16:02:19 <Phoul> #startmeeting
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16:02:33 <Phoul> Hi everyone, welcome to the community team meeting. We will start with status updates, would someone like to go first?
16:04:37 <Phoul> I can give an update if no one else has one
16:04:50 <wayward> go for it!
16:05:47 <traumschule> my only update is that i did not work on the mirror tickets yet.
16:05:51 <emmapeel> hello
16:06:36 <Phoul> Last week we did our first IRC relay operator meeting, it went quite well and people seemed to like the time. I've had some follow-up discussions with operators who were there on ways to tighten the meeting up, and I think the next meeting will be even better. I've also been performing outreach to relay operators / hackerspaces in Mexico for the upcoming operator meet. I also worked with wayward last
16:06:42 <Phoul> week on Git training.
16:07:13 <Phoul> This week one of my big tasks is reaching out to operators running EOL / Near EOL releases and encouraging them to update / assisting where needed.
16:08:17 <wayward> sorry, what is EOL?
16:08:20 <Phoul> end of life
16:08:31 <Phoul> (old versions that wont be supported much longer)
16:08:32 <wayward> Thanks!
16:09:02 <wayward> Let me know if you need help with that
16:09:34 <Phoul> Thanks! Does anyone else have an update they'd like to give?
16:09:39 <ggus> o/
16:09:45 <Phoul> ggus: Go for it :)
16:09:47 <traumschule> i liked the relay meeting. this week i'm going to work on two nasty tb / tor bugs, add more translations and hopefully find time to work mirror stuff.
16:10:12 <ggus> last week i worked on the public days, check out the wiki!
16:10:21 <ggus> it has descriptions
16:10:31 <wayward> !!!
16:10:38 <ggus> so new people will know more or less what that activity means
16:10:44 <Phoul> Awesome!!
16:11:05 <ggus> (we focused in spanish, for obsvly reasons)
16:11:34 <emmapeel> i mailed a lot of translators about giving them tor swag, the ones that did more than 1000 new translations or corrections in transifex. they were very happy. i am still gathering the input and sending to kat
16:12:02 <Phoul> emmapeel: Woo! That is great :)
16:12:11 <ggus> i also travelled to brasilia for an event abotu cryptography and rights in brasil
16:12:41 <ggus> good people (academics, ngos, activists, companies)
16:13:32 <ggus> some of them thhink that`s a good idea to make a law to transform the use of encryption as a human right
16:14:01 <ggus> well, very good discussions over there.
16:14:04 <Phoul> ggus: Interesting, sounds like a cool event!
16:14:27 <ggus> i also started to work in the kenya report, but might take a little longer to finish
16:15:14 <ggus> besides this, i'll travel to oaxaca next thursday to do outreach/training
16:15:30 <Phoul> Is there anything you need from this group before that trip?
16:16:06 <ggus> yes, help to revise traumschule pull request for community page in github
16:16:21 <ggus> i'd like to collective decide about this
16:16:47 <emmapeel> what is the link?
16:16:55 <kat5> ggus can you give some background?
16:17:08 <traumschule> uh, hard one :)
16:17:38 <ggus> and one person want to talk about tor in colombia, and i'm not sure if we have a process about this.
16:17:51 <kat5> What is the "community page"?
16:18:18 <traumschule> kat5: https://github.com/torproject/webwml/pulls
16:18:45 <emmapeel> ggus: talk about Tor? like, giving a workshop? or representing Tor?
16:19:34 <kat5> And... trac doesn't work for me.
16:19:35 <ggus> emmapeel: both. the person would like to talk about tor, but in an official way
16:19:55 <Phoul> ggus: I think the bes tthing to do is connect them with steph / possibly the speaker list.
16:20:48 <ggus> this request was sent to global-south list
16:21:09 <ggus> i don[t know if we have criterias
16:21:31 <Phoul> I think for officially representing Tor, there are. But steph / the comms team would know best.
16:21:44 <ggus> ok!
16:21:54 <kat5> I don't think anyone who is not a core contributor "officially" represents Tor.
16:22:06 <Phoul> (I believe kat5 is right)
16:22:59 <ggus> and finally, i updated support wiki page explaining how to update content and removed the old content.
