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15:59:08 * kat5 is here
15:59:20 <wayward> o/
15:59:24 <flexlibris> here's our roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5_bLcnxu-tUd_WhxxVr7BbdgIQ4PKYIx42i-NJO1pMv
15:59:40 <flexlibris> in your update please note progress on your roadmap items
15:59:45 <flexlibris> who has an update and wants to go first?
16:00:27 * gman999 gman999 has nothing :)
16:00:52 <flexlibris> okay well I can go first
16:01:17 <flexlibris> outreachy has ended (but we've encouraged our outreachy interns to stick around!)
16:01:29 <flexlibris> and that also means that our Mozilla Open Web Fellow will start next week
16:01:49 <flexlibris> that person's name is Maggie and they will be taking over some of the Outreachy work
16:02:04 <flexlibris> and also helping with things like the support portal
16:02:33 <flexlibris> so I am hoping that we can make some strides with that and some of the community portal documentation/content once that position begins
16:02:36 <wayward> hello! I'm Maggie, excited to join in :)
16:02:41 <flexlibris> wayward oh hi Maggie
16:02:45 <flexlibris> I didn't even know you'd be here
16:02:46 <gman999> great to have you aboard maggie
16:02:46 <flexlibris> welcome
16:02:47 <kat5> Welcome, wayward!
16:02:53 <ggus> welcome!!
16:02:56 <Phoul> Hello wayward!
16:02:58 <emmapeel> hello wayward
16:03:04 <wayward> hehe no worries ! hey everyone !
16:03:30 <flexlibris> wayward: is your official first day August 31? do I have that right?
16:03:46 <wayward> My official first day is Sept. 1 but I'm happy to start a bit earlier
16:03:52 <flexlibris> oh no Sept 1 is fine
16:03:56 <flexlibris> I just wanted to get the date corret
16:03:56 <wayward> cool!
16:03:58 <flexlibris> correct*
16:04:01 <flexlibris> I'll check in with you on Sept 1
16:04:10 <kat5> (That's a Saturday)
16:04:20 <flexlibris> just noticed that :)
16:04:24 <gman999> at tpo, saturday is a weekday
16:04:33 <kat5> gman999: stop that!
16:04:38 <ggus> hahah
16:04:45 <flexlibris> someone kick gman
16:04:46 <flexlibris> :)
16:04:49 <gman999> ;)
16:04:53 <flexlibris> anyway
16:05:13 <flexlibris> today is the deadline for MX agenda ideas, so I will reach out to kat5 tomorrow or so to start drafting the regular days agenda
16:05:37 <traumschule> hi all!
16:05:42 <flexlibris> and Library Freedom Institute is in week 12, and also we just got t-shirts, so I will bring some to Mexico
16:05:45 <gman999> deadline today?  shit... ok...
16:05:58 <gman999> wont have time to articulate my idea... but np
16:05:58 <flexlibris> gman999: to be clear, that's just to get our agenda draft started
16:06:04 <gman999> k
16:06:06 <flexlibris> you will be able to add your own stuff after we share the first draft
16:06:11 <flexlibris> there will be lots of open space
16:06:37 <flexlibris> I like doing it this way because it helps encourage people to get stuff on the agenda and also because new people need some wayfinding
16:06:46 <flexlibris> but I've been asked to make it totally open-ended next meeting
16:06:48 <gman999> +1
16:07:23 <flexlibris> anyway that's it for me, LFI and Mexico City meeting stuff being my main things
16:07:27 <flexlibris> who else has an update?
16:07:33 <Phoul> I can go
16:07:47 <ggus> i can go after _o/
16:07:52 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
16:09:28 <Phoul> My full update is at  https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tB_YGCT0125_xK5S_j-JULOmCelzqGlhAlo5gycm7VW , the big things i'd like to draw attention to are the "twice-monthly" operator meetings mentioned there and the associated pad under it, as well as the operator summit planning. If anyone would like to be involved in very early operator summit planning / investigating, please let me know.
