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16:00:31 <flexlibris> today I mainly want to talk about the State of the Onion presentation at the Mexico City meeting
16:00:49 <gman999> cool.
16:00:50 <flexlibris> but first we can take a look at the roadmap and identify anything from August that's completed
16:01:19 <flexlibris> here is the roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/OTAFQYoCiRMnh92zrwz4LLtFJy8TZsONEeyPK_oGVBH
16:01:31 <flexlibris> please take a look at August and strike through anything that's finished
16:01:48 <t0mmy> sorry I'm late, hi!
16:01:55 <ggus> hi!
16:01:58 <flexlibris> hi t0mmy hi ggus
16:02:39 <flexlibris> so while people are taking a look at the roadmap I will talk about the state of the onion some more
16:02:55 <flexlibris> this is a plenary session we started doing in Rome to begin the meetings
16:03:20 <flexlibris> every team gets 5-7 minutes to present on what they've been doing for the last six months and what they are hoping to discuss/accomplish during the meeting
16:03:37 <flexlibris> this meeting, we will have a SOTO during both the invite-only days and the open days so that the public can benefit from it
16:04:00 <flexlibris> what we need to do now is figure out what topics we want to cover and who from the community team will present
16:04:12 <flexlibris> I did it last time, and I can do it again, but I don't think it should always be me!
16:04:35 <flexlibris> here are some of my ideas for what we should cover in the 5-7 minutes
16:04:48 <flexlibris> 1. Global South initiative progress (including work with the UX team)
16:05:05 <flexlibris> 2. documentation improvements and support portal
16:05:10 <flexlibris> 3. Library Freedom Institute
16:05:17 <flexlibris> 4. outreach and meetups
16:05:27 <flexlibris> 5. relay operator support
16:05:44 <Samdney> that's a lot for 5-7 minutes
16:05:52 <flexlibris> 6. localization (which can be part of UX instead too)
16:06:05 <flexlibris> thoughts?
16:06:21 <gman999> good... good coverage IMHO
16:06:38 <gman999> to me it comes down to the details of each category
16:06:43 <flexlibris> yeah
16:06:51 <flexlibris> one minute each can give a pretty good overview
16:06:58 <gman999> since i think you hit the main areas AFAIK
16:06:59 <Phoul> +1, sorry for being late.
16:07:02 <flexlibris> of what we've been doing/what we want to do at the meeting
16:07:04 <flexlibris> no worries Phoul
16:07:32 <gman999> only other thing I'd consider/integrate is issue of 'outside events' and tpo involvemnet
16:07:41 <gman999> cons, talks, tables
16:07:47 <flexlibris> yeah we can cover that in the outreach/meetup/talks section
16:07:55 <gman999> cool.
16:08:23 <ggus> I think we could start writing this in a pad and then move to a wiki page.
16:08:31 <flexlibris> ggus I was just making a pad :)
16:08:46 <ggus> haha! :)
16:09:05 <emmapeel> convergent evlution :D
16:09:06 <flexlibris> https://pad.riseup.net/p/SOTOcommunityteam
16:09:15 <flexlibris> please add your ideas for what should be covered in each section
16:09:19 <flexlibris> anyone want to be the presenter?
16:09:26 <flexlibris> I am also willing to be a co-presenter with someone
16:09:37 <gman999> ggus prob should imho
16:10:05 <ggus> i could, but
16:10:08 <emmapeel> i volunteer to translate someone to spanish on the open days presentation
16:10:19 <flexlibris> emmapeel good idea!
16:10:24 <gman999> awesome emmapeel
16:10:28 <emmapeel> unless somebody else wants to do it
16:10:39 <gman999> i bet i will undertstand flexlibris better then
16:10:42 <flexlibris> we could do a shorter version of each section to allow for tranlsation time
16:10:45 <flexlibris> gman999 lol
16:11:07 <emmapeel> but not to be the main presenter... also i am not a professional translator! i suck at real-time translation :D
16:11:17 <flexlibris> emmapeel: that's okay, we could write up notes beforehand
16:11:32 <gman999> oral translation is hell...
16:11:39 <ggus> we're going to do slides with these points?
