16:59:21 <dgoulet> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 10 Sep
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16:59:25 <dgoulet> it worked!
16:59:28 <ahf> \o/
16:59:30 <dgoulet> hello all
16:59:37 <catalyst> hi
17:00:07 <haxxpop> hi all !
17:00:15 * meejah lurks
17:00:39 <dgoulet> ok so I see no announcements nor discussion so far meaning it might be quick :).
17:00:51 <dgoulet> Lets all look at reviews and if all is good
17:01:20 <dgoulet> (FYI, asn and I are still only selecting tickets that are must 035 or sponsor. This should end after the freeze)
17:01:31 <dgoulet> datapoint: Freeze is Sept 15th so 5 days :)
17:01:38 <ahf> :-)
17:02:01 <ahf> looks good with reviews
17:02:24 <dgoulet> rotations this week: asn triage, dgoulet community, nickm design and CI/Cov is ahf
17:02:39 <dgoulet> let see what else
17:03:26 * ahf nods
17:03:49 <dgoulet> ok next would be proposed tickets ... so hmm there is a list of 25 tickets there, I would say that *now* is a good time to pin ticket(s) for 025
17:03:50 <dgoulet> 3
17:04:11 <dgoulet> quickly skimming that, seems fine pre-freeze ... ?
17:04:25 <ahf> hm?
17:04:31 <dgoulet> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~035-roadmap-proposed&max=200&col=id&col=summary&col=milestone&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=component&order=priority
17:04:50 <ahf> ah, i see yeah
17:05:13 <ahf> a lot of bw related stuff
17:05:54 <dgoulet> anyway, if you see something in there that must be in 035 and can't be post-freeze (feature, API change...), now is a good time to raise it :)
17:05:55 <ahf> some of these are features? shouldn't they be postponed for 036?
17:06:13 <ahf> #14209 sounds like a feature?
17:06:19 <dgoulet> yeah most likely
17:06:43 <ahf> the rest looks OK i think
17:07:01 <ahf> i don't know if it's actually a feature. we support this on unix already
17:07:03 <dgoulet> oh yeah that one unless someone shows up with code :S ... and it ain't on our roadmap
17:07:06 <ahf> it's just that we are missing it on windows
17:08:02 <ahf> maybe mark it for discussion next week? i think that is the only one there, the rest looks OK
17:08:07 <ahf> and next week we are post the freeze point
17:09:10 <dgoulet> yeah next week discussion point will most probably be "defer 036 because post freeze" :)
17:09:18 <dgoulet> anyway, not too worried about that for now tbh
17:09:41 <ahf> nod
17:09:52 <dgoulet> ok lets all read each other update (if not already done)
17:10:05 <dgoulet> I only see Mike with one question and my answering amazingly lol
17:11:01 <dgoulet> but more seriously, there are no discussions or anything so now is a good time to ask questions, discuss whatever :) (I'll leave some minutes for that :)
17:11:16 <ahf> i don't get the edge/dir/exit mix and linked_conn and so on
17:11:22 <ahf> i always have to ask about that
17:11:25 * catalyst has a question about Travis caching but it's probably not easy to answer
17:11:33 <dgoulet> catalyst: ?
17:11:52 <catalyst> "are the Travis performance gains from caching worth the headaches from sticky failures?"
17:12:14 <dgoulet> oh dear I have no idea lol :S
17:12:29 <ahf> pass :-S how much time do we win?
17:12:41 <ahf> can we wipe the cache on failure?
17:12:52 <catalyst> i'm not sure. maybe teor knows?
17:13:02 <catalyst> i don't know if we can automatically wipe the cache on failure
17:13:22 <ahf> ok, i have never had a project on travis that needs the amount of time it takes us to build :-/
17:13:27 <ahf> never used any of the caching i think
17:13:53 * catalyst should try to review the "Travis job reduction" ticket later this week
17:14:46 <dgoulet> yeah I don't know, certainly saving time would be nice but our matrix is already quite big eheh
17:15:09 <dgoulet> there is also a ticket for reducing the number of jobs I believe, we keep postponning it for review because we can fix that after freeze
17:15:17 <catalyst> yea
17:15:45 <catalyst> ok maybe i'll make a ticket to keep track of it in case it happens again
17:15:52 <dgoulet> great
17:16:45 <dgoulet> ok ok sooooooooo if nothing more, I will declare this meeting over and short :)
17:17:03 <dgoulet> again freeze in 5 days! big branch needs to come in early because back and forth will be a thing! :)
17:17:08 <ahf> yes
17:17:59 <dgoulet> I declare this short meeting to be over! :) \o/
17:18:01 <dgoulet> #endmeeting