14:29:38 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:30:26 <gaba> hey!
14:30:30 <karsten> hi!
14:30:52 <gaba> hi!
14:31:08 <karsten> 2 topics. anything more?
14:31:26 <irl> not from me
14:31:34 <gaba> 1 more is just to mention this gspreadsheet
14:31:45 <gaba> I'm only putting stuff there to organize myself a little on metrics
14:31:51 <gaba> Just want to clarify that
14:32:04 <gaba> It is not a decision I'm making for the team
14:32:09 <karsten> added to the agenda.
14:32:17 <karsten> no worries about changing things that need changing. :)
14:32:31 <karsten> okay, let's start?
14:32:37 <gaba> ok
14:32:44 <karsten> * gaba wants to update wiki page on releases, ok? (gaba)
14:32:51 <karsten> you mean the list on the team page?
14:32:57 <gaba> yes, It is ok if I update the releases part of the page?
14:32:59 <gaba> yes
14:33:04 <gaba> move 2017 to historical
14:33:06 <karsten> fine with me!
14:33:09 <gaba> and add the 2018 ones
14:33:09 <gaba> ok
14:33:22 <gaba> I will do it in the next couple of days
14:33:36 <irl> this doesn't look like something we've been updating at all
14:33:40 <irl> i didn't even know it was there
14:33:45 <gaba> since 2017
14:33:47 <gaba> ok
14:34:02 <karsten> I wonder what we're using it for.
14:34:12 <karsten> I mean, it's more useful when it's up-to-date.
14:34:15 <gaba> it would be good for people that may want to contribute
14:34:18 <gaba> yes
14:34:39 <irl> i did plan to have releases actually in metrics-web
14:34:52 <karsten> hmm?
14:34:53 <irl> but i never figured out where the data comes from
14:35:10 <karsten> ah, listed on the website?
14:35:13 <irl> yeah
14:35:22 <karsten> could be from git tags.
14:35:30 <karsten> or from dist.tp.o subdirectories.
14:35:43 <irl> the announcement link is the tricky bit, i think there is a manual step
14:36:18 <karsten> could be a table on a wiki page that we parse in a similar way as news.
14:36:23 <irl> yeah
14:36:26 <karsten> none of these is trivial.
14:36:53 <irl> it doesn't need to be solved now, just this is a use case for the table
14:37:05 <irl> it's probably easier to keep it up to date as we go along than try to reconstruct it later
14:37:05 <gaba> ok
14:37:24 <karsten> okay, so gaba updates the team wiki page for now?
14:37:32 <irl> sounds good to me
14:37:35 <gaba> good
14:37:39 <karsten> great. thanks!
14:37:54 <karsten> * Roadmap and Google Spreadsheet (gaba)
14:38:39 <gaba> The retrospective usually is an exercise to see what works and what needs to change
14:38:48 <gaba> We can have 1 specific session on roadmap
14:39:01 <gaba> Not sure how you were thinking of merging both sessions
14:39:11 <karsten> in the past we updated the roadmap at our first weekly meeting in a month.
14:39:18 <karsten> we could do that, too.
14:39:26 <karsten> and keep it out of the retrospective.
14:39:45 <gaba> yes, we can do one thing and then the next one in the same meeting
14:40:28 <gaba> the other thing is that at the network team we are adding sponsors to the tickets
14:40:37 <gaba> it would be great to have that for the tickets that are related to metrics
14:40:40 <gaba> add the sponsor 13
14:40:43 <karsten> wait, which meeting is it that you'd like to use for the roadmap updating?
14:41:03 <gaba> We can extend the one from retrospective but would be a 2nd thing to do in the same meeting
14:41:06 <gaba> On nov 2nd
14:41:32 <karsten> I'm also fine with moving it to the IRC meeting, if that works better.
14:41:34 <karsten> up to you.
14:42:09 <gaba> yes, the irc meeting on nov 2nd
14:42:12 <gaba> sorry I was not clear.
14:42:28 <karsten> wait, when is the video meeting? :) /me is confused
14:42:44 <gaba> mmm, I'm also confused.
14:42:53 <gaba> We are having a retrospective meeting on November 2nd in irc.
14:42:54 <gaba> Right?
14:42:57 <karsten> irc on nov 1, video on nov 2.
14:43:00 <gaba> ohh
14:43:19 <karsten> at least that was the plan.
14:43:30 <karsten> irc on nov 1 is just the weekly meeting like today's.
14:43:33 <irl> that is what i have in my diary
14:43:38 <gaba> ohh, ok
14:43:44 <gaba> i didn't realize the one nov 2nd was video
14:43:48 <gaba> much better!
14:43:53 <karsten> also, nov 1 at 14:30 utc, nov 2 at 16:30 utc.
14:44:07 <gaba> yes
14:44:12 <gaba> great. sorry for the confusion
14:44:15 <karsten> could be failure to communicate.
14:44:29 <karsten> this has changed once or twice.
14:44:41 <gaba> ok, understood now
14:44:46 <karsten> okay, great!