16:11:47 <ggus> i mean, topics
16:11:47 <flexlibris> ggus: we can use slides or not, it's up to us
16:11:59 <gman999> if anyone translating.. that would help
16:12:03 <wayward> I thnk slides is a good idea
16:12:05 <gman999> at least having hte basic slides pre-done
16:12:11 <wayward> we can do eng/esp
16:12:12 <ggus> i think it's nice
16:12:16 <gman999> agree
16:12:45 <emmapeel> i can translate the slides no problem
16:12:45 <gman999> considering primary language of summit locales is smart
16:12:46 <flexlibris> i like gman999's idea of ggus being presenter. what do you think ggus?
16:12:58 <gman999> even if  ppl get by in en
16:13:18 <gman999> even if slides aren't heavily detailed... at least hit the main points
16:13:21 <gman999> +1 ggus
16:13:30 <gman999> *for* ggus
16:13:41 <flexlibris> i can co-present in spanish if i write up my points ahead of time too :)
16:14:22 <gman999> maybe an es translator can be on hand for post pres discussion at least
16:14:36 <gman999> to answer misunderstandings answer questions at least?
16:14:40 <flexlibris> there will be a lot of people who speak es there
16:14:41 <ggus> well, i can do it :)
16:14:42 <emmapeel> nothing cuter than a gringo fighting with the spanish pronouns :D
16:14:46 <flexlibris> so i think that can be pretty easily accomplished
16:14:52 <Phoul> Sorry was looking over the pads, I will add relay stuff to the state of the onion pad and im happy to help co-present if thats desired. I trust ggus would do a great job too though.
16:14:58 <gman999> if we cant get a synchronous translator
16:15:09 <flexlibris> emmapeel estoy aprendiendo!!! :)
16:15:24 <flexlibris> practico espanol todos los dias
16:15:24 <emmapeel> flexlibris:  i am the same in english (on english?)
16:15:31 <flexlibris> emmapeel in is correct
16:15:39 <flexlibris> but if you said "on" i would still understand you
16:15:55 <flexlibris> Phoul, thanks! we should have imo no more than two co-presenters
16:15:59 <flexlibris> but it could be you and ggus
16:16:06 <emmapeel> one thing good about spanish is that is a language with a lot of redundancy :D
16:16:16 <flexlibris> yes and that is very helpful to me lol
16:16:28 <emmapeel> so even if you make some mistakes it is still very understandable :D
16:17:30 <flexlibris> okay so have we agreed on who will co-present?
16:17:45 <flexlibris> and everyone will add their details for the presentation itself to this pad? let's say by friday at the latest?
16:17:52 <ggus> i can work on topics: #1, #2, #3,
16:17:55 <flexlibris> and then we can make some slides
16:18:16 <flexlibris> i'll add to them all
16:18:37 <ggus> i'd be more comfortable if you (co)present
16:19:00 <flexlibris> sure i can do that
16:19:22 <flexlibris> so, notes in here by Friday, slides we'll work on next week. sound good to everyone?
16:19:30 <wayward> sounds good!
16:19:32 <ggus> yes!
16:19:35 <emmapeel> yep
16:19:37 <Phoul> +1 :)
16:20:02 <flexlibris> okay, while adding the notes please remember we want to cover what we've been doing and what we hope to do at the meeting
16:20:11 <flexlibris> and also remember this is just an overview :)
16:20:23 <gman999> ha.. yes... valid point
16:20:37 <gman999> one thing that should come up some way is a point i made recently...
16:20:42 <flexlibris> sure
16:20:50 <gman999> we have to figure out easing the path to ppl being involved.
16:20:59 <gman999> meetups cant just be "so get involved"
16:21:07 <ggus> yep, i agree
16:21:09 <gman999> we have to provide concrete steps, mentors, etc
16:21:12 <flexlibris> yeah
16:21:15 <ggus> we need to figure out about volunteer process
16:21:17 <flexlibris> this should be a mexico city session imo
16:21:18 <gman999> we need to start doing in nyc
16:21:22 <gman999> agree...
16:21:41 <ggus> yeah!!
16:21:46 <gman999> "irc meeting on community, here's someone to help you find research resources comrade grad student"
16:21:48 <gman999> etc
16:21:58 <ggus> do we still have slots in invite day only?
16:22:16 <flexlibris> ggus yes
16:22:19 <flexlibris> hang on let me get you the link
16:22:37 <flexlibris> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018MexicoCity/DailyAgenda
16:22:48 <flexlibris> if you can't find a space that works for you, we can organize something during one of the open times
16:23:21 <gman999> awesome
16:24:10 <gman999> phoul: we should look at mx relays before and after summit :)
16:24:38 <ggus> gman999: it's basically gwolf and more two ppl
16:24:43 <ggus> heh
16:24:49 <flexlibris> :)
16:24:55 <Phoul> Yeah, its very limited. I have a list of the current MX operators though, as they received invites to the meetup.
