16:59:53 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network-team meeting, 27 august
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17:00:07 <nickm> it's that time again!
17:00:21 <nickm> the pad is still at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2018.1-keep
17:00:22 <catalyst> hi
17:00:50 <ahf> hey!
17:00:56 <dgoulet> hello
17:01:08 <asn> ehlo
17:02:07 <arma1> hello i am kind-of-around if people need things from me
17:02:59 <nickm> reminders: we'-re still focusing on sponsored work, and within that we're focusing on sponsor8
17:03:06 * ahf nods
17:03:14 <nickm> is out; with luck we won't find any tricky bugs that will require another rc
17:03:25 <isabela> !
17:03:51 <nickm> let's have another look at the roadmap and ask ourselves -- are all of these things on track for the 035 feature freeze?
17:04:07 <nickm> If not, please please let me and isabela know
17:04:59 <nickm> reviewer assignments are also on the pad. looks like there are a nontrivial number this week.
17:05:09 <asn> reviwer assignmnets not 100% done yet
17:05:13 <asn> sorry about that
17:05:19 <asn> we are still load balancing
17:05:20 <asn> right dgoulet ?
17:05:36 <dgoulet> yes
17:05:53 <dgoulet> but mostly between me and asn right now so the rest should be what is expected
17:06:50 <nickm> You need to move #26818; catalyst is swamped, and that branch is very big.
17:07:24 <asn> yess we are load balancing the NSS stuff
17:07:31 <catalyst> ahf: were you still interested in reviewing the NSS patches?
17:07:38 <ahf> yep!
17:07:53 <ahf> i think i'm already marked as reviewer on one or more of them
17:08:06 <catalyst> ahf: ok i'll hand off my state to you later today, then
17:08:33 <asn> ahf: how are you in terms of load?
17:08:40 <asn> ahf: would reviewing NSS stuff make you overloaded?
17:08:50 <asn> maybe we can split the NSS stuff between the two of us
17:08:59 <asn> you take the RSA one, I take the TLS one, or the opposite.
17:09:03 <ahf> yeah, that might be a good idea, i don't have much overview of how big the task is right now
17:09:06 <dgoulet> there are two NSS branch that are quite big...
17:09:12 <ahf> ok, then let's split them
17:09:16 <asn> ok great
17:09:31 <asn> catalyst: any suggestions on how to split the NSS tickets? :)
17:09:37 <asn> have you seen the TLS one, or just the RSA one?
17:09:38 <ahf> i am going over my old review queue as well today, hope to look at the NSS work tomorrow, then back to the s8 coding
17:10:04 <catalyst> asn: i've looked at the DH one, but not yet anything later than that
17:10:06 <asn> which one is bigger? o r are they approx the same?
17:10:33 <ahf> there is a TLS, RSA, DH and ... hashing one?
17:10:41 <catalyst> i haven't looked at RSA or TLS yet
17:10:43 <asn> for review this week, there is TLS and RSA
17:10:46 <ahf> ack
17:10:48 <asn> nickm: are they approx the same size?
17:10:54 <catalyst> the hashing one was included in DH
17:10:59 <asn> ahf: you have a preference for TLS or RSA?
17:11:13 <asn> i think i might prefer RSA just because it sounds more crypto, but I don't mind either
17:11:34 <ahf> i'm fine with either
17:11:41 <nickm> the TLS one is based on the RSA one; it's possible to treat it all as one big branch
17:11:44 <mikeperry> I think it is starting to look likely that wtf-pad may miss 035 btw. I'm going to keep working on it since having something that can be discussed, used, tested, and experimented on before Mexico City will be v useful
17:11:58 <mikeperry> but it's not so big a deal that it get into 035, I don't think
17:12:15 <nickm> mikeperry: ok. could you note that on the spreadsheet ?
17:12:20 <asn> ahf: ok you take TLS, I take RSA? and we revise this week if one is too big?
17:12:26 <ahf> yes
17:12:28 <ahf> let's do that
17:12:30 <asn> ahf: basically, you can assume that the RSA stack has been reviewed
17:12:41 <asn> ahf: but let's be in contact
17:12:46 <ahf> are you gonna update the reviewer sheet with this when you do reviewers for the entire week?
17:12:50 <asn> yes i will
17:12:54 <ahf> yep, i'm probably gonna skim over the RSA one too then
17:13:06 <asn> k sounds good
17:13:25 <nickm> the branches are both big, but there is a fairly big amount of code movement in each
17:13:46 <nickm> fyi, there is a memory leak somewhere that I am still tracking down, so don't be alarmed if the tests report a memory leak.
17:13:51 <asn> ok
17:14:03 <ahf> ok
17:14:10 <catalyst> i second nickm's recommendation for git diff --color-moved when reviewing some of these commits
17:14:41 <asn> ack
17:14:52 <asn> mikeperry: ack on the wtf-pad stuff
17:14:53 <nickm> (and if your git doesn't have --color-moved, it's pretty easy to build a new git from source. Ask me for help!)
17:15:02 <asn> i have color-moved and i love it
17:15:07 <nickm> we ready to move on to rotations?
17:15:09 <ahf> i have that too
17:15:31 <nickm> This week we have asn=triage, catalyst=community,dgoulet=meetings,mikeperry=ci/coverity.
17:15:40 <asn> ack
17:15:57 <isabela> can we drop community for this week?
17:16:16 <nickm> I'll take it on.
