14:01:06 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team meeting
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14:01:14 <antonela> hi people! another ux meeting today
14:01:41 <antonela> lets start with adding updates onto the pad
14:01:52 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/J-Eg3INLggrgnYcvb1EPw4a3_kF74zLU100tHWXSSmx
14:02:05 <antonela> and then we can review our roadmap
14:02:17 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/rsT_W4WJ6v7ynMkgJRBs5hP8ZAimmJXacOisK91qe4u
14:02:57 <antonela> nyinz: hi! i added an item at our agenda so we can finally move the ux research work we need/want to have done the next six months on the main ux roadmap
14:03:01 <antonela> sounds good?
14:03:18 <nyinz> ok
14:03:37 <antonela> traumschule: i included #27621 to talk about it if you are going to take it over
14:07:08 * antonela is waiting for people's updates
14:07:52 <pili> quiet today :)
14:08:28 <antonela> yep
14:08:43 <antonela> nyinz: lets start with the ux research pad
14:09:25 <nyinz> signing into sandstorm is taking a while:-)
14:10:54 <antonela> np, we have personas which is something we would like to have done by next tor meeting. Do you think we should have a meeting to discuss next steps on it based on what we did in mexico?
14:11:37 <nyinz> that would be great! now that we have access to some user stories as well
14:11:53 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Hi, sorry a bit late
14:12:59 <antonela> nyinz: yes, ok, i'll call people for that meeting
14:13:11 <nyinz> cool
14:13:55 <antonela> we have user testing for tb8 onboarding, you and pari did run it in mex - i think that we need to have docs to replicate that user testing in the same way we made instructions for moat, onions and circuit display
14:14:08 <antonela> hi elioqoshi :wave:
14:15:36 <antonela> nyinz: also, we had a meeting last week about which countries we are going to visit the next six months. We need to have a list of which ux research we are going to have on each of them
14:16:51 <antonela> at some point we could start to share those docs with ngo partners so they can run it during their trainings - Maria from OONI gave us contacts so we can work together on it
14:17:11 <nyinz> yes! i propose  the on boarding (aboutTor button) and securityy slider be part of the tests
14:18:11 <antonela> yes, we are working on a iteration for security settings so probably we will test it in some nightly
14:18:41 <nyinz> sounds good
14:18:47 <antonela> cool
14:19:35 <antonela> elioqoshi, how is ooni probe going? did you already deliver it to dev
14:19:36 <antonela> ?
14:22:01 <emmapeel> oopssorry late
14:22:36 <antonela> in the meantime, as you know we are going to run a community poll for the next tor browser icon. It will happen this week, we will announce it to the lists once we finish with all the EOY Campaign things
14:22:47 <antonela> you can lurk it here :) https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/989654
14:22:51 <antonela> hola emmapeel!
14:23:10 <emmapeel> hola! estaba haciendo unas lentejas me distraje
14:23:16 <antonela> jajaja
14:23:20 <antonela> im hungry now
14:23:52 <antonela> emma, arthur updated +4 languages on today's release
14:24:05 <antonela> im sure you were involved, so great newsss!
14:24:26 <emmapeel> yeah i used to have the langs but i lost them... i wanted to check if we had the tweets for them
14:24:31 <emmapeel> hungarian one
14:24:39 <emmapeel> and the support portal is on chinese now!
14:24:44 <antonela> yesss \o/
14:25:17 <antonela> pili: do you want to push me for docs? you are up :)
14:26:19 <pili> hi! well, I was just thinking about the report for sponsor 17 again and the more I thought about it there more there seemed to be an overlap with the internal wiki docs you wanted us to write :)
14:26:40 <pili> but there's no huge rush on that as it's due end of November
14:27:09 <pili> it might be useful to see a similar report because I'm still a bit lost with it
14:27:45 <pili> speaking with isabela about this it seems since the funding was just for the design work we need to concentrate on talking about that
14:28:02 <hiro> hey
14:28:03 <hiro> sorry
14:28:11 <hiro> I was here but I was fixing drupal
14:28:46 <pili> the user testing informed the design, but the actual user visits were funded separately so I was just thinking about how to focus on the methodology
14:28:56 <antonela> pili, yes we don't have funding for docs, but we should have it anyways :)
14:29:04 <antonela> pili, yes
14:29:07 <antonela> hiro the hero
14:29:24 <pili> fighting with drupal... :)
14:29:34 <hiro> bloody drupal!
14:30:31 <antonela> emmapeel: for the tweets, will you sync with stephw?
14:30:44 <emmapeel> yes i will
14:31:01 <antonela> pili, so yes, eoy is done so i can move to sec settings and docs now, will keep you updated on both
14:31:08 <antonela> emmapeel: cool
14:31:12 <pili> sounds good, thanks antonela
14:31:27 <hiro> also the localization of the banner... do we have that?
14:31:55 <antonela> hiro: yes
14:31:57 <hiro> I have it ready.. only have to copy and paste the strings...
14:32:10 <antonela> i mean, we have the translates we made for tb
14:32:16 <antonela> which you can grab, i think
14:32:58 <emmapeel> hiro: localization of the banner? you mean, in the homepage? i am not sure
14:33:10 <emmapeel> i mean, it is _inside_ the tor browser
14:33:15 <emmapeel> but i am not sure it is on torproject.org
14:33:22 <antonela> oh hiro you have a different one in tpo
14:35:04 <antonela> let me check with sstevenson, i dont think we have it localizated now
14:35:30 <emmapeel> i.e. the spanish translation is at https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/tree/es/aboutTor.dtd?h=abouttor-homepage and the source at https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/tree/en/aboutTor.dtd?h=abouttor-homepage
14:39:05 <antonela> mmm but we have a different string at tpo.org right now
14:39:15 <antonela> will check with sarah after this meeting
14:39:22 <antonela> anything else people?
14:39:28 <hiro> ok let me know
14:39:31 <hiro> groot here
14:40:03 <antonela> elioqoshi - ping me if anything else is needed in ooni land, and update the ux roadmap if you are done there!
14:43:38 <antonela> cool, is wrap!
14:43:41 <antonela> thanks people!
14:43:44 <antonela> #endmeeting