18:00:13 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor browser 10/22
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18:00:17 <GeKo> hi all!
18:00:20 <GeKo> let's get started
18:00:21 <boklm> hi!
18:00:24 <igt0> o/
18:00:46 <GeKo> the pad is, as usual, on https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N, please add your items and mark those bold which you want to talk about
18:00:49 <mcs> hi
18:01:03 <pili> hi
18:01:18 <sisbell> hi
18:01:28 <sysrqb> hi everyone
18:02:32 <arthuredelstein> hi everybody!
18:03:36 <GeKo> alright, let's get started
18:04:05 <pospeselr> hi hi
18:04:11 <pospeselr> sorry running a bit late today
18:04:38 <GeKo> mcs: i don't think we disabled self-signed cert warning for .onion sites, fwiw
18:05:27 <GeKo> pili: you are up
18:06:08 <pili> cool, I was just wondering about the Orfox user issues that Fabiola sent round a while back and if/how we are tracking them
18:06:41 <mcs> GeKo: That was tjr’s note; I just added the bug description to what he wrote up.
18:06:44 <pili> also when we'll decide to stop supporting
18:07:43 <sysrqb> these are good questions
18:07:50 <GeKo> mcs: ah, okay i got confused then
18:08:02 <pili> sysrqb: it's ok if we don't have answers :D
18:08:19 <pili> but we should think about them :)
18:08:47 <sysrqb> pili: we have some tickets that need some work on them, like #27399
18:09:02 <sysrqb> and we don't really have a good plan right now
18:09:20 <pili> that will be a good one to help us not support Orfox too much in future... :)
18:09:25 <pili> ok, let me add to my list to investigate
18:09:29 <sysrqb> i believe in CDMX, we decided we'd start moving over users around the next alpha release
18:09:37 <sysrqb> so, sometime next month-ish
18:10:22 <pili> ok! that's all I wanted to discuss, thanks
18:10:23 <sysrqb> because at that point, TBA should have roughly feature parity with Orfox
18:11:17 <GeKo> okay, i have two things on my list
18:11:41 <GeKo> i finally managed to get rid of Applications/Torbutton by triaging all its tickets
18:11:58 <GeKo> and will do so for Applications/Tor bundles/installation
18:12:19 <GeKo> that are things from a past area and we should not have used them for filing bugs for a while
18:12:53 <GeKo> after that i'll tackle the backlog we accumulated over the years, wish me luck :)
18:13:04 <GeKo> then we have a release pending
18:13:27 <GeKo> i think we are good so far for the 8.0.3 and 8.5a4 ones
18:13:58 <GeKo> i am pondering waiting a bit for the mobile alpha if needed to get the dns leak on older androids fixed
18:14:24 <GeKo> unless it's too complex to get included in this release
18:14:42 <sysrqb> GeKo: on that topic, I have two ideas
18:14:44 <GeKo> sysrqb: i am wondering why orfox is supposed to be unaffected
18:15:05 <sysrqb> 1) create a patch that solves the DNS leak, if it is simple
18:15:11 <GeKo> did we miss a patch or what? looking at the issue i somehow doubt it...
18:16:04 <sysrqb> 2) Create a patch that disables the Java network calls now, and then start working on another long-term patch that really solves the problem
18:16:10 <sysrqb> (if the long-term patch will take too long)
18:16:21 <sysrqb> I'm not sure why we didn't see this with Orfox
18:16:31 <sysrqb> I haven't investigated that yet
18:16:39 <sysrqb> but it is surprising
18:16:49 <GeKo> have you tested an orfox to verify those claims?
18:16:55 <GeKo> indeed
18:17:03 <sysrqb> Maybe Fennec used different libraries for these network operations
18:17:19 <sysrqb> no, i haven't yet
18:17:20 <GeKo> yeah
18:17:45 <GeKo> re the release, both approaches sound good to me
18:18:28 <sysrqb> yeah, i'll see how far I get today, and then we can decide which approach is better for this week/this release
18:19:22 <GeKo> yup
18:20:03 <GeKo> sisbell: i think we need at least one more patch for the projects/tor-browser part
18:20:13 <GeKo> as we e.g. include the torbutton extension in tor browser for android
18:20:25 <GeKo> i did not get to file that one yet but will do after the meeting
18:20:37 <GeKo> apart from that i am quite excited to start merging stuff :)
18:20:59 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: so, i marked the banner one let's talk a bit about it
18:21:07 <arthuredelstein> ok!
18:21:15 <sisbell> Geko: sounds good, I'll look when have more info
18:21:15 <GeKo> igt0: what do you think about adding a donation banner to tba as well?
