is at https://storm.torproject.org/shared/2lhFPhi3s3-7XtUBJHejOKobgNUDjCwcC97le_FK8mb . The main thing is the PETS community night from 2 weeks ago (sorry for missing last weeks meeting), it went really well and we had a good turnout. We gained a few relay operators, and a few current operators in Barcelona have stated they play to increase capacity.
16:44:12 <Phoul> Will give people a moment to look at the pad, and ask any questions. If there are no questions we can move onto the relay guide discussion.
16:46:31 <Phoul> Any questions?
16:47:03 <ggus> i'm good :)
16:47:33 <Phoul> ok, we will move onto the relay guide discussion. If anyone has questions, im happy to answer them after the meeting.
16:47:37 <Phoul> ggus: go ahead :)
16:47:46 <egypcio> pong!
16:47:50 <egypcio> here. sorry
16:47:57 <egypcio> gman999: ^
16:49:05 <ggus> ok!
16:50:03 <ggus> so, last week egypcio did some changes in tor relay guide, and another contributor reverted it, and so we had a classical wiki edit clash.
16:50:17 <ggus> nusenu send this email to tor-dev: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2018-August/013376.html
16:50:23 <ggus> (i don't know why tor-dev..)
16:50:42 <ggus> and i think community team should step in
16:52:00 <Phoul> Just reading the post
16:52:04 <ggus> i don't know if everybody followed this discussion. so, let's give ppl some time to read the email.
16:52:59 <jaruga> lordy lordy
16:53:15 <jaruga> def seems like some crossed wires
16:53:48 <Phoul> ok, I think it might be helpful if everyone involved with the relay guide met and discussed this. I will send an email after this meeting to schedule something, or we can discuss via email. Since nusenu isnt here, I dont want to speak for him.
16:54:44 <Phoul> Im sorry your changes got reverted egypcio, we will get this sorted out so everyone is on the same page.
16:55:04 <gman999> yes... i'm a bit confused by the whole thing
16:55:19 <gman999> we are slowly mergeing torbsd wiki stuff into official tpo stuff...
16:55:26 <gman999> road blocks are a distraction
16:55:33 <Phoul> I am as well, I think there is a miscommunication going on.
16:55:40 <ggus> egypcio: i just introduced the subject, feel free to join the discussion.
16:55:42 <gman999> yes, i hope so
16:56:05 <Phoul> (we will have to vacate the channel in a minute or two for the core tor meeting)
16:56:26 <Phoul> Is there anything urgent / last minute people wanted to get into the meeting notes?
16:56:29 <gman999> at this point, others should just be aware of hte situation
16:56:48 * Phoul nods
16:56:58 <Phoul> ggus: Thanks for bringing this up, i missed that thread due to it being on dev.
16:57:53 <Phoul> OK, I'm gonna shut the bot off. Thanks everyone for coming, we can continue discussion in -project or -relays, I will get that email sent as promised.
16:57:56 <Phoul> #endmeeting