15:59:29 <ggus> #startmeeting community team meeting
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15:59:37 <flexlibris> here's our roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/VBZWnqHW-_0kjLH55z9aYjW1t0rrL_qIpxgwzXn-7Xp
16:00:11 <flexlibris> let's hear updates to items that people own on the roadmap, and any blockers/needs/thoughts you have to share with the group regarding your roadmap stuff
16:00:38 <flexlibris> if there isn't someone who wants to go first i'll just go with the first person who has a roadmap item
16:01:13 <wayward> I can ho!
16:01:14 <wayward> *go
16:01:19 <flexlibris> okay please do wayward
16:01:41 <flexlibris> (also, please update the status of your items at the end of the line in BOLD, whether done or ongoing or whatever)
16:01:41 <pili> hi
16:01:43 <pili> sorry, a bit late
16:01:47 <flexlibris> (if it's done you can strikethrough
16:01:50 <wayward> so, I'm currently writing an email to the vegas team mailing list re: volunteer onboarding needs
16:01:50 <flexlibris> pili that's okay
16:02:20 <wayward> BUT... do we, as the community team, have any volunteer tasks we'd like volunteers to do?
16:02:36 <wayward> (I know we talked briefly about this last time but I don't remember coming to any conclusions)
16:03:19 <wayward> volunteers could potentially help with gathering screenshots
16:03:21 <flexlibris> I could probably have a volunteer help with some community portal stuff
16:03:33 <flexlibris> it depends on what the volunteer is into
16:03:51 <wayward> yeah true!
16:03:58 <emmapeel> oh yeah, volunteers could add the screenshots in transifex and link them to the translation strings
16:04:01 <flexlibris> also, in the past, it's been challenging to assign volunteers stuff that needs to happen, because sometimes volunteers show up with a lot of enthusiasm but then disappear
16:04:08 <flexlibris> but screenshots are a good task
16:04:15 <ggus> wayward: we need help with manual to lektor migration
16:04:43 <wayward> ggus: oh ok! I thought we completed that
16:04:48 <kat5> flexlibris: but sometimes volunteers show up with a lot of enthusiasm and then don't know who or how to ask for help, how to find info, etc..
16:04:57 <flexlibris> for sure
16:05:09 <wayward> I will add that to my list ggus, thank you!
16:05:12 <flexlibris> all i meant was that the only small tasks i have been able to think of are things that really need to happen
16:05:18 <wayward> alright, so if anyone has other tasks, please ping me!
16:05:25 <kat5> No, I totally get it!
16:05:30 <flexlibris> i am trying to think of things that are less vital so that it's easier in case it doesn't happen right away
16:05:44 <wayward> one more point from me: I'm doing a Demystifying Tor workshop at MozFest with Cybelle!
16:06:02 <wayward> >done<
16:06:03 <flexlibris> i sent cy some slides for that
16:06:12 <wayward> oh rad, thanks flexlibris!
16:06:13 <flexlibris> thanks wayward can you update the status of yr stuff on the pad?
16:06:18 <wayward> yeah totally, will do!
16:06:22 <flexlibris> thanks
16:06:27 <flexlibris> someone else want to go next?
16:06:59 <flexlibris> okay i can go
16:07:21 <flexlibris> i haven't yet started working on finishing the community portal mapping but i hope to ping ggus about that this week
16:07:33 <flexlibris> my week is a little overloaded because i will be at this DRL meeting for days
16:07:53 <kat5> DRL?
16:08:08 <flexlibris> i am working on the IFF submission stuff and i'll share a pad with the community team
16:08:22 <flexlibris> it's not due for some time but i am trying to get us organized for IFF in advance
16:08:47 <flexlibris> i sent an email to isa and others with ideas for the ux/community team meeting at IFF
16:08:52 <emmapeel> i am adding chinese to the support portal and adding screenshots in transifex
16:10:00 <flexlibris> i know that roger submitted a fosdem talk
16:10:12 <flexlibris> there are other fosdem deadlines for tables and things so i'll be following up on that
16:10:59 <flexlibris> and I'm working on the LFI website redesign/wiki migration plus weeks 19-22 (we are in week 21 now)
16:11:06 <ggus> woo! nice!!
