16:01:43 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team
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16:01:50 <kushal> Hello everyone.
16:02:21 <flexlibris> let's update our roadmap for October: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/PeYdwyFXCeV1wBCcP8g6y3pD9H_b5F-sGUMjukG0V35
16:03:42 <flexlibris> please everyone take a minute and update your stuff
16:03:50 <flexlibris> and then we'll go through and review
16:06:07 <flexlibris> okay let's see
16:06:12 <flexlibris> is wayward here?
16:06:21 <flexlibris> seems like no
16:06:51 <flexlibris> we will skip her stuff
16:07:07 <flexlibris> I am writing up submissions for IFF and I'll send them to the team for a quick review before the deadline on November 9
16:07:37 <flexlibris> ggus the next few things are yours, want to update us?
16:08:20 <ggus> one sec
16:08:23 <flexlibris> sure
16:09:44 <ggus> usp project: i'm going to send the first draft that you reviewed to university of sao paulo, and ask their feedback. we still have time (november 18th) to send the final project.
16:10:05 <flexlibris> cool. i think you could make the proposal even with what you had in that email
16:10:42 <ggus> yes, i was just waiting arma1 to give some dev feedback
16:10:51 <ggus> but it's a good start
16:11:38 <ggus> this week i'll be doing more offline training for local groups in brazil. thursday training will be recorded and i'll share with you the link.
16:12:38 <flexlibris> cool
16:13:17 <ggus> emmapeel asked me about support portal updates: this month was virtually impossible for me.
16:13:41 <flexlibris> that's okay, want to put it on November?
16:13:47 <ggus> yes!
16:14:30 <flexlibris> any other updates from you in the outreach section?
16:15:10 <ggus> i think that's all.
16:15:29 <flexlibris> great
16:15:31 <flexlibris> so two things
16:15:49 <flexlibris> one, i just got a call that my couch is being shipped in ten minutes so i will be afk when that happens haha
16:15:55 <flexlibris> so other people can do updates
16:16:12 <flexlibris> and two, i have been organizing community portal content and ggus and i will meet this afternoon to work on that more
16:16:21 <flexlibris> okay so sponsor9, ggus you wanna go again? hehe
16:17:23 <flexlibris> or phoul could begin about relay advocacy
16:17:48 <Phoul> I can go
16:17:54 <flexlibris> please do!
16:17:58 * pili is very interested in sponsor9 since she will have to write a report on it soon
16:18:08 <flexlibris> pili we can work with you on that
16:18:31 <flexlibris> it looks like he's on track with coordination stuff for this month though
16:18:36 <Phoul> For the VPN company stuff, I have not heard from them in a little over a week, so this is still ongoing however I think they currently have everything they need.
16:18:53 <flexlibris> do they have an estimate for when the relays will go online?
16:19:14 <Phoul> I started updating the obfsproxy instructions to include instructions for non-debian platforms, starting with CentOS; and I am working on adding some instructions for BSD. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/PluggableTransports/obfs4proxy
16:19:29 <Phoul> When we met, they thought it would be within the month. If that holds, it will likely be in the next week or so.
16:19:43 <Phoul> I'll be following up with them again this week to make sure they are not stuck on something
16:20:00 <flexlibris> sounds good
16:20:49 <Phoul> I've been continuing to plan a meetup at Longcon / BSides Winnipeg, and am just waiting for some final details from the organizers before announcing the final date, should have that today ideally.
16:21:14 <Phoul> And the email regarding moderation on tor-relays received the thumbs-up from the other moderators, so that has now been sent.
16:22:18 <flexlibris> (brb the delivery is at the door, so if you are finished then kat can go ahead with sponsor19 stuff)
16:22:43 <Phoul> The lawyers i've been speaking with also joined the tor-relays list last week, and will be lurking to assist with anything they think they can. Will be continuing to talk with them about what we can do to assist relay operators when they are in need.
16:22:49 <Phoul> Sponsor19 stuff can go :)
16:23:45 <kat5> I've been pulling the text the teams gave to me into a report. This has been reorganization, writing an intro, a whole bunch of rewriting to make the language simple and accessible.
16:24:43 <kat5> The good result so far is that I sent a bunch of draft text to sstevenson and alsmith and stephw and they said that it's at a good level for them to reuse.
16:25:22 <kat5> And I'm on track to have a draft for review by the end of the week. That'll leave us 2 weeks for feedback and further editing.
16:25:38 <kat5> Done.
16:25:40 <flexlibris> excellent
16:25:45 <flexlibris> emmapeel do you have an update?
16:26:03 <flexlibris> (i am half here and half trying to shut my door around this giant couch box since my friend is on a call, lol)
16:26:40 <flexlibris> i have an LFI update too, but if emma doesn't have an update/isn't here, does anyone else have an update?
16:26:54 * kushal will go
16:27:46 <kushal> I have been contacted by the College of Engineering Pune (2nd oldest engineering college in India) to conduct a multiday workshop for their students, I am going to put more than 1 day on Tor there.
16:28:31 <kushal> This will be in December.
16:28:35 <kushal> Done.
16:28:46 <ggus> nice! do you need help with materials?
16:29:04 <kushal> ggus, Yup, I will get back to everyone later this month.
16:29:22 <flexlibris> awesome
16:29:23 <kushal> it will be a 3 day workshop.
16:29:25 * flexlibris got the door closed also
16:29:30 <ggus> ok. and we will need to talk about our visit in india too :)
16:29:46 <flexlibris> yes, we will coordinate with you about that soon kushal
16:30:37 <kushal> Thank you.
16:31:06 <flexlibris> okay, i'm back, here is my lfi update
16:31:20 <flexlibris> i'm migrating all of the students' work to this wiki https://libraryfreedominstitute.wikia.com/wiki/Library_Freedom_Institute
16:31:40 <flexlibris> and i'm working on curriculum updates for the next cohort
16:31:57 <flexlibris> and week 22 is happening this week so i guess i can strikethrough that last thing
16:31:59 <flexlibris> that's it from me
16:32:12 <flexlibris> anyone else have updates?
16:32:16 <flexlibris> or things they need to share with the group?
16:32:24 <ggus> oh!
16:32:30 <ggus> next week i travel to guatemala
16:32:42 <ggus> so, last week here.
16:33:08 <flexlibris> good time to leave <3
16:33:33 <pili> no updates from me, I should be getting added to frontdesk soon though
16:33:41 <pili> not sure if that's a good or a bad thing :D
16:33:53 <flexlibris> cool, once Colin gets you on there we can schedule an hour of training
16:33:58 <Phoul> pili: I need to talk with you after this, for some reason the emails you're sending seem to be encrypted to a different key I don't have.
16:34:47 <pili> oh :/
16:34:57 <pili> I thought I added the one you sent me...
16:35:02 <pili> yes, let's talk after Phoul
16:35:36 <flexlibris> anything else?
16:36:46 <flexlibris> seems like no
16:37:03 <flexlibris> okay, i will kill the bot and meet with some of you this afternoon :)
16:37:06 <flexlibris> #endmeeting