14:04:12 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:04:17 <antonela> so, hi people!
14:04:30 <antonela> some of our folks are not here today, but lets run it anyways
14:04:49 <antonela> borkdoy: welcome :)
14:04:56 <borkdoy> thanks!
14:05:52 <antonela> first of all, lets review our roadmap -- i updated my tasks and following my friend flexlibris, sorted those by topic
14:06:05 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/UgzriR19ccspRG29ynaIyWWXMbPCY5MTJIR0jbGIbII
14:08:27 <antonela> borkdoy: not sure what is your availability, but this ticket is open and we are looking to move it :) https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25702
14:09:33 <antonela> related to it: sysrqb shared with the dev list a process that F-droid community ran for they new icon - https://forum.f-droid.org/t/poll-vote-on-new-icon-for-fennec/3513
14:09:39 <borkdoy> i will take a closer look
14:10:07 <antonela> and i really think this is interesting, and was the first aim when i thought about that process for Tor Browser Icon
14:10:54 <antonela> so, i talked with isabela today and we can get some traction from social media and some lists, i'm making an email to share today with the comms team for review
14:11:35 <stephw> antonela: who is the email to?
14:11:55 <antonela> ux list probably, open design collective
14:12:16 <antonela> not sure, i might need your help on it
14:12:24 <antonela> some tweet maybe
14:12:56 <antonela> the fact is: this is not a contest, we dont have a prize, but my idea is to have this ticket more active
14:13:06 <antonela> stephw what do you think?
14:13:25 <stephw> i am working on the press release now and it’s obv ux focused, so i think we should send to some sites/publications focused on ux in addition to some press contacts we have
14:13:47 <stephw> antonela: im not sure what you mean about making the ticket more active
14:14:04 <stephw> to get feedback on the changes?
14:14:15 <antonela> or to get proposals, ideas
14:15:00 <stephw> yea if we want to do that, we should change the feedback process for this or include a note in the post
14:15:31 <antonela> i have been working on it for a while and i think that is great if we can include the community on this process, this is why i wrote that process
14:15:34 <isabela> oi
14:15:39 <isabela> i think these are different things
14:15:50 <isabela> the icon campaign and the feedback process for releases
14:16:04 <antonela> yes, they are two different things
14:16:04 <stephw> ah i see
14:16:14 <stephw> sounds good
14:16:15 <antonela> not sure if add it to the press release will help
14:16:20 <isabela> stephw: all we need is help tweeting about the survey anto created
14:16:41 <stephw> nah not for the press release
14:16:43 <isabela> the press release will be about desktop browser 8.0 and ux
14:16:47 <stephw> yes
14:16:47 <isabela> icon dont need to be there
14:16:51 <antonela> cool
14:16:57 <isabela> we need is a tweet
14:17:02 <isabela> for the community to see
14:17:35 <antonela> exactly
14:17:55 <stephw> okay cool
14:17:58 <isabela> or a couple in different days
14:18:08 <stephw> yup
14:19:18 <antonela> i have a pad for it here - https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-icon
14:20:28 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27214#comment:14
14:20:31 <antonela> stephw since you are here, could you review this ^
14:20:38 <isabela> antonela: maybe part of the text can be in an image and the rest in a tweet?
14:21:01 <antonela> isabela: yes, we can have an image
14:22:42 <stephw> antonela: it doesnt look like the text is the same that patch
14:22:54 <antonela> stephw: ?
14:23:25 <stephw> there is a new comment with a patch
14:23:51 <isabela> i am adding suggestions to the pad
14:23:59 <antonela> yes, made by mcs just a few minutes ago
14:24:12 <antonela> stephw - did you see my comment on the pad?
14:24:36 <stephw> yes i think so and responded
14:25:28 <antonela> emmapeel, we talked last week about to have support.tpo with the finished localization strings. In progress localizations are living at http://support-staging.torproject.org/ -- did you have a chance to review it?
14:25:35 <stephw> actually, i was just not familiar with looking at that patch, it looks good to me
14:25:53 <antonela> stephw cool, can you comment that on the ticket
14:25:53 <antonela> ?
