14:28:50 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:28:52 <karsten> irl: hi!
14:28:56 <irl> hello
14:29:20 <karsten> three topics on the agenda. want to add more, or shall we start?
14:29:31 <irl> we can start
14:29:35 <karsten> ok.
14:29:38 <karsten> * Moving the "Research" page off Tor Metrics and onto new research portal (irl)
14:30:05 <irl> i just wanted to get your opinion on this
14:30:25 <karsten> how far is the new research portal?
14:30:32 <irl> i think that the tools section is probably going to be better looked after on the research portal than on metrics for example
14:30:38 <irl> https://research-staging.torproject.org/
14:30:41 <irl> secret preview link
14:31:04 <irl> we wouldn't remove the page from metrics until this one is live though
14:31:19 <karsten> I'm fine with this plan.
14:31:32 <irl> ok cool
14:31:35 <irl> that is all of that topic (:
14:31:37 <karsten> is there going to be a dev portal?
14:31:45 <irl> that's another thing entirely
14:31:59 <irl> a question for the ux team
14:32:04 <karsten> okay. but when there is such a thing, we might want to do the same with our dev page.
14:32:15 <irl> i will keep that in mind
14:32:27 <karsten> okay. sounds good to me.
14:32:42 <karsten> cool. moving on?
14:32:47 <irl> yep
14:32:51 <karsten> * Ticket priorities (karsten)
14:33:04 <karsten> so, I think I ran dry with my list of tickets to work on.
14:33:11 <karsten> which means I might pick at random,
14:33:26 <karsten> or we take some other approach for keeping me busy. :)
14:33:34 <karsten> is there anything you need me to work on?
14:33:57 <irl> i've been kept busy with the ye campaign, research portal, sponsor 19 reporting and admin things
14:34:04 <karsten> whee.
14:34:07 <irl> so i'm not blocking on you
14:34:37 <karsten> I wonder if I should then work on something that doesn't keep you busy soon after for reviews.
14:34:43 <gaba> hi!
14:34:46 <karsten> hi gaba!
14:35:30 <irl> karsten: i think for now work on tickets that you wouldn't otherwise work on because they're not urgent, but they are important
14:35:44 <irl> maybe next week we could pick roadmap items to start tackling
14:36:31 <karsten> okay, sounds like a plan. and if something specific comes up that you think might be useful if I work on it, just let me know.
14:36:43 <irl> yep, will do
14:36:58 <karsten> ah, one more thought on this:
14:37:26 <karsten> should we reserve some tickets to give them out to applicants?
14:37:47 <gaba> you want to give applicants a test?
14:37:55 <irl> that seems like a reasonable idea
14:38:03 <karsten> I think we considered that with erin.
14:38:13 <irl> not for every applicant, just the shortlist
14:38:16 <gaba> yes
14:38:18 <karsten> yes, right.
14:38:19 <gaba> it sounds good
14:38:55 <karsten> okay, I'll look out for those tasks and try not to work on those tickets myself. ;)
14:39:20 <irl> if they can be new graphs, consensus weight based graphs or continent based graphs are in demand
14:39:40 <irl> that's a lot of dev environment to bootstrap though
14:39:45 <karsten> can you explain the second?
14:39:53 <karsten> continent based in rs?
14:39:59 <gaba> something that does not require a lot of time would be good
14:40:01 <irl> users by continent or relays by continent
14:40:07 <irl> instead of by country
14:40:12 <karsten> but in rs?
14:40:18 <irl> metrics-web
14:40:35 <karsten> is there a ticket for that?
14:41:05 <irl> no, but i've seen people making their own because we don't have them
14:41:16 <karsten> ok.
14:41:17 <irl> well, we have tickets for things by consensus weight
14:41:21 <irl> not by continent
14:41:22 <karsten> yes.
14:41:50 <karsten> how much time do we expect applicants to work on a task?
14:42:10 <irl> 1-2 hours
14:42:18 <gaba> yes
14:42:22 <irl> we might give them an OVA with a dev environment in it
14:42:31 <karsten> OVA?
14:42:45 <irl> open virtual appliance is a rough guess
14:42:55 <irl> it's a vm container format
14:43:03 <karsten> ah, neat.
14:43:04 <irl> virtualbox
14:43:45 <karsten> sounds good!
14:43:57 <karsten> moving on?
14:44:07 <irl> ok
14:44:12 <karsten> * Status messages (karsten)
14:44:34 <karsten> ahf has a script to log status message of fellow team members.
14:44:53 <karsten> should we run it and use these messages for reports?
14:45:02 <karsten> or retrospectives.
14:45:11 <irl> that sounds like a good idea
14:45:14 <karsten> not in the sense of a metric, but to remember what we did.
14:45:22 <irl> yes
14:45:30 <gaba> I have it running and added you there :)
14:45:40 <karsten> ah, do you have a log already?
14:45:51 <gaba> yes
14:46:08 <karsten> can you share the log with us? (assuming that irl is okay with that?)
14:46:09 <gaba> but you can run it too. Otherwise I get the log for the retrospective.
14:46:17 <gaba> yes
14:46:17 <karsten> ah, that works, too.
14:46:21 <gaba> ok
14:46:34 <ahf> if there's something you'd like the script to do, please let me know. right now it's very much geared towards the network-team, but could be made to handle things for other teams :-)
14:46:40 <irl> i would like to have the log of what i've been statusing
14:46:44 <irl> i wonder how often i do it
14:47:00 <karsten> thanks, ahf!
14:47:38 <karsten> I don't need the log during the month. I'd appreciate having it when the next month begins, as input for the monthly report.
14:47:44 <karsten> and for the retrospective.
14:48:13 <karsten> and it'd be good to know that somebody is logging these messages. makes much more sense for me to write them.
14:48:28 <gaba> ok. irl, I can send you the log now so you have an idea but I share it for the retrospective.
14:49:12 <karsten> gaba: can you share it shortly before the actual retrospective?
14:49:41 <irl> sounds good
14:49:43 <gaba> yes
14:49:48 <karsten> awesome!
14:50:30 <karsten> okay, I think we ran out of topics.
14:50:33 <karsten> anything else?
14:50:35 <irl> as gaba is here
14:50:39 <irl> task 10c?
14:51:25 <gaba> I will check today with other people in the network-team to see if soembody can take it.
14:51:31 <irl> awesome thanks
14:51:39 <irl> i can go over it and review it, or even flesh out an outline
14:51:49 <irl> but i'm not sure where to start
14:51:53 <gaba> do you have a draft somewehre already or outline?
14:51:59 <irl> not for 10c
14:52:03 <gaba> ok
14:52:03 <irl> i've done 10a and 10b though
14:52:13 <gaba> whoever take it can talk with you then
14:52:14 <irl> 11a-c are also on track for completion today
14:52:30 <irl> i won't be around this evening
14:52:52 <irl> i've been doing too many evenings this week
14:53:06 <irl> i'll send you a summary and some thoughts to share though?
14:53:08 <gaba> ok, can you just write down your thoughts on it?
14:53:10 <gaba> yes
14:53:12 <gaba> that^
14:53:12 <irl> ok cool (:
14:53:32 <irl> i'm out of topics now
14:53:38 <karsten> me too.
14:54:06 <karsten> alright, thanks, irl and gaba!
14:54:10 <karsten> bye! :)
14:54:13 <irl> bye!
14:54:18 <karsten> #endmeeting