16:11:08 <flexlibris> pili what revisions need to happen on the sponsor19 text?
16:11:42 <flexlibris> oh and I'm about to send an email with Tor Meeting location ideas for next time (with pros and cons and ideas of flight costs)
16:12:02 <flexlibris> and the sponsor9 group already met about travel so I'll mark that as done as well
16:12:07 <flexlibris> i think that's it for me
16:12:18 <antonela> flexlibris ahf made a wiki page for listing tor people making fosdem
16:12:26 <flexlibris> ah nice
16:12:27 <pili> flexlibris: just a few more details on the applications currently using tor
16:12:33 <kushal> antonela, I will try to make it this year.
16:12:41 <kushal> or rather next year.
16:12:46 <pili> their current status: alpha, beta, discontinued... etc
16:12:49 * antonela is trying to find it
16:12:51 <pili> so just a few lines for each
16:12:55 <flexlibris> okay
16:13:16 <pili> and what are their shortcomings in any
16:13:21 <gamambel> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Brussels
16:13:41 <flexlibris> pili that sounds like more than a few lines lol
16:13:45 <flexlibris> thanks gamambel
16:13:59 <pili> :) just anything that we know about them
16:14:12 <pili> and if we need to research some more, we can divide it amongst us for a few crucial ones
16:14:16 <flexlibris> I will be at the meeting and I probably won't have any time to work on it. but maybe arthur or wayward can.
16:14:53 <pili> sure, I'll send a follow up email anyway :)
16:15:12 <flexlibris> okay cool thanks :)
16:15:18 <flexlibris> who wants to go next?
16:15:30 <Phoul> I can go
16:15:37 <ggus> i can go after Phoul
16:15:38 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
16:17:03 <Phoul> The main hilights for me are: I worked on reviewing / improving our obfsproxy bridge deployment documentation, this is continuing this week. I'm also working on planning a relay operator meetup around a local conference called "the long con" (previously bsides winnipeg), I will have a venue / date solidifed by wednesday. My complete status update is available at
16:17:08 <Phoul> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/htDw6ilj8w1DXeU6-hPC11SqF_xtl3FddoC63L6B3pm
16:18:51 <flexlibris> cool thanks Phoul, do you want to move the items without status updates to November?
16:20:04 <flexlibris> did I lose connection?
16:20:08 <wayward> pili & flexlibris: I can potentially help out with that research!
16:20:08 <Phoul> Will check, the lawyer item will be worked on today / this week, have that email ready to go.
16:20:13 <flexlibris> okay good
16:20:23 <flexlibris> okay thanks Phoul
16:20:26 <flexlibris> wanna go ggus?
16:20:31 <ggus> sure
16:21:14 <flexlibris> wayward there is already a note on the roadmap about the sponsor19 stuff, no need to re-add :)
16:21:16 <ggus> in the last two weeks i have been offline doing a lot of meetings here. last week i did a training/talk in university of campinas
16:21:44 <ggus> and before that in sao paulo university we have an opportunity to have some volunteer projects
16:21:58 <flexlibris> ggus yep I promise to respond to your proposal email soon :)
16:22:57 <ggus> this week i'll probably be a little bit offline too, but doing tor stuff.
16:23:07 <pili> thanks wayward!
16:24:29 <ggus> steph, antonela: how busy you're this week?
16:24:50 <ggus> i think we might need to do campaign in portuguese about how to install tor browser
16:25:31 <wayward> +1
16:25:34 <stephw> we are launching the fundraising campaign this week
16:26:02 <ggus> hm, ok
16:26:16 <stephw> but you could get something started — what did you have in mind?
16:27:28 <ggus> some tweets in portuguese focusing on alternative ways to install tor?
16:27:38 <stephw> cool
16:28:23 <flexlibris> okay i organized the pad into categories
16:28:35 <flexlibris> easier to read now
16:28:42 <ggus> yes!!!
