16:59:02 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 4 Sep
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16:59:09 <ahf> hello hello o/
16:59:12 <nickm> how's everybody doing today?
16:59:13 <dgoulet> hello
16:59:24 <ahf> good! :-)
16:59:39 <nickm> woo!
17:01:21 <nickm> 11 days left till the freeze.  Let's have a look at the roadmap (linked from the meeting pad at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2018.1-keep ) and see if we're on track?
17:01:39 <asn> ack
17:01:52 <asn> mikeperry: what should we do with the wtf-pad items that are not gonna make it on time?
17:01:56 <asn> defer them? cross them out?
17:02:30 <asn> ahf: also what you think about #4700? you think it's possible? or no dice?
17:03:18 <ahf> let me just see what has happened on that ticket since i went away
17:03:51 <nickm> anything else there?
17:04:07 <ahf> ok, nothing, do you know if mahrud is using it right now, asn?
17:04:25 <dgoulet> nickm: just put a note for you in the pad about the big #20700
17:04:26 <ahf> he had some changes to my WIP patch
17:04:37 <asn> ahf: i dont know
17:04:38 <ahf> but i don't think i've seen those
17:04:40 <asn> we can ask him
17:04:47 <asn> we can send him an email after this mtng
17:04:53 <ahf> ok, maybe we should ask him, if he is using it right now i think we can get it in before the deadline
17:04:58 <ahf> and i think that would make them happy
17:05:15 <asn> there are some changes on our side we need to make anyway
17:05:24 <asn> i dont think mahrud was gonna do  those
17:05:26 <asn> or maybe he would
17:05:26 <ahf> if they still haven't found out a way that makes it easy to integrate then i think we should postpone it
17:05:36 <ahf> yeah, we need to add some torrc options?
17:05:41 <ahf> or is it something else you are thinking of?
17:05:46 <asn> yes i think that
17:05:50 <ahf> yes, i agree
17:05:58 <ahf> and some tests
17:06:07 <asn> and also we need to restrict it only to HS conns
17:06:11 <ahf> yes
17:06:33 <ahf> ok, let's email him to hear if he is using it right now and which version he ended with and if that is good for their purpose
17:06:45 <ahf> they did a talk about this at defcon i think
17:07:12 <asn> really? ok
17:07:20 <asn> will send him email, either today after this or early tomorrow
17:07:24 <mikeperry> asn: hrmm re wtf-pad, defer them to 0.3.6
17:07:27 <asn> will cc u
17:07:33 <ahf> asn: cool, please CC me
17:07:35 <ahf> thanks
17:07:40 <asn> for sure
17:09:37 <asn> mikeperry: ack
17:09:39 <nickm> we ready to look at reviews?
17:09:48 <ahf> i'm gonna postpone #25497 - it is not in tor.git, so it doesn't affect much, i'm just not gonna have time to look at it until after the deadline i think
17:10:04 <ahf> what is the correct way to postpone something?
17:10:23 <asn> +1 on this question
17:10:27 <asn> how do we postpone correctly to 036?
17:10:28 <nickm> move tickets to later milestone, mark as "deferred" on spreadsheet in notes column, and then...
17:10:40 <nickm> I dunno; I don't maintain that spreadsheet directly
17:11:33 <nickm> maybe cross it off under 0.3.5 , first making a copy of it under the correct milestone?
17:11:35 <ahf> ok, i moved it down to 036 merge window opens
17:11:37 <ahf> and crossed it off
17:11:40 <catalyst> there's both ticket and spreadsheet stuff that needs to change in that case right?
17:12:16 <nickm> right
17:14:30 <asn> mikeperry: wanna try deferring the wtf-pad stuff?
17:15:07 <catalyst> another roadmap comment: i think doing #27100 will have significant UX benefits even if we don't get detailed PT status messages from the PT itself
17:15:19 <nickm> everybody okay with the review plans?
17:16:05 <nickm> catalyst: makes sense
17:16:36 <ahf> yeep
17:17:16 <nickm> next regularly scheduled thing is our rotations.  These are on a new schedule now, to try to approximate one-week-on, one-week-off
17:17:55 <ahf> cool
17:18:20 <nickm> it's only approximate, because 7 people / 4 rotations < 2
17:18:56 <ahf> time to hire one more, then hire 4 more
17:19:33 <nickm> better get more funding first :)
17:19:58 <mikeperry> asn: ugh my google sheets UI just switched to something in cyrillic
17:20:26 <dgoulet> mikeperry: put that at the end of the URL: "?hl=en"
17:20:28 <dgoulet> mikeperry: will change your life
17:22:07 <nickm> anybody need to switch rotations this week? We have catalyst on community, ahf on triage, mikeperry on meeting schedules, and teor on ci
17:23:04 <mikeperry> wait what is the meeting schedules role again? does anyone want any addtl meetings?
