16:58:37 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team
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16:58:40 <flexlibris> hi everyone
16:58:43 <flexlibris> let me grab our roadmap
16:58:53 * dmr waves
16:59:04 <flexlibris> let's update what's left over from october: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/e99488ToaNc5PAkd6jB7MO46tBYB6S4v4BGUbNbuS8y
16:59:38 <flexlibris> I am going to move all of Maggie's volunteer onboarding stuff to November, since she's not here and I don't think those things are complete
17:01:14 <kat5> Can I say something about sponsor 19?
17:02:02 * Phoul is here
17:02:09 <flexlibris> sure kat5
17:03:04 <kat5> I've thought some more about the "beyond web browsing" section, and talked t arma1 a bit. So hold off on reviewing the draft (whoever is going to do it) for a couple of days. I want to make some changes to it.
17:03:12 <flexlibris> okay sure
17:03:16 <flexlibris> do we have a plan for who will review it?
17:03:21 <flexlibris> probably good to know who intends to
17:03:28 <flexlibris> or who you need to review it
17:04:29 <Samdney> (i also would be interested in reading it. is it possible to read it? :)
17:05:33 <flexlibris> kat5 ^^
17:05:47 <kat5> flexlibris: I don't know who wrote it so I don't know who should reveew it.
17:06:00 <flexlibris> originally a lot of the input came from maggie, arthur, and me
17:06:05 <flexlibris> and i think pili also wrote some
17:06:09 <kat5> Samdney: it can't be public until we give it to the sponsor and they say okay.
17:06:19 <Samdney> ok :/
17:06:36 <flexlibris> okay cool, so once you make some changes i'll be ready to review it with those others
17:06:42 <flexlibris> as for other stuff from the october roadmap
17:06:50 <flexlibris> let's just quickly go over items that aren't crossed off yet
17:06:54 <flexlibris> and then we will look at November
17:07:13 <flexlibris> I moved Gus's sponsor9 remaining stuff to November already
17:07:26 <flexlibris> Phoul: have you started running the relay operator IRC meetups again?
17:07:57 <Phoul> That is on my plan for this week, going to send the email to start running those again.
17:08:04 <flexlibris> okay cool
17:08:08 <flexlibris> so let's move that to november too
17:08:50 <flexlibris> emmapeel what about this localization stuff? any updates?
17:08:58 <emmapeel> flexlibris: i was thinking when are we going to move the tb-manual to lektor
17:09:09 <emmapeel> about localization... welll
17:09:38 <flexlibris> emmapeel hang on let me find the emails where we talked about that timeline
17:09:38 <emmapeel> not sure what to put on the roadmap
17:09:46 <emmapeel> ok
17:10:24 <emmapeel> i fr one side want to have a weblate instance running but then there is the linguine prject, and maybe sharing with other projects is better
17:10:45 <emmapeel> but it is not happening yet
17:10:49 <emmapeel> so i am not sure about the roadmap
17:10:51 <flexlibris> the last updates i have about moving the manual to lektor was sept 20 and it was from hiro
17:11:00 <emmapeel> oh yeah about the lektor stuff
17:11:09 <flexlibris> she made a skeleton here https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/manual.git/
17:11:09 <emmapeel> well there is a lready a first version of the manual in lektor
17:11:27 <emmapeel> but now to replace the current one with it, i dont know. i gues some sysadmin work needs to be done
17:11:39 <flexlibris> okay so let me follow up on this thread and ask
17:11:47 <emmapeel> yess, the content is already tehre and it can be run in local without problems
17:12:01 <emmapeel> wayward can do it too, we arranged that in mexico
17:12:12 <flexlibris> yes I remember that
17:12:16 <flexlibris> let me make sure she's on this thread
17:12:51 <emmapeel> i dont know who can put it up now instead of tb-manual.torproject.org
17:13:05 <flexlibris> i am following up on this thread and we will find out
17:13:09 <flexlibris> i will also note this on the november roadmap
17:13:42 <flexlibris> how about the other localization stuff on the october roadmap?
17:13:51 <flexlibris> and then also you started saying something else too
17:14:31 <emmapeel> the other stuff is ok, still i havent finished all the screenshots (weeps)
17:14:58 <flexlibris> don't cry
17:15:07 <flexlibris> <3
17:15:20 <flexlibris> okay anything else we should talk about from October? otherwise we move on to November
17:16:41 <flexlibris> cool November it is then
17:16:55 <dmr> flexlibris: general question regarding the roadmap... I noticed that the Oct 2018 - July 2019 roadmap pad doesn't seem to have community events like the prior pad; should I add the Aaron Swartz Day one (Nov 11) there?
