17:00:57 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 20 Aug
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17:01:15 <nickm> see https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2018.1-keep for our update pad
17:01:30 <nickm> how's everybody doing?  Let's wait another minute or two in case anybody else got dropped off IRC
17:01:51 <isabela> o/
17:01:56 <nickm> hi isabela !
17:02:02 <dgoulet> hi!
17:02:14 <nickm> welcome back dgoulet !
17:03:51 <nickm> isabela: shall I copy-paste the thing we wrote as an announcement on our pad?
17:04:57 <nickm> anybody else here?
17:05:06 * mikeperr1 waves
17:05:11 <nickm> hi mikeperr1 !
17:05:19 <catalyst> hi
17:05:22 * Phoul is watching
17:05:27 <mikeperr1> hrmm.. there is an extra of me I think
17:05:28 <nickm> hi catalyst !
17:05:42 <isabela> nickm: yes
17:05:48 <isabela> nickm: sorry i was turning off things on my stove
17:05:50 <isabela> :)
17:06:39 <nickm> so, the roadmap has changed.  I've incorporated all the feedback I got since last time, and crossed a few things out.
17:06:51 <nickm> I've marked a few others as "might slip", since they might not finish by 15 Sep.
17:07:17 <nickm> Let's have a look at the roadmap, and let me know if there's anything crossed off that shouldn't be, or vice versa?
17:07:36 <nickm> I used the "status" column to explain what was up with these
17:07:41 <nickm> any questions/comments on the roadmap?
17:07:42 <haxxpop> hi !
17:07:49 <nickm> hi haxxpop
17:08:54 <dgoulet> seems good for the Roadmap on my side. I've opened a ticket today and marked it 035-proposed so could be something to discuss for Roadmap
17:08:59 <nickm> my next roadmap step is to make the 0.3.5 tickets reflect the roadmap again.
17:09:39 <nickm> Fwict on the list of 035-proposed tickets on our triage pad (https://pad.riseup.net/p/huDStrBDgqi5), there are only one or two that are going in right now?
17:10:52 <dgoulet> oh hmmm those are 035-roadmap-proposed... I used 035-proposed... I guess that is the place I should put in the ticket?
17:10:57 <nickm> Next thing on the agenda is review stuff.  It looks like those are still in progress?
17:11:28 <dgoulet> nickm: no it is done
17:11:48 <nickm> oh! I thought there were more needs_review tickets
17:11:53 <dgoulet> nickm: many things are in needs review but per discussion with isabela, I've only prioritize review on 035/sponsor stuff, the rest is ignored until after the freeze
17:12:09 <dgoulet> and by 035 I mean "must get in before freeze"
17:12:14 <isabela> yep
17:12:26 <nickm> So all the other needs_review tickets are "please review, time permitting"?
17:12:37 <nickm> we should at least do something with the volunteer stuff
17:12:48 <dgoulet> yes and thus not assigned
17:12:52 <nickm> ok
17:13:00 <nickm> let's try this for a week and see how it goes
17:14:10 <nickm> this week's rotations are: nickm does bug triage instead of ahf; asn does community; catalyst schedules design meetings as needed; dgoulet watches CI & Coverity
17:14:26 <isabela> quick thing
17:14:28 <nickm> That work for everybody?
17:14:30 <nickm> isabela: go
17:14:34 <isabela> as per the announcement note nick pasted
17:14:43 <isabela> things will shift related to reviews and rotations
17:15:05 <isabela> is temporary for us to get things done for sponsor8 in time for 035 freeze
17:15:13 <isabela> after that we will resume back to normal
17:15:45 <isabela> so some rotations might have to change too
17:16:08 <isabela> like i would like to free catalyst to work on a sponsor8 deliverable, if we can not have that rotation this week or have someone else on that position
17:16:11 <isabela> that would be helpful
17:16:30 <nickm> I'm fine also scheduling design meetings; that usually isn't one of the time-consuming rotations.
17:17:07 <nickm> also, catalyst: How would you feel about checkpointing the work you've done already on the NSS reviews, and passing it to somebody else. Good idea/bad idea?
17:17:41 <catalyst> nickm: ahf was interested in them so i'm ok with handing off to him if he has time
17:18:01 <nickm> ok. Does anyone remember when ahf gets back?
17:18:16 <nickm> and are we about to swamp him with memory measurement stuff, dgoulet ?
17:18:51 <dgoulet> nickm: nope, I should have the clietn results by the end of today
17:19:02 <dgoulet> but ahf is not back until next week I believe
17:19:06 <nickm> oh, great. Hit me up with those once you have 'em
17:19:11 <dgoulet> nickm: for sure :)
17:19:23 <nickm> I think it's okay for the NSS stuff to sit for a little.
17:19:38 <catalyst> i think ahf is back on the 23rd?
17:19:52 <nickm> hm, ok.
17:20:03 <catalyst> or maybe the 24th. not sure
17:21:02 <nickm> I think we're on to announcements and discussion
17:22:44 <nickm> Teor has a request for info on SBWS design things -- it needs responses from people who care fairly soon.
17:23:38 <nickm> They also have two questions about what blocks 0.3.4.  Anybody have opinions on those?
17:24:34 * dgoulet hasn't looked at the ticket... :S
17:25:28 * nickm is looking now and opining :)
17:25:40 <dgoulet> nickm: live auth versions: http://tgnv2pssfumdedyw.onion/#authorityversions
17:26:55 <catalyst> the macos things have me little worried we might have some time problems on 32-bit platforms that snuck in
17:27:50 <nickm> well, only #27139 is 32-bit-specific, and windows doesn't seem to have it too.
17:31:13 <nickm> We may have messed something up with Looks like nobody else has flagged discussion issues on the pad.  Let's take a moment to read everybody's updates, and see if we have questions
17:31:37 <nickm> mikeperry: do you have a list of current side-channel attacks for me to use in my quick whitepaper draft this week?
17:33:30 <mikeperry> nickm: are you talking about the congestion control related list you asked for in that meeting?
17:33:36 <nickm> yes
17:33:44 <mikeperry> I put that in the pad I sent around right after the meeting
17:33:49 <nickm> oh!
17:33:55 <nickm> sorry -- I didn't know that's where it was
17:33:58 <nickm> will look there
17:34:29 <mikeperry> yeah I made a second pad with the summary of things from that meeting and sent it out. the current side channel list is in there
17:34:47 <nickm> ty
17:36:23 <mikeperry> what whitepaper draft is this for?
17:36:51 <nickm> listing the hypothetical attacks against datagram designs, and against current tor.
17:38:22 <mikeperry> ok I'm happy to review that draft if you would like
17:38:29 <nickm> any more discussion for this week?  If not, we can call this meeting done and get back to code
17:38:45 * dgoulet is good
17:41:05 <nickm> ok.  Thanks, everybody!  I'll be online for another few hours at least if you want to work on anything w me today
17:41:15 <nickm> as always, it's an honor hacking with y'all
17:41:17 <nickm> #endmeeting