16:10:22 <Phoul> The brief version of the operator meetings is: I'd like to host meetings (like this) for relay operators twice a month, one of them being at an hour approrpriate for NA operators and the other for EU operators, both at the same time every month.
16:10:55 <Phoul> Also I am taking Tuesday and Friday off this week, but thats less interesting.
16:11:19 <gman999> details on op meeting?
16:11:25 <gman999> what's the goal...?
16:11:53 <ggus> this meeting is... online?
16:11:56 <Phoul> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/_uZYPF98Qbd2x1YnO44MqWvwaWSy7xv41P1puIWt46W for full details, however the goal is to give operators an opportunity to interact with others in real-time, ask questions, etc..
16:12:00 <Phoul> Yes, online IRC meetings
16:12:04 <dmr> Phoul: op meetings sound cool :)
16:12:29 <gman999> reading now.. i like the idea.
16:12:43 <gman999> would just wonder how it works
16:12:51 <flexlibris> Phoul the only thing I wonder about is how much work it will be to run two meetings like this per month
16:14:07 <Phoul> That is also true, I will have to consider that a bit more. I dont anticipate these being a lot more work than a team meeting, but it could easily become complicated.
16:14:42 <gman999> may be scheudle one meeting and draw some conclusions from there?
16:14:48 <flexlibris> yeah try it as a pilot
16:15:04 <flexlibris> but I would suggest trying it with the two meetings as planned, since they are different timezones
16:15:10 <gman999> and avoid it being a helpdesk meeting
16:15:11 <flexlibris> like, see if people actually show up and all that
16:15:23 <gman999> or make it a helpdesk meeting :)
16:15:27 <flexlibris> maybe it works fine and achieves the goals if it happens every six months, you know?
16:15:52 <gman999> +1
16:15:52 <ggus> maybe make one and then discuss this at mexico meeting?
16:16:05 <gman999> even betterer ggus
16:16:21 <Phoul> gman999 / flexlibris / ggus: All very good points, will revise things and I think I like the idea of doing one and evaluating at the mexico meeting.
16:16:34 <Phoul> Thank you all for looking :)
16:16:44 <gman999> i think everyone's point is to pace yourself
16:16:51 <Phoul> *nods*
16:16:51 <gman999> and not drive yourself into the ground
16:16:58 <dmr> Phoul: hopefully 2 (1 per time region you mentioned)! :)
16:17:33 <Phoul> dmr: Yes, sorry, I meant 1 round. So I would do the 2 in different timezones before the mexico meeting and we can evaluate what worked best / etc..
16:17:45 <flexlibris> great plan
16:17:45 <Phoul> err, 1 in each timezone. Im still caffinating, sorry.
16:18:08 <dmr> Phoul: also cool to hear that the relay-op showcase blog posts are under way :)
16:18:49 <Phoul> Yes! I should have a draft for stephw this week, I got some good feedback from operators who were at PETS, so am able to move forward. We have lots of operator groups who have said they will send us something "in the future", however we have enough now that we can write the first post. :)
16:19:37 <flexlibris> great
16:19:42 <flexlibris> anything else for Phoul?
16:20:22 <flexlibris> okay ggus wanna go?
16:20:28 <ggus> sure :)
16:21:31 <ggus> last week we talked with mexico folks about open days and many other things. we're contacting other ppl from r3d organization to talk about surveillance in mexico during the tor meeting.
16:21:37 <jaruga> Sorry im late <3
16:21:45 <flexlibris> hi jaruga
16:21:50 <Phoul> \o jaruga
16:21:53 <jaruga> heyhey :)
16:22:03 <flexlibris> ggus thanks for organizing that
16:23:16 <ggus> we're going to have another local community meeting sept 06 in #tor-south, 1700 UTC. spanglish, spanish and portunol are ok! :)
16:24:12 <ggus> i was also organizing the training in oaxaca, so i'm close to define the date. we already have a space and friendly organization to host the workshop
16:24:27 <flexlibris> awesome
16:25:20 <gman999> there should be a quantifiable impact on users and relays in mx after summit!
