13:59:32 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:41 <antonela> hello!
13:59:58 <antonela> a new ux meeting, the one before Mexico :D
14:00:19 <antonela> please, before everything, could you add your update here? https://storm.torproject.org/shared/FFv45e8ohY_gE2XN5XgMczG5frP9UQWSdsA9k3M4_5Q
14:00:40 <antonela> if there is anything that needs to be discussed, you can add it there too
14:01:03 <traumschule> hey all :)
14:01:34 <antonela> hi traumschule
14:04:11 <antonela> elioqoshi do you have a schenduled session in mexico for ooni mocks review?
14:04:13 <traumschule> how are things? while the pad loads, just found this: #27768
14:04:48 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> antonela, not decided on the time yet, what would work best for you?
14:05:23 <traumschule> hiro: that trac github sync sounds interesting
14:05:42 <antonela> elioqoshi mmm open days maybe are better
14:07:11 <antonela> nyinz: u around?
14:07:20 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah sure
14:07:46 <traumschule> oh and #27768
14:07:48 <nyinz> Hi!
14:07:49 <antonela> elioqoshi cool
14:08:25 <antonela> nyinz hi! I read your ticket updates, thanks for upload them :)
14:09:01 <nyinz> cool. It would be greta to get feedback from the team:-)
14:09:05 <antonela> nyinz we will have a session in mexico with ttb devs to discuss next iteration on .onion padlock + circuit display
14:09:31 <antonela> those will be useful sources for it
14:09:57 <nyinz> sure ok!
14:12:01 <traumschule> wrt to padlock i read this article before that claims that Extended Validation is prone to phishing and browsers should do better to prevent it https://stripe.ian.sh
14:13:01 <antonela> traumschule interesting, will read later
14:13:16 <antonela> traumschule about that ticket, anything that needs to be discussed here?
14:13:59 <traumschule> the ones i pasted? not from my side, more like "latest user feedback" :)
14:14:37 <antonela> traumschule oh ok
14:15:39 <traumschule> (me is bad at user support, especially ui wise)
14:17:52 <antonela> for the records, next tuesday i'll be traveling so I won't be able to run the meeting
14:18:09 <antonela> i think that next meeting will be after Mexico, Oct 10th
14:18:43 <traumschule> wayward is not here right now, but yesterday user feedback on different discussion pages was a topic as well.
14:19:20 <antonela> yes, was discussed at the community meeting
14:20:04 <antonela> traumschule any other source that you think we need to contemplate?
14:22:11 <traumschule> mh, i wanted to think about that. also to better connect them with current support media (mail, trac, support tor.stack.., IRC, anything else?)
14:23:03 <ggus> hello, i have a topic to discuss with ux team.just . tell me when :)
14:23:03 <antonela> yes, we could explore how to facilitate it better
14:23:10 <antonela> hola ggus!
14:23:14 <antonela> go ahead
14:23:57 <traumschule> antonela: you can assign me tickets, if there's something i could help with (html/css/content-wise) also for feedback if you like
14:24:13 <ggus> so, we are going to have a tor meetup in mexico city
14:24:38 <ggus> does ux team want to run a test?
14:24:39 <emmapeel> sorry im late
14:24:48 <antonela> traumschule i will work to have tickets for you after mexico :)
14:24:57 <ggus> (i need to attend a phone call)
14:25:27 <antonela> ggus yes! we want to
14:25:56 <antonela> ggus we are waiting for nyinz's visa - fingerscrossed
14:26:11 <antonela> ggus do you need posters for it?
14:26:24 <antonela> hi emmapeel !
14:27:01 <emmapeel> o/
14:28:17 <ggus> sorry folks
14:28:27 <antonela> ggus btw, when is the meetup? do you need a spanish speaker?
14:28:30 <ggus> so, yeah, we don't need anything special
14:28:42 <ggus> sept 27
14:29:06 <ggus> https://blog.torproject.org/events/tor-meetup-ciudad-de-mexico
14:29:08 <antonela> oh yes, i have it in my cal
14:29:15 <antonela> i'll be there you know
14:29:48 <emmapeel> i was planning to get there from the airport heh
14:29:49 <ggus> i think we can do somehting likewe did in haclba cbogota
14:29:50 <antonela> nyinz and me will sync about what to test and who will be testing - I want to run the onboarding one if we finish that test docs
14:30:01 <antonela> *hacklab?
14:30:05 <ggus> yes
14:30:06 <ggus> sorry
14:30:08 <antonela> yes yes
14:31:03 <ggus> and on  thursday i`ll travel to oaxaca
14:31:14 <ggus> if you want, i can do ux testing
14:31:25 <antonela> mmm you are going to be alone there, so no worries
14:31:38 <antonela> focus on training and if you want to run user needs (post-its) is fair enough
14:31:44 <ggus> ok :)
14:31:47 <antonela> great!
14:32:30 <antonela> emmapeel localization lab sent a good email today!
14:32:33 <ggus> i have two more topics to discuss
14:32:46 <antonela> ggus yes, go
14:32:56 <emmapeel> nice!
14:33:14 <antonela> calling for tier1 remainings i think
14:33:38 <ggus> #1 i added more information in trac for public days agenda. if ux team have time, please add information about your activiities en espanol
14:33:53 <emmapeel> antonela: where did they send it?
14:34:07 <ggus> so new people can join your activity
14:34:40 <antonela> ggus: will do!
14:35:29 <antonela> emmapeel: via google groups?
14:35:33 <ggus> #2 I started to change our documentation about support portal - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam/Support
14:36:31 <antonela> ggus, awesome
14:36:31 <ggus> that's all :)
14:36:57 <antonela> ggus i have a question
14:37:14 <antonela> tor browser manual screenshots and content -- did it get updated?
14:37:21 <antonela> sorry, i lost the loop about it
14:38:03 <ggus> antonela: Phoul said that was going to do yesterday
14:38:16 <ggus> I'm waiting...
14:38:26 <antonela> ok, will check with him so
14:38:28 <antonela> thanks!
14:39:15 <ggus> i personally don't know what to do anymore. i asked about this since august.
14:40:01 <antonela> i know
14:40:38 <antonela> im asking you because you are the community person just here, no pressure :)
14:41:14 <antonela> and also because the guard link is linking there haha
14:41:24 <antonela> from the circuit display
14:41:35 <ggus> yes, so we don't have updated information in our main product
14:41:48 <ggus> this is critical
14:41:51 <antonela> anw, i'll ping him today
14:42:21 <antonela> cool! anything else?
14:42:58 <emmapeel> see you in mexico!
14:43:02 <antonela> yessss
14:43:14 <ggus> yessss!!!
14:43:22 <antonela> i need to prepare a lot of things for mex yet, but im excited :)
14:43:24 <ggus> :D
14:43:37 <ggus> i dont even want to look at the backlog
14:43:49 <antonela> remember that we don't have ux meeting next week - the next one is October 10th
14:44:17 * antonela will update the new calendar :)
14:44:37 <ggus> okie!
14:45:25 <antonela> cool, i think is a wrap
14:45:37 <traumschule> cool, have a great week!
14:45:40 <antonela> thanks folks! see you soon eating tacos !
14:46:05 <ggus> and drinking horchata
14:46:07 <antonela> traumschule: thanks, you too!
14:46:11 <antonela> #endmeeting