17:23:19 <ahf> i'm good
17:23:21 <nickm> it's for making sure that design meetings happen
17:23:23 <mikeperry> I could do a congestion control one. but maybe waiting until 0.3.5 settles down is a better idea
17:23:37 <nickm> ok. i'll ask teor what they think about ci tonight when they're online
17:25:18 <catalyst> you mean about their rotation or their questions in the pad?
17:26:37 <nickm> the rotation
17:26:56 <nickm> catalyst: you okay with community guide this week, or too much distraction?
17:28:04 <catalyst> maybe i could use a little backup
17:28:43 <nickm> anybody besides me able to do backup community this week?
17:28:45 <asn> i can help
17:28:55 <nickm> asn: thank you!
17:29:26 <nickm> I think that moves us on to discussion?
17:30:10 <nickm> Teor has some questions about what we do for volunteer code review; I have a related question about whether I should spend time reviewing unassigned stuff, or what.  I find myself with a little unallocated time, that will fill up fast...
17:30:16 <nickm> ... and I can probably do some stuff with it...
17:30:19 <nickm> if needed
17:31:13 <nickm> anything I ought to be doing that's more urgent?
17:31:13 <dgoulet> nickm: about review, saw my comment on 20700 ?
17:31:24 <catalyst> i agree with most of teor's suggestions about reviewing code from volunteers
17:31:31 <nickm> dgoulet: you and asn already reviewed it, right?
17:31:51 <dgoulet> nickm: yes and also involved in design over time with haxxpop
17:32:03 <nickm> ok, so at this point I think it's on to me to review it
17:32:11 <nickm> no other way about it.
17:32:24 <nickm> does it have fixup commits?  if so maybe make me a squashed copy first?
17:32:35 <dgoulet> nickm: no it is brand new rebased on a fairly recent master
17:32:41 <nickm> great
17:33:02 <dgoulet> it is rather large so I'll be reactive on reviews and asn and haxxpop never far away :)
17:33:09 <nickm> ok; I'll try to start soon
17:34:00 <nickm> I like teor's ideas, and I'm intrigued by getting people to review each other's code, but we should only do that with experienced folks, and we should ask first.
17:34:38 <asn> yes i will also be around to act on any client aut hreviews asap
17:34:44 <asn> *client auth reviews
17:35:11 <nickm> i think we discussed last week that maybe we could remind authors of nontrivial patches to have github PRs with passing CI as part of a rotation.
17:36:20 <nickm> ahf: make sure you see catalyst's note for you
17:36:30 <catalyst> i think that falls under community guide, but we can decide otherwise
17:36:35 <ahf> looking
17:36:50 <nickm> Everybody -- let's take a while to look through all the updates, and see if we want to discuss anything else?
17:37:07 <asn> related to that, appveyor is currently broken, so all recent PRs are also broken wrt appveyor
17:37:58 <ahf> catalyst: ah, very nice! i'm gonna continue you the error reporting from running PT's
17:38:05 <nickm> yah :/
17:38:38 <asn> i havent looked at all the needs_review tickets and whether they all have fresh PRS,
17:38:40 <catalyst> ahf: thanks! (assuming you mean "continue working on"?)
17:38:50 <ahf> catalyst: ah, yes! hehe, sorry
17:38:51 <asn> if a ticket you are reviewing does not have a fresh PR, please let me know and I will make one for you
17:38:56 <nickm> ahf: other quick question -- will you have time to look at my nss_tls revisions today? I'd love to merge at some point soon.
17:39:15 <ahf> nickm: yes, i hadn't seen you had made an update. i'm gonna look at them right after this meeting before i go for a walk
17:39:23 <nickm> thank you!
17:39:33 <nickm> I'll stick around at least till you're done there
17:39:58 <ahf> it shouldn't take that long. did the RSA changes already land? or will you land it all together?
17:40:20 <nickm> mikeperry: do you want to plan a time to meet later this week about the sidechannels whitepaper?
17:40:26 <nickm> ahf: planning to land it all together
17:40:46 <ahf> cool!
17:40:58 <mikeperry> nickm: do you just want to discuss on #tor-dev with me at some point or call a meeting with all of the congestion control people?
17:41:31 <nickm> I'd like to maybe do just us after I do the set of revisions you asked for, to think about where we're going from here
17:41:41 <nickm> if you think that would be helpful
17:44:23 <mikeperry> nickm: yeah that sounds good
17:44:40 <nickm> okay. thu/fri maybe?
17:45:43 <mikeperry> ok. I should be around both days
17:45:46 <nickm> (also, anything else to plan/discuss today?  if not, we might be done early)
17:47:24 <nickm> mikeperry: in that case I'll try to get the rvisions done by tomorrow
17:48:23 <nickm> hearing no other topics...
17:48:31 <asn> thx for meeting :)
17:48:33 <nickm> it sounds like we're done with our stuff
17:48:36 <nickm> thanks to everybody!
17:48:37 <asn> see you all soon
17:49:03 <ahf> o/
17:49:12 <nickm> happy hacking!  Also, I'm running out of stuff that I promised to do myself, so everyone please feel free to use me as a resource as you get stuff done.
17:49:26 <nickm> #endmeeting