16:25:33 <gman999> well, if there is, we can display to funders :)
16:25:50 <flexlibris> yes
16:25:52 <ggus> and last week nyinz and i worked a lot inviting people to our workshops in nairobi. we made an invitiation letter, booked the venues, paid it, and did part of this logistics things.
16:25:57 <Phoul> gman999: +1
16:26:43 <ggus> and this week i'm going to give a workshop for grad students in unicamp
16:27:03 <gman999> make sure you provide research materials/angle
16:27:05 <ggus> which is a public university in campinas/sao paulo
16:27:12 <gman999> we can be good as a conduit for that stuff for that audience
16:27:50 <ggus> yes, people doesn't know anything about PETS symposium, for example.
16:28:06 <gman999> anonbib, plus people connections
16:28:12 <ggus> but it's a small group, like 20 ppl.
16:28:41 <flexlibris> are they CS students?
16:29:13 <ggus> no, only two or three. the rest are from human sciences
16:29:18 <flexlibris> oh cool
16:29:21 <kat5> great!
16:29:24 <gman999> ah cool.
16:29:32 * Samdney arrives ...
16:29:37 <gman999> we need more liberal arts idiots (like me :)
16:29:51 <flexlibris> and me
16:30:04 <wayward> and me
16:30:17 <traumschule> haha
16:30:20 <flexlibris> nice
16:30:27 <gman999> well, maybe less?
16:30:28 <gman999> ;)
16:30:28 <ggus> this week i'll be working on kenya stuff, because it's next week :)
16:30:29 <flexlibris> okay anything else for ggus?
16:30:35 <ggus> that's it. done :)
16:30:35 <flexlibris> oh sorry I didn't know you were still going!
16:30:39 <flexlibris> :)
16:30:42 <emmapeel> what date is the oaxaca thing?
16:30:48 <flexlibris> feeling ready for the trip ggus?
16:30:54 <ggus> sept 21 or 22.
16:31:03 <emmapeel> thanks!
16:31:05 <gman999> good stuff ggus
16:31:07 <emmapeel> can i go now?
16:31:12 <flexlibris> yes go ahead emmapeel
16:31:12 <ggus> flexlibris: no! it's 18 hours... -.-
16:31:24 <emmapeel> my connection is quite flaky so if i stop i will reconnect again
16:31:28 <flexlibris> ggus damn. that's what it was to Uganda too.
16:31:49 <emmapeel> ok last week i kept working on the localization of the support portal, situation is better wi
16:31:52 <emmapeel> th Turkish finished now: https://torpat.ch/support-locales
16:31:54 <Phoul> (I will lose my connection at 16:57 UTC, apparently iranicum is getting a reboot)
16:32:22 <flexlibris> wow Turkish, awesome. that's so crucial given the status of Tor in Turkey.
16:32:32 <antonela> ggus flexlibris, lets meet tomorrow during the UX meeting (or after it) to sync the last details about Kenya / cc @nyinz
16:32:52 <ggus> yep :)
16:32:54 <flexlibris> antonela sure
16:33:16 <antonela> tx, sorry emmapeel
16:34:49 <nyinz> ok!
16:35:00 <emmapeel> sorry i fell again
16:35:38 <emmapeel> not sure what else to report... tht was it!
16:36:09 <flexlibris> cool, any more questions or comments for emma?
16:36:10 <emmapeel> i also talked with nyinz about translation and with isabela too
16:36:15 <flexlibris> oh nice
16:36:26 <ggus> yes, i have a short question o/
16:36:51 <emmapeel> about the Turkish translation, it was very clear that it happened after our blogpost... people joined after our post and started translating right away
16:36:55 * traumschule is fighting with transifex' scripts. the header is always filled with keywords
16:37:04 <gman999> nice emmapeel
16:37:23 <emmapeel> oh yeah traumschule i saw you in transifex :d do you want to be German reviewer?
