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15:59:22 <flexlibris> let's go over our August roadmap progress quickly and then do other updates
15:59:25 <flexlibris> here is the roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/a1jRZPZwNM7J7FS8kPiv2plQS8Y4HM63Q0dnVAZdEpf
15:59:33 <flexlibris> I dumped all the unfinished things from July into August, might be a bit of a mess
16:00:03 * flexlibris groups like things together
16:00:13 <flexlibris> please review the august stuff and strikethrough anything of yours that is finished
16:02:27 <gman999> that's a lot of stuffs
16:02:32 <flexlibris> yeah too much :)
16:02:35 <flexlibris> i'm organizing it better
16:02:59 <gman999> maybe stuff with dates, then general?
16:05:22 <ggus> Support and community portals
16:05:35 <ggus> what do you think "documentation"?
16:05:41 <flexlibris> ggus great
16:05:49 <flexlibris> I put it into categories
16:05:53 <flexlibris> if stuff has dates, please add the dates
16:05:59 <flexlibris> if you are the owner of something, put your initials
16:06:09 <flexlibris> if you have an update beyond it beyond finished, write ONGOING or something else
16:09:25 <flexlibris> okay if that's all organized, let's do some updates
16:09:33 <flexlibris> (of your roadmap items and anything else you want to discuss)
16:09:35 <flexlibris> who wants to go first?
16:09:42 * Phoul is here but on the phone / watching
16:09:42 <gman999> i can go ...quick
16:09:49 <flexlibris> do it
16:10:00 <gman999> so we discussed aug 2 nyu/poly meeting last week.
16:10:04 <flexlibris> yes
16:10:17 <gman999> it was more about quality than quantity.. but we have a regular audience of nyu/poly grad students around
16:10:32 <gman999> with whom we interact regularly.. .need to move to the next steps with them though
16:10:46 <gman999> connecting them up with people, getting them engaged...
16:10:49 <gman999> and yin should be here :)
16:11:05 <gman999> next nyc meeting is Oct, in a midtwon space through isabela
16:11:11 <gman999> not sure of topic yet.
16:11:19 <gman999> plus maybe harlem meeting in es
16:11:35 <gman999> and stephw doing another high school (aka HS) meeting on aug 15
16:11:45 <gman999> which i'll be joining her
16:12:02 <gman999> that's it...
16:12:09 <gman999> (and i need to book my mx flight :)
16:12:35 <ggus> let's find the italian corner in mx
16:12:40 <gman999> +1
16:12:56 <flexlibris> nice
16:12:58 <Phoul> gman999: At some point id love to talk with you / stephw about how you reached out to highschools to organize these events. In the past ive tried and they have gotten scared at the mention of Tor because "their students could use it to evade school blocks"
16:13:15 <gman999> lol... we suport that!
16:13:32 <gman999> just quick... all via NYU/poly grad students and program they do
16:13:39 <gman999> but we can talk later... stephw too
16:13:44 * Phoul nods
16:14:09 <flexlibris> anyone want to go next?
16:14:43 <flexlibris> don't be shy
16:14:47 <kat5> I can go.
16:14:50 <flexlibris> kat5 go ahead
16:15:25 <kat5> There was a bug in Relay Search last week, which meant that I couldn't check eligibility for t-shirts.
16:15:45 <kat5> It's fixed now, so I'll be catching up today.
16:16:10 <kushal> There are tshirts!!!
16:16:18 <flexlibris> yay
16:16:25 <kat5> Also, I (quite belatedly) asked Phoul to get the t-shirts for the SoP people rolling.
16:16:57 <kat5> And I seem to have lost the ability to create wiki pages, probably when things got locked down because of the ddos. Hope to sort that today.
16:17:02 <kat5> Done.
16:17:13 <Phoul> kat5: Sorry for just seeing that email. I'm happy to get that done, however for other SoP stuff Tommy is in charge now :)
16:17:14 <flexlibris> kat5 oh you need admin status i think
16:17:16 <flexlibris> but you can get that
16:17:18 <kushal> I can go next.
16:17:22 <ggus> kat5: can i suggest you one person to receive a t-shirt?
16:17:26 <flexlibris> i think probably hiro can you give that
16:17:29 <flexlibris> kushal please go
16:17:55 <kat5> ggus: please do so in email. kat@
16:17:56 <Phoul> kat5: I can also help with wiki permissions I think, just need your trac username. Can touch base after this meeting.
16:18:01 <ggus> kat5: ok! :)
16:18:04 <kat5> Thanks Phoul
16:18:24 <kushal> The publication on the first bengali website is stuck as the authors got other work to handle first. I am now trying to contact few other regular newspapers.
