15:58:47 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team
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15:58:48 <kushal> Hello everyone.
15:58:52 <flexlibris> hi everyone
15:58:53 * kushal is here
15:58:55 <Phoul> Hi all
15:59:02 <pili> hi everyone :)
15:59:06 <flexlibris> today I'd like us to get our roadmap for the next six months more finalized
15:59:21 <flexlibris> here is the editable version: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/vJceuwij1TD37jXiWHQPyMfwubHBgAekM1fqh3SIdLc
15:59:39 <flexlibris> we got a lot of it completed in Mexico City but there's more to finish, see the top of the pad in bol
15:59:42 <flexlibris> bold*
16:00:39 <traumschule> hi! (sorry for being late)
16:00:45 <flexlibris> can everyone take a few minutes to read the bold todo items at the top and review the rest of the roadmap, and then we can talk about the rest of the roadmap and what is missing
16:01:33 <wayward> cool!
16:01:41 <kat5> Is "Kat's new stuff" the sponsor 19 stuff?
16:01:50 <flexlibris> kat5 yes
16:01:53 <kat5> kk
16:02:23 <flexlibris> I have the full proposal but if you want to start adding deliverables and dependencies that would be good
16:03:08 <flexlibris> Phoul, what events are you planning meetups for over the next six months?
16:03:33 <flexlibris> you and I will also talk at our meeting after this about your dependencies with eg tor release dates
16:04:25 <Phoul> Sounds good, just going through my list and adding them in.
16:04:36 <flexlibris> also, please put your name next to stuff you own
16:04:56 <kat5> flexlibris: I just added the deliverables we've already decided on.
16:05:01 <flexlibris> awesome thanks
16:07:06 <kat5> Phoul: Is "update obfsproxy instructions" about setting up bridges or about bridge config in the browser?
16:07:20 <Phoul> setting up bridges, will clarify.
16:08:06 <kat5> Okay. In my travels, I noticed that the browser config page is probably out of date as of TB 8.
16:08:29 <kushal> I will later add the meetings/plans in India the in the storm.
16:10:41 <flexlibris> right now we don't know if the next Tor meeting will happen in March, April, or May, so let's try to fill in at least until March and then put big things for the rest of the months
16:10:57 <pili> kat5: that sounds like something I should take to the browser team...
16:11:20 <pili> kat5: do you have any details or can we sync about this after? :)
16:12:21 <kat5> pili: It's this page: https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges.html.en
16:12:39 <kat5> Someone should check to see if it's still correct.
16:13:23 <emmapeel> sorry im a bit late
16:13:33 <flexlibris> btw does anyone remember who took notes in our IFF session in Mexico?
16:13:40 <flexlibris> I ask bc I don't see them uploaded
16:13:43 <emmapeel> (i had promised to make a spanish tortilla )
16:13:51 <flexlibris> emmapeel yum
16:13:52 <pili> kat5: thanks!
16:14:14 <wayward> I think pili took notes at the IFF meeting, but I'm not sure
16:14:21 <pili> ooops, let me check
16:14:33 <kat5> pili: It may be fine, byt my understanding was that there were UI improvements in TB 8 that may affect the instructions.
16:14:39 <kushal> flexlibris, I would love to read the notes :)
16:14:59 <flexlibris> kushal https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018MexicoCity/Notes
16:15:00 <pili> I thought I had uploaded already... :/ one sec
16:16:02 <pili> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018MexicoCity/Notes/TorAtIFF
16:16:03 <pili> can anyone else see that?
16:16:31 <flexlibris> ah yes I think it's just missing a link on the main notes page
16:16:33 <flexlibris> i will add it
16:17:08 <emmapeel> i see it
16:17:21 <kushal> flexlibris, Thank you.
16:17:44 <flexlibris> okay so what remains to add on the todo?
16:17:57 <kat5> flexlibris: I also added the part where some people need to get me text by Friday. Don't know who's doing that. arma suggested Arthur, Maggie, you, Gus.
16:18:06 <flexlibris> kat5 yeah, we are working on it
16:18:14 <kat5> Cool!
16:18:15 <flexlibris> it was a super last minute request so we're all trying to get what we can in there!
16:18:26 <kat5> Yepper!
16:18:40 <flexlibris> I will sync with Gus about his events and dates on the todo
16:18:45 <flexlibris> and I will also take care of the meeting planning stuff
16:19:04 <flexlibris> volunteer onboarding tasks look to be added, is that right wayward?
