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14:00:12 <antonela> hi!
14:00:55 <antonela> last week we got some people on vacs and some absences but we are on track this week again, with the new time
14:01:03 <antonela> lets start reviewing our roadmap
14:01:25 <antonela> i cleared Jul and updated Aug
14:01:34 <antonela> please, add/update your items
14:01:45 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/7SlgcJFsB3K9Eon3kz5xIUJTUKaH6kjb-1ThQyyZUid
14:02:50 <antonela> when you are done, we can start with updates
14:03:32 <antonela> hi pili :)
14:04:02 <pili> hi antonela :) just taking a look ;)
14:04:15 <antonela> super, feel free to ask questions !
14:04:29 <antonela> so, let me start with the updates
14:04:54 <antonela> first of all, Tor Browser Alpha 8.0a10 was released !
14:05:06 <antonela> if you didnt download it yet, please do it
14:05:30 <antonela> https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-80a10
14:06:16 <antonela> as everybody knows, we have been working a lot with the browser team folks on this release
14:06:53 <antonela> i'm doing a lot of things right now, one of them is documenting some UI visual bugs/details that could be nice to have fixed for stable
14:07:54 <antonela> TBA alpha will see the light this week too, so I'm also working with igt0 on what they need to release
14:08:09 <ggus> nice! i'm using tb 8.0a10. the onboarding + onion icons are the best!! :D
14:08:25 <antonela> :)
14:09:45 <antonela> we have a meeting today with the communications team to coordinate the projects we are sharing: tpo.org content, tpo.org look and feel, the newsletter campaign and some other things
14:09:54 <antonela> i don't want to talk more haha
14:09:58 <antonela> hiro you around?
14:10:21 <antonela> then, we have ggus and nyinz visiting kenya soon! so i'm sure they have updates about it
14:10:40 <ggus> yep, just waiting my turn. can i go? :)
14:10:47 <antonela> ye! go
14:11:02 <ggus> we're going to kenya next week!!!
14:11:06 <antonela> !
14:11:31 <ggus> i'll be offline next tuesday, 28th.
14:11:44 <hiro> I am here
14:11:49 <ggus> we're going mombasa then nairobi.
14:11:50 <hiro> yo pili!
14:12:36 <ggus> i'm still working on some logistics in nairobi
14:13:37 <ggus> but, we will have 3 workshops in nairobi. i didn't confirm the workshop with the linux user group, though.
14:13:45 <ggus> so maybe we will have 4 workshops
14:15:08 <ggus> and we need to define if we're going to have the same ux testing in all the workshops
14:15:51 <ggus> done
14:16:05 <antonela> sounds exciting ggus!
14:16:06 <antonela> great, nyinz had the idea to contact the participants before the meeting to share info. What do you think about it? My biggest concern is about those emails collection
14:17:07 <ggus> antonela: what do you mean by emails collection?
14:17:22 <antonela> i mean that we need to collect participants emails
14:17:36 <antonela> and save them and send emails in a secure way
14:17:42 <antonela> because you know the people we are reaching
14:19:16 * ggus thinking
14:19:28 <antonela> idk -- we can talk about it further after the meeting, but lets think about it
14:19:40 <hiro> what about a ml on riseup?
14:20:07 <hiro> you can ask people to subscribe without having to collect stuff
14:20:20 <ggus> the problem is they aren't using gpg and they are using commercial emails (@corp.com)
14:20:28 <antonela> yes, or an ephemeral pad link
14:20:42 <ggus> but antonela, we already _have_ these emails
14:20:59 <ggus> because we sent the invitation to them
14:21:08 <antonela> oh okey
14:21:18 <hiro> so can't you just send them a survey link?
14:21:30 <ggus> in nairobi we don't have any "sponsoring" organization
14:21:42 <ggus> it basically nyinz and i inviting ppl
14:21:46 <ggus> it's
14:21:48 <antonela> yes
14:22:37 <antonela> i know -- ok, so if you already have those contacts and you contacted them via email, then when you will send next remainder email, we can include that material
14:22:51 <antonela> how sounds that?
14:22:58 <nyinz> ok!
14:23:02 <ggus> ok!
14:23:04 <antonela> cool
14:23:13 <antonela> about to define -- we already talked with nyinz about what needs to be done there, and also about the flexibility we have for the activities
14:24:07 <antonela> nyinz: do you want to update / share a little about it?
14:24:26 <nyinz> sure
14:24:51 <nyinz> btw we should sync about the agenda for Mombasa and go from there atleast
14:25:14 <nyinz> am working with Gus to get things ready for Kenya
14:25:29 <nyinz> sending emails, looking out for more people to invite
14:26:05 <nyinz> am creating personal tool with Antonela, we will meet after this
14:26:20 <nyinz> then analyzing the latest TB8 report by Cibelle
14:27:01 <nyinz> several reports are already on trac platform #27010
14:27:29 <nyinz> done
14:28:10 <antonela> great!
14:28:17 <antonela> yes, the Persona tool became part of the S9 delivery and we will share this process during Mexico. We are still working on it, and everybody is invited to collaborate with us
14:28:24 <antonela> sorry for the gdoc link https://docs.google.com/document/d/12s8KyKk4TNr-iERczLfY8N-wJGbsKqOne6PLXowGsT4/edit?usp=sharing
14:28:47 <antonela> hiro: traumschule worked on some tickets related with the styleguide, i'd like you to take a look to those PRs, is ok? I know you have another prios, but just to keep it in your backlog -- thanks irl for the help also !
14:29:15 <hiro> yes antonela I have a lots of tickets
14:29:23 <antonela> i know ha
14:29:25 <antonela> thanks!