16:19:14 <kushal> I also missed the blog post update related to the Tor blockade in Kolkata, hoping to do that this week.
16:19:39 <kushal> And we are finally back with our dgplug privacy meetups in Pune, I will announce the next meetup's date/time and topics this week.
16:19:49 <kushal> I am done.
16:19:56 <gman999> wait...questions?
16:20:00 <flexlibris> nice!
16:20:08 <flexlibris> you have a question gman?
16:20:12 <gman999> kushal... i want hear more :)
16:20:18 <gman999> just brief.
16:20:23 <gman999> how do you structure meetings?
16:20:33 <gman999> is it just tor topics?
16:21:32 <gman999> we can talk offlist, but i think it might benefit others.
16:22:13 <flexlibris> yeah definitely
16:23:06 <gman999> because our 'models' in nyc and .in and maybe athens... should be replicated if possible.
16:25:39 <flexlibris> .....
16:25:57 <ggus> next? i can go
16:26:02 <gman999> wake up kushal!
16:26:12 <flexlibris> if kushal is done then yep ggus
16:26:35 <gman999> kushal can ping community@ with followup
16:26:38 <flexlibris> sure
16:26:40 <flexlibris> go ahead ggus
16:28:13 <ggus> last week i talked about Tor in Privacy Seminar at sao paulo/br, a lot of lawyers and public agents, so a few questions about "deep web & crimes" topic, internet bill of rights & tor, overall it was good.
16:28:49 <ggus> the video is online and translated, if anyone is interested.
16:28:59 <flexlibris> link?
16:30:12 <ggus> the english version is a little bit incomplete: https://youtu.be/hf9m5lwCb-k?t=7175
16:30:42 <ggus> last friday i synced with Phoul, jaruga and t0mmy about tb-manual updates
16:31:11 <flexlibris> nice
16:31:11 <ggus> but, i think jaruga could talk about this :)
16:31:19 <flexlibris> cool :)
16:31:30 <Phoul> (I just pinged jaruga to see if shes around)
16:31:58 <ggus> i updated tor relay guide pt-br version with the last contributions;
16:32:06 <kushal> gman999, sorry, too many meetings at the same time, I will answer when it is free (everyone is done).
16:32:48 <ggus> i also translated tor's animation video to pt-br (it was only portuguese from portugal), and i'll ask someone to push to media.tpo
16:32:57 <flexlibris> awesome!!!
16:33:39 <Phoul> ggus: I *think* stephw handles the youtube, if you're referring to that animation :)
16:33:40 <gman999> (np kushal)
16:34:14 <ggus> and i'm reaching people in nairobi to define all our workshops dates.
16:34:18 <t0mmy> Phoul ggus yep, stephw is the YouTube person
16:34:37 <ggus> flexlibris: i'll need help to answer gloria's email
16:34:41 <flexlibris> ggus how is that going with the kenya stuff?
16:34:44 <flexlibris> oh yeah, what email?
16:34:56 <ggus> her last email about funding
16:35:38 <flexlibris> ah right
16:35:42 <ggus> everything is fine in mombasa. in nairobi we have more logistic work to do.
16:35:43 <flexlibris> i'll ping you about that
16:36:10 <ggus> tor meetup in mexico city is alright too: http://media.espora.org/mgoblin_media/media_entries/2415/tor_meetup_hsre_web.jpg
16:36:19 <flexlibris> woooo
16:36:22 <antonela> \o/
16:36:34 <ggus> i'll ping oaxaca ppl this week, to see where we are...
16:36:52 <ggus> oh! and my kenya visa is done! :D
16:37:01 <flexlibris> nice
16:37:08 <flexlibris> i just pinged you in dm about the email ggus
16:37:21 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go next with an update?
16:37:25 <Phoul> sure
16:37:30 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
16:37:34 <Phoul> I put mine at https://storm.torproject.org/shared/JR8gPKztsj4YJfM1FEFD-n9F7z6QGX3hph0wqGl3uGb
16:37:43 <Phoul> I'm still on the phone as well, so my responses may be a bit slow. Sorry everyone.
16:38:25 <flexlibris> good stuff Phoul! make sure to update the roadmap with your progress on these items
16:38:32 <Phoul> Will do
16:38:35 <flexlibris> thanks
16:38:41 <flexlibris> any questions or comments for Phoul?