14:44:46 <irl> i have 1630 in my diary which i think means that summer time is over then
14:44:50 <irl> or i put the wrong time
14:44:59 <karsten> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20181102T1630
14:45:01 <karsten> from the pad.
14:45:11 <irl> yeah, summer time is over
14:45:14 <irl> ok
14:45:16 <karsten> yep. will be.
14:46:13 <karsten> so, are going through the roadmap on the 1st or the 2nd?
14:46:25 <gaba> 2nd
14:46:35 <karsten> okay!
14:46:37 <gaba> or 1st if you prefer the 1st
14:46:39 <gaba> ok
14:47:00 <karsten> I don't feel strongly. let's try the 2nd and learn how it goes for the next time.
14:47:07 <gaba> ok
14:47:21 <karsten> so, regarding sponsor tickets:
14:47:36 <karsten> we should probably create tickets for most/all roadmap items.
14:47:50 <gaba> ok
14:47:57 <karsten> I guess the issue is that both irl and I know what we mean by these items, so the tickets aren't immediately useful to us.
14:48:13 <karsten> but it's clear that they're useful to you and others who want to follow what is being done.
14:48:28 <gaba> they can be useful for other people commenting on those issues and to know who is doing them
14:48:34 <gaba> yes
14:48:42 <karsten> I'll create or link tickets.
14:48:51 <karsten> until next thursday.
14:49:34 <gaba> thanks
14:49:38 <karsten> okay. do you have any other questions on the roadmap?
14:50:03 <gaba> nop
14:50:09 <gaba> estimation would be nice to have too :)
14:50:14 <gaba> but we can talk about that on the 2nd
14:50:19 <karsten> estimation of what's done?
14:50:21 <gaba> you are already doing that...
14:50:23 <gaba> with M, L
14:50:28 <gaba> how much time
14:50:33 <gaba> for each issue
14:50:34 <karsten> okay, yes.
14:50:51 <karsten> do you need anything beyond those estimates there?
14:51:02 <gaba> no
14:51:09 <karsten> okay.
14:51:40 <karsten> alright, moving on?
14:51:55 <gaba> yes
14:51:56 <irl> ok
14:52:00 <karsten> * Updating geoip files on Onionoo hosts (karsten)
14:52:10 <karsten> this is related to the relay country mismatch thread.
14:52:29 <sukhe> win 23
14:52:32 <karsten> irl, do you object if I just go update the geoip files on both onionoo instances, whenever there are new files available?
14:52:40 <sukhe> (sorry)
14:52:47 <karsten> :)
14:53:08 <irl> i do not
14:53:21 <karsten> okay, cool. it seems overkill to coordinate that once per month.
14:53:30 <karsten> then I'll do that today and once per month.
14:53:32 <irl> but it should be some automated process
14:53:44 <karsten> we'll have a service for this... :)
14:53:46 <irl> that you trigger manually, but the actual replacement is automated
14:53:55 <irl> or at least it's well documented protocol
14:54:13 <karsten> wget 2 files, unzip them, move them into place, hope nothing breaks.
14:54:24 <irl> do you not have to restart onionoo?
14:54:39 <karsten> no. you're just not supposed to do it in the middle of an hourly run.
14:54:49 <karsten> so, step 0: check where the updater is.
14:54:53 <irl> ah ok
14:55:01 <irl> we should have a lockfile
14:55:15 <karsten> we should have this service.
14:55:19 <irl> yes, ok
14:55:24 <irl> we will make a service
14:55:52 <karsten> okay, cool!
14:55:58 <irl> btw did you see maxmind changed their mind?
14:56:03 <karsten> yes!
14:56:06 <irl> the database will not be broken anymore
14:56:14 <karsten> does that resolve our roadmap item?
14:56:17 <irl> no
14:56:21 <karsten> or, make it lower prio?
14:56:33 <irl> lower priority
14:56:38 <irl> https://research.torproject.org/techreports/geoipdbcomp-2009-10-23.pdf
14:56:41 <karsten> which is something.
14:56:42 <irl> we should do this again
14:56:51 <irl> "work left to do"
14:56:53 <karsten> it was fun to do it.
14:57:15 <karsten> okay.
14:57:38 <karsten> anything else for today?
14:58:06 <irl> karsten: can i use your head to shoot lasers at code?
14:58:16 <irl> for the year end campaign?
14:58:38 <karsten> my head is somewhat unclear what this means, but: maybe? :)
14:58:46 <karsten> ah!
14:58:57 <karsten> it will be one head among many?
14:59:01 <irl> yes
14:59:02 <karsten> use it.
14:59:05 <irl> cool
14:59:16 <irl> nothing else from me (:
14:59:25 <karsten> (this conversation was more useful with context.)
14:59:31 <karsten> alright!
14:59:54 <karsten> talk to you next week! thanks, irl and gaba! bye!
14:59:54 <gaba> ok
14:59:58 <gaba> thanks!
14:59:59 <gaba> bye!
14:59:59 <irl> bye!
15:00:02 <karsten> #endmeeting