17:16:18 <isabela> k
17:16:27 <catalyst> nickm: thanks
17:16:30 <nickm> I'll probably do a minimal version, and just refer people to other stuff
17:17:16 <nickm> I think we aren't adding anything to the 0.3.5 milestone this week either :)
17:17:16 <ahf> feel free to refer to me there, i think you took quite some rotation duties for me while i was gone, nickm
17:17:55 <nickm> thanks ahf
17:18:15 <nickm> everyone make sure you read the announcements stuff -- looks like teor has some things there.
17:18:45 <nickm> on to discussion -- we want anybody else at the team meeting day? I'm okay with the suggestions there, though we should manage Alex's expectations just to make sure he isn't bored
17:19:19 <ahf> it's Alex who was in montreal?
17:19:38 <nickm> Alex Crichton. Is that the same one?
17:19:45 <catalyst> yeah i think it's the same Alex
17:19:46 <ahf> yes, that is the one who was in montreal
17:19:55 <ahf> cool, he was super nice. i was worried we were too boring for him
17:20:42 <nickm> If you've got any more people to invite, we should know about them ASAP, so contact me and isa.
17:20:49 <ahf> juga?
17:21:07 <isabela> juga was invited already
17:21:11 <nickm> juga meets those criteria, yeah! If we can get here there, I think we should.
17:21:14 <isabela> umm
17:21:14 <nickm> great
17:21:20 <isabela> we should double check team day tho
17:21:53 <ahf> very nice
17:21:55 <ahf> cool!
17:22:00 <nickm> ok; and we should do so soon.  I'm presuming it's pretty late if she's already got her flight, but we should ask her & jon
17:22:21 <isabela> yep, i can do it
17:22:24 <nickm> next discussion thing is PRs and CI and github.
17:23:00 <nickm> Should we require there to be Github PRs for external contributors?
17:23:02 <asn> i think juga is coming guys
17:23:07 <asn> i read their Re: [network-team] [tor-meeting] Fwd: [IMPORTANT] creating the agenda for Mexico City
17:23:23 <ahf> yeah, i think they are coming too - this was just about this specific meeting
17:23:27 <asn> its implied they are coming, and ive been assuming that they will be coming (right juga ?)
17:23:32 <nickm> *they
17:23:41 <nickm> The question is about the team day
17:23:44 <asn> ah sorry
17:24:26 <catalyst> i think we should invite juga to team day (and make sure they know they're invited)
17:24:31 <asn> agreed
17:24:38 * isabela pinging them via email
17:26:57 <nickm> Any thoughts on the PR thing?
17:28:25 <catalyst> i'm not sure yet whether we want to make it an outright requirement to submit a PR against our repo. maybe we should consider setting the expectation that review of such contributions could be delayed while we do stuff they haven't done?
17:28:51 <asn> agreed we should not make it a requirement for volunteers
17:29:21 <asn> perhaps we can politely ask them , or tell them that it might get delayed. worst case we can make a PR of our own, so that we get the travis.
17:29:35 <nickm> yeah, we can always make PRs ourselves, and add them to the ticket
17:30:05 <nickm> I wonder if some time in the future it would make sense not to do this as some rotating duty.
17:30:29 <nickm> s/not//
17:30:48 <asn> almost seems like community hero work
17:30:52 <catalyst> asn: +1
17:30:58 <ahf> yeah, i think that fits well under the community hero work
17:33:07 <nickm> ok
17:33:26 <asn> but how does the community hero know which tickets should be PRed is a different deal
17:33:37 <asn> perhaps we can figure this out in the future as we understand more about this problem
17:34:07 <nickm> makes sense. as a first guess, I'd go "anything that has nontrivial code, and is in needs_review"
17:34:12 <nickm> does that sound reasonable?
17:34:18 <catalyst> sounds good
17:34:33 <catalyst> is it something that can be done as part of review assignments?
17:35:18 <asn> that is also a plausibility
17:36:28 <asn> dgoulet: what u think?
17:36:47 <nickm> maybe, though the earlier it gets done, the better for contributors.  It's a good thing to check while assigning, at least.
17:37:05 <asn> ack
17:37:10 <asn> ok let's have it in mind and see how it goes
17:38:43 <dmr> nickm, isabela: what's involved in the community hero role? I can try to help out with some of that this week. I'm checking IRC scrollback decently regularly again these days, so I can help out with some of the IRC communication / getting people started.
17:39:03 <nickm> only one other discussion thing on the list -- but please read everybody's notes and see if there's more to discuss! --
17:39:14 <dmr> (sorry, still reading scrollback from the meeting)
17:39:44 <nickm> how do we feel about Sep 10 for our tenative release target?  That gives us 2 weeks to notice if there's any criticial bugs left and if they're hard to fix
17:40:37 <asn> ok!
17:42:02 <ahf> we don't want it to be after the 0.3.5 freeze?
17:42:04 <nickm> ok. that's it from me.  anything else?  if not, let's all take a couple of minutes to read all the updates, if we haven't already...
17:42:13 <nickm> ahf: we wanted it to be on 15 august
17:42:18 <ahf> ack!
17:42:48 <nickm> it will slip again if there are bugs we can't fix trivially, but that's life :/
17:43:22 <ahf> ack
17:45:17 <nickm> anything else for this week?
17:46:46 <nickm> ok, thanks everybody!
17:46:49 <ahf> o/
17:46:55 <nickm> just a reminder: I'm away on thursday.
17:47:01 <nickm> but I should be here the rest of the week
17:47:16 <nickm> peace all!
17:47:17 <nickm> #endmeeting