13:59:44 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team meeting
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13:59:50 <antonela> hello people!
14:00:17 <antonela> a shared link for this meeting pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/8PePYJhTurnYMDKyYoywZn31EZgiIqktvnUJH7uwmBn
14:00:35 <antonela> please, fill your updates and add topics into discussion (if you have them)
14:01:28 <antonela> at the top of that pad there is a semi ended roadmap - please check if your items are there, if not lets talk about them
14:02:53 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Hola!
14:03:07 <antonela> hey 👋
14:04:30 <antonela> elioqoshi : i saw the announcement for your talk at the moz festival, i added you at the ux team page and let me know if you need slides or anything :)
14:05:27 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Perfect, thanks antonela
14:05:45 <antonela> nyinz: emmapeel: please add your updates
14:06:06 <antonela> emmapeel: tomorrow during the sync meeting with the tbb team i'll ping about tba translations
14:06:11 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I think I still need to do some OONI branded slides but it would be good to have Tor slides as well
14:06:27 <antonela> oh will be an ooni talk? they announced a tor one
14:07:30 <antonela> anw, you can do the convo ;)
14:07:45 <antonela> and you can kill that emoji lol
14:08:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah blame their social media coordinator. It was an OONI Probe workshop.
14:08:09 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> haha gracias
14:08:33 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> "Begin outreach material for community portal with UX ( from community roadmap, needs designer )"  Can I help with this?
14:08:43 <antonela> that could be great
14:08:53 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> It might be good to assign me something Tor related to start working on
14:09:20 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Just might need a bit more time to get started so I hope it's not something too urgent
14:09:39 <antonela> i mean, the community team has that item in their roadmap and i'm overloaded, so could be great if you take it
14:09:50 <antonela> i'll meet flexlibris/ggus and define some scope for it
14:10:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Sounds good, perfect
14:10:09 <antonela> gracias
14:10:11 <antonela> pili: you go
14:10:14 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I hope it's fine that I might use some different tools?
14:10:22 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> (Figma + Presentator for example?)
14:10:23 <antonela> ye sure, you can use whatever you want
14:10:46 <flexlibris> hey cool :)
14:10:52 <pili> hi everyone, I was looking through the items we have to do on TPO.org and I was just wondering if anyone is reviewing the content or if that's something I should take on
14:11:02 <flexlibris> also fyi it will probably take us into november to get the community portal materials worked on anyway, so there is time
14:11:12 <pili> what has the workflow on that been so far?
14:11:20 <antonela> tpo.org friday's meeting were isabela, stephw and me
14:11:32 <antonela> stephw worked with the content and we iterated over the layout
14:11:53 <antonela> this friday we will back to those meetings so we can move forward
14:11:55 <pili> oh yeah, I missed last week's
14:12:04 <pili> great! I think I have it in my calendar anyway
14:12:32 <antonela> colio, we are trying to finish tpo.org - tpo.org/download and tpo.org/about (and inner pages)
14:13:33 <pili> ok, that's me done on that then :)
14:13:36 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> flexlibris cool that gives me some breathing space as right now I'm all into OONI Probe mockups
14:13:51 <antonela> pili, about s17
14:14:08 <antonela> we have debriefes from uganda, colombia and kenia
14:14:17 <antonela> could be cool if we can setup a framework for reporting those
14:14:39 <pili> yup, that's part of the user testing stuff I need to look at soon... :/
14:15:05 <antonela> this is something i'm personally struggling with because I'm not sure how to make it useful
14:15:09 <hiro> does it need to be a public framework or just a way for peeps to look and write about them?
14:15:21 <antonela> idk - what do you think?
14:15:34 <hiro> idk what are the requirements?
14:15:39 <pili> I need to do my homework first and come up with some ideas i think :D
14:16:04 <antonela> that's cool
14:16:04 <pili> e.g what is the format, what is the content, can we standardize? any common themes? any good conclusions we can draw from them?
14:16:13 <antonela> exactly
14:16:25 <pili> (this is me thinking out loud without having looked at them yet... sorry nyinz :( )
14:16:27 <hiro> ok no fancy visualisations then? that's good
14:16:33 <antonela> nono
14:16:34 <emmapeel> it feels similar to what wayward is  gathering too
14:16:45 <antonela> yes, wayward work should be part of that for sure
14:16:56 <antonela> s17 is community+ux work so we overlap
14:17:11 <pili> yup, i have it on my notes to work with both nyinz and wayward on this
14:17:31 <antonela> cool
14:18:00 <emmapeel> maybe sajolida has some ideas
14:18:15 <emmapeel> i suggest you ping him
14:18:19 <pili> emmapeel: good point, I'll reach out, thanks!
14:18:30 <antonela> about reporting to s17?
14:18:48 <emmapeel> no, about gathering user input
14:18:54 <emmapeel> sorry for noise
14:18:58 <antonela> oh yes
14:21:32 * antonela updates the pad
14:21:33 <antonela> any other item to be discussed?
