15:59:42 <antonela> #startmeeting ux meeting
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16:00:06 <antonela> hi nyinz!
16:01:03 <antonela> we have a lot of things going on this week!
16:01:12 <antonela> lets start taking a look at the roadmap
16:01:29 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/nAvF5mVrJ_CyXKbZ_Btmykkc2eiix39vm23rpInV86v
16:01:54 <antonela> i updated some items from last month, you can do the same with your owns :)
16:02:20 <antonela> after that we can go with updates, and then i have some topics to discuss/talk about
16:05:06 <antonela> sounds good? who wants to start with the updates?
16:05:43 <nyinz> Me?
16:06:25 <antonela> oh yes :)
16:06:34 * emmapeel is back
16:06:49 <nyinz> working out the details for kenya with Gus. We are set to travel on 29th this month until September 9th
16:07:03 <antonela> exciting!
16:07:09 <nyinz> Am waiting on my visa outcome for mexico
16:07:46 <nyinz> Last week, worked on data reports. Antonela i think we are gonna ask for peoples opinions
16:07:52 <nyinz> ?
16:08:22 <antonela> yes :)
16:08:27 <nyinz> Finally looking at the objectives for support portal analysis
16:08:40 <nyinz> Thx!
16:09:34 <antonela> cool, anything else?
16:09:57 <nyinz> not for now
16:11:13 <antonela> perfect, lets talk about reports after people updates
16:11:23 <nyinz> cool
16:12:05 <antonela> emmapeel: hiro: ?
16:12:28 <antonela> i can go in the meantime
16:12:39 <emmapeel> ok i got after
16:12:54 <emmapeel> *go
16:12:55 <antonela> i'm writing ux july report here, feel free to add your updates!
16:12:55 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-report-july
16:13:02 <antonela> i have been working on Tor Browser icon process, you can check it here - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25702
16:13:45 <antonela> also, i got a new review of the onboarding illos by alon, they are up to revision but i updated the prototype here https://marvelapp.com/5981a4b/screen/44384314
16:14:45 <antonela> and that is mostly my week so far
16:15:36 <emmapeel> i have been cleaning up the translation bot server, #27057
16:16:00 <emmapeel> also i have tarted the localization process for TBA!
16:16:02 <hiro> I am here
16:16:03 <emmapeel> #27058
16:16:06 <hiro> sorry missed the ping
16:16:16 <emmapeel> hello hiro
16:16:27 <antonela> hiro: no worries!
16:16:56 <antonela> emma you got access to mobile repos, so great! thanks for jumping on that
16:16:57 <emmapeel> i have been talking about localizatin with arthuredelstein... not hign muc hclear except we are working on his stats for tehe support portal > https://torpat.ch/support-locales
16:17:28 <emmapeel> antonela: yeah! i didnt knew the mobile stuff was also part of the tor/browser repo... it was quite hard to find the repo but luckily i saw the irc backlog and got it now heh
16:17:41 <antonela> joya :)
16:18:05 <emmapeel> to translate the TBA you can go to https://www.transifex.com/otf/torproject/tba-android_stringsdtd/
16:19:19 <emmapeel> and i am on my way to the transhackmeeting!
16:19:27 <emmapeel> i said i was not going but here i am
16:19:41 <antonela> haha
16:19:56 <antonela> get fun so!
16:20:33 <hiro> :) can I go?
16:20:56 <emmapeel> you can come but there is no plae on our car
16:20:56 <antonela> yes!
16:21:01 <antonela> hahaha
16:21:10 <emmapeel> http://trans.hackmeeting.org/
16:21:15 <hiro> :D
16:21:48 <hiro> so, I have been enabling all the tier-1 languages on the support site and some tier-2
16:22:00 <hiro> and I am now working on the build via jenkins
16:22:07 <hiro> hopefully we will have it this week
16:22:32 <antonela> \o/
16:22:57 <emmapeel> nice! is there any place where we can see it?
16:22:58 <hiro> so once that is done we can build all our lektor projects (styleguide, newsletter, future websites) via jenkins
16:23:09 <emmapeel> is it going to be at https://support-staging.torproject.org/ ?
16:23:20 <hiro> I can put it online now
16:23:28 <hiro> will do it manually
16:23:32 <emmapeel> that would be great!
16:23:36 <hiro> was hoping the build would come sooner
16:23:55 <emmapeel> oh i see. maybe there is no need to do it manually
16:24:07 <emmapeel> if it should happen with the jenkins build anyway
16:24:16 <antonela> hiro: yes, so we can review those with native speakers
16:24:34 <hiro> sure
16:24:44 <hiro> maybe better if i do it manually today
16:24:52 <hiro> so you can start reviewing
16:25:00 <hiro> will do it after this meeting
16:25:11 <antonela> gotcha thanks!
16:25:13 <emmapeel> i bumped priority for that, at #26809
16:26:43 <antonela> hiro, i can't replicate the error tjr mentioned on the survey :/ can you help me on it anytime this week?
16:27:02 <antonela> I'm planning to send a message to the lists this week + the ux report which will mention it
16:27:14 <hiro> sure which was the error again?
16:27:26 <hiro> do we have a ticket?
16:27:30 <antonela> antonela: hiro: survey.torproject has a js bug (AFAICT) that clears out the text feild after you type into it after a few seconds
16:27:32 <antonela> nope
16:27:49 <antonela> i think we can disable js i some way (i dont have toggles and those things)
16:27:54 <antonela> *in
16:28:26 <hiro> uhm
16:28:48 <hiro> let me open a ticket... I haven't seen that bug
16:28:55 <antonela> weird i know
16:28:56 <antonela> thanks!