14:29:28 <hiro> also I think both emmapeel and ggus should be able to push to the support portal
14:29:38 <antonela> \o/
14:29:39 <hiro> what do you guys think?
14:29:51 <antonela> emmapeel is travelling, but ggus is here ha
14:29:54 <hiro> I think I shouldn't be a blocker for you peeps to fix things
14:30:52 <hiro> if that's ok I am going to make a trac ticket and give you access
14:31:25 <ggus> what do i need to push things to support portal?
14:31:32 <hiro> just git access
14:31:38 <antonela> *just*
14:32:04 <hiro> I think emmapeel has an ldap account so it shouldn't be an issue for me to give access to her
14:32:19 <hiro> ggus do you have an ldap?
14:32:22 <ggus> nope
14:32:25 <hiro> ah ok
14:32:38 <hiro> so for the moment I'll give emmapeel access and we can sort that out
14:32:51 <ggus> works for me :)
14:32:56 <hiro> sounds good
14:33:33 <traumschule> hi there! (reading backlog)
14:33:45 <antonela> cool! lets update emmapeel about it
14:33:53 <hiro> hi traumshule I am going to go through all your tickets these days sorry about the delay!
14:33:55 <antonela> ggus can you sync with her?
14:33:55 <ggus> could we have 5 minutes to talk about support.tpo? it can be at before the end of the meeting.
14:33:59 <ggus> antonela: yes
14:34:03 <hiro> sure even now
14:34:07 <antonela> yes now
14:34:15 <ggus> boom!
14:34:17 <ggus> ok!
14:34:20 * antonela the future is now
14:34:40 <antonela> hi traumschule o/
14:35:49 <ggus> because we have ES translation done, i'd like to send support.tpo to some digital sec trainers to review the content. so, the chances to have a valuable feedback are bigger
14:36:14 <ggus> but
14:36:40 <traumschule> hiro: np, there are enough other ones :)
14:36:52 <ggus> if you check my last email about support.tpo, you will see that we don't have a feedback process: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2018-August/000210.html
14:38:17 <ggus> i have a pad with some currently issues in the portal, so to ppl don't report the same issue again and again, i'll use the same pad to collect the new issues
14:39:23 <ggus> there's also the duplicated questions that i don't know if it's a feature or a bug.
14:39:29 <antonela> haha
14:39:55 <antonela> so, what do you need from us here? hiro needs to know this cycle in order to get your updates
14:43:21 <antonela> about the duplicated questions, I'm not sure -- were they part of the content that you shared with us to implement? or?
14:43:45 <ggus> i don't know if a feedback process/workflow exist before and if i'm jumping in the middle of it...
14:44:02 <ggus> antonela: i can give an example. one sec
14:44:33 <antonela> i think your proposal is good. Not sure if there was a process before
14:44:55 <ggus> https://support.torproject.org/#tbb-6
14:44:58 <antonela> isabela hiro thoughts?
14:45:00 <ggus> https://support.torproject.org/#tbb-32
14:45:30 * antonela thinks that we need to have it open when people arrives from permalink
14:46:10 <ggus> or
14:46:12 <ggus> https://support.torproject.org/tbb/tbb-6/
14:46:18 <ggus> https://support.torproject.org/tbb/tbb-32
14:46:34 <antonela> oh that is the permalink
14:46:37 <antonela> the other link was the anchor
14:46:42 * antonela phew
14:47:35 <isabela> oi sorry let me read backlog
14:48:14 <isabela> ggus: the wiki page we created is  what we got as for feedback process (any feedback not just translation)
14:48:32 <isabela> ggus: let me get the url
14:48:50 <ggus> isabela: yeah, but it was for the initial process, right?
14:49:01 <isabela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/community/HowToReportBugFeedback
14:49:04 <isabela> yes
14:49:15 <isabela> of course we can refine it and make it better
14:49:30 <isabela> i would say we should include something about translations there
14:49:38 <ggus> no no, i'm talking about a different feedback
14:49:46 <isabela> and maybe we could have at the end some workflow diagrams
14:49:57 <hiro> antonela it was supposed to work like that - I had it fixed... - maybe I need to fix it again
14:49:58 <isabela> of who is responsible for what
14:50:03 <isabela> ggus: ah
14:50:06 <isabela> sorry
14:50:51 <antonela> hiro: nono is ok, i was clicking to the link with the anchor # -- the permalink is the other one and seems ok
14:54:08 <antonela> ggus, what do you need exactly from us? a review on the process?
14:55:24 * isabela steps out for an interview
14:55:36 <antonela> and about the duplicated questions -- hiro, we implemented the content left from the community team or do you think it could be an error/bug with the translation files?
14:56:12 <ggus> yes, a review on the process. i don't know how it was done and i feel in the middle of something.
14:56:26 <hiro> there were duplicated questions in the content
14:56:37 <hiro> afaik it is a feature
14:57:05 <antonela> hiro: great
14:57:20 <hiro> but maybe we do not want that anymore ?
14:57:21 <isabela> ggus: here is a suggestion - maybe draft a process proposal? not worring about what is there already, feel free to write what you think could work
14:57:27 <isabela> and we take from there?
14:57:44 <isabela> i am really out now! interview is about to start!!
14:57:52 <antonela> ggus, you can discuss with community about those duplicated content, i remember tommy working on it a while ago
14:58:02 <ggus> ok!
14:58:29 <antonela> but so far, we implemented the content that they shared with us
14:58:36 <antonela> wow an hour
14:58:44 <antonela> i need to wrap, anything else?
14:59:04 <ggus> nope
14:59:18 <hiro> a wrap wold be nice
14:59:28 * antonela is hungry too
14:59:34 <ggus> yeah, me too
14:59:39 <antonela> thanks people!
14:59:43 <antonela> #endmeeting