16:19:37 <emmapeel> nit sure if i should add the donation campaign... i am working on it but i am not sure if it is a community thing
16:19:37 <flexlibris> and also user advocate tasks?
16:19:56 <flexlibris> emmapeel I think it's good if you want to add it so we all know you're busy with that during certain times
16:20:05 <emmapeel> ok
16:20:26 <wayward> yes, volunteer onboarding!
16:20:34 <flexlibris> wayward awesome, taking it off the list
16:21:28 <flexlibris> okay, so if that's set we can talk about the October items
16:21:54 <flexlibris> if anyone has updates they want to share about anything listed for October
16:22:49 <traumschule> working on mirrors: Would it be a good idea to have mirror[s].torproject.org for the website and dist? https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-mirrors/2018-October/001178.html #27586
16:23:09 <emmapeel> i live close to the IFF and i want to attend, also the localization lab organizeds their summit right before the IFF usually
16:23:34 <Phoul> The LocalizationLab summit is always awesome. Definitely a good event.
16:23:48 <flexlibris> emmapeel yes, I want you there. I will be working on our IFF plans this week and will update everyone soon.
16:25:02 <flexlibris> sorry traumschule I don't understand your question
16:25:39 <kat5> I'm taking myself off the volunteer portal tasks. I think in MX we identified some small initial steps that wayward is going to manage.
16:25:51 <flexlibris> sounds good
16:26:07 <kat5> Also, stephw wanted to be involved, so I'll add her,
16:26:15 <flexlibris> I see it being referred to as a volunteer portal, am I understanding correctly that this is going to be an entire new portal at volunteer.torproject.org?
16:26:44 <kat5> We didn't get that far.
16:27:05 <flexlibris> oh okay, in that case we should probably use some language other than "portal" to avoid confusion with the new website portals
16:27:11 <wayward> I think someone was going to contact Antonela about the volunteer pafe?
16:27:12 <wayward> *page
16:27:12 <emmapeel> maybe it should be a section of the community portal...
16:27:21 <flexlibris> emmapeel thats what i thought it would be
16:27:25 <wayward> I can't remember if it was kat or gus who was going to reach out to UX
16:27:27 * antonela is reading
16:27:34 <pili> yeah, it seems like it would be part of community portal
16:27:35 <kat5> We identified some small initial steps like making the long list of projects into something less daunting, anf trying to get some teams to come up with approachable tasks.
16:27:53 <traumschule> ok, let my try again: there was a proposal on tor-mirrors some time ago to use mirrorbits, a load balance written in Go, to make use of the mirrors for torproject.org. I checked with weasel and the current static website does not support that so i thought of a subdomain for it.
16:28:08 <wayward> I'll call the volunteer site the volunteer page for now to avoid confusion
16:28:09 <antonela> i would like to have community.tpo content defined first, and then we can go with further portals
16:28:16 <kat5> wayward: great!
16:28:20 <wayward> antonela makes sense!
16:28:42 <flexlibris> yep and community portal mapping is on our list for this month
16:28:44 <kat5> wayward: stephw wanted to be consulted on new content for the page.
16:28:48 <Phoul> Update from me: Last week I had a call with a VPN provider who is very interested in bringing a significant amount of exit capacity online. They are starting with around 5Gb/sec, and we should see these relays appearing within the next week or two. They are planning to deploy to Mexico, India, Japan, and they also mentioned having other machines in South Asia they plan on using. I've also been working
16:28:50 * emmapeel heard that research.torproject.org is moving to lektor too!
16:28:51 <flexlibris> I will definitely be working on that, and will probably pull in Gus for feedback
16:28:54 <Phoul> iwth other operators who are interested in adding capacity to the network, and one exit operator (John Ricketts) is currently upping his capacity to be 7% of the exit weight. I'm also working on planning a relay operator meetup at BSides Winnipeg, we have a number of operators in the city and this is our biggest conference of the year. Also after seeing asn's report yesterday evening (was in
16:29:00 <Phoul> #tor-project), I have started looking over the obfsproxy deployment documentation again and will be working on making that more usable this week.
16:29:07 <Phoul> (whoops, sorry, that should not have so many line breaks)
16:29:36 <traumschule> is this a good time/place to ask actually? thought mirrors somehow fits into community.