16:37:30 <emmapeel> ggus:go ahead
16:37:48 <ggus> i saw that some ppl were opening issues in transifex. should i take a look too or you're doing this?
16:38:01 <emmapeel> yes please take a look
16:38:04 <traumschule> could do, but i'd like to get my string reviewed first.
16:38:10 <emmapeel> i can close them as solved if you solve them, though. let me know
16:38:21 <flexlibris> so it sounds like we should do regular blog posts about certain languages
16:38:30 <traumschule> tend to translate too much, like bug tracker and bridges :)
16:38:56 <emmapeel> oh yeah, well regarding bridges i also think we should translate them.. many users are requesting this
16:39:01 <emmapeel> s/users/translators
16:39:15 <emmapeel> there is a ticket from phoul in the bugtracker let me find it
16:39:16 <ggus> ok!
16:39:54 <Phoul> Only thing to note there is isis at one point told me that changing it in certain instances would break things for users, so she asked for none of them to be changed. I'm not sure where / if that is still true.
16:39:58 <emmapeel> traumschule: yes, i would suggest only to review other people's translations :D
16:40:12 <ggus> emmapeel: oh! and what about localization lab AMA?
16:40:19 <emmapeel> Phoul: so that would mean on bridgesdb, or everywhere_
16:40:20 <emmapeel> ?
16:40:42 <Phoul> I think that was just for bridgedb.
16:40:45 <traumschule> but sure, i'll do some reviewing (was struggling with entry guards as well)
16:40:51 <emmapeel> ggus: good point! as suggested by arma, we are organizing a localization AMA with the localization lab people
16:41:42 <emmapeel> they would like to do know a bit more about tor and how to contribute but i would like to forward this questions to te usual tor channels, instead of creating a new documentation in localization lab that will be eventually outdated
16:42:50 <emmapeel> colin and ggus are going to participate as well
16:43:04 <traumschule> is onboarding already open for translation or when will it come?
16:43:24 <emmapeel> the strings are not so well yet, but soon they will be
16:44:36 <traumschule> ok, still enough to do owith support (~300) on my side.
16:45:37 <flexlibris> cool, anyone else have an update?
16:46:06 <jaruga> i can go :)
16:46:23 <flexlibris> go ahead jaruga
16:46:49 <jaruga> So last week was kinda weird RE: outreachy coming to a close, but we managed to get the last revisions for the current manual version completed and merged(?)
16:47:01 <jaruga> the tb8 changes are ready, minus the footer as we havent decided
16:47:02 <flexlibris> yaay
16:47:06 <jaruga> ready for merge whenever :)
16:47:19 <jaruga> thats all from me ^-^
16:47:22 <flexlibris> who needs to merge it?
16:47:26 <jaruga> t0mmy :)
16:47:28 <emmapeel> jaruga: any news about adding more languages? i see they are still no new langs at https://tb-manual.torproject.org/ at least
16:47:29 <flexlibris> cool
16:47:52 <jaruga> emmapeel the additional langs are going into tb8 :) wanted to make sure all the revisions are completed before getting it translated
16:47:54 <t0mmy> (Which I'll do today/tomorrow -- sorry for the delay!)
16:48:09 <jaruga> & also, thank you guys all for making my time w tor awesome ^-^ it was a great experience
16:48:13 <jaruga> glad to have had the opportunity
16:48:17 <emmapeel> jaruga: i understood we agreed on doing it last time
16:48:25 <t0mmy> jaruga Thank you for all your good work!
