14:28:46 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:29:51 <karsten> irl: you around?
14:29:52 <irl> hello
14:29:55 <karsten> hey
14:30:22 <karsten> anything else for the agenda?
14:30:36 <irl> i think nothing else from me for the agenda
14:31:04 <karsten> alright.
14:31:09 <karsten> * Monthly report (karsten)
14:31:15 <karsten> I pasted the draft to the pad.
14:31:19 <karsten> what's missing?
14:31:39 <gaba> good report!
14:31:40 <karsten> or, would you want to go through it after the meeting and mention anything that's missing?
14:31:44 <karsten> thanks! :)
14:31:56 <irl> i think i would need to look through after the meeting
14:32:01 <karsten> works for me.
14:32:16 <irl> i'll also put up the pdf for the slides today
14:32:19 <karsten> what about our slides used in mexico?
14:32:29 <karsten> do you have a good place for putting it?
14:32:44 <karsten> and if so, would you mind putting the SOTO slides there, too?
14:32:58 <irl> i have a talks section at https://people.torproject.org/~irl/
14:33:01 <karsten> otherwise I'd put them on people.tp.o, but I'm not sure how long they'll stay there.
14:33:11 <irl> oooh maybe i do have a good place to put them
14:33:21 <irl> but we'd have to add an agenda item and it would be a whole thing
14:33:32 <karsten> please do.
14:34:04 <irl> added an item to the agenda
14:34:09 <karsten> heh. ok.
14:34:16 <karsten> alright, moving on for now?
14:34:18 <irl> ok
14:34:21 <karsten> * CollecTor release (karsten)
14:34:39 <karsten> this also concerns deployment.
14:34:50 <karsten> when is a good time for that, assuming that the release looks okay?
14:35:13 <irl> today is not good, tomorrow is not much better
14:35:25 <irl> if it is urgent then we can do tomorrow, but i would prefer monday
14:35:30 <karsten> okay.
14:35:47 <karsten> it's not urgent enough that we should risk putting out a release that we don't like.
14:35:59 <irl> ok cool, i will put it in my diary for monday
14:36:01 <karsten> monday 14:30 UTC?
14:36:20 <irl> sounds good
14:36:29 <karsten> okay!
14:36:31 <karsten> * Monthly retrospective plans (karsten)
14:36:44 <karsten> so, gaba, we talked a bit more about this topic while being in mexico.
14:36:52 <gaba> yes
14:37:01 <karsten> we were wondering if we should have a monthly retrospective via video.
14:37:13 <karsten> that would be separate from the weekly meetings.
14:37:37 <karsten> we'd go through the roadmap, and do whatever retrospectivly things one does.
14:38:07 <karsten> and we thought that it's probably okay if you attended those meetings and the weekly meetings only whenever it's convenient for you.
14:38:12 <gaba> it sounds good! yes
14:38:42 <gaba> I will try to do the weekly meeting whenever I can but will have the retrospective ones in my calendar for sure.
14:38:52 <karsten> okay, sounds great!
14:39:02 <irl> do we know already when they are?
14:39:10 <karsten> early in the month, maybe first or second week?
14:39:19 <karsten> we didn't pick a date yet.
14:39:24 <karsten> what works best?
14:39:42 <irl> 5-9th november i am offline
14:40:32 <karsten> how about the 2nd?
14:40:40 <irl> that sounds good
14:40:43 <gaba> ok
14:40:54 <irl> what is a gaba-friendly time?
14:41:09 <karsten> .oO( summer time is over then... )
14:41:21 <karsten> .oO( unless it's not in all parts of the world )
14:41:36 <gaba> after 9am PDT would be the best :)
14:41:57 <irl> 16:30 UTC?
14:41:58 <karsten> ah, it's indeed still PDT then.
14:42:02 <gaba> after 4pm UTC
14:42:08 <gaba> yes
14:42:11 <gaba> 4:30 great
14:42:24 <karsten> that's 17:30 CET, right?
14:42:31 <irl> yes
14:42:50 <karsten> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20181102T1630
14:42:54 <irl> not great for a friday, but maybe it's ok to do it once and we aim for mondays in the future
14:43:03 <gaba> PDT will be until nov 4th
14:43:16 <karsten> sounds good to me.
14:43:49 <karsten> gaba: would you be able to prepare an agenda, just so that we don't leave anything important out?
14:43:57 <karsten> prepare/suggest
14:44:08 <gaba> yes
14:44:16 <karsten> cool!
14:44:49 <karsten> alright. moving on?
14:44:55 <irl> ok
14:45:04 <gaba> so which date we are talking about? firday nov 16th?
14:45:12 <irl> nov 2nd
14:45:16 <gaba> ohh, ok
14:45:17 <gaba> yes
14:45:32 <gaba> 2nd of november, not 2nd week :P
14:45:34 <gaba> fine
14:45:39 <karsten> sorry for the confusion!
14:46:16 <karsten> okay, great. moving on to the next/last topic:
14:46:19 <karsten> * Mirroring Tor Metrics data to the Internet Archive (irl)
14:46:43 <irl> i was thinking about places we can archive data to make sure it survives past the end of time
14:46:44 * karsten wonders how that originates from my question to put a pdf on irl's server..
14:46:49 <irl> archive.org seems like a good choice
14:46:59 <irl> we can also put pdfs of slides there and link to them
14:47:29 <irl> in the past i've also put videos with recorded talks from local meetups on there
14:48:11 <irl> it's mostly an idea to think about for now but perhaps we would add functionality to a future collector (in a future roadmap) to perform uploads to archive.org as part of its operation
14:48:38 <karsten> https://archive-it.org/collections/9175
14:49:25 <karsten> we're not linking that from anywhere, I just happen to know it exists.
14:50:06 <irl> that's a scraping model though
14:50:13 <karsten> I'm not sure if putting up the SOTO pdf wouldn't be overkill.
14:50:18 <karsten> yes, it is.
14:50:31 <irl> you can also curate collections in more meaningful ways
14:50:59 <karsten> okay. so, yes, that would indeed be a future task then.
14:51:24 <irl> we could expand beyond just data though and have talks archived there too
14:51:32 <irl> but at some point we become tor's librarians
14:51:42 <irl> maybe this is what media.tpo is meant to be?
14:51:51 <karsten> plausible, yes.
14:52:16 <karsten> going back to the original question:
14:52:28 <karsten> should we put the slides up somewhere, just to link them from the monthly report?
14:52:39 <karsten> I'm okay with putting the soto slides on people.tp.o.
14:52:45 <irl> let's do that
14:52:48 <karsten> ok.
14:53:06 <karsten> and yours, too?
14:53:17 <karsten> if so, ~karsten or ~irl?
14:53:46 <irl> i will put mine in ~irl and link it from the table
14:53:52 <irl> because i told people they could get the slides from there
14:54:03 <karsten> okay, great!
14:54:03 <irl> for the SOTO slides i don't think it matters
14:54:16 <irl> if you mail them to me i will put them on the webserver too
14:54:17 <karsten> we could probably just leave them out, too.
14:54:31 <karsten> okay, will do.
14:54:58 <karsten> alright. anything else?
14:55:16 <irl> nothing from me
14:55:50 <karsten> cool! then let's end the meeting now. thanks, irl and gaba! ttyl
14:55:57 <gaba> thanks!
14:56:00 <irl> bye!
14:56:02 <karsten> #endmeeting