13:58:34 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team meeting
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13:58:40 <antonela> hey all!
13:58:51 <antonela> another ux meeting this week :)
13:58:52 <pili> o/
13:59:03 <kevun> Hello
13:59:19 <antonela> as usual, let's start with adding the weekly updates into the pad. If you have any topic that you would like to discuss, you can add it there too!
13:59:20 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/qVh-31-RLraE1MaQvW2OtIhH7pay_bO2JXPvKNVvWBl
13:59:35 <antonela> hi kevun, hi pili!
14:00:09 <antonela> also, for people with assigned tasks, please lets keep the roadmap updated
14:00:09 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/kTXquKh-unLPJPiino8sRrKN_ACxyNwYmHZwI3RNCUZ
14:02:48 <antonela> hi nyinz :)
14:03:04 <antonela> hiro is back, emmapeel?
14:03:21 <hiro> I am here
14:03:23 <hiro> :)
14:03:51 <antonela> how was mozfest hiro?
14:04:12 <hiro> mozfest was great :)
14:04:26 <nyinz> hey!
14:04:26 <hiro> lot's of great sessions
14:04:34 <hiro> tor session was the best ;)
14:05:01 <antonela> haha thanks to wayward and cibelle! ^__^
14:05:37 <antonela> okay, lets start
14:05:53 <antonela> ggus are you around? I read flexlibris email about the Community Outreach material
14:06:18 <flexlibris> yo!
14:06:23 <flexlibris> i saw myself highlighted :D
14:06:25 <antonela> holaaa
14:06:27 <antonela> haha
14:06:31 <flexlibris> holaaa mi compaaa
14:06:32 <antonela> cool
14:06:42 <antonela> last week elio told us that he will volunteer on that task
14:07:05 <flexlibris> oh great
14:07:11 <flexlibris> should i reach out to him?
14:07:19 <antonela> i think we can start to work on it together and see what we need, some scope and then involve more designers to have 1) all the things done 2) localizated versions
14:07:25 <flexlibris> cool
14:07:30 <flexlibris> i can write up some text easily
14:07:48 <antonela> sounds good? i'll go back to your email anws, but i wanted to talk with you about it because i didn't make the community meeting yesterday
14:08:07 <flexlibris> that's cool
14:08:10 <flexlibris> i am happy to write to elio
14:08:16 <flexlibris> if you wanna just respond to the email to say we talked
14:08:19 <flexlibris> and i will update the group later
14:08:26 <flexlibris> shouldnt be too big of a task
14:08:31 <flexlibris> the whole thing i mean
14:08:44 <antonela> yes, i just want to have some idea first of what we want
14:08:50 <flexlibris> sure sure
14:08:52 <antonela> yes, but is cool if we have it done for our next travels
14:08:58 <flexlibris> definitely
14:08:59 <flexlibris> i think we can
14:09:02 <antonela> yes we can
14:09:03 <flexlibris> my ideas are: something cute
14:09:05 <antonela> YES WE CAN
14:09:09 <flexlibris> something i can hand to women and have them be like oooooh
14:09:09 <flexlibris> lol
14:09:15 <flexlibris> i'm so inspired by the feminista zine
14:09:16 <antonela> hahahha
14:09:17 <antonela> okeyy
14:09:23 <antonela> we have some inspirational items on that side
14:09:24 <antonela> yes
14:09:26 <flexlibris> yes
14:09:37 <antonela> super, thanks ali for jumping here <3
14:09:39 <flexlibris> cool i will get on it
14:09:40 <flexlibris> <3
14:09:43 <flexlibris> besos
14:09:47 <antonela> pili: you are up!
14:09:58 <pili> ok!
14:10:34 <pili> basically gaba messaged me about this item on the network team roadmap which is basically: "get better website for snowflake" :)
14:10:43 <pili> we're going to speak about it at some point
14:10:55 <pili> but I just wanted to get this on our radar in case we need to do something
14:11:07 <antonela> yes! is a good task to work with - i tried something before at #27385
14:11:13 <pili> sounds like it's related to the ticket you shared antonela
14:11:23 <antonela> yes, not sure if i could have some feebdack on it
14:11:34 <antonela> i played with some things here too http://snowfl4k3.glitch.me/
14:11:34 <pili> but maybe it's going to be more work/involvement on our side than this
14:11:52 <pili> cool, so just a heads up this may be coming and I'll know more once I speak with gaba :)
14:12:04 <antonela> in a sense? do you think we could have hiro building it?
14:12:23 <pili> well, only if she wants to/has the bandwidth
14:12:34 <antonela> oh cool, im trying to understand the plan :)
14:12:35 <pili> like I said, don't know much more than that yet :)
14:12:38 <hiro> what's needed besides the rotating flake?