16:48:42 <Phoul> +1, you did great work during the internship! Thank you! :)
16:49:02 <emmapeel> it would be great if you can just add the languages
16:49:03 <jaruga> emmapeel: indeed, ggus had made some great notes for updates to the current manual which I think is going down to the main soon, then we can add the la ngs + other changes to tb8 for sept ^-^
16:49:07 <emmapeel> as agreed
16:49:11 <jaruga> & thankyouu ,3 <3
16:49:29 <emmapeel> i dont see why we have to wait
16:49:35 <emmapeel> and who will be doing this when you leave?
16:49:49 <flexlibris> what needs to happen to get the new langs added?
16:50:11 <jaruga> My internship is technically over already xD the decision to wait until tb8 for the other langs was 1) time and 2) translations being simpler
16:50:37 <jaruga> nothing really, just need to be added to repo and have them adjusted for the new changes
16:50:40 <jaruga> @ flexlibris
16:50:57 <jaruga> there was a few changes for current rev and probably 15 more changes for tb8 version
16:51:05 <jaruga> so the translators will have some stuff to update
16:51:11 * emmapeel goes to cry to a corner along with all the unsupported languages translated long ago....
16:51:38 <jaruga> We can add it now if that makes more sense :)
16:52:14 <emmapeel> we agreed on adding them alraedy two weeks ago if i remember correctly, but i understand that your internship is finished so i will have to wait another year or something
16:52:35 <emmapeel> flexlibris: now that jaruga is not doing it, who will be responsible for dpoing this?
16:52:41 <jaruga> afaik im continuing to help make the changes, and I dont intend on going anywhere
16:52:54 <jaruga> as i said the langs were planned to be put in for the tb8 changes which get pushed in less than a mo
16:53:14 <emmapeel> who planned that? because las ttime we agred on this very meeting on doing it as soon as possible
16:53:22 <emmapeel> with the languages that are finished as indonesian, etc
16:53:30 <jaruga> ggus t0mmy phoul and I met to review notes that ggus had made
16:53:41 <jaruga> you were away that week i believe
16:53:44 <flexlibris> it doesn't need to take another year. it sounds like jaruga will push changes for the current revision now.
16:53:56 <emmapeel> it would be great to add them as soon as possible
16:54:02 <emmapeel> like, 2 weeks ago
16:54:13 <jaruga> We can add them to this version then
16:54:20 <jaruga> ill push them to gh
16:54:25 <emmapeel> there is a lot of content translated and is very important for the users. not everybody is looking at tb8
16:54:37 <emmapeel> there isstuff about fingerprinting, tor relays, etc
16:54:42 <flexlibris> well, no one can make something happen in the past
16:55:03 <flexlibris> getting the current revision out sounds like a good start
16:55:16 <Phoul> (I'm losing connection in 1 minute, will be back after the reboot)
16:55:44 <jaruga> anyways that was my updates
16:55:55 <dmr> jaruga: cheers :)
16:56:18 <flexlibris> we only have a couple of minutes left so we have to wrap up, but I am going to email jaruga, ggus, t0mmy, phoul and emmapeel to find out what else needs to happen for the TB8 updates
16:56:23 <flexlibris> we agree that the current revision will get pushed now
16:56:40 <flexlibris> but if I need to find someone else to work on what will come out next month, I'm happy to do that
16:56:48 <flexlibris> of course if you still want to do it jaruga you're welcome to
16:56:50 <flexlibris> just not expected to
16:57:28 <jaruga> I'm happy to do whatever is needed of me, dont intend on poofing
16:57:33 <flexlibris> :)
16:57:46 <flexlibris> okay, I am going to kill the bot and then write this email following up
16:57:48 <dmr> I've got a quick question if no one else has an update: do we have a timeline for when we expect support.tpo, community.tpo, and dev.tpo to go live?
16:58:18 <dmr> flexlibris: I'm fine to discuss that post-meeting (feel free to kill the bot)
16:58:20 <flexlibris> dmr let's take it out of this channel because another meeting is about to happen here
16:58:23 <flexlibris> #endmeeting