17:17:12 <flexlibris> sure you can add it
17:17:37 <dmr> is that under Outreach/sponsor9, or a new section?
17:17:53 <pili> I wonder if we should add those things in the shared Tor calendar also...
17:17:56 <pili> if they're not already there
17:18:03 <flexlibris> okay so regarding community/support portal stuff, one thing we really need is to find someone to work on the TBA support docs
17:18:14 <flexlibris> I was hoping Cy would be here because she wanted to find something new to work on
17:18:17 <flexlibris> dmr sure outreach
17:18:31 <flexlibris> pili what calendar are you thinking of? events calendar on the website?
17:18:38 <pili> the one on storm: https://storm.torproject.org/grain/H6dQejgGAizq6MYMawwPzq
17:18:43 <flexlibris> we don't generally put community events there. eventually the community portal will have community events
17:18:45 <pili> sorry, I should have been more specific :)
17:19:00 <flexlibris> ah yeah, hmm
17:20:33 <flexlibris> the main thing is that that calendar is really not publicized outside of people who attend team meetings
17:21:11 <kat5> I don't even have access. (Probably don't need it.)
17:21:21 <flexlibris> i think it's something we should hold off on because we will be setting this up on the community portal
17:21:26 <flexlibris> there will be a way for people to submit community events
17:21:51 <flexlibris> okay so moving along
17:21:55 <flexlibris> LFI stuff is all ongoing, I will update
17:22:33 <flexlibris> i just closed the survey for the next tor meeting and so i am working with jon now on finalizing the date and location
17:22:47 <flexlibris> all of the dates/locations besides tbilisi were about equally popular
17:23:49 <flexlibris> okay on to outreach stuff...
17:24:05 <flexlibris> i am going to follow back up with the sponsor9 group in another week or so after jon confirms the tor meeting dates to me
17:24:08 <emmapeel> oh i liked tbilisi
17:24:09 <flexlibris> so we can finalize our travel plans
17:24:18 <flexlibris> emmapeel me too, but there were concerns that it was not LGBT friendly
17:24:31 <emmapeel> oh i see
17:26:10 <flexlibris> most of the other outreach stuff is Gus and so he can give us an update next week
17:26:17 <flexlibris> sponsor19 kat already updated
17:26:30 <flexlibris> volunteer tasks are all wayward so we'll hear about those next week
17:26:38 <flexlibris> Phoul anything you want to share about the relay tasks here?
17:27:14 <Phoul> Sure!
17:28:49 <Phoul> The LongCon / BSides Winnipeg happened over the weekend. I did not end up doing large amounts of advertising for it, as the conference was sold out and they overbooked their space due to having vendors this year. However, I did hold multiple mini meetups during the con and spoke with lots of people who were super excited to become relay operators. I think we will be seeing a few more pop up in Canada
17:28:55 <Phoul> shortly. I also met with a couple current relay operators, who were really excited to get swag and talk with others. I'm planning to hold a better advertised meetup with a lot of these people at the local college in the next month or so.
17:30:00 <Phoul> For the obfs4proxy instructions, I also worked with a few people running Free/OpenBSD to work out a easy guide for them to follow. I'm going to send that to gman999 today to look over to see if there is anything missing.
17:30:43 * flexlibris reads
17:31:05 <flexlibris> cool thanks for all that
17:31:14 <flexlibris> hows it going with that big company that wants to run relays?
17:31:55 <Phoul> Great! They sent me their first relay over the weekend to look over, gooing to do that after the meeting and get back to them. They are just looking to make sure the first one was done right before deploying others, so should see more this week.
17:32:51 <flexlibris> awesome
17:33:06 <Phoul> and the burst of OVH relays last week was definitely not them.
17:33:29 <flexlibris> who was it?
17:33:39 <Phoul> Not sure, but this company said they only launched the 1.
17:33:47 <flexlibris> weird
17:33:54 <flexlibris> did you follow up about the OVH ones?
17:34:59 <Phoul> I looked into the relays, however they dont define any contactinfo and never responded on list. I dont think we have another way to connect with this operator.
17:35:10 <flexlibris> hmm. that sounds sketchy.
17:35:20 <kat5> really sketchy
17:35:21 <flexlibris> how do we handle that when a bunch of relays come onlne with no contact info?
17:35:31 <flexlibris> cause those sound like bad relays to me
17:35:56 <Phoul> I'll check the badrelays list and see if someone sent them there already. There are a *lot* of relays without contactinfo, so that alone probably wouldnt get them rejected.
17:36:36 <flexlibris> but the fact that they brought a bunch online. how many?
