18:01:35 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor-browser 10/8
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18:01:43 <GeKo> alright
18:01:53 <GeKo> let's see who is here for the meeting today
18:01:58 <igt0> o/
18:02:02 <boklm> o/
18:02:19 <sisbell> hello
18:02:19 <GeKo> it was a pleasure to see all of you last week in mexico
18:02:35 <GeKo> hope you made it home safe and avoided the meeting flu
18:03:02 <GeKo> the pad is as usual on https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
18:03:10 * antonela has the meeting flu
18:03:19 <tjr> o/
18:03:19 <GeKo> please enter your items if you have not already done so
18:03:22 <GeKo> :(
18:03:42 <pili> o/
18:04:13 <arthuredelstein> hi everyone!
18:04:39 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: "Finished at Mexico meeting"
18:04:46 <GeKo> does that mean you were finished? ;)
18:05:19 <antonela> haha
18:05:26 <arthuredelstein> :D
18:05:32 <arthuredelstein> yeah, pretty much!
18:06:55 <pospeselr> heh
18:07:22 <GeKo> okay, let's get started
18:07:42 <GeKo> tjr: no ethan did not say anything about it but tbh we did not talk about that topic either
18:08:03 <GeKo> so, i am fine with whatever works for mozilla here
18:08:41 <tjr> okay let's plan for the week of Oct 22
18:08:45 <tjr> when ethan is back from vacation
18:08:54 <GeKo> kk
18:08:59 <pili> GeKo: tjr please invite me, I would like to attend :)
18:09:46 <GeKo> mcs: okay, can you put the #27239 and related items somewhere where you don't forget about it?
18:09:58 <GeKo> i think we should get to that this month
18:09:59 <mcs> GeKo: yes
18:10:09 <mcs> We will track it as a task.
18:10:13 <GeKo> thx
18:10:34 <GeKo> pospeselr: tjr: ethan indicated that he and his team might be able to help with #3600
18:10:47 <GeKo> or that they might want to be involved here
18:10:49 <pospeselr> ooh very nice
18:10:58 <GeKo> so, we should sync with him and make sure we are on the same page
18:11:08 <GeKo> i did not get to that in mexico :(
18:11:51 <GeKo> so maybe we should schedule a meeting for when he is back, too
18:11:55 <tjr> Sure.  I'm mostly curious what the technical prototype will do; I was wondering if there would be a description of that or something that I could look at, show around to see if anyone had feedback, etc
18:12:40 <GeKo> well, i am fine if we work on that and do a prototype. we have some time for it i think
18:12:58 <GeKo> but i guess we should hear ethan first to be sure about the scope
18:13:30 <GeKo> pospeselr: the initial plans sounds like a good approach to me
18:13:33 <GeKo> (fwiw)
18:13:48 <GeKo> pili: okay, you are up
18:13:54 <pospeselr> tjr: initial plan on my end is to just disable the cookie redirect via a pref, if you have anything more specific you want to see, things I need to be careful about, i'm all ears
18:14:07 <pili> hi, yes, I probably should have asked that during Mexico, but it got lost in everything else...
18:14:39 <pili> I was just wondering how/when we decide to incorporate user feedback into tor browser, not necessarily bugs, but more like new features and/or enhancement requests
18:15:12 <pili> or do we just try to fit it into sponsor deliverables when it makes sense?
18:15:53 <antonela> pili: which kind of user feedback?
18:16:09 <antonela> that wayward's email?
18:16:16 <pili> yes, for example :)
18:16:31 <GeKo> pili: there are no solid rules for that right now
18:16:37 <antonela> cool, that email has a great detail about which items have tickets and which not
18:16:54 <antonela> maybe the first step is creating tickets for those issues which don't have tickets
18:17:00 <GeKo> it's a complex mix of: how many users are affected, how much benefit they would get
18:17:09 <antonela> yep
18:17:10 <GeKo> how does that fit to other stuff we currently have to do
18:17:20 <GeKo> etc.
18:17:33 <pili> do they get triaged along with bugs then if there's a ticket created for them?
18:17:47 <GeKo> but *if* we think we should do it we usually don't wait until we have a sponsor for it
18:17:51 <GeKo> (for smaller things)
18:18:08 <GeKo> pili: yes
18:18:29 <pili> ok, and, if no ticket, does someone in particular normally create it?