14:25:59 <stephw> yes
14:26:15 <antonela> stephw: thanks
14:26:49 <stephw> i dont understand the comment about fancy quote marks or not
14:26:55 <stephw> but the text looks fine
14:27:25 <isabela> i think we were not paying attention to it at the pad
14:27:32 <isabela> and used two different type of quote marks
14:28:03 <isabela> so he is asking which one to use, and that we stick w/ it on copies
14:28:42 <stephw> yes i understand he is saying there are 2 and we should use 1 but i dont see where the difference is
14:30:05 <isabela> ‘Tor Network’
14:30:18 <antonela> the difference is at the patch code
14:30:18 <antonela> ‘Tor Network’
14:30:25 <borkdoy> i have to cut out. i went in and setup logins for the ticketing sites (and requested access to a couole things). i will go in and see if i can wrap my head around everything and see where i can add some thoughts / value
14:31:20 <antonela> borkdoy, thanks!
14:31:40 <antonela> borkdoy, will wait for it, if you have any question feel free to email me like last time :)
14:31:46 <borkdoy> and ill definetly be back in here next week
14:31:52 <borkdoy> and thanks!
14:31:54 <antonela> that's great
14:32:12 <hiro> I am back sorry
14:32:27 <antonela> hiro is ok
14:34:45 <antonela> hiro, related with tpo.org, steph and isa and me we are meeting on Fridays to work on the content, i'm working on updating mocks for review this week and maybe early next month we will have those ready for markup
14:35:43 <hiro> it's good we are getting at a good speed with lektor
14:35:52 <antonela> great
14:36:07 <hiro> also we are now building support and support-staging with jenkins
14:36:14 <antonela> \o/
14:36:20 <hiro> there are a few things to fix but it is a huge improvement
14:36:43 <antonela> i asked emma for update on those, i think jenkins will make that process easier
14:36:47 <hiro> as soon as everything has been fixed the newsletter and the styleguide will be built autmagically on jenkins as well
14:37:21 <hiro> yes tehre are a few thigns that I was discussing with emmapeel that were not working as expected
14:37:26 <hiro> so fixing that should make things easier
14:37:30 <antonela> that's cool -- i saw newsletter.tpo last weekend and i made some markup changes to improve that layout, but i dont have repo to push and i have 1929102 things going on too
14:37:57 <antonela> but i can send those changes to you and you can update it
14:39:03 <hiro> sure
14:39:05 <hiro> no problems
14:39:06 <mcs> for the record, r.e. the Tor Browser onboarding: the quotation mark question is not urgent.
14:39:07 <mcs> . GeKo mentioned it in https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27214#comment:2 so I was following up on his comment.
14:39:08 <antonela> i was hurry about it because i thought the banner at Tor Browser asking for subscriptions is going to be out today/this week -- but it don't, so is ok we can upload those changes later
14:39:18 <mcs> (sorry to interject)
14:39:38 <antonela> mcs, thanks for jumping -- is the best part of having open meetings
14:40:43 <hiro> mcs I have a question for you now that you are here
14:41:01 <hiro> it's regarding moat
14:41:13 <hiro> maybe this meeting is not the right place for that question
14:41:23 <antonela> do it hiro - all the world needs moat
14:41:30 <isabela> :)
14:41:39 <hiro> I can ask on tor-project if you have time right now or by email
14:41:53 <mcs> maybe tor-project right now?
14:41:56 <hiro> yep
14:42:05 <hiro> nevermind me interrupting :)
14:42:20 <antonela> no problem
14:43:01 <antonela> cool - not sure what else, we have a lot of things going on - TBA should have a release this week, TB8 release day is 9/5 I'm kind of running on those
14:43:29 <antonela> helen and gus are travelling
14:44:03 <isabela> kenya mission man
14:44:12 <isabela> gus first week i gave him that mission
14:44:13 <isabela> haha
14:44:17 <antonela> hahaha
14:44:40 <antonela> I would like at some point to have time for discussions on this meeting. The two topics that we got at the UX list this month were interesting, and i hope to have more time to get back to them. But then, i thought that having a discussion here could be more fun and interesting than having me replying the lists.
14:45:37 <isabela> yes
14:45:39 <isabela> that sounds great
14:45:48 <antonela> we can start a trial on september, i want to invite people who knows more than me like arthuredelstein on those :)
14:45:57 <isabela> yep
14:46:02 <antonela> cool, will prepare it :)
14:46:03 <isabela> plan the next ux attack
14:46:11 * isabela thinks notification to users should be on that list
14:46:21 <isabela> specially fingerprinting and 3rd party tracking ones
14:46:25 <isabela> anw
14:46:26 <antonela> oh yes
14:46:32 <isabela> i need to step out for a bit!
14:46:33 <isabela> brb
14:46:43 <antonela> cool -- any question? could i wrap?
14:48:25 <antonela> kk -- thanks all!
14:48:28 <antonela> #endmeeting