17:36:37 <dmr> it's perhaps more the sudden spike that adds suspicion
17:36:46 <flexlibris> right
17:37:47 <Phoul> There were 17 (was finding the email), I believe this also got sent to bad-relays but will dig for that.
17:37:49 <arma1> in the past we submitted a ticket to ovh to ask them to ask their customer to contact us
17:37:59 <arma1> also i think dgoulet knows some ovh people
17:38:10 <flexlibris> cool. colin can you follow up with ovh?
17:38:29 <Phoul> Definitely.
17:38:36 <Phoul> Will send them an email today
17:38:37 <flexlibris> awesome thanks
17:38:44 <flexlibris> anyone else have something to update for the november roadmap?
17:38:45 <arma1> phoul: dgoulet knows details of how we contacted them last time
17:38:57 <flexlibris> things you need help with or stuff you want to share?
17:39:10 <Phoul> arma1: Thank you, I will contact him :)
17:39:54 <pili> I added the sponsor 9 phase 1 report to the roadmap for november :)
17:40:05 <flexlibris> pili i saw, and i added gus to help with that :)
17:40:10 <pili> great, thanks!
17:40:11 <flexlibris> so let's follow up about when you want to work on it
17:40:31 <pili> asap, but I need to do my homework about it first... :/
17:40:35 <flexlibris> sure
17:40:59 <flexlibris> okay anything else people?
17:41:08 * dmr raises hand
17:41:23 <flexlibris> go ahead dmr
17:41:30 <dmr> haven't made a Community Team meeting in a while =\ (sorry!). Some event updates! :)   https://aadl.org/internetsownboy    https://www.aaronswartzday.org/ann-arbor/
17:41:36 <dmr> it's this Sunday! (Nov 11)
17:41:51 <flexlibris> yay
17:42:00 <dmr> we've got a pretty cool, diverse panel, and a decent amount of stickers and stuff to hand out
17:42:23 <dmr> still prepping - it's a lot to run an event! - but almost any else at this point is icing
17:42:31 <flexlibris> sure
17:42:44 <dmr> if y'all have any recommendations for takehome materials to provide attendees, we'd be all-ears
17:43:06 <arma1> tor relay brochures? :)
17:43:12 <arma1> (or tor brochures more generally)
17:43:20 <dmr> yar
17:43:33 <flexlibris> here are the old flyers  https://blog.torproject.org/spread-word-about-tor
17:43:36 <flexlibris> we are working on redesigning those
17:43:45 <flexlibris> i dont know where the relay flyers are though, stephw can you help?
17:43:47 <dmr> k - nothing ready yet, though, right?
17:43:56 * dmr spoke too soon perhaps
17:44:21 <flexlibris> no you can use those old flyers
17:44:31 <flexlibris> i'm just saying we;re currently working on a redesign
17:44:57 <dmr> sorry, poor wording on my part - nothing _new_ ready yet, ya? (I think the answer there is *yes*, so only correct me if I'm wrong)
17:45:04 <flexlibris> yes
17:45:35 <dmr> ok, I'll try to pop in/out later today to hear from stephw about the relay flyers
17:45:47 <flexlibris> okay anything else?
17:45:50 <dmr> Phoul: if you know of the location for those, also feel free to message me
17:46:01 <dmr> flexlibris: general LFP question
17:46:05 <flexlibris> ok
17:46:12 <dmr> I saw Toronto Public Library is doing a Tor Browser pilot: https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/using-the-library/computer-services/tor-browser-pilot/
17:46:16 <flexlibris> yep
17:46:22 <dmr> 'tis awesome!
17:46:25 <dmr> what involvement did the LFP have in getting this initiated? any main lessons learned in relations with the library? (I'd be fine to talk post-meeting if that's handier)
17:46:25 <Phoul> dmr: I'm not actually sure, I have a stack of them here but I just realized I'm not sure where they are online. If I dont see stephw respond, I will follow-up and get back to you.
17:46:29 <antonela> yes and those faqs are good ones
17:46:40 <flexlibris> dmr LFP and other Tor people worked on it a lot
17:46:52 <flexlibris> but it's a longer discussion
17:46:57 <dmr> naturally :)
17:47:27 <flexlibris> we can follow up later
17:47:32 <flexlibris> anyone else have anything for this meeting?
17:47:35 <dmr> flexlibris: sounds good!
17:47:41 <dmr> Phoul: thanks :)
17:47:44 <emmapeel> nope
17:47:51 * Samdney has to go ...
17:48:00 <pili> not me
17:48:03 * antonela !
17:48:07 <flexlibris> okay cool, i will kill the bot then
17:48:10 <flexlibris> thanks everyone
17:48:15 <flexlibris> #endmeeting