14:28:35 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:28:45 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T <- agenda pad
14:28:48 <karsten> hi!
14:28:51 <irl> he!
14:28:54 <irl> hi!
14:28:55 <karsten> and sorry for the short notice.
14:29:20 <karsten> apparently, it's easier to remember to send out the reminder on a weekday.
14:29:33 <irl> heh, yes
14:29:36 <karsten> so, not much on the agenda.
14:29:46 <karsten> which is good. we made some good progress recently.
14:29:52 <karsten> with the exonerator patch being deployed now.
14:29:58 <irl> (:
14:30:08 <irl> is exonerator faster now?
14:30:40 <karsten> aha!
14:30:44 <karsten> we can measure that.
14:30:56 <karsten> I'll have an answer to that question soon. :)
14:31:12 <irl> excellent
14:31:13 <karsten> (from log lines saying how long it took to return a database connection.)
14:31:45 <karsten> shall we start?
14:31:49 <irl> ok
14:31:52 <karsten> * Open day session in Mexico #27746 (irl)
14:32:11 <karsten> from what I read on the ticket, excellent idea!
14:32:20 <irl> so we agreed to run a session on an open day for new people interested in metrics
14:32:35 <irl> i've been working on a slide deck, and now i've made a ticket for it too
14:32:51 <irl> i'd like to get this to be a reusable thing that we can cut up and reassemble for various slide deck needs
14:33:03 <irl> http://irl.sdf.org/slides-progress.pdf
14:33:33 <irl> this is roughly what it looks like so far, but maybe this would be cut down for the session
14:33:54 <irl> i was wondering if there was anything in particular that we should highlight in the session, that we particularly wanted volunteers for
14:33:56 <karsten> we'll have a projector?
14:34:04 <irl> this is what flexlibris said
14:34:09 <karsten> ok.
14:34:17 <irl> or a screen of some kind
14:34:21 <karsten> will you be able to edit these slides while being in mexico?
14:34:25 <irl> yes
14:34:48 <karsten> good. I think we might want to highlight certain projects depending on what we put on our roadmap.
14:34:55 <irl> ok cool
14:35:11 <karsten> other than that, I can read the slides tomorrow and give you feedback.
14:35:20 <karsten> or maybe later today.
14:35:22 <irl> that sounds great
14:35:27 <karsten> cool!
14:35:51 <irl> i'll plan to work on them more on wednesday
14:36:02 <karsten> great!
14:36:53 <karsten> okay, next topic?
14:36:57 <irl> i think that's all on the slides topic from me, yes
14:37:02 <karsten> ok.
14:37:04 <karsten> * Survey (karsten)
14:37:10 <karsten> did you see my suggestion for a survey?
14:37:13 <irl> i did
14:37:22 <irl> i think i replied to say it looked good
14:37:26 <karsten> oh.
14:37:41 <irl> they are open-ended questions mostly but i think we won't get enough replies for that to be a huge issue
14:38:06 <karsten> when did you reply?
14:38:28 <irl> oh, sorry, apparently i didn't
14:38:32 <irl> i just thought i did
14:38:34 <karsten> ok.
14:38:42 <karsten> (at least I don't have email issues. phewww)
14:38:46 <karsten> so, great.
14:39:03 <karsten> and yes, the question type could produce a lot of work, if there were lots of replies.
14:39:28 <irl> i think with a smaller pool of replies it's better to have the open questions so you can get the most out of each
14:39:32 <karsten> realistically, that would be a good problem to have.
14:39:39 <irl> heh (:
14:39:49 <karsten> agreed.
14:40:02 <karsten> okay, great, then I'll publish it and also announce it somewhere.
14:40:07 <karsten> maybe tor-dev and metrics-team.
14:40:16 <irl> there is a survey platform somewhere
14:40:21 <irl> i remember someone set one up
14:40:29 <karsten> yes, we have one.
14:40:45 <karsten> it's already added to that, just not published.
14:40:51 <irl> ah ok cool (:
14:40:55 <karsten> and I guess nobody will notice unless we tell them it exists.
14:41:20 <irl> maybe tor-project is better than tor-dev
14:41:23 <irl> for announcing
14:41:25 <karsten> err, yes.
14:41:45 <karsten> or maybe just tor-proejct@.
14:42:04 <karsten> not sure if anybody is just on metrics-team@ and not on tor-project@.
14:42:21 <karsten> okay, cool!
14:42:47 <karsten> is there anything else for today?
14:42:57 <irl> nothing else from me
14:43:29 <karsten> okay, nothing else from me, either.
14:43:38 <karsten> next meeting next monday?
14:43:52 <irl> sounds good
14:44:05 <karsten> great!
14:44:13 <karsten> thanks, and bye! :)
14:44:17 <irl> bye!
14:44:18 <karsten> #endmeeting