14:22:15 <pili> not from me
14:22:40 <pili> oh, sorry, one thing
14:22:49 <antonela> gogo :)
14:22:49 <pili> antonela: let me know about how I can help with the wiki content :)
14:22:56 <antonela> oh yes that
14:23:31 <antonela> i need to work on it -  i have notes in several places and i need to put them together
14:23:49 * emmapeel dont like documentation in the wiki because is hard to  localize and keep the translations updated
14:23:52 <antonela> not sure if they fit on s19 reports or what but i need to finish YE campaign things to get back to work
14:23:59 <antonela> emmapeel: <3
14:24:18 <emmapeel> but i hope we will move this stuff to the community portal or something
14:25:33 <antonela> how should i document our work so? i feel like there is a leak of reporting on the last changes we made, specially in tor browser and we had a design process behind those and I should report that
14:25:54 <pili> ok, let me know, hopefully we're done with S19 and YE campaign soon :)
14:25:59 <antonela> and we are going to iterate over the new changes, and not sure if tickets are enough, idk
14:26:14 <hiro> tickets get lost too
14:26:18 <antonela> yes
14:26:24 <hiro> also I am not sure we need to localise everything
14:26:25 <emmapeel> i was talking about user-facing docs, for example the tor relay guide, is hard to keep updated and check if the translations are in line withthe english original
14:26:43 <antonela> yes, this is more internal-docs?
14:26:58 <emmapeel> yeah i dont think we need to localize internal docs, sorry
14:26:59 <hiro> internal docs go on the wiki imp
14:27:05 <hiro> imo
14:27:11 <emmapeel> sure
14:27:24 <hiro> the relay guide will need to be moved to community or dev portals
14:27:29 <hiro> imo
14:27:32 <pili> hiro: +1
14:27:38 <antonela> ye, at some point we can have those resources also in lektor
14:27:41 <pili> I think probably community
14:27:47 <antonela> user-facing ones
14:27:56 <pili> (although you do need some technical knowledge for it...)
14:28:18 <hiro> depends also because we need and there will be an effort in documenting tor network infra
14:28:35 <hiro> so that people can know why running something is better than running something else
14:28:54 <hiro> and they can make informed decisions on how they want to contribute in that sense
14:28:56 <antonela> si
14:28:57 <pili> antonela: so, to clarify, these wiki items that we're talking about are for the internal wiki, reporting on the work we have done in those areas?
14:29:05 <antonela> pilie: si
14:29:08 <antonela> pili: si
14:29:28 <pili> pili: cool, because we went off on a tangent and I just wanted to make sure :D
14:29:45 <antonela> yes, is the same thing we talked about in our 1:1 last week
14:29:50 <pili> antonela: rather... :P
14:30:11 <antonela> yep
14:30:30 <pili> ok
14:31:06 <antonela> this week i talked with kevun, he is a researcher and he wrote a cool paper about tor browser ux https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2018-September/000427.html
14:31:20 <antonela> not sure if he is around, but you can read it!
14:32:48 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Awesome, thanks for sharing the link
14:32:54 <antonela> another thing is that we will launch a tor browser icon survey soon
14:33:06 <antonela> we have a couple of options and the community will pick
14:33:27 <antonela> elioqoshi, i'd like to include your https://dribbble.com/shots/4464564-Tor-New-Onion-Logo-Explorations there
14:33:35 <antonela> i'll send you an email before this week end about this
14:33:36 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Let's just ensure this won't happen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boaty_McBoatface :P
14:33:48 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Sure, cool
14:34:08 <antonela> haha
14:34:20 <antonela> anything could happen
14:35:04 <antonela> hiro, do you want to talk about #28065?
14:35:37 <hiro> yep sure, so put everything in this ticket in the hope that we can discuss and start planning
14:35:52 <hiro> there are I think 2/3 things to consider
14:36:15 <hiro> 1. the frontend part of things. Like all the lil css tricks we use to avoid that something doesn't work with js disabled
14:36:26 <hiro> that can easily be included in the styleguide
14:36:52 <antonela> yep
14:36:55 <hiro> 2. there is the friendliness scanner Kevin is working on, that could tell how well does a website render on tor browser
14:37:31 <pili> that sounds really cool
14:37:39 <hiro> and finally 3. In tor-onions and other of our lists there are people sharing best practices and tips for onion services - apache configs - how not to leak info and so
14:37:49 <hiro> these things are sometimes documented
14:38:02 <hiro> sometimes "are lost in time like tears in the rain"
14:38:09 <antonela> haha
14:38:23 <hiro> it would be cool if we could document these best practices
14:39:00 <hiro> ex: https://riseup.net/en/security/network-security/tor/onionservices-best-practices
14:39:07 <antonela> definitely and also was something that came up during the tb+ux meeting in mexico by a lot of people
14:39:19 <emmapeel> yeah, how to prevent your MTA becomes a spambot
14:39:29 <gman999> :)
14:40:07 * hiro wonders if gman999 has a notification every time someone says MTA
14:40:11 <hiro> ;)
14:40:26 <emmapeel> i think he also highlights 'spambot'
14:40:28 <antonela> lol
14:40:36 * gman999 shhhhh hiro
14:40:41 <hiro> hehehehe
14:40:57 <antonela> haha
14:40:58 <gman999> best practices i caught.. and it's a general issue
14:40:58 <antonela> COOL
14:41:10 <hiro> so yeah if we document all this, maybe the styleguide is not the best place
14:41:26 <hiro> maybe we should start in the wiki and then decide where to put this content once we have enough of it
14:41:30 <antonela> lets start with the content and them we can decide
14:41:31 <antonela> yee
14:41:36 <antonela> *tehn
14:41:41 <antonela> grr *then
14:42:00 <antonela> anything else? are we groot? am i missing something?
14:42:12 <hiro> groot
14:42:36 <emmapeel> groot
14:42:36 <pili> hiro: I'm going to add some of these comments to the ticket
14:43:03 <hiro> pili: groot
14:43:40 <pili> I guess I'm groot :D (I need to find out what that means, but I'll follow the crowd :P)
14:44:18 <antonela> cool! it's a wrap!
14:44:21 <antonela> #endmeeting