18:19:04 <GeKo> that mainly depends how they get reported i think
18:19:19 <GeKo> i try to cover irc, mailing lists and blog comments as good as i can
18:19:30 <GeKo> and turn stuff i find useful into tickets
18:19:53 <pili> GeKo: let me know if you'd like me to help out with that or if we can ask wayward to do that
18:20:24 <GeKo> i'd be happy if wayward would do it
18:20:29 <GeKo> or you for the cases i miss
18:20:30 <antonela> yes
18:20:30 <pili> thanks, I think that answers my questions
18:21:09 <arthuredelstein> I think it would also be great if we had an occasional sync with wayward and nyinz to get a better feeling for how we can make things better for users
18:21:28 <GeKo> yes.
18:21:35 <pili> arthuredelstein: that's a great idea :)
18:21:48 <antonela> yes, a kind of shareable report from user testing is needed
18:21:49 <GeKo> i had hoped the sync pospeselr did with pari would turn out into such a thing
18:22:30 <GeKo> not sure what would be the best way to achieve that
18:22:43 <GeKo> but having a sync, say, once a month sounds useful
18:22:44 <antonela> me either, but having tickets open seems a good start
18:22:51 <arthuredelstein> If I could wave a magic wand, I would like to answer the question, "what is the biggest thing that stops people from using tor browser?"
18:23:12 <antonela> we have some answers tho
18:23:23 <pili> GeKo: let me see if I can arrange that
18:23:48 <GeKo> pili: we could start with some irc sync and see if that works or needs adaptation
18:23:52 <GeKo> thanks
18:24:01 <antonela> yes, thanks pili!
18:24:45 <GeKo> sisbell: fwiw i put two things on your radar (i hope)
18:24:51 <GeKo> one is #27977
18:25:09 <GeKo> and #27609
18:25:33 <sisbell> Geko: yes I saw that
18:25:38 <GeKo> i hope especially the latter gives you some "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel"-feeling :)
18:25:52 <GeKo> given that you only worked on the build system so far
18:26:04 <GeKo> and there is code to look at, too :)
18:26:09 <GeKo> okay, great
18:26:11 <sisbell> I'll take a look, early next week
18:26:51 <GeKo> thanks. we should have sysrqb around as well to make sure what to look at exactly
18:27:30 <GeKo> anything else for the status update part?
18:28:31 <GeKo> okay, discussion time
18:28:40 <GeKo> we have some items
18:28:48 <GeKo> most importantly: timesheets!
18:29:11 <GeKo> we need to have timesheets by the 7th on the next month
18:29:23 <GeKo> and i need to approve them by the 10th of the next month
18:29:45 <GeKo> so, if any of you still needs to submit them for september (or even earlier) now would be a good time
18:30:04 <GeKo> if there are any questions i am glad to help (or ping sue for help)
18:30:13 <antonela> is everybody using harvest for it? if so, who needs to create a new account?
18:30:31 <GeKo> yes, harvest (the employees)
18:30:34 * antonela needs an account and asked sue about it
18:30:41 <GeKo> yeah, sue does that
18:30:45 <igt0> +1
18:31:07 <GeKo> then status updates
18:31:28 <GeKo> so, please if you work on a day, post the status updates to #tor-dev
18:31:37 <GeKo> doing something like /me status: foo
18:31:56 <GeKo> there is no need to say you have a dentist appointment now
18:32:02 <GeKo> or something like
18:32:13 * GeKo status: cat jumped on the keeeeeyyybbboooaaarrdd
18:32:35 <pospeselr> lol
18:32:59 <GeKo> just so that we keep ourselves synced over the week and everyone has a rough understanding what folks are working on
18:33:17 <GeKo> does that sounds good?
18:33:52 <GeKo> *sound
18:34:01 <boklm> yes
18:34:03 <antonela> yes
18:34:04 <igt0> yep
18:34:21 <mcs> sounds good to me although I am not yet in the habit (will try)
18:34:35 <pili> yup
18:35:18 <tjr> We need a remindme bot so we can tell it to remind us at <whatever> time each day to fill it in
18:36:05 <GeKo> okay, lets move on to the next item i guess
18:36:33 <GeKo> tjr: i am fine either way re the monthly moz sync
18:37:12 <GeKo> i guess some moz folks are missing due to vacations?