16:23:02 <ggus> (done)
16:23:22 <Phoul> kat5: I am having issues with Trac too, keep getting service unavailable.
16:23:33 <kat5> Same.
16:23:53 <Phoul> ggus: Maybe you could send an email to the community list regarding these pull requests, so the team can take a look when Trac lives again?
16:23:56 <wayward> me too
16:24:28 <ggus> ok
16:25:10 <Phoul> Thanks!
16:25:11 <ggus> https://github.com/torproject/webwml/pull/38
16:25:59 <emmapeel> i dont see why this person wants to represent tor anyway
16:27:20 <ggus> in our last visit in colombia, he asked about it a few times
16:27:47 <emmapeel> i would try to convince the usero do more outreach, and maybe submit patches and be part of the community before representing tor
16:28:24 <ggus> yep
16:28:58 <Phoul> Does anyone else have an update they'd like to give?
16:29:28 <emmapeel> i want to apologize to kat because i didnt payed enougha ttention to the instructions for the tshirt and i am making her do more work than needed
16:29:35 <emmapeel> :D
16:30:34 <kat5> emmapeel: totally fine. :-)
16:30:34 <wayward> i can do a super short update!
16:30:40 <Phoul> wayward: Go for it! :)
16:30:57 <wayward> basically, i reached out to the application and ux teams
16:31:33 <wayward> i also created a new user feedback sheet (dont have the link atm unfortunately), will email the link later today
16:32:15 <wayward> the ux and app teams would like a monthly user feedback summary email, so ill be setting that up
16:32:52 <Phoul> Excellent!
16:33:10 <wayward> thats about it! havent been able to comb reddit and the blog as much as i'd like but i should be at full speed next week
16:33:59 <Phoul> Sounds good! Tor reddit is an... interesting place :)
16:34:10 <ggus> wayward: do you have an account in blog.tpo?
16:34:11 <wayward> lol agreed
16:34:19 <wayward> ggus: i dont!
16:34:59 <Phoul> We should likely fix that! ggus do you know who the best person to speak with about htat is? arma set mine up a long time ago, but not sure if arma is still the blog person?
16:35:08 <traumschule> (: we also have tor.stackexchange.com but it's pretty quiet
16:35:13 <ggus> stephw: "
16:35:22 <wayward> ohhhh yeah ive been checking stack exchange as well
16:35:27 <ggus> Phoul: steph or hiro
16:35:36 <Phoul> ggus: Gotcha :)
16:36:42 <Phoul> wayward: I will get in contact with one of them regarding getting you a blog account.
16:36:43 <wayward> oh also, we'll be moving the tor manual over to lektor!
16:36:52 <wayward> Phoul: thanks!
16:37:03 <Phoul> Oh, right! Thanks for mentioning that, its a fairly big change.
16:37:34 <emmapeel> oh yeah!
16:37:45 <Phoul> We had a meeting last week with the various people who have been involved with the Tor Browser manual development. It was decided to migrate from Mallard to Lektor, and wayward will be taking over primary maintainership
16:37:51 <Phoul> (please correct if I forget anything)
16:38:00 <wayward> \o/
16:38:07 <traumschule> wayward: we could work on a strategy to add more quality input there
16:38:37 <wayward> traumschule: sounds great, let's do it!
16:39:39 <traumschule> maybe in a pad?
16:39:46 <wayward> oh good idea
16:40:19 <ggus> but this doesn't exclude the fact that it need to add languages and update the screenshots in this version, right?
16:40:31 <wayward> i will be fairly unavailable this week because of mozilla onboarding, but i will contribute as i am able
16:41:16 <kat5> Wait... "add quality input" for the browser manual or stackexchange?
16:41:38 * kat5 is confused
16:42:05 <traumschule> wayward: if i'm ableto catch some ideas later, i'll will send you the link.
16:42:10 <Phoul> kat5: I think that was for the manual.
16:42:32 <kat5> Thanks.
16:43:29 <traumschule> kat5: meant stack but lektor wants me too
16:43:37 <wayward> does anyone know the answer to ggus's q re: screenies?
16:44:05 <kat5> Yeah, I was just thinking that we did some serious vetting of the browser manual, so might want to discuss any major overhaul.