14:12:42 <antonela> lol
14:12:55 <pili> I think it may be just to get a new better website altogether
14:13:08 <pili> not necessarily related with the ticket that antonela shared
14:13:17 <pili> I'll get everyone more details before the next UX meeting ;)
14:13:20 <pili> and or send an email
14:13:24 <antonela> okey, thats cool
14:14:22 <hiro> I have an issue with the blog still
14:14:41 <antonela> pili: snowflake was an unknown world for me, so any feedback on that ticket will be appreciated
14:14:42 <hiro> I think it would be a good idea if we could ask pantheon if they can sort this for us maybe?
14:15:00 <antonela> we can, do you know what is the problem?
14:15:14 <antonela> i mean, exactly? or we need to explore it?
14:15:17 <hiro> we have an update to the databese that takes too much time and resources
14:15:23 <hiro> I don't really know how to run it
14:15:42 <pili> great, will try to get you something antonela
14:16:05 <antonela> hiro: i see
14:16:48 * antonela is thinking
14:17:02 <antonela> let me bring this to the vegas meeting this week and I'll back to you
14:17:04 <antonela> sounds good?
14:18:37 <pili> hiro: so we rolled back the update that was causing issues before, or this is a new one that's unrelated?
14:19:55 <hiro> no\
14:19:59 <hiro> the update is running
14:20:08 <hiro> just without the database update
14:20:23 <traumschule> heyho! what's the issue with drupal?
14:20:23 <hiro> because the issue affects only the taxonomy of tags
14:20:51 <antonela> traumschule o/
14:20:57 <hiro> traumschule: db update eats all the memory
14:21:47 <pili> ok, cool :)
14:21:56 <traumschule> mhh, dbs can be hungry. maybe it needs some swap for the update?
14:22:24 <traumschule> (can take longer of course)
14:24:09 <traumschule> maybe later? (not too much into drupal, just curious.)
14:24:14 <antonela> traumschule can you sync with hiro after the meeting in #tor-dev?
14:24:20 <antonela> traumschule oh ok
14:24:33 <antonela> next item
14:24:57 <antonela> we are working right now on improving the security settings at Tor Browser
14:25:12 <antonela> the relevant ticket is #25658
14:25:52 <antonela> we are going to have a meeting next week and you all are invited. I'd recommend you to read the loooong ticket if you are interested on it :)
14:26:21 * kevun will read.
14:26:49 <antonela> kevun, the big thing here is making a setting that people can understand
14:27:37 <kevun> That's very non-trivial
14:27:58 <kevun> Let me know if I can help.
14:28:59 <antonela> yes, i'd like to have clickable prototype for next week meeting, will share with you the wip so you can play with it
14:29:16 <kevun> Cool, thanks!
14:29:53 <antonela> another important thing is that the Tor Browser Icon survey is open! so please tor browser user, pick your next icon
14:30:31 <antonela> nyinz: did you talked with maria? what is the plan?
14:31:14 <nyinz> waiting to see what she says. Am hoping for a response by tomorrow. will update!
14:31:28 <antonela> that's cool, we can invite her to this meetings too
14:32:02 <nyinz> ok. basically trying to make use of the connections they have in the field. see what organisations we should be talking to about testing
14:32:34 <antonela> yes, exactly
14:33:47 <antonela> i'm looking over the feature report, i think looks great!
14:34:19 <antonela> lets sync with pili after this meeting to see the next steps
14:34:32 <nyinz> great! thanks
14:34:57 <pili> Ok!
14:35:28 <antonela> emmapeel: there is a PR from traumschule at #28237 -  are you taking care of it? should we ask hiro? let me know
14:37:10 <antonela> we went over all the agenda items, anything else that needs discussion?
14:37:30 <kevun> Well, I wanted to fill in about my work
14:37:31 <hiro> I am groot
14:37:36 <hiro> ah yeah :)
14:37:36 <kevun> If there's time.
14:37:51 <traumschule> ^this was a quick write-up - let me know if anything is missing (README)
14:38:31 <kevun> I'm currently working on creating a Tor Friendliness scanner
14:38:39 <antonela> yes! kevun please
14:38:55 <kevun> It is a modification of Firefox and TTB code that compares the two and sees what runs on FF but does not run on TTB.
14:39:35 <kevun> The goal here is to figure out how tor-friendly (TF) the web is, and create a tool that provides actionable feedback to websites that want to improve their TF-ness
14:39:54 <kevun> So far this has been slow because I am not the best coder, but I'm making progress on it.
14:40:22 <kevun> In addition, I may be starting a project soon that looks into Tor use by vulnerable populations.
14:40:30 <kevun> Specifically, I may look into Tor use by sex workers soon.
14:40:41 <antonela> yesss
14:41:01 <kevun> If anyone is interested in helping me with the TF project, please let me know. I'm currently speaking with Mozilla to find out if they can help.