18:37:28 <tjr> ethan is out and i am very out of the loop
18:37:42 <tjr> and most people were together last week :)
18:37:54 <GeKo> yeah, so, cancelling sounds good to me
18:38:27 <arthuredelstein> that's OK with me too
18:38:49 <GeKo> okay, roadmap
18:38:57 <GeKo> i assembled something at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tbb-roadmap-2018-19
18:39:12 <GeKo> there is some explanatory text in the tbb-dev mail i sent today
18:39:36 <GeKo> for this week, please look over it and let me and/or pili know whether that makes sense to you
18:39:53 <GeKo> or whether we have items missing or in a wrong order or whatever
18:40:07 <GeKo> i hope we can have something to run with ready next week
18:40:46 <GeKo> if folks have anything to add/discuss right now, let's do it
18:40:52 <GeKo> (re roadmap)
18:41:41 <GeKo> pili: i pinged the network-team folks re the network-team items
18:41:50 <GeKo> and nickm and gaba are aware of it
18:42:11 <pili> great :)
18:42:22 <GeKo> so, we might need some more inter-team coordination if we really want to have them on our roadmap
18:42:33 <GeKo> (and once the otf thing is really a thing)
18:42:42 <GeKo> but i am optimistic :)
18:42:43 <pili> I plan to have a weekly sync with gaba so we can discuss these items there also
18:42:57 <GeKo> great
18:44:22 <GeKo> okay, as i said, feel free to add stuff to the pad and/or reply by mail
18:44:54 <GeKo> i think we should finish this at our next weekly things next monday and think about our work committments meanwhile
18:45:10 <GeKo> s/things/meeting/
18:45:38 <GeKo> the final item i had is team rotations
18:45:57 <GeKo> so, the network team has those and i talked to a bunch of network team folks
18:46:34 <GeKo> it seems we don't want to follow the network team here one by one :)
18:46:37 <GeKo> but
18:46:51 <GeKo> there might be something that would be good for us as well
18:47:21 <GeKo> do we have some obvious things that come to mind?
18:47:34 <GeKo> a more strict rotation for doing release builds?
18:47:57 <GeKo> bug triage?
18:48:06 <GeKo> review assignments?
18:48:14 <GeKo> something else?
18:50:05 <GeKo> seems we are not in the rotation business :)
18:50:12 <mcs> bug triage and build make sense to me. I am not sure about review assigments but maybe it could be someone’s job to make sure reviews are assigned to the right person?
18:50:35 <mcs> and not everyone has to be included in the rotation for each task
18:51:08 <GeKo> right
18:51:24 <mcs> I wonder what other people think?
18:52:42 <GeKo> hard to say :)
18:53:34 <igt0> +1, for mobile we are already doing reviews. So maybe, everyone should review :) and GeKo could do the last round of reviews.
18:54:34 <pospeselr> igt0: yeah that makes sense
18:55:02 <GeKo> okay, let's start with the build rotation. we did already some of it when arthur helped
18:55:22 <GeKo> and i keep more track of assigning reviews in case that's needed :)
18:55:51 <GeKo> do we have anything else up for discsussion today?
18:56:04 <pospeselr> has anyone had any luck using egencia for the mozilla all hands?
18:56:35 <pospeselr> password reset doesn't seem to work with my old account, but I can't create a new one since the name is taken..
18:56:51 <antonela> pospeselr: you need to create a *new* account
18:56:52 <pospeselr> like the email says to create a new account, but it seems weird to need a whole new email address
18:57:02 <GeKo> pospeselr: asking jon might help?
18:57:08 <antonela> is a fake email address that you use for the account name
18:57:21 <antonela> then you have another field for the email
18:57:24 <antonela> the realz
18:57:27 <pospeselr> OH
18:58:04 <pospeselr> lol ok yeah it just neesd to look like an email
18:58:09 <antonela> exactly
18:58:11 <pospeselr> ok problem solved thx antonela
18:58:51 <antonela> pospeselr: ;)
18:59:14 <GeKo> okay, our hour is up. i think we are done for today. thanks all *baf*
18:59:18 <GeKo> #endmeeting