16:29:13 <emmapeel> me, as said before> i am adding chinese to the support portal and adding screenshots in transifex
16:29:24 <flexlibris> cool let's put that on here
16:29:26 <wayward> !!!!
16:30:06 <kat5> Is Chinese a new language for us?
16:30:18 <kat5> Or just for the support portal?
16:30:45 <emmapeel> just for the support portal
16:30:49 <kat5> thx
16:30:56 <emmapeel> the browser is in chinese from before
16:31:22 <emmapeel> (chinese from china, is one of our Tier 1 languages)
16:32:47 <ggus> oh, and today we're going to have a cryptorave meeting.
16:32:51 <flexlibris> woooo
16:33:13 <wayward> oooooh cool!
16:33:28 <ggus> that's all!
16:33:57 <flexlibris> thanks ggus
16:34:02 <ggus> :)
16:34:05 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update?
16:35:49 <ggus> ppl are quiet today. where's gman999 ?
16:36:10 * kat5 needs to step away
16:36:14 <emmapeel> i was wondering how can we go forward with the tb-manual in lektor
16:36:30 <ggus> emmapeel: let's open a thread in community team list?
16:36:34 <emmapeel> but maybe this is not the place to discuss that
16:36:35 <emmapeel> ok!
16:38:01 <flexlibris> cool, anything else?
16:38:54 <emmapeel> i need help with the donations of the donate.torproject.org
16:38:54 <gman999> here... but busy... sorry
16:39:02 <gman999> cant do today
16:39:09 <emmapeel> i mena the translations heh
16:39:17 <flexlibris> emmapeel i was about to ask what you meant lol
16:39:21 <ggus> you can give my bank account :)
16:39:26 <flexlibris> what translations do you need?
16:39:37 <emmapeel> sorry dyslexics are tipple poo!
16:39:52 <emmapeel> https://www.transifex.com/otf/tor-project-support-community-portal/donatepages-messagespot/ here, the translations for the dnate.torproject.org page
16:40:18 <emmapeel> it would be good to have at least the main page translated to more languages before starting the donation campaign
16:40:39 <flexlibris> i cant see this page unless i log in
16:40:47 <flexlibris> do we need to do a call for translations for the main page?
16:40:50 <emmapeel> oh yes, transifex is like that
16:41:13 <ggus> emmapeel: what about a call for translators in twitter?
16:41:20 <ggus> for this specific task
16:41:27 <emmapeel> that would be nice..
16:41:29 <flexlibris> yeah i was thinking that
16:41:38 <emmapeel> at least to ask for help for our Tier 1 langs...
16:41:41 <Phoul> In the past I found sending an announcement out on Transifex has also been helpful.
16:42:58 <emmapeel> yes, for Turkish worked very well, we send a tweet and one week later we had turkish translated :D
16:42:59 <arma1> (hello world i am alive and can be helpful on un-sticking people on anything they're stuck on)
16:43:16 <gman999> yes arma1... details on nov 2?
16:43:21 <flexlibris> stephw can we do a call for translations on twitter?
16:43:31 <flexlibris> tier 1 translations for the main page and also the donation page?
16:43:56 <emmapeel> German and pt_BR need a review, but the translation is already done
16:44:04 <flexlibris> since we did this before maybe we already have tweets translated and ready
16:44:33 <emmapeel> ok, i will follow up with stephw for the tweets then
16:44:52 <flexlibris> cool
16:44:54 <flexlibris> anything else people?
16:45:08 <ggus> emmapeel: a few users (2) reported to me that they don't understand transifex and where they should start...
16:46:22 <emmapeel> ggus: there is https://tb-manual.torproject.org/en-US/translate.html
16:46:25 <stephw> yes, we can do another call for translations, just lmk what we need
16:46:36 <arma1> gman999: nov 2? it's the day after nov 1? give me a few more hints? :)
16:47:03 <ggus> emmapeel: ohh, i'll send to them this page. thanks!
16:47:26 <emmapeel> cheers stephw
16:48:49 <flexlibris> okay seems like otherwise we're finished then?
16:49:12 <ggus> can i kill the bot?
16:49:39 <flexlibris> sure!
16:49:43 <ggus> #endmeeting