16:30:38 <emmapeel> traumschule: i think maybe tor-dev is more suited.... this is not so much about code, unless you consider texts as code, etc)
16:31:20 <flexlibris> yep +1
16:31:32 <flexlibris> okay so there are a couple of items for this month without owners
16:31:46 <flexlibris> but I think that's okay. we have a long todo list for October, so I don't want anyone to get overloaded.
16:31:56 <flexlibris> we can check in about those ownerless items next week
16:32:20 <flexlibris> does anyone have other updates about October items, or things they need other people to move forward on, or anything like that?
16:32:48 <wayward> is mapping the volunteer page a better task for another month?
16:33:12 <wayward> I think I will move it to Nov
16:33:14 <flexlibris> good idea
16:33:17 <flexlibris> October is packed
16:33:26 <kat5> And it's 1/2-way over.
16:33:43 <wayward> [internal screaming]
16:34:35 <wayward> I do want to talk at some point about what tasks we would like to give to community volunteers
16:34:50 <wayward> if for no other reason than to have examples to show to other teams
16:35:43 <flexlibris> you mean like, easy/first-timer tasks that we discussed at the meeting?
16:35:46 <wayward> yep!
16:35:54 <flexlibris> I will have to give it some thought
16:36:40 <wayward> sounds good! I will try to look through our various planning docs to find simple tasks we can delegate
16:37:04 <flexlibris> anyone have anything else to discuss regarding October roadmap items?
16:37:24 <flexlibris> (if not, we can all get back to working on them)
16:38:20 <pili> I just had a quick comment about the email George wrote about how to communicate in the tor project mailing lists and irc
16:38:24 * kushal will have to run for dinner, he will read the log later at night.
16:38:27 <antonela> regarding community volunteers, at some point we can have an open repo with issues, and those issues could be labeled like "first-time contributors!" and then community volunteers can pick them
16:38:30 <antonela> wayward: flexlibris^
16:38:32 <pili> I thought it would be good content for the community portal
16:39:09 <flexlibris> pili yeah I saw your reply, and I flagged his email to figure out where it should go on the portal later
16:39:26 <pili> cool :)
16:39:26 <flexlibris> we have a section for community docs/standards like the code of conduct
16:39:35 <wayward> antonela: I like that idea!
16:39:37 <flexlibris> antonela yes definitely
16:39:48 <flexlibris> i think for now we just have to figure out what tasks would even go there
16:39:58 <antonela> yes and we need to have an open repo somewhere
16:40:11 <antonela> i hope it happen soon, also for the ux team
16:40:11 <flexlibris> yeah
16:40:35 <emmapeel> you mean, apart from trac?
16:41:15 <antonela> that is exactly what needs to be discussed
16:41:30 <flexlibris> I think it should be on trac unless we've migrated away from trac
16:41:43 <wayward> flexlibris +1
16:42:03 <antonela> synced with trac? is well known that trac is not friendly at all for newcomers
16:42:11 <wayward> very true
16:42:13 <emmapeel> yes, i think it will lose context if it was on another place
16:42:25 <antonela> depends
16:42:25 <flexlibris> right. but maintaining something else just for newcomers might be equally challenging.
16:42:33 <wayward> I just worry about us spreading out too much and things getting unsynced
16:42:49 <antonela> yes, is part of the discussion
16:43:22 <flexlibris> okay so maybe the first step is we identify some beginner tasks, and then we talk about the repo concerns
16:43:35 <antonela> yep
16:43:40 <flexlibris> cool :)
16:43:46 <wayward> rad!
16:44:12 <flexlibris> anything else people?
16:44:55 * emmapeel and erinm are looking onto swahili stuff
16:45:11 <flexlibris> oh nice
16:45:21 <emmapeel> and i would like to know who to bug with my idea of translating the tor animation as part of the trainings, if suitable ofc
16:45:40 <emmapeel> as we talked during mexico
16:45:48 <flexlibris> as part of what trainings?
16:46:02 <emmapeel> the tor trainings we are doing around
16:46:51 <flexlibris> ah right, yeah we should have the animation in local languagres
16:46:53 <flexlibris> languages even
16:47:06 <flexlibris> we can sync about where we are heading for sponsor9 trainings and when
16:47:36 <emmapeel> ok!
16:47:46 <flexlibris> i will ping you about it
16:47:55 <emmapeel> ok, thanks!
16:48:10 <flexlibris> okay anything else?
16:48:58 <flexlibris> seems like no
16:49:02 <flexlibris> see you all next week then
16:49:05 <flexlibris> #endmeeting