14:00:07 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:21 <antonela> hi people! another UX meeting this week :)
14:00:47 <antonela> nyinz is running a workshop in Kenya, so not sure if she is around
14:00:56 <antonela> is emmapeel around?
14:01:40 <antonela> let's review the roadmap - i updated last month items and copied what was remaining to the september section
14:01:58 <antonela> if you need to update/add/markdone some item, please do it
14:02:15 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/TgJpMZdlA5GzBYg5P27cqexiGHd4tnC2HHHNp04_OIr
14:02:34 <hiro> is it just me and you?
14:02:41 <antonela> seems like it
14:02:45 <antonela> so we can talk about Github :)
14:02:50 <antonela> hiro: Github -- what is your plan?
14:03:09 <hiro> so I shared the pad with the people that I thought could be interested
14:03:12 <hiro> here is the idea
14:03:19 <hiro> 1. we get a merge request
14:03:33 <hiro> 2. I read the merge request and tag the team or people that should review
14:03:40 <hiro> 3. people give their +1s
14:03:43 <hiro> 4. I merge
14:03:49 <hiro> the discussion should happen on trac
14:04:06 <hiro> so when I read the merge request I'll add the links to the corresponding tickets from trac
14:04:21 <hiro> this is just an idea
14:04:33 <hiro> when the pms will be starting they might have different ideas
14:05:09 <antonela> i like it
14:05:22 <GeKo> +1
14:05:23 <antonela> so basically, we still using trac for tickets and github for PRs
14:05:40 <antonela> hey GeKo, thanks for jumping
14:06:30 <hiro> yes so it's easier to review the code
14:06:49 <hiro> also with the pushing robots that syncs from torgit, people will see that their code has been merged
14:06:58 <hiro> and the contribution shows in the git graph
14:07:01 <antonela> great -- lets try it, at least with a small repos like newsletter or support
14:07:15 <hiro> yes I think we can try it for ux and web
14:07:30 <antonela> okey, im happy :)
14:07:39 <hiro> for the moment I would just use the github teams ux and web, so people in those teams get an email when there is a new pull request
14:08:09 <GeKo> does "web" cover our website or is that something different?
14:08:21 <hiro> yes it cover all the websites repositories
14:08:30 <GeKo> okay, coll
14:08:33 <hiro> for the moment is webwml styleguide newsletter support
14:08:35 <GeKo> *cool
14:08:49 <hiro> and ux covers the icons only
14:08:54 <antonela> yes, the repos we have so far are :  /styleguide /icons /support-portal
14:10:53 <hiro> I think this is all we have for todays meeting?
14:11:14 <antonela> ye i think so
14:11:49 <antonela> we are launching TB8 this week, I'm preparing some images/gif for the release blogpost
14:12:09 <antonela> and a few of other things too
14:12:20 <antonela> lets back to work :)
14:12:22 <antonela> thanks hiro!
14:12:26 <hiro> thanks
14:12:42 <antonela> #endmeeting