18:21:30 <GeKo> i think this would be nice to have and worthwhile
18:22:16 <igt0> GeKo, yes, it would be great. we are already using the same about:tor from the desktop. If the donation banner has a responsive design, it would be simple to implement(we would share the same code)
18:22:29 <arthuredelstein> it is more or less responsive, yes
18:22:49 <arthuredelstein> might need some debugging as I haven't tested the code on mobile
18:22:55 <GeKo> igt0: could you try to put that on your plate for this week?
18:23:01 <igt0> sure thing
18:23:07 <arthuredelstein> igt0: I would be glad to help in any way I can.
18:23:09 <GeKo> i think having this ready for the next big alpha would be cool
18:23:37 <GeKo> not for this one, though, as we might need some more tweaks and more time for that
18:23:45 <pili> +1
18:24:02 <GeKo> igt0: could you coordinate with antonela in case we need adjusted assets?
18:24:37 <igt0> GeKo, yep!
18:24:44 <GeKo> awesome, thanks!
18:25:00 <GeKo> let me note this on the pad before i forget it :)
18:25:39 <GeKo> pospeselr: so, where are we with respect to #3600?
18:25:55 <GeKo> could we help with anything (yes, i know it is a hard problem :) )
18:25:58 <GeKo> ?
18:26:21 <pospeselr> had a really good chat with arthur last week that cleared up a lot of things for me
18:26:36 <GeKo> pospeselr: i added you the two most promising moz bugs last time on the ticket and the apple link
18:26:38 <pospeselr> at his susggestion, working on a design doc to fully specify the problem and possibel solutions
18:26:47 <GeKo> great
18:27:31 <GeKo> looking forward to reading it
18:27:55 <pospeselr> for first pass patch, thinking of a solution that would disable redirects, unless it's a simple http -> https redirect (behind a pref)
18:28:23 <pospeselr> but yeah, I'm honestly not really sure how we would go about catching all redirect tracking scenarios without also breaking shit
18:28:52 <pospeselr> or without like, a https everywhere/adblocker list for redirects to allow/disallow cookies for
18:29:18 <GeKo> i think it would be worthwhile starting with a smaller set if that is too complex
18:29:26 <GeKo> and learn from the experiences gathered there
18:29:47 <GeKo> for instance apple paved the way here and i feel we could learn a ton of it from them
18:30:04 <GeKo> (which reminds me that i wanted to write that mail to them asking about their findings
18:30:09 <GeKo> i'll do it this week)
18:30:10 <pospeselr> yeah I need to go and understsand that whole patch
18:30:15 <pospeselr> in webkit
18:32:35 <GeKo> okay.
18:32:45 <GeKo> anything else for the status updates?
18:33:29 <GeKo> discussion items then.
18:33:32 <GeKo> tjr: you are up
18:33:46 <tjr> Want to do that TB8 retrospective?
18:35:05 <GeKo> yes
18:35:34 <tjr> Do any of those times work for you?
18:35:36 <GeKo> let me translate your times
18:35:41 <tjr> kk
18:35:58 <boklm> those times work for me
18:36:14 <GeKo> oh, next week is already CET, hm...
18:37:23 <GeKo> tjr: let me get back to you after the meeting i need to consult folks who are not here right now :(
18:37:43 <GeKo> but, yes, we should do it either this week or next week
18:38:05 <GeKo> tjr: what means do you prefer?
18:38:36 <tjr> I would say Vidyo/phone backed by an irc room for link exchange and stuff
18:38:48 <tjr> We can do irc only; but I think it will take longer
18:39:05 <GeKo> that's the thing where i can dial in with the phone, right?
18:39:09 <GeKo> if so, that works for me
18:39:10 <tjr> Yup
18:39:13 <GeKo> kk
18:39:18 <tjr> okay, thanks!
18:39:20 * mcs Would love to receive a summary of the meeting in case he cannot attend.
18:39:47 <GeKo> yeah, next thu/fri i can't attend as i plan to be afk
18:40:11 <GeKo> so, we likely have the meeting at one of the other days/times
18:40:23 <GeKo> mcs: i'll take notes as good as i can
18:40:41 <mcs> GeKo: Thanks!
18:40:44 <GeKo> anything else for today?
18:40:45 <boklm> I think friday next week is a holiday
18:42:40 <pili> thursday next week is a holiday in Spain
18:42:52 <pili> and a lot of people (myself included) take the friday off also :)
18:42:58 <pili> 1st and 2nd November to be clear
18:43:15 <GeKo> okay, thanks for the meeting folks *baf*
18:43:18 <GeKo> #endmeeting