16:29:13 <antonela> cool, we are done with updates! thanks :)
16:29:25 <antonela> then we have some time to discuss/talk about this two things
16:29:44 <antonela> 1. Discuss UX Component in trac -- do we need one? yes/no why?
16:29:44 <antonela> 2. Discuss report format https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27010
16:30:19 <antonela> nyinz have been working a lot on reporting the user testing sessions i ran during this year, around the world
16:30:50 <antonela> we created a ticket that will work as a hub for usability research reports
16:31:01 <antonela> and then, we are creating child tickets to show each report
16:31:22 <antonela> so, should we have a ux component for it? and/or what do you think about this way of reporting?
16:32:19 <antonela> i wanted to start a conversation here, but then we need to move those reports into actionable items
16:32:42 <antonela> probably during Mexico, working together with the browser team
16:32:59 <hiro> if you need a trac component is quite easy to create and quick
16:33:11 <hiro> so you can get one even just to test if that would work for you
16:33:31 <hiro> I think the idea before was that ux issues are cross team so you used tags
16:33:49 <hiro> but I guess there are issues that are just UX and it makes sense that you have your component
16:34:53 <antonela> yes, i agree
16:35:03 <antonela> ux/research -- [ux] the component?
16:36:03 <hiro> ok
16:36:14 * antonela is looking for the components list
16:37:03 <antonela> yes, i think it makes sense
16:37:31 <hiro> here you go
16:37:33 <antonela> and will make it more foreseeable for the people who will come after us
16:37:39 <antonela> thanks hiro the hero
16:38:30 <emmapeel> i think a way to cc the ux team is also nice
16:38:38 <emmapeel> so you can add them transversally to tickets
16:38:40 <antonela> hiro oh please the caps
16:38:41 <antonela> yes
16:38:48 <antonela> this is why ux-team tag works ok
16:39:11 <antonela> but for tickets that are not associated exactly with a product task, is a problem
16:39:22 <antonela> is everything community outreach?
16:39:43 <antonela> mmm is confusing. So adding a UX/Research component, makes sense maybe
16:40:25 <antonela> lets use it for a while and lets see how it work for us
16:40:35 <antonela> nyinz: what do you think?
16:41:17 <hiro> ok
16:41:21 <nyinz> sure!
16:41:21 <hiro> let me do that
16:41:46 <nyinz> Thanks for the feedback!
16:42:41 <hiro> done
16:42:44 <antonela> super, thanks hiro!
16:44:10 <antonela> just updated both childs at #27010
16:44:19 <antonela> so, nyinz i think you are ready to upload the other reports
16:44:33 <antonela> for circuit display, i'd like to wait for Kenya
16:44:44 <antonela> so we have both reports together
16:44:53 <antonela> sounds good?
16:45:20 <nyinz> ok
16:46:03 <antonela> cool! something else? am i missing anything?
16:47:10 <emmapeel> ...
16:47:13 <emmapeel> cri cri
16:47:41 <emmapeel> ey, so about kenya, maybe we could push from some translation?
16:48:26 <antonela> yes! is a good idea
16:48:59 <emmapeel> i am not sure what people speaks in kenya
16:49:06 * emmapeel blushes
16:49:08 <antonela> we got a meeting with nyinz and ggus this week to coordinate the trainings, i think we can call for translations too
16:49:10 <nyinz> swahili
16:49:47 <antonela> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_Kenya
16:50:40 <antonela> nginx: do you think we can find possible translators inside the groups?
16:50:44 <antonela> nyinz:
16:51:32 <nyinz> ah I have another persons in mind for this, but sure we can find people inside the groups
16:51:48 <emmapeel> very bad translations for swahili :S
16:51:49 <nyinz> legal civil rights activist
16:52:16 <emmapeel> almost nothing :S https://www.transifex.com/otf/torproject/language/sw/ (you need to log in)
16:52:16 <antonela> yes! lets add it to the kenya pad, so we don't forget! cc ggus
16:52:25 <nyinz> ok
16:53:31 <antonela> great!
16:54:06 <emmapeel> nyinz: you can point potential translators to https://blog.torproject.org/help-us-translate-our-new-support-portal
16:54:36 <nyinz> Great! I will send out emails!
16:54:49 <antonela> :)
16:54:52 <antonela> thanks helen!
16:54:58 <nyinz> cc you guys?
16:55:00 <emmapeel> nyinz: thanks!
16:55:06 <antonela> emmapeel
16:55:07 <antonela> haha
16:55:55 <antonela> crazy if we get swahili done !!!
16:55:59 <antonela> :D
16:56:18 <emmapeel> yay!
16:56:21 <nyinz> you will be helping a lot of users in africa
16:56:28 <antonela> <3
16:56:29 <emmapeel> its a lot of people that speaks swahili
16:56:37 <nyinz> swahili is spoken even in central africa
16:56:39 <antonela> lets do it lets do it
16:56:54 <emmapeel> distinct language.[8]
16:56:55 <emmapeel> The exact number of Swahili speakers, be it native or second-language speakers, is unknown and a matter of debate. Various estimates have been put forward and they vary widely, from 50 million to over 100 million.
16:56:59 <emmapeel> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swahili_language
16:57:06 <antonela> faa
16:57:08 <antonela> a lot
16:57:23 <emmapeel> 50 million... 25 times the number of tor users :D
16:57:45 <antonela> yes
16:57:48 <antonela> cool people
16:57:54 <antonela> everybody groot?
16:58:37 <nyinz> yea
16:58:42 <emmapeel> yep
16:58:46 <antonela> thanks!
16:58:50 <antonela> #endmeeting