16:25:00 <flexlibris> okay folks anything else to discuss related to the SOTO?
16:25:03 <Phoul> So we will be able to compare after :)
16:25:05 <ggus> flexlibris: first day looks good. i'll send to you by email.
16:25:12 <flexlibris> ggus sounds good
16:25:14 <gman999> cool.
16:25:43 <flexlibris> okay cool, if nothing else then we should talk some more about the roadmap
16:26:20 <flexlibris> here it is again: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/DSN1j6IRAsdE-1uVNE6P0r5SWJMJYRALlBFeDoAmivp
16:26:29 <flexlibris> let's go over the remaining August items and see what is finished or what should be moved
16:27:00 <dmr> hello! sorry to be late! (I have an update, in case there's a list.)
16:27:12 <flexlibris> can i strikethrough the support and community portal items ggus and phoul?
16:27:42 <flexlibris> dmr hi we're just going over the roadmap
16:27:45 <Phoul> flexlibris: The relay stuff should all be in the manual now :)
16:28:14 <ggus> yes, i'll create a new item to this in september
16:28:17 <flexlibris> Phoul what about the relay operators blog post?
16:28:19 <flexlibris> thanks ggus
16:29:46 <flexlibris> and also the fallback directory mirror list?
16:29:46 <ggus> because it's an ongoing process, i added to all months.
16:29:50 <flexlibris> ggus excellent
16:30:11 <Phoul> I received some updated information from one of hte groups being covered in the blog post over the weekend, so will update that today and send to steph for review. Sorry this took so long. It can be moved to September, however it will be ready for posting this week. The fallback mirror list is currently paused waiting on a patch from teor to update the format of the whitelist. I think once that is done
16:30:17 <Phoul> we will be ready to merge.
16:30:36 <flexlibris> okay cool I'll move both Phoul
16:31:40 <flexlibris> okay that takes care of August. let's all review September and note anything that's in progress/ongoing or completed.
16:32:34 <wayward> can I ask a question re: 'support portal feedback channel?'
16:32:41 <flexlibris> wayward sure
16:32:53 <wayward> what sort of feedback channel are we thinking?
16:33:13 <wayward> integrated into the support portal directly? or IRC?
16:33:44 <flexlibris> wayward integrated directly or email seems best. IRC is too difficult for many users.
16:33:51 <wayward> that makes sense
16:33:56 <wayward> ok, cool! thanks!
16:34:10 <ggus> one idea is to receive feedback like "this question doesn't helped me", so users interacts with the website
16:34:21 <ggus> and we can reformulate the answer
16:34:28 <flexlibris> +1
16:34:33 <wayward> oh smart!
16:34:49 <ggus> i was talking with nyinz about this
16:35:26 <antonela> about to say that - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27119
16:35:36 <antonela> cc @nyinz
16:35:37 <ggus> i think we could schedule an online meeting just to discuss this
16:35:47 <ggus> and discuss more in mexico meeting
16:36:04 <flexlibris> good idea
16:37:01 <flexlibris> ggus: one of our things on the September roadmap is the TBA manual and support portal answers. let's try to work on this together in Mexico if we can.
16:37:11 <flexlibris> I don't know when I'll have time before that :(
16:37:45 <ggus> if you have time to draft some topics, i could start working on it
16:37:50 <ggus> ok!
16:38:18 <flexlibris> I can do that
16:38:32 <flexlibris> also, we need to figure out which languages in the TB manual are missing TB8 screenshots
16:38:36 <flexlibris> I'll add it here
16:38:45 <ggus> good!
16:38:55 <emmapeel> and it would be great to have more languages added, as we already spoke several times
16:38:57 <ggus> i think all the languages besides EN
16:39:05 <ggus> emmapeel: yeah!!!
16:39:14 <emmapeel> i think it is even more important than screenshots
16:39:18 <ggus> t0mmy: could you add these languages?
16:39:49 <t0mmy> ggus yep I'll get this worked out, and also I should email you
16:39:50 <emmapeel> also, some of these languages that are not yet in tb-manual are being linked automatically from the browser, see: http://ea5faa5po25cf7fb.onion/projects/tor/ticket/27568
16:41:36 <emmapeel> particularly we should provide at least not a 404 to all the locales shipped with tbb
16:42:02 <flexlibris> hm yes indeed
16:42:52 <jaruga> afaik the only delay to the langs that got added was the dirs being implemented to the build script & screenshots for locales.