16:44:24 <wayward> +1
16:44:28 <Phoul> For screenshots, we can get those added right away. Sorry I got busy last week, will add those today. For adding new languages, this will require rewriting a chunk of the autotools bits in the build script, due to changes in the Tor Browser build git. I'm not sure if spending the time with autotools makes sense when we want to move forward with the migration asap.
16:45:19 <wayward> i have a question when there's time
16:45:57 <Phoul> wayward: Go ahead :)
16:46:35 <wayward> what methods (if any) do we have to actively gather feedback from users? like surveys, twitter, etc
16:46:55 <wayward> i know we want users to remain anonymous so i dont know how possible that iz
16:47:06 <Phoul> Uhm, I think... Twitter, StackExchange, Trac, the blog, Facebook, reddit, IRC and email lists.
16:47:20 <wayward> but theres an issue with screen readers in tb8 and that got me thinking about accessibility needs
16:47:30 <Phoul> Oh, also requesttracker help queues.
16:47:34 <Phoul> or frontdesk@ now
16:47:41 <emmapeel> about translations, i think we should update the languages that are finished
16:47:44 <Phoul> are you on requesttracker?
16:47:49 <wayward> ok cool, thabks!
16:47:51 <wayward> im not
16:47:56 <kat5> Didn't isabela run some kind of anonymized survey about UX (or similar) last year? Not sure how that worked.
16:47:56 <emmapeel> otherwise peole is not ging to translate anymore, if we keep ignoring their translations.
16:48:00 <wayward> also not sure what frontdesk is
16:48:10 <ggus> +1 emma
16:48:17 <Phoul> wayward, its a queue on requesttracker. Will ping you after the meeting to get that set up for you.
16:48:20 <wayward> kat5: oh cool, maybe i will ask isabela
16:48:29 <wayward> phoul: thanks!!
16:48:33 <ggus> kat5: yes, that survey is used during our trainings
16:48:42 <hiro> I can make account in blog.tpo but not reddit
16:48:44 <ggus> survey.tpo
16:49:05 <Phoul> hiro: Did you want me to take care of the RT account, or did you want to do that?
16:50:04 <emmapeel> regarding the moving to lelktor, i dont think it is going to happen very soon. has anybody contacted hiro, to see if she has time to start it, do the setup, etc? arthuredelstein, ggus, wayward and me can help with the content but we need to have a framework first
16:50:29 <traumschule> on screnshots the are also #25218 #25730 for obfs
16:52:00 <hiro> Phoul: I can try that out :) can you send me a ticket?
16:52:09 <Phoul> emmapeel: While true, we will have to move fairly quickly with the migration as the primary maintainer is not familiar with Mallard. I will look at the autotools stuff this week so we can add the translations, however to have non-me maintaining it, I think it will need to migrate.
16:54:56 <Phoul> hiro: Will open a ticket when we are done here (or after the mexico meeting)
16:54:59 <Phoul> Thanks!
16:55:09 <emmapeel> sure, but i am not sure how hiro's time is allocated, and we dont even have a release date yet, so it is clear it is not going to be this week....
16:55:53 <hiro> Phoul, emmapeel, is the manual going to be moved to support?
16:56:12 <hiro> or to a lektor project of its own?
16:56:17 <ggus> hiro: in the future that would be awesome
16:56:18 <Phoul> hiro: I will send you the ticket / details on that right away. Since we are running out of time, is there anything pressing people needed to cover int he last 3 minutes.
16:56:34 <ggus> yes, we didn covered SOTOS for mexico
16:56:50 <hiro> I am asking because it makes a big difference if we need to create a new project or we can use the support website and just migrate the content
16:57:49 <traumschule> wasn't the idea to add a section at the beginning in support?
16:57:58 <nickm> (network team meeting coming up?)
16:58:12 <emmapeel> hiro: maybe in the future they are going to be merged, but for now we thought it was better to keep them separated
16:58:13 <Phoul> Yeah, we will have to move. We can go to #tor-meeting3, as 2 will be mexico meeting i believe.
16:58:32 <Phoul> I'm going to shut off the bot so the network team can take over the channel, please move to #tor-meeting3 to continue.
16:58:35 <Phoul> #endmeeting