16:39:15 <flexlibris> if not I can go next
16:39:29 <flexlibris> okay I will then :)
16:39:40 <flexlibris> I was off all last week and today is my first day back so I'm trying to catch up with everything
16:39:54 <flexlibris> but right before I went on vacation I held the LFI in-person weekend in NYC and it was awesome
16:40:31 <flexlibris> now I'm working on incorporating their feedback into the future weeks of the course and finishing up a supplemental grant application to fund the third year of it
16:40:41 <flexlibris> and I'm also working on the mexico city meeting (we have a meeting for planning that right after this one)
16:41:23 <flexlibris> once I get those two things in order I will pick back up some of the roadmap items like working on the TBA docs and some of the community portal organizing
16:41:42 <stephw> ggus: yes- let me know when the animation is on media, and I’ll add to youtube! thanks :)
16:42:06 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
16:42:34 <ggus> stephw: ok, thanks! :)
16:42:38 <kushal> I can answer gman999.
16:42:55 <flexlibris> kushal go ahead
16:42:58 <kushal> So we start with a basic introduction, and ask about people's expectation from
16:42:58 <kushal> the meetup and how much they know about a few terms, like privacy, tor, linux.
16:42:58 <kushal> We decide a few topics before hand, and try to keep at least one thing to discuss
16:42:58 <kushal> related to programming/development and rest focused as users.
16:43:02 <kushal> Based on the actual questions and number of new participants, we move the direction of
16:43:03 <kushal> the meetup. If we have more experienced developers, then the discussions have a lot of
16:43:03 <kushal> development related things.
16:43:33 <kushal> We also discuss the problems people faced while using the tools etc.
16:43:41 <kushal> ^^ this is what we are following till now.
16:44:05 <kushal> If we are demoing/teaching something new, then we do demo/teaching part too.
16:44:35 <kushal> done
16:44:43 <kushal> Any questions?
16:45:04 <gman999> cool.
16:45:51 <jaruga> sorrt im late :) accidentally slept in
16:47:39 <flexlibris> hey jaruga!
16:47:58 <flexlibris> do you have any updates to share? Phoul and ggus said you were working on TB 8.0 docs?
16:48:43 <jaruga> Hello hello :) Ahh yes, we chatted before the weekend ^-^ I can fill you guys in on that a bit if no one has yet
16:49:14 <Phoul> Go for it, no one has :)
16:51:32 <flexlibris> .....
16:51:34 <flexlibris> jaruga?
16:51:38 <jaruga> okiedoke :] forgive any booboos, just shot out of bed xD So yeah, we talked last week to discuss how we were going to handle the transition of the manual to be suitable for tb8. Ggus had also made an awesome list of tweaks that should go in as well :) We decided the easiest way to do this would be to ffinish off the current pending changes in the alpha as well as implement the changes ggus has outlined, and then merging it to
16:51:38 <jaruga> stable. We can then use the newly cleaned alpha branch to start building the tb8 manual ^-^
16:51:40 <jaruga> sorry xD
16:52:09 <jaruga> that way the translations can be done for the modified text by transifex before it moves down as well
16:52:48 <flexlibris> awesome
16:52:51 <flexlibris> thanks for all your work on that
16:53:02 <Phoul> +1
16:53:05 <jaruga> We also decided that we will be implementing the missing languages in the tb8 version :0
16:53:10 <jaruga> so all that should be slowly worked on today
16:53:13 <jaruga> thats all so far ^-^
16:53:17 <flexlibris> wooooo
16:53:18 <jaruga> **:)
16:53:22 <flexlibris> awesome
16:53:59 <jaruga> We had a couple things to ask emma, do you guys remember what they were? xD
16:54:03 <jaruga> groggy at the moment
16:54:39 <Phoul> We need to get the alpha manual added to Transifex, and I think we wanted to get feedback on a mockup with the language list in the footer of the pages.
16:54:53 <jaruga> Ahhh yes that was it :)
16:55:15 <jaruga> is emmapeel here today?
16:55:38 <Phoul> I dont think so,
16:55:54 <flexlibris> haven't seen her
16:55:55 <jaruga> Ahh, no worries then ^-^ we can talk about it later.
16:55:58 <jaruga> Thats all from me :)
16:56:12 <traumschule> That sounds great. Is there a rough release date for TBB 8 already? (would help to prioritize translation.)
16:56:21 <jaruga> I believe sept
16:56:37 <ggus> hey traumschule _o/
16:56:52 <flexlibris> we should wrap up because the network team meeting happens in here shortly
16:57:01 <flexlibris> and the mexico city meeting planners meeting will move to tor-meeting2
16:57:30 <flexlibris> any last words?
16:57:40 <Phoul> "get to the choppa"
16:57:52 <traumschule> Thanks, I'm happy to work with you!
16:57:55 <flexlibris> ahahah Phoul
16:57:57 <ggus> thanks everybody! :)
16:58:04 <flexlibris> thanks all, killing the bot
16:58:07 <flexlibris> #endmeeting