16:42:54 <emmapeel> not sure if mallard can do a redirect... it seems it cannot do anything :D
16:44:49 <ggus> t0mmy: ok!
16:45:00 <emmapeel> that is why in tails we dont use screenshots... to much work!
16:45:05 <emmapeel> s/to/too
16:45:17 <flexlibris> maybe we don't want to use screenshots then?
16:45:22 <emmapeel> i mean.. we try not to use them
16:45:30 <emmapeel> the less screenshots the better i would say
16:45:43 <jaruga> many of the locales already have alternatives for the added langs.
16:45:47 <jaruga> ie fr and fr_CA.
16:45:55 <jaruga> they just need to linked in the build script.
16:46:06 <jaruga> that limits the amount of new media needed.
16:46:43 <arthuredelstein> (Last I checked, Tor Browser only links to TB manual for which the locale exists.)
16:46:54 <emmapeel> who can do this build script then, and the screenshots? OMG it feels like we are never going to get these languages
16:47:28 <jaruga> I emailed you a week and a half ago about the build script, talked to ta
16:47:34 <jaruga> *tommy and phoul a couple times about it.
16:49:12 <ggus> Phoul, t0mmy can you help here?
16:49:17 <emmapeel> ok i will bother t0mmy and phul then :D
16:49:57 <Phoul> I can take a look at the build script this week. We were fetching locales from the old Tor Browser build git repo, however that is no longer active and the script needs to be adjusted to not use this.
16:50:03 <emmapeel> in the last email i have from you it says it will be ready 'tonight or in the morning' but maybe i lost another email
16:50:09 <emmapeel> please let me know how can i help
16:51:01 <flexlibris> anything else we need to cover before we wrap up this meeting?
16:51:06 <Phoul> Handing the manual off is one thing that we will need to discuss though. It might be worth having another meeting with ggus / t0mmy / wayward / emmapeel  / anyone else interested.
16:51:10 <flexlibris> (I need to run the MX meeting planners meeting immediately after this)
16:51:20 <flexlibris> (and also another meeting will start in here in a few min)
16:51:22 <Phoul> One quick thing from me, this is happening tonight (or tomorrow, depending on your tz): https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2018-September/016184.html
16:51:26 <Phoul> (relay operator meeting on IRC)
16:51:31 <wayward> Phoul: sounds good!
16:51:35 <emmapeel> arthuredelstein: https://mailman.boum.org/pipermail/tails-l10n/2018-September/005733.html says the users in Danish in Tails are been being directed to https://tb-manual.torproject.org/da
16:51:48 <t0mmy> emmapeel best email for you?
16:52:10 <ggus> two things: we (nyinz and i) did kenya training week. and at the end of this week i'll travel to brasilia to discuss cryptography and law...
16:52:10 <emmapeel> emmapeel@torproject.org is OK. it forwards to emma.peel@riseup.net
16:52:14 <arthuredelstein> emmapeel: hm, that seems to be a bug then
16:52:18 <t0mmy> emmapeel thx
16:52:43 <dmr> would love to toss in my update quickly too! We've basically confirmed that we'll be doing a screening of The Internet's Own Boy + panel thereafter, at the library, in Nov for Aaron Swartz Day :)
16:52:54 <Phoul> Awesome!!
16:53:03 <flexlibris> ggus, excellent! dmr rad!!
16:53:11 <dmr> Phoul: rad as well!
16:53:37 <flexlibris> anything else folks?
16:53:48 <wayward> nope! I might email ppl to coordinate some things
16:54:18 <emmapeel> we've got some more completion of languages in the support-portal, check them out! the most beautiful is bengali
16:54:48 <flexlibris> oh amazing emmapeel
16:54:56 <wayward> !!!!!!!
16:55:00 <ggus> \o/!!!!
16:55:03 <Phoul> \o/
16:55:18 <traumschule> Phoul: i could try the script if someone is available for guidance on autotools
16:55:52 <Phoul> traumschule: Lets tackle that together then. :)
16:55:54 <flexlibris> okay folks I am going to kill the bot to let the next meeting in. thanks everyone!
16:55:57 <flexlibris> #endmeeting