14:42:35 <antonela> about TF that is great, fits well with hiro's idea about docs, so we can collaborate together on it. This is an space we can use for it :)
14:42:51 <hiro> yep! +1
14:42:52 <antonela> about your research with sex workers and tor, i want to know more :)
14:42:53 <traumschule> kevun: which tools do you use? working on #28235 right now, options to take screenshots so far are js - nodejs, perl - WWW::Mechanize::(Chrome|Firefox) and wxpython
14:43:27 <kevun> traumschule: We are serializing the DOM tree, Frame tree, and Style tree to disk and comparing those directly
14:44:13 <antonela> kevun: we have feminists ngo friends across different places and maybe we can sync to collect data that is useful for you via them
14:44:27 <kevun> antonela: Awesome!
14:44:36 <kevun> I have a source for a sample now
14:44:48 <kevun> But bigger sample is better!
14:44:52 <antonela> great, keep me updated on it
14:44:55 <antonela> yes :)
14:45:26 <kevun> So yeah, that's what I'm working on.
14:45:31 <kevun> Any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
14:45:38 <antonela> cool stuff! thanks for sharing
14:45:39 <traumschule> interesting :)
14:45:59 <kevun> traumschule: If you want to talk method, I'd love to chat about it
14:47:02 <traumschule> kevun: cool, hanging out on #tor-dev, gitweb link is fine too!
14:48:08 <kevun> traumschule: I will PM you my e-mail as well.
14:48:20 <antonela> i saw Fabby arriving and i'm not sure if is Guardian Project Fabby
14:48:50 <Fabby> Yes
14:48:56 <antonela> hey! hola fabby!
14:48:56 <Fabby> Hi guys!
14:49:02 <Fabby> Hola!!!
14:49:16 <Fabby> Sorry I missed the meeting yesterday
14:49:17 <emmapeel> hello, OMG again today late maybe
14:49:19 <antonela> thanks for coming!
14:49:24 <antonela> hahaha emmapeel <3
14:49:31 <antonela> fabby i taked with ggus about cryptorave
14:49:39 <Fabby> but we are very interested in Cryptorave
14:49:44 <Fabby> Great!
14:50:01 <antonela> the situation in Brazil is unknown, so we hope that 1_ cryptorave happens 2_ we can go there
14:50:05 <emmapeel> i think i have problems with the schedule, what time are we meeting?
14:50:39 <kevun> OK, I'm going to check out now. I have an appointment I need to get to.
14:50:53 <kevun> Thanks! See you next week!
14:50:58 <antonela> emma peel: because you probably were flying when the save thing hour happened and everything is a mess now
14:50:58 <Fabby> That is sad to hear!
14:51:01 <antonela> thanks kevun!
14:51:06 <antonela> Fabby: yes :/
14:51:31 <emmapeel> but we have changed the UTC time? because yesterday i also missed a meeting for one hour
14:51:33 <pili> yup emmapeel basically UTC does not take daylight savings into account
14:51:43 <pili> so we're 1h closer to UTC now
14:51:53 <emmapeel> ok then
14:52:10 <emmapeel> sorry i hope i will not miss any more meetings after this explanation :D
14:52:10 <pili> and 1h closer to guys in the US also, because they don't change times until this weekend or a weekend from now or something :P
14:52:24 <antonela> Fabby: anwyays, if you want to join this meetings or the community team meetings is cool, we can sync about which events we are going to be and see where GP can join us :)
14:52:25 <Fabby> Antonela: We are open to suggestions for a shared session in case the event happens
14:52:46 <antonela> Fabby: yes, sure!
14:53:12 <Fabby> Sure! I'll join you guys, just let me know when are they happening.
14:53:27 <antonela> great :)
14:53:38 <Fabby> There is one on Monday, 16:00 UTC
14:53:47 <Fabby> is there anothe one I should join?
14:54:30 <antonela> i think the community meeting is the biggest one to talk about events
14:54:53 <antonela> you can jump here if you want to share design/ux work that you are doing at guardian, and we can review our work and yours together
14:55:54 <traumschule> one ux question that came up recently: will it be possible to see the security slider setting without clicking much? thought of a tooltip or a bubble on a specific keystroke. (no need to be answered now)
14:56:20 <antonela> traumschule: we are planning to have a visual indicator aka an icon at the toolbar to show your current security setting
14:56:44 <traumschule> sounds prima
14:57:32 <antonela> since security settings applies globally (all your tabs), we need to make sure that is not confusing for users to think that if they change the level, it will affect the current tab and not the others
14:57:45 <Fabby> Antonela: I will :) Thanks
14:58:21 <traumschule> oh that happened to me as well already!
14:58:31 <antonela> yep :/
14:58:40 <antonela> cool! a lot of people today ^_____^
14:58:47 <antonela> anything else? if not is a wrap!
14:58:57 <pili> I'm good